26 October, 2007

WWII-era Mass Graves Found in Slovenia

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The “democratic” allies turned these victims over to the “partisans,” even though they must have known the fate that awaited the victims. Sadly, the habit of handing over victims to their “partisan” executioners was somewhat common in allied circles during and after World War II [1]:


[1] about Operation Keelhaul, a giant blemish on the allied war record: [Here] and [Here]

  • 3 Responses to “WWII-era Mass Graves Found in Slovenia”

    1. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      Millions of Germans and Nazi supporters lying in graves, but only 250, 000 or so jews rotting in graves. And still the big lie continues and no one seems to care either.

      Most if not all of the jew murders and collaborators have gotten off scott free and have lived full lives.

      I wonder how many stupid fat Americans will be killed by this same system in the next purge?

    2. Mr. Antisemite Says:

      I don’t think the average American is even dimly aware of this possiblity.

    3. war is a racket Says:


      I wonder who these American pilots are and are any of them alive today? How about their descendants? I wonder what their opinion is.