20 March, 2022

Quoting Dr. Oliver About Government Rule

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Only an idiot would champion “democracy.” I mean, negroes and retards voting? Corrupt jerks in the Senate? Are you kidding? Why would anybody want that? Democracy is a total loser. Granted, America’s founders didn’t give us a democracy (they gave us a White republic), but America nonetheless morphed into a multicultural democracy circa 1964 with the horrible and illegal Civil Rights Act (which of course came from a Jew: congressman Emanuel Celler).

Today, America is not led by normal, White Western people. It’s led by freaks and weirdos: Jews, Browns, Blacks, leftists, and general scumbags.

Turning now to Professor Revilo Oliver (1908-1994): he was a smart man. I’m guessing his IQ was around 150 or even higher (normal IQ is around 100). Dr. Oliver is saying here: “We must dump the stupid idea of democracy because it’s killing the West.” He basically says here that we must embrace a Nazi-type government (i.e., authoritarian/autocratic) in order to save the West from collapse:

“In our civilization, the natural and requisite government must not only be completely authoritarian, but must be one of which the inner structure and purposes are concealed from the majority by means of a religion or equivalent faith to which citizens and masses alike will give implicit and unquestioning obedience.” [He says this in a book review: Here]. Nazism (National Socialism) was, more-or-less, a “secular religion” which reached into all areas of German life. It was logical and it worked — and best of all it involved no back-from-the-dead bullshit like Christianity did.

Dr. Oliver is not the only wise man to advocate authoritarian/autocratic government. Many wise men have done so:

“In other words, it (czarist Russia) fell, not because it was autocratic – an autocracy at least implies an autocrat with a will and a purpose – but because it had long ceased to be autocratic, and was merely weak, incompetent, and lacking in policy, will and purpose.” — George Pitt-Rivers, in his book “The World Significance of the Russian Revolution” (1920). Pitt-Rivers was once the wealthiest man in England, and he was jailed for 2 years during WWII for “thought crimes”: “Pitt-Rivers was held in Brixton Prison and Ascot internment centre (1940–1942) during the Second World War as a Nazi sympathiser under the Defence Regulation 18B” — Wikipedia, March 2022. If he were a Bolshevik sympathizer, that would have been just fine. Indeed, the Soviets were Britain’s “allies” during WWII. Some “allies”!

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