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24 May, 2019

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My dog, a noted intellectual himself, says: “arf, arf, ruff-ruff, arf-arf, arf, arf, ruff, arf-arf-arf-arf!” (Translation: “They don’t make Jewish feminist intellectuals like they used to.”) [Article].

14 May, 2017

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(Above: the Black poet Maya Angelou) The negro, Maya Angelou, and the Jew, Franz Kafka, are “Western” authors? Since when? The last time I checked, “Western” meant (basically) “all of the White, non-communist countries.” In other words, newbies, simply living in a White country doesn’t make you Western. Whiteness is either in your DNA or […]

29 May, 2014

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A no-talent Black poet dies and our pop culture cries big tears about it. Angelou (her real name was Johnson) was a lyric poet, and lyric poetry is a White/Western thing. Angelou was a negro, so it was never going to work (like trying to put a square peg into a round hole). In fact, […]

2 October, 2013

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Neat German/Bavarian aesthetics, however, it always irks me that gypsies are romanticized, both then and now. Gypsies are like Jews, but not nearly as rich and clever. [Video].

24 August, 2013

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Newbies, White people were writing sophisticated novels (e.g., Homer’s “The Odyssey”) when negroes were still eating grubs in the bushes. Explore early White literature here: [Website].

12 December, 2011

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by Hilaire Belloc. (A Catholic writer, Belloc [1870-1953] has been accused of anti-Semitism, but he really wasn’t an anti-Semite). [Article].

17 June, 2011

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“O Gold! I still prefer thee unto paper, Which makes bank credit like a bank of vapour.” — quote from Don Juan by the poet Lord Byron (1788-1824).

5 January, 2011

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What sort of a country rewrites the works of its literary icons (for the sake of political correctness)? That amounts to rewriting history. By the way, political correctness, i.e., Cultural Marxism, came almost entirely from the Jews within and around the Frankfurt School, including Georg Lukacs and Max Horkheimer: [Article].

21 November, 2010

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(Above: gypsies) My grandmother once told me of how, circa 1900, White parents used to shut their children indoors if gypsies were camped nearby. The children were cautioned that under no circumstances should gypsies be approached, or be allowed onto the property of a White person. Gypsies were thought of as liars, thieves and swindlers […]

11 August, 2010

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The famed poet Byron (1788-1824) had a flair for words, you have to admit, even if you aren’t a fan of poetry: [Website].