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26 April, 2022

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Consider: Google search results today (“hits”) using the exact phrase: “twitter trump” = 520 million hits (in all categories), and 190 million hits (in news only). I was suspicious when the first thing out of 7 top Jews’ mouths (er, keyboards) after Elon Musk bought Twitter was “is Trump going to be allowed back on […]

26 April, 2022

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We White men should thank God that Elon Musk bought Twitter. We’ll get a lot of our free speech back. But Twitter is only one social media platform. What about the rest of social media, which is largely in Jewish hands (just like the mainstream media)? Regardless, free speech is arguably the most important and […]

19 April, 2022

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Leftist #1: “In January 2021, we banished The Evil from Twitter. Permanently!” [1]. Leftist #2: “Yes! Orange Man Bad was a threat to our democracy! He was spreading fascism and hate on social media!” Leftist #3: “But…but now, with Elon Musk poised to buy…(*sob*)(*sniff*)…Twitter…” Leftist #4: “The Evil might return!! He…he…might come back to Twitter!!” […]