7 February, 2022

The Ridiculously Expensive Cold War: 44 Years for Nothing

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Seen: someone talking about how America “won” the Cold War (the term “Cold War” was coined by the Jewish war-monger Bernard Baruch in April 1947. Baruch was the main instigator of World War II, which led to the Cold War. Looks like Bernie had it all planned out…).

Anyway, America made the Cold War and then we won it. But I guess it depends on how you define “won.” America spent a whopping $5 trillion dollars (adjusted for today’s dollars) waging a stupid “Cold War” against the Soviet Union from 1947 to 1991 (44 years!), yet we “won” it when the Soviet Union finally collapsed.

Just think what else America could have done with that $5 trillion dollars: the government could have shipped every negro in America back to Africa and had money left over!

But the Cold War never would have existed in the first place if the USA and the UK hadn’t saved the Soviet Union twice (once in 1933 and once again in 1945 when we [the “allies” aka All Lies] gave mass-murderer Joe Stalin half of Europe to rape and plunder, e.g., Hungary, Poland, Romania, etc.) [1].

The Cold War was about more than just money, however. It was also about constant fear (like Cohen-19, er, I mean, Covid-19). For example, in the 1950s, American schools used to hold “Soviet nuclear attack” drills, in which children were forced to dive under their desks and curl up into balls in preparation for a “Soviet nuclear attack” — as if such a silly tactic would have saved the children from a real nuclear warhead! As if! The fear and paranoia caused by these drills was significant and surely caused nightmares in some of the children.

First we created the Cold War, and then we “won” it. Gee! We should be so proud!


[1] President Roosevelt saved the Soviet Union in November 1933 with two things that the Soviets desperately needed: political “legitimacy” and money. Roosevelt supplied both at once. He “recognized” the Soviet Union as legitimate, which opened up the Soviets to international credit, loans, etc. The mass-murderers became “legit”

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