17 July, 2008

Kirksville Today: Niggers Shoot Up McDonald’s

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We missed this story in June, as we don’t read the paper or watch the local news. In case you haven’t heard, a bunch of useless niggers, to be redundant, had a shootup in the south McDonald’s parking lot in the early morning hours of June 22, 2008.

A St. Louis man has been hospitalized while three others have been arrested after a shooting early Sunday at the south McDonald’s in Kirksville. According to court records, Justin F. Johnson, was shot in the left side at approximately 5:22 a.m. The bullet exited his neck and reentered into his jaw, where it was lodged. He was transported by private vehicle to Northeast Regional Medical Center in Kirksville, and was later transferred to University Hospital in Columbia, Mo., where he is currently listed in critical condition. Three men, Lamont Wilkes, 20, Calvin Shipp, 20, and Byron Smith, 23, were arrested and are in custody on charges of attempted murder, assault and armed criminal action.


Kirksville is not allowed to ban niggers because of so-called ‘civil rights,’ which is the term the jews who control our government use for communism in America. A real civil right is free association – which lets you and your neighbors prevent undesirables from moving into your neighborhood by collectively agreeing not to sell to, rent to, or employ members of groups known for troublemaking, like blacks and browns. This real, Constitutional right was outlawed in the 1960s by the ‘civil rights’ revolutionaries who were nothing but the brothers of the jew-led criminal mafia that took over Russia in 1917 and murdered tens of millions of ordinary White Christians like you reading this. In Russia it was called communism; in the USSA today it’s called diversity, civil rights and multiculturalism. But it is the same thing.


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    1. Jebus Says:

      Are you Linder or another Alex?

    2. grant tiesner Says:

      I sometimes hear things or read things that are very thought provoking and yet never stirr anything in me. Cognitivly speaking. I mean that in many attempts at reporting things like the above other than Alexs’ comments that are right on, one is left more confusion than lets say they would be if never comming accross the information.
      However the explation below the article is just the opposite. one is, after reading it, fullfilled with highly meaningful pieces of information that compare to years of study on a particular subject. Im am motivated and encouraged by the comments you left about the shooting and thanks…

    3. Justin Iggerhater Says:

      Bizarre how these “people” are so comfortable with violence. They truly are animals.

    4. Olde_Dutch Says:

      If you use Google News you will find that black & brown folks shoot up McDonalds all over this nation on a daily basis.

      A couple of miles from here, on the fringe of a small city, the local McDonalds’ has been shot up at least twice by colored boys in the last year. On one occasion resulting in the death of one of the bohemians.

    5. sgruber Says:

      I’m lovin’ it.

      Hey, SOMEBODY was going to say it.

    6. Billy Joel Says:

      Yeha, u boys sure r right bout them there niggers, bout as damn worthless as a spec without a low-rider