29 November, 2019

Italy: a New Nazi Party Being Formed? Thank God

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Italy currently has a new communist party, founded in June 2016. In fact, Italy has had communists in the parliament for decades (they held a whopping 278 seats in parliament in 1987!), and the new communist party currently holds one seat in a regional council. But apparently, having communists in the government doesn’t worry many people, despite the fact that communism murdered 100 million innocent citizens worldwide during the 20th century! That’s the highest body count of any ideology in history.

But now, it is being alleged, with lots of hysteria, that at least 19 people (gee, a real big scary number) wanted to create a new Nazi party in Italy. This is controversial?? Thank God, some White people still care about Europe. Why did the “new Nazis” have guns? Probably to defend themselves from the inevitable violent attacks by Marxist antifa thugs.

News quotes in bold text: “It is illegal under Italian law to…practice “defense of fascism.” (But Marxism is just fine!). “Italian police said Thursday that they had seized…far-right propaganda material from the homes of 19 suspected extremists” (but communists aren’t extreme??).


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