26 January, 2015

Good News: Golden Dawn Places Third in Greek Election

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Some people in the WN movement snicker at southern Europeans such as Greeks and Italians. They don’t consider southern Europeans to be “White enough.” But nonetheless, the southern Europeans seem to have a “fire in the belly” that northern Europeans often lack. They seem to be quicker to fight and to protest. Anyway, with a little luck, the Golden Dawn party will spread quickly and prevent Europe from becoming a third-world toilet.


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    1. fd Says:

      The 1920s Klan, which was formidable in that era, demanded that Ellis Island be closed to stop immigrants from pouring into the country from the ‘slums of Southern Europe’.

      Times have changed. Southern and Eastern Europeans are not so decadent like Northern and Western Europeans. The former will not fill their bellies with husk–roll and die.

    2. fd Says:

      correction: roll over and die

    3. Tuscon Says:

      Greeks are not White. They are a Turko-Hamitic shitskinnned, big nosed, fat lipped, hairy, oily, brachycephalic, monsters. Yeah, good for Golden Dawn, but are Greeks Aryan? Give me a fucking bbreak.

    4. Vic D Says:

      You are a dickhead.
      I’m as white as you, and probably better looking.
      I’m without a doubt smarter also.
      Aryan? Nope. Not at all, but I’ll bet I could really piss you off by stealing your daughter or wife, that is unless you’re gay..

    5. Tuscon Says:

      Vic D. I sympathize with your racial failings. But if you’re Greek, you ain’t White. I defy anyone to consistently distinguish between a sample of ten Greeks and ten Turks. I can’t. Are Turks White?

      You will always be held back by your mongrelized Turko-Semitic-Hamitic bastard Slavonic genes.

    6. Vic D Says:

      Thanks for being you.
      You’re wife eats grape leaves out of my ass.
      Not much more I can say to you but thanks..

    7. fd Says:

      The original Greeks were so White they could bury their face in the snow and not be detected. White Meds and White Greeks are still around but in small numbers.

    8. Tina Carter Says:

      @Vic D

      Greek/Italian normally have darker skin than Western/Eastern European because Mediterranean is hotter, and get full blast of sunny days thanks for close proximity of Arabian desert. Living in Phoenix, AZ I have became very tan, and I like — it’s quite nice when it over power my pinkish skin.

      I don’t come here often — but if you google some of my early post (going back years) you’d notice that some people made fun of me here because I don’t speak English — it’s my third language (1st French, 2nd German). Anyway, long story short — suggestion was that I can’t be “white/aryan” because I don’t speak White/European English (that is a Perfect English whatever that is).

      I would’ve pointed out that Jews speak perfect English, and even look white, and control all major English speaking media. Does it make them comrade in arms? Alas I don’t like to feed trolls.

      Anyway, I am French, blond hair, blue eyed, and my kids are same (my hubby is an American “1/2 Italian, and 1/2 Irish). To me you are my brother, and if you stand with us against those who control media and entertainment industry than we are one body, one voice and one soul.

      Lastly, I think it’s foolish just to hug someone for having “Aryan features”. I have seen nut case religious people who believe in saving the god-chosen virus against humanity. These sorry specimen are Aryan/White. I know most of my fellow white are going to scream ooooh but they are brainwashed by Jewish media.

      But, if we were any smarter than blacks than we would never have let Jews control us to this extreme level, or even allow small minority of Jews to create Jewish/Communist Soviet Union.. Why heck our forefather allow small minority of Jews live among them, let alone allow them to gain power they have today?

      PS: Don’t forget divide & rule. Not, all poster are white even if they speak “perfect” English.

    9. Jill Mustang and Big Jim Jesus Says:

      We have lost the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We have lost the conviction that the Spirit gives. It is not a matter of intelligence.

      Yes, we have sold out for the love of money. That is why the money-power has come in and is now controlling us. We had the Pearl of Great Price and we pawned Him in for condoms and drugs.

      Judgment is upon us. It is possible that the day of repentance has come and gone, and that judgment will not be reversed. We think that this might indeed be the case. “Shall my Spirit strive with men forever?” says God the Father.

    10. Big Man Says:

      Good post “Tina Carter” but…

      Jon Stamos from Full House is Orange. Is he white – no. The Greek Masters got it from mixing with black women as the nation was destroyed by jews. Why they would, is beyond me. Perhaps their White Women, were not as supportive.

      You notice jews don’t mix their push the women away, metrosexual act within the Mexican culture here. No high voiced effeminate sounding Mexican frontmen in their commercials or TV shows. The George Lopez show almost shows a family that is functional but a man is strong, though goofy.

      What they want is all the White Men to emulate the freaks like the metrosexual, or the non sex questionable sex son or bartender shown in Couger Town, or all the freaks shown in every single commericial. so that their will be as few white babies as possible. And the Chinese may invade, then enslave the culture. Where this nation will be weaks enough even for Canada to take over if the Mexicans take over. But they will melted down to in the “mish mosh” as their population is too small. Then the jew freaks who have been inbreeding since they were in Arabia, can somehow grovenly convince them that they are White.

    11. Vic D Says:

      Funny thing about this thread is that the big, swinging dick tough guys that are boasting about how white they are, are probably parents of a daughter that would go with Jamal, or any other plowhorse buck from the hood.
      Much more likely than a Greek or Italian guy. How do I know this?
      Because I grew up with many of them, unlike the knuckleheads trying to prove otherwise.
      The closest they ever got to an Italian was sitting in front of the TV, drinking the usual six pack, and watching Sonny Corleone get machine gunned down at a toll plaza on Long Island.
      I know my lineage going back at least 4 or 5 generations. Do you?
      Or maybe your grandpa or great grandpa took a shot at the maid one night and the result was your sorry mess of a “family tree.”
      Don’t worry though.
      Italians won’t mind if you steer clear of their food, and Greeks won’t mind if you skip the diner in favor of Denny’s.
      They are both far superior to the shit you eat.
      And tell me that fish and chips is better than any linguine dish with a good marinara sauce. Not ketchup, like you douchebags eat, the real thing.
      If Italians didn’t open your eyes to real food, you’d still be eating that Wonder Bread shit that all of my “Real White” classmates ate in school, and not the good stuff that we gave to you here.
      Like I said, I’m as white as you are, yet I’m ashamed to have an asshole like you on my team, and make no mistake.
      You’re an asshole…

    12. Big Man Says:

      *non questionable “male” sexed son

      *that they are not White.

    13. Big Man Says:

      “Vic D” (or is it Alex playing a stupid sock puppet game trying to defend the Italians),

      “Funny thing about this thread is that the big, swinging dick tough guys that are boasting about how white they are, are probably parents of a daughter that would go with Jamal, or any other plowhorse buck from the hood.
      Much more likely than a Greek or Italian guy”

      That race mixing propoganda did not work on TV and only lasted a couple of years, it is suspicious that you brought it up, it is just stupid. We don’t see a black guy with a white girl in every other add these days, save Anthony Edwards and that girl from the Sabrina the Witch in one commericial, so don’t even try it it’s stupid.

      Greeks are white save the ones with the black curly hair, and non colored eyes (judging on their solidness might be different). But stopping their efforts because they are “not white enough” would be anti intellectual. And would put a damper to hope in White Nationalist efforts in Europe.

    14. Big Man Says:

      *Actually they mixed with the colored women

    15. Big Man Says:

      *Actually they mixed with the “colored’ women. Which could explain their mixed complextion, despite some have blue eyes and fair hair for example. Their semeitic noses being an alerter (would that be enough to consider them non white?.

      The decendant of those that didn’t obviously not being mixed.

    16. Big Man Says:


    17. Big Man Says:

      *the black curly hair, OR non colored eyes

    18. Tuscon Says:

      Greeks are not White. They are shitskins.

    19. Big Man Says:


      -Look at the woman on the left. LOL!!!

    20. Tina Carter Says:


      First off, I don’t want to feed trolls here. Also, I don’t think we white/European nationalist should be nitpicking when foxes are guarding the hen house.
      Second, I would like to apologize for giving a long winded answer to your missive. However, I feel that there some difference between Continual European & American, and I want to emphasize on them. These are cultural, and historical, and I want to explain some of them without going too much into details.

      When you read the word diversity in American media – to us – European it has totally different meaning than say to a North American (American & Canadian), or even Oceanian (Australian & Kiwi aka New Zealanders).
      For example when I undergraduate from Paris University, I went to a German university to finish rest of my education. Now, it was easy for me because most 80% of the European are bilingual. This sort of study is very much common in European, and it helps us to understand our culture, and appreciate our neighboring nations. Now we French are very well known for our culinary art, our architecture, and diplomacy. German on the other hand are practical no-nonsense type of people, they are good at Engineering, and practical problem solving.

      I am generalizing here of course – most of you know what I mean. There is a reason French is known for language of diplomacy, and German are known for their amazing engineering skills.

      Strangely enough German, and French share common ancestor – and I don’t just mean White/Aryan. We both belong to Germanic tribe. When Caesar conquered Gaul, my forefather spoke Germanic type of language, however, Roman de-Germanized the area, and all the “romance-language” are result of their campaign. There are serval reason why Gaul, and other Celtic tribes adopted foreign culture.

      Like the present day France/Germany. In ancient times Romans were known for their engineering feats (along with Egyptian), and Greeks for their literature. Most Gaul/Celtic wanted to advance themselves so they choose to assimilate into Roman Empire.

      So now the difference.

      When an American think of diversity – he automatically assume cultural assimilation into Mexican, Indian, or African America, but as you can see from my example we think of it differently. To an American (for the matter all English Speaking Nations), it means racial suicide. So when you see European arguing towards diversity, most English speakers (even in UK!) thinks we are Euro-Trash.

      This is why whenever I hear Pat Buchanan talk about “Saving Western Value” he seems completely out of touch with reality. He talks about English ought to be the only language, yet American had two major languages German & English like their fellow European. Some loons voted against it in the parliament.
      Loony Buchanan talks about Christianity as Muslim would talk about Islamizing his tribal village. French remove Catholic dictator during the French revolution, yet Pat associate that religion with European culture – two have nothing in common. We the European want to keep it that way – most of us don’t want Irish style Catholic vs Protestant wars. Also, old religious institute were corrupt, and their leaders abused the public under the guise of Jesus, and other spiritual gibberish.

      I know most people would tell me that meaning of word changes overtime, like gay used to mean happy, and now it means homosexual. I think it’s more than that, when one hear Buchanan talking about saving Western world, it’s like he is talking about saving a nation/culture drowning into ocean. Yet, his solution are just as devastation. Remember… many people thought no Republican would be as bad Bill Clinton.

      Republican put Bush the Nincompoop on throne. The lesser of two evils is still evil. So we shouldn’t be surprise that Democrats pick Obama. Sometime, I wonder if Bush the second was pick by the power that be only so they would easier time installing Obama down the line, and clear the pathway for other shenanigans…

      In any case, the pointing I am trying to convey here is Greek racial issue is different for us than how you (English Speakers) would look at without historical point. When Roman Empire split into Western Roman, and Eastern into Byzantine it retain its culture value eastern. Which is why Italian are Catholic, and Greek are “Eastern Orthodox”. Just look at the map, you’ll know what I mean.

      There are other minor things that’s makes the comparison bit difficult. Have you heard of the term called “French paradox”? According to google it means “The French paradox is the observation of low coronary heart disease (CHD) death rates despite high intake of dietary cholesterol and saturated fat.”

      We French generally normally have large amount of butter in our diet — our genes are able handle that quite well. So when you hear wine drinking croissant eating, you wouldn’t understand us with our background.

      So unless you understand what lies underneath it’s hard to communicate effectively.

      Note sure if you ever read books by Alexander Pushkin, a Russian writer. His matrilineal great grandfather was black slave Abram Petrovich Ganniba who first married a Greek woman, and later a Russian woman. Our European history is very complex. As I said we don’t do nitpick on these tiny issues. Small minority of non-white have been absorb into larger masses – another perfect example; Ahab the Arab.

      Our problem with Greek is mostly when they demand money, and say things like “give us forgivable loan” because we gave you civilization.

      To us Greek sound like Jews demanding holocaust money for allege 5 million non-existent monkeys even though we last over 40 million of own. Despite our suffering, and horror we the allies save their skin from big bad German, and now have to pay them, and also got kicked in the teeth by Americans.

      This is why my husband, and I decided not to have Cable. I mean how screwed up their mentality is, how arrogant. They want to brainwash us, and destroy us through their media, and they trick us to into paying them for our racial genocide. They even manage to enforce law to forbid any discussion on the topic. Yet, it’s okay for them to provoke and insulting other religion. A la recent drama in Paris.

      I guess that what they called chutzpah.

    21. Big Man Says:

      LOL! heheheheh that’s the worst forienger schtick I’ve seen in my life. Can’t you at least get your plurals right?

      Tina Carter!??

      Well, well. If aint little Kobe SBM [Superior Black Man!] spewing his same trashy metrosexual speak, trying to sound oh so classy and “intellectual.”

      You just can’t hide what you are tobe, no matter how hard you try, cuz you suck so BADLY Punk!

    22. Big Man Says:

      Well, well. If aint little Kobe SBM [Superior Black Man!] spewing his same trashy metrosexual speak, trying to sound oh so classy and “intellectual.”

      We reconize the lion by the paw.

      You just can’t hide what you are tobe, no matter how hard you try, cuz you suck so BADLY Punk!