3 April, 2021

Three European Countries Form a Right-Wing Alliance

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It’s a start, at least. The countries are Italy, Hungary and Poland. (They just had to add the “Christian values” part, didn’t they? Please, let’s be realistic: take a look at what “Christian values” have already done to Europe since 1945! My god! Unchecked third-world immigration, feminism, and a thriving left-wing movement throughout Europe, including communists holding seats in Italy’s parliament for many years [1]. I’d say that “Christian values” have not done much to stop the cultural rot — indeed, many Christians support third-world immigration as long as the new urchins “embrace Jesus Christ” at some point).

News quote: “Hungary’s Viktor Orb├ín has joined forces with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Italy’s Matteo Salvini to form a new right-wing political alliance at European level. They met in Budapest on Thursday to introduce the alliance, vowing to create a “European renaissance based on Christian values.”



[1] Italy, a Catholic country, currently has a new communist party, founded in June 2016. In fact, Italy has had communists in the parliament for decades (they held a whopping 278 seats in parliament in 1987).

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