11 October, 2021

America Is a Nation of Hate

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What happens when foreign people control the policies of your White nation? Hate happens. Wars against other White people happen.

America could have sided against evil Bolshevism in 1933 and again in 1936. But instead we embraced evil Bolshevism and we murdered Germany which only wanted its stolen land to be returned. Hitler didn’t want war. But America brought war to him nonetheless. And we didn’t just murder German soldiers, we dismantled and destroyed the entire culture of Germany. Everything. Every book, every film, every painting and sculpture. All of it. That’s pure hate. Even today America wages war on White nations (e.g., most of the NATO jet pilots — roughly 77% — who bombed Serbia for 3 months in 1999 were Americans).

“America is a nation of hate. Its culture and its genetics are irreparably, incorrigibly suffused with the hatreds and jealousies of degenerate, low-class religious fanatics, who fled in patricidal hatred from the order and culture of Europe. Their fratricidal scions then murdered, defiled, and enslaved their better brothers to the South—primarily Americans who journeyed to the New World for better reasons, the Americans who were essentially European in outlook—the brothers who were growing up to be too much like Daddy. With hate thus a hegemony in America, the Americans then invaded Europe twice, destroyed the European fatherland, and commenced the long-term mass-homicidal spree which has made America the most despised nation on Earth.”


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