26 July, 2011

Yggdrasil On Norway

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Ygg makes interesting points, but why equate leftist oppression with Quisling’s rule? Quisling wasn’t a leftist. He was allied with Hitler (and he met a bad end because he wasn’t harsh enough at crunch time. He tried to be “Nazi-lite.” It didn’t work. Who knew?). For some reason, Quisling-bashing is popular on both the Left and the Right.


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    1. dn Says:

      yeah Americans are often clumsy in their use of political language .This is encouraged by gatekeepers such as Alex Jones and others who try to put the blame for the NWO on Nazis and who use the term Fascist negatively. Jim Garrison talking of the CIA as Fascist etc.

    2. Virgil Says:


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    8. CW-2 Says:

      The comments section after the article shows some of our people are thinking outside the box.
      The ground rules have now changed, we must be prepared for the elites’ follow-up, or counter stroke, depending on what really occurred in Oslo.

    9. Karen Says:

      Mike Reviro every other comment is fascist this and fascist that. All these web-sites on board with this nonsense. Like a typical jew he goes back and forth on Hitler and Germany. Chris Bjerknes does the same thing.

    10. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Where were the crocodile tears when Bilbous nose Slick Willie fried 87 people at Waco Texas? Under the aegis of Butch Reno and her goon squads from the ATF, the people at Waco underwent a siege and BBQ death , something on the order of a recent documentary I saw about how Aztecs held their victims long enough until they ripped out their still beating hearts.
      After the nefarious deed Willie even came into the Rose Garden to applaud the murder , and all the kwa did nothing.

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      April 19, 1993 is the one of the saddest events in American history. It is the day that agents of the Federal government burned to death nearly 80 INNOCENT citizens – infants, children, teenagers and adults of a small, little known xian sect named the Branch Davidians. Having been attacked by the BATF on a Sunday morning, February 28, 1993, they were surrounded and subjected to psychological warfare techniques for 51 days. Then on the morning of April 19, 1993 agents of the Federal government, using military-supplied tracked vehicles attacked the wooden housing structure of the Branch Davidians for the purpose of introducing CS gas. Fires erupted and the entire structure was consumed. Few escaped the flames and by the end of the day the Branch Davidians were dead. To this day, not one BATF agent, not one FBI agent, not one military officer or one Justice Department official has been reprimanded or charged with wrongdoing in the death of these INNOCENT citizens. To this very day, justice has been denied for the INNOCENT infants, children, adolescents and adults burned to death at the hands of US Federal Government.

    12. Luke Says:

      From the comments to Yggdrasil’s article, there appears to be a growing – and long overdue, in my view, consensus that something needs to be done regarding the current crop of white-genocide promoting, criminal ruling elites.

      Genocide, is, after all – the most horrific of all crimes. Combine genocide with race treason, and by Golly, I think you’ve got a mix so toxic as to potentially wind up with thousands of mutilated corpses swinging from tree limbs all across America and the White Western World.

      But then, I’m almost 100 percent certain that our white genocide promoting elites are going to see the error of their ways and reverse coarse and thereby avoid becoming oozing ornaments for thousands of tree limbs.

      That would be the smartest and most intelligent move on their parts, right? That’s the remedy that I am personally rooting for most often.

      Heck, I’ve cleaned a few deer while they are hanging from a tree branch, and it can be pretty messy and sometimes very unpleasant work – especially if your knife accidentally punctures their bowel intestine and lots of shit comes oozing out.

      Hence, I root for ‘reversing course’. Are the elites listening? Or, do they have some kind of secret, hidden, perverted sexual craving to gaze upon their testicles from 10 feet away?

      You just never know about these turds. Bohemian Grove, and all that kind of sicko stuff.

    13. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The elites? Well they aren’t the only ones promoting globalism, the Xian cults are also behind it.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Christian Zionists are just useful idiots who will be liquidated once their services are no longer required by the Jew World Odor. Unless we come to power, in which case they will still be liquidated.

      Am I correct in stating that there were a number of colored youngsters in attendance at that left-wing political youth rally? If so, I wonder if Breivik deliberately aimed at the Muds and their inevitably White girlfriends? If that was the case, then I hope all those Scandanavian race-mixers are shitting themselves in abject terror. Perhaps the White backlash has finally arrived? Or is this going to be just another isolated “lone nut” incident?

    15. CW-2 Says:

      While the jewsmedia sows a variety of confusion and false leads relating to the events in Oslo, at least one idea has been brought to the lemming’s attention, namely the deliberate and destructive policies pushed by the elites within Western governments.
      The beautiful talking heads accuse us of ‘hate’ while their masters are guilty of the vilest hate crime imaginable; the genocide of one’s own people. It shouldn’t be too difficult to hammer that fact into the skulls of our racial brothers and sisters.

    16. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The real enemy is globalism, the agenda of jews and xians. One god, one world blah , blah , blah. 5 trillion times a day, never ending non-stop promotion of Dr. Seuss world view, from the cradle to the grave and beyond! Oh and during the summer time you get repeats of past episodes of the bad old Hitler days, along with stoopid commercials.
      The jews want to defy nature, they want to move tropical animals to the artic and vice versa. Do you really believe this all started yesterday? Hell read the mold testament. and ask your self how that demented Emperor Constantine established it as the state religion. I’m beginning to believe that Romes Emperor Augustus was groomed to take over as a way of keeping Rome going after the burner of the Alexandrian library Julius Caesar was excecuted, so that the jews could infect the Greco-Roman world with that Nauseous pestilent religion.

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      Rome’s last chance to free itself from Christian tyranny was the great Roman Emperor Flavius Claudius Julianus Augustus, aka, Julian the Apostate. Unfortunately, he was killed in battle fighting the Persians before he could rid the Empire of the Pope and that whole parasitic crew of superstition mongers.

    18. Mary O Says:

      Why do our people, Europeans, have two totally conflicting views of the Jews? Perhaps if your ancestors lived in the large cities, London, Paris, or maybe Rome, the Jews were simply a fact of life. They had their own separate neighborhoods and many special privileges due to the fact that the elites (royalty etc.) used to borrow money from them routinely to wage wars which the people did not want. The people never want war, but the people never really had a voice.

      Dr. Matt Johnson on VOR says that the Khazars (= Turks) became “Jews” mainly because they wanted to continue making money as slave dealers (which is interesting), but other sources emphasize the Khazars wanting the right to practice usury (forbidden by both the Papacy and the Caliphate) and also the fact that they did not want to be subject to conscription by either religious authority.

      Allowed to practice usury, the Jews gained control of the credit and financial markets throughout Europe. And urban-dwelling Whites just accepted the fact, since the Jews had the backing of the aristocracy.

      However, a similarly large proportion of Whites lived in rural areas, on small farms, or in small towns, in places like the west of Ireland, the north of Germany or perhaps the Ukraine; far away from the Jews, whom they may have never even met. The cities and city ways were far away, and Jewish influence may not have been well known.

      In modern times, two disparate views of Jews have thus been passed down to us: to some Whites, Jews are a fact of life, whom you cannot fight, since our culture is hopelessly entwined with theirs, as it has been for centuries; yet to other Whites, the Jews (=Israel) are presumptuous and meddling, a basically unnecessary political nuisance, whom we could easily live totally without. The latter view is JMO correct.

      What would happen if the financial markets were controlled by Aryans? 1. Everything would be much more honest; 2. Risks would be more carefully calculated; 3. Investments would be generally more cautious. Of course, the wealthy would also make far less money, which is why they do not want us involved. Better some “diversity candidate” young Asian girls, who know how to keep their mouths shut and look the other way, than White professionals who might assert that 20% returns are not possible.

      Breivik is taking a Moscow-Paris-London view of the Jews, that basically European culture itself is primarily defined by the relationship between the aristocracy and the Jews. He endorses the Masons (as an international political force, not merely a social club), and denounces the NSDAP (a popular movement). Accepting Jewish control of the media as a given, he correctly calculated that his reputation would not be dragged through the mud after committing this crime, as long as he expressed sympathy with Israel.

      Killing the young Liberals will not stop Liberals; others will simply step up to take their place. Selective assassination is a Jewish military tactic, and JMO doesn’t work. Leadership is a product of not mere self-selection but also the collective unconscious; as long as the group exists, leaders will be produced.

      However, as Caligula once said, “Let them fear us.”

      That is, the fear in their minds, the fear that they have pushed us up against the wall, the fear that they have pushed us so far that we no longer have anything to lose, the fear that the dam of our rage will break, just might allay the current situation, and work to our advantage.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      I feel that whole “Khazar” business is just a distraction. Jews have spread their genes into all the races and most ethnic groups (I don’t think there are any Jewish Eskimos yet, however.). But no matter how much they mix with the gentiles, they always retain that uniquely Jewish sense of arrogance and covetousness, along with a few tell-tale Jew physical characteristics, like the heavy Neanderthal brow ridge, deeply-recessed eye sockets, unusually wavy hair or a somewhat swarthy cast to the skin. The Jews can always spot their own kind, no matter how goyishe the Jew in question might look.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      Mary O, did you ever see Penthouse Magazine publisher Bob Guccione’s 1979 soft-core epic “Caligula”?

      If you haven’t, don’t. I would hate to see you corrupted by that kind of historically inaccurate smut.

    21. Mary O Says:

      I have read about Caligula. He may have been insane, but the stories about him are probably just exaggerations. At least he wasn’t “nice.”

      My point is that we Whites are always trying so hard to be nice, when being nice will not get us respect.

      All those college girls (it’s always girls) who go to Africa?

      The Lutherans apparently trying to relocate every Somali into the US? Talk about a sick religion.

      The White politicians who constantly apologize for “offending” people?

      HUD which feels the need to give nonwhites free apartments and free houses in suburban areas?

      The free citizenship, the free total healthcare, the free educations, the job preferences, Affirmative Action, diversity initiatives, the junkets through private colleges with the dumb-down majors which only debase the meaning of a BA to the point where every White who wants a job has to get a graduate degree.

      Why are we doing this? Because we are — nice.

      Most American managers do no business management work. They invest a huge amount of their time in “recruiting diversity” and “developing diverse talent” (= backing up nonwhites no matter what) for which they are rewarded huge bonuses. As a result, we have no business leadership and our economy is failing. The teens killed in this crime were mostly that type; they were going to use their party connections to obtain a nice “management” job. As long as they themselves would be living comfortably, they would not have cared if the rest of Norway became an impoverished Moslem colony.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      I like John Hurt’s performance as Caligula in the BBC miniseries “I, Claudius”. Highly recommended viewing.