13 June, 2009

How’z This for Change?

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by Arch Stanton.

Before the last election, I wrote if Obama was put into office by the priesthood, then one of his primary functions would be to announce to the minorities that the free ride was over, social services and entitlements are going to be cut. Of course, everyone said, “Cassandra Stanton, you silly fool, you’re completely crazy! Quit wandering those lofty ramparts pulling your hair out; come join us in the real world. Are you so blind that you cannot see such cuts will never be made because of the resulting riots?”

Really? How could anyone be so stupid as to believe that riots were ever a concern to the jews? All historical evidence shows that, like bacteria thriving in an infection, jews thrive on revolution and blood running in the streets. In fact from all indications, like the previous essay I posted titled Herbert Meyer’s Revolution, the CIA and its lackeys are trying to induce violence throughout the country. Well, here it is in black and white, folks, our jewish plantation owners down on the Fed Farm are calling on their head house-nigger to tell the field niggers that there won’t be any green, folding crop next year. “But do not break a sweat upon yo’ lil’ nappy haid, nor furrow yo’ kinky brows” Uncle Otama will croon. “Did I not promise change? I promise to replace welfare entitlements and social services with plenty of good jobs in our Zionist occupational forces in the Middle East! I promise that these new jobs will provide food and an excellent opportunity to die for Israel in a glorious Armageddon.” Won’t that make little black Sambo and all the Brer’ Rabbits of the field feel better?

Let me say this once again: if one studies the jews’ history and culture, it’s no trick to divine their purpose and intent. Start by reading – let me say that again – carefully reading and studying the Old Testament. Get a “Bible study” group together, not to prove anything about God, but to study the jew’s ancient laws, culture and habits. From there you can branch out to the Mishna and Talmud. I promise a rollicking God ol’ time with stories about sex, drugs and violence (rock and roll had yet to be invented) as various insights arise concerning how the God of Israel goes about his business.

You will know that you are making excellent progress when you find yourself calmly discussing the Old Testament with a Christian and suddenly he begins backing from the room while making the sign of the cross with his index fingers. This exit will be accompanied by loud proclamations that typically run something like: “Back! Back, I say! Stay away from me, you demon from Hell, for you will not take my soul this day!” At this point you will be ready for phase two. It all begins with study. Sun Tzu said it best: know your enemy. Learn everything about him and his ways. Learn his strengths and weakness; use them to your advantage. Never underestimate your enemy’s strength and power.

US Fed Chairman Demands Plan to Cut Social Programs

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  7. 29 Responses to “How’z This for Change?”

    1. zoomcopter Says:

      From the article…

      Noting projections of rising outlays for these entitlement programs as millions of baby boomers retire, he said “we will not be able to continue borrowing indefinitely to meet these demands.” Speaking of “difficult choices,” he said, “Congress, the administration and the American people must confront how large a share of the nation’s economic resources to devote to federal government programs, including entitlement programs.”

      Which program do you think they will cut first, benefits for mostly White Baby Boomers or Welfare Checks for Negroes and illegal aliens?

    2. zoomcopter Says:

      Where exactly did that 10 trillion dollars go?

    3. Thermo Says:

      Could this be that ‘crisis’ that will test the Obongo administration that Biden talked about 6 months ago?

    4. john Says:

      Where exactly did that 10 trillion dollars go? Obongo pledges 73 million to brothers.

    5. Vaultner Says:

      Oh they’re going to finally take away our Social Security.

      I want the likes of baby Bush, Bernanke, Paulson, Greenspan Chertoff, Cheney & the rest put on the rock pile for 500 years at hard labor.

      I want them to see their retirement, & future slip away to nothing with the stroke of a pen. I want different people to fix this mess than the ones that did it to us, just like an evil “Big Brother” spoils the youngers day.

      I want the ones that did this to pay, not us again while they ease into their winter years without a ounce of regret for nation & civilization they’ve ruined.

      “Maintaining the confidence of the financial markets,” Bernanke said in prepared remarks to the committee, “requires that we, as a nation, begin planning now for the restoration of fiscal balance.”

      It’s just like a jew after the war they’ve started to try & step in & be the solution. They must burn for this or their successors will do far worse.

    6. chubby Says:

      As zoomcopter pointed out, this has nothing to do with cutting welfare checks. His constituency will still be on the dole. This is a prelude to health care “reform”, a euphemism for drastically cutting back payments to physicians and hospitals, as well as benefits to mostly white, elderly social security beneficiaries.

      At the same time I have noticed an increase in rhetoric about the “preventive” care and child care–indirect way of speaking about giving yet more money to his core constituency–blacks and hispanics–who have the greatest number of children.

    7. Gar Goyle Says:

      Yes our government is good at bribery, freebies & the English language word confusion games. Yes we are going too have allot of help with mo money from our government to minority ties inside & outside the borders. African, Asian, Indians & little green men. No conflict world peace you can be sure of it from the people we look up too. Up up up & away we go. It’s change & doing the” right thing” that the so called left screwed up. Yeah lets just keep playing that old l-r ping-pong or ring-around the rosary game too.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      Does this mean that Congressratz retirements after only four or six years or any amount years will be cut out ?

      With a very few exceptions over the years they are criminals IMO, but Ron Paul is the only one if I am correct that rejected any retirement. With that pay you should fund your own retirement, as 95% of US population will never have such income.

      IMO if congress gave up all their retirements they would just rob US more up front with perks and out right large salaries of millions.

    9. zoomcopter Says:

      The day is rapidly approaching when government health care providers must make a major decision in how they spend their resources. Do they spend their dwindling resources on an aging baby boomer, whose health and very life is in decline, or do they spend resources on a young illegal alien trying to have a large family? The Jews making this decision, will most certainly see the latter as an investment, and the former, as a liability. The moral being, stay healthy, as our golden years promise to be anything but.

    10. Xenophon Says:

      Yet nary a word about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the 700+ overseas military bases which “cost” the Fed and the US hundreds of billions each and every year. Bernanke talking about austerity measures is the Mount Everest of Kike Hypocrisy. No, make it the Mons Olympus of Kike Hypocrisy.

    11. 2050 Says:

      Yep, as we become the old and dying out race, a minority, the values clarification lessons will be put into effect more and more. You know, the old guy in the overcrowded lifeboat must be tossed overboard so that the young can be saved.
      Just that the young now are non-whites. So start acting like taking care of those old white folks is giving them a free ride that they didn’t earn. Only because of the social construct that the whites created to exclude people who they thought of as different from themselves, do they have such privilege anyway. It’ll be easy to convince the masses of mexis, etc, that the social security and medicare that these takers are getting from their tax money, needs to be cut.
      Ties in with what the Republicans want to do about affirmative action. They want to get rid of it. Sounds great right? But, by the time they get rid of AA, the only people who will need it will be our dwindling numbers of descendants, who can’t get hired at the all brown businesses.
      When’s the last time you saw a white guy in one of those mexican construction crews?

    12. ein Says:

      “How’z This for Change?”

      Yep, that’s change we can believe in!

      And those Mexican construction crews, in another 10 years (or less) will have Mexican foremen. And in 15 or 20 years (or less) will have Mexican owners.

      And don’t forget to change the name of Medicare to Mexicare, because that’s what it will be. More change you can believe in.

    13. Old Dutch Says:

      ein—This has already happened in the Carolinas to the fiberglass car & boat body business. A sad story that I’ve heard, and the progression was the same as you have detailed. Catch this, they now only hire Mexicans, and import more Mexicans when they need ’em.

      Think of that the next time you go boating, or to see a race.

    14. Parsifal Says:

      But, those Mexicans are only doing the jobs that Americans won’t do (sob, sob, whine)!!! After all, what American wants to work in home construction or manufacturing speedboats?

    15. Fiotheth Says:

      Clearly the coming ‘New Stasi’ (made up of DHS) has been set up by Obama to stop any potential White Riots when the benefits get cut to Whites.

      The money will be funneled to colored people for sure.

      Make no mistake the coming Police State is being set up for a reason! (Oppress Whites!)

    16. 2050 Says:

      Parsifal, you hit one of my pet peeves there.
      I’m so sick and tired of the “mexicans just do the work ‘americans’ won’t do.” thing.
      I remember when it was the farm jobs. Then the beef packing plants in the midwest. then the construction trades, then…
      In construction, first they took over the stucco work, then the block work, then the carpentry, now they’re moving into the electrical etc.. And they already are the foremen, and many times the owners. And they only hire mexicans.

      Just work americans (code for white in this case) won’t do.
      Well, not anymore, because who can stand to be in a whole crew of spics?

    17. ED! Says:

      2050, I am crafts skills and trades myself! I am with you all the way on the subject of spic labor!

      Bernanke thinks that all the money we have paid into SS is an entitlement that needs to be cut? OH, but they still want you and me to keep sending them money! I am 5 years away from collecting my money that I paid in all these years of damn hard productive work! We have paid oppressive income taxes to the meanest and nastiest federal agency of them all, and what has it done for us? I can see what it has done for Israel, for the blacks, for the mestizos, and last but not least the Jew Banker along with his Gentile industrialists/Evangelical enforcers. Ben Bernanke is a Jew, and like most Jews he firmly believes that anything that belongs to anyone else besides a Jew is property stolen from the Jews!

      As for Obama’s role in all of this, the Jew pops up again! Both Barak and Hillary were both followers in their youth of Saul D. Alinsky, I have a copy of his book “Rules for Radicals”. Jeremiah Wright may have provided the hate, but Alinsky provided the organizing knowledge that laid the path to the White House. Like Sam Marcy, Saul’s parents were Russian Jews who immigrated to America and brought their Marxist infection with them, they taught their children well! The Royal family of Old Mother Russia was hated because they would not allow the Jews to pull the shit that they have here in America and any other country foolish enough to let them in the first place! For those who do not know this, everyone on that Checka squad that murdered the Russian Royal Family was a Jew! That was funded out of Jew York City by Jewish swindler Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. to the tune of 20 million dollars.

      From that Jew kissing, Israel loving Evangelical, Dispensationalist nut-bag George W. Bush to this Communist white hating piece of work, give me a freaking brake. We go from anti-white working class Jewish/Evangelical Fascism to anti-white working class, property confiscating, Jewish Marxist Nigger Communism!

      Now, if you are reading this Ben Bernanke you and your fellow Jews should take your Talmud’s, your circumcising machines, and pack your yarmulke wearing asses out of America while the getting is good! And do not worry about your Holocaust museums; we will turn them into beer joints with Harleys parked outside. Screw-you and the horse you rode up on, you son of a Jewish bitch! That is my money, and when it is time for me to get it, it had damn well better be there! You keep your filthy dirty Jewish dick-skinning hands off of my money!!!

      The Evangelicals say we are blessed to have the Jews in America, BULLSHIT!!!

      P.S. When you see them Ben, please thank Michael Milken the junk bond king along with all his Jewish ilk, and Andy (sticky fingers) Fastow the CFO of Enron and his rich-bitch wife Lea Weingarten, for Jew-swindling my retirement stock account!


    18. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      :. . .give me a freaking brake. . .”

      All right, hope you don’t hit the windscreen. Perhaps I could give you a freaking break?

    19. ED! Says:

      shabos s shabous:

      Just what are you trying to say? Sounds like some sort of a smart-ass jab to me? Keep this in mind boy, if all the white males in America, or in the rest of the white world had the balls I have we would not have this problem with the Jews or the mud race crap they have in tow. You use the word windscreen and not windshield as we do here in America, makes me think you are British or perhaps Australian? If that is the case keep in mind that we have not lost our gun rights or our freedom of speech! There is a general agreement here in America that when they try to infringe on those two basic freedoms we cherish so much that it will be a call to arms!!! No question in our minds that we will win that one once and for all!!! I wish I could consider you a friend in this quest to free ourselves from the Jews but that may be impossible if you are a poseur! Google this, “Ghost Rider 500 Bhp Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo” and watch and learn. I RIDE LIKE THAT!!! If you do not have the stones to get the front wheel of a motorcycle in the air and hold it there at well over a hundred miles per hour then you don’t need to be messing with me. I just sold my lesser rocket and am now looking for a crashed Hayabusa with all the faring destroyed so I can build a naked and turbocharged street fighter, not to impress anyone or prove anything but because it PUMPS MY BLOOD! I LIKE IT! At 57 years of age if I screw up I will not leave the hospital if I even make it there, but it is my passion and so is being free of the Jew, you should be as fortunate!!! Alex Linder uses his real name and so do I! We want people to know what we think about the Jew! Come out of the closet if you dare!

      William Logsdon aka ED!

    20. Parsifal Says:

      Shabbos was just good-naturedly pointing out a spelling error of yours. But the content of your message is spot-on.

    21. ED! Says:

      Break or brake, center or centre, or vary or very, or front spelled frount. So I am dyslexic, so what! I read books with spelling errors in them. I am more focused on what the writer is trying to say, or the thought he or she is trying to project. Spelling or punctuation errors do not concern me, and I do not see them as something to dwell on. I see others make them, but I concentrate on their message, what they think. All they tell me is that a person is not a PHD from Oxford.

      If we do not get serious and unite in an effort to pull the plug on the Jew we will have more of a problem than a spelling error!!!

      Just in case it blew over the heads of some readers, I am highly pissed at the thought that they would eliminate Social Security after I have paid into it all these years!


    22. brutus Says:

      The tidal wave of baby boomers born post World War 2 (1946+) will be reaching social security payout age in about 18 months. This event is the real financial armageddon.

      All of the bogus bank bailouts, the financial shinannigans from Madoff to the untold myriad of jewish retailer bankruptcies and all of the other fleeting media mentions of multibillion dollar financial irregularities we are hearing about of late, are all the frenzied activity of the jews stealing whatever’s not nailed down before the strike of midnight September 2nd 2011….Baby boomer tsunamis time.

      They jew media shoves it in our face while at the same time keeping score of the mega-ripoffs thus telling other jew’s who’s committing the greastest thievery with the greatest chutzpuh. They’re cheering one another on while they’re robbing us blind.

      And the jew’s media minion mouth pieces keep yammering about how things will eventually get better or deemphasizing the gravity of the situation, thinking no one is on to their horseshit, but if we look closely, we can see the little liar foam pockets at the corners of their mouths and the slight tremor in their hand. In the back of their minds they have that uneasy feeling it will all end soon and they pray the devil will keep the show going just long enough for them to escape with their suitcase full of bloodmoney.



    23. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      It wasn’t personal, but you made it so.

      Postings generally reveal more about the poster than anything else.

      I was trying to get your attention. Instead, the usual barrage of ego defenses was released.

      One reason I make such postings is a psychological experiment, to see if posters can take mild rebukes objectively without going ape-shit.

      That macho stuff means that, on the inside, you feel the exact opposite.

    24. Ein Says:

      At 57 years of age if I screw up I will not leave the hospital if I even make it there”
      Ed, I hear you. Also about the typos and spelling errors. And about the Social Security. Points well made. We have plenty of more important stuff to worry about than a misplaced comma here or there.

      But (speaking of what is and isn’t important)… I hope you will take it easy with that daredevil stuff! We don’t want to lose you to some senseless, pointless act of bravado…. and all for nothing.
      Take care, buddy. You’re nearing 60; it’s time to slow down.

    25. Ein Says:

      Shabbos: I thought he took it well and was not overly defensive. In fact, we’ve seen much, much more hostile self-defensiveness here. We all have seen it — abusive, violent, vehement outbursts of sputtering, cursing rage from several disruptive posters recently departed.

      His defense, by contrast, was very mild and reasonable. Naturally, he felt offended. Who wouldn’t? And with justification. His point about the message being more important than the spelling was correct.

    26. Parsifal Says:

      I for one am tired of reading posts on numerous sites where the writer makes little or no effort to use proper grammar or syntax. It makes for a very difficult and at times frustrating reading experience. Effective communication is essential if the White Resistance is going to defeat the Occupation. Take an extra minute or two before you click on “submit” to make sure what you just wrote makes sense. Thank you.

    27. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      These errors were allowed and/or encouraged by the government schools.

      Aren’t we trying to rise above this wrecked society?

      Yes, P. Lack of effort.

      The standards are so low that many don’t even know proper usage. In one sense , my hectoring is aimed at the “culture” in general- not at individuals.

    28. ED! Says:

      I cannot think of any thing I would rather do than go for a ride on my motorcycle! I have a 1970 Triumph TR6 I am about to finish rebuilding. It is like the one I had when I was 17. And then I am going to build a rocketship with enough power to make the jump to light speed!!!


    29. Coup D'Etat Says:

      A very interesting thing I heard on the radio about two weeks ago. On one of the regular talk AM radio broadcast stations, a man who knows Hebrew/Yiddish did a little investigation on jews and how they pray. He said that he heard one jew start off with a prayer chanting repeatedly several times, “Here I am God for I am nothing to you.”

      Jews know they are nothing to God and carry the wrong behaviors including anger against everyone else who is not a jew. Ironically, the jews being rejected by God is stated in the Old Testament. Now it makes sense why jews want to create chaos and destruction on every nation in the world. The devout Christians are either slow to learn or they just think that God will save them or both. I wonder if they thiink they will be saved after it is TOO LATE, especially when little is done to rid of jews. I’m not religious, but I have studied the Bible and I also have a good memory when I took World History years ago.

      Studying the two and knowing that Persia was a large country long before Isreal existed and long before other divisions occurred, the Testament is incorrect in stating that “God” dispersed the jews into other lands, meaning ME, Europe, etc. When the lowly tribe came into existence (jews), they were creating wars left and right in the ME. It was the Persians, not God, who dispersed or kicked them out of the ME. The Persians were fed up with having to protect themselves constantly and having to kick them out from their cities.

      So here we are in the 21st Century and the jews still want to get back at Iran. Revenge and defeat is what they want and they won’t stop until they defeat Iran and eventually Syria and control both countries like they do with just about everything else. Look at Russia and Germany. The same trend has occurred. Russians did not like jews. Jews became wealthy and/or inflitrated the state government and took over in 1917. In Germany, the Germans were fed up with the socioeconomical disaster that was occurring caused by the rising businesses and increased takeover of banks and real estate by the jews. Germans fought back and had them locked up. Then Germany lost and now look at the devastating consequence with Germany today. Did it improve? For only the jews it has.

      What are we doing about it in the U.S. or what are others in Europe doing about the jews? Pretty much sitting on our asses and we have allowed the jews to contruct illegal laws – civil rights, affirmative action, and they abolished the right to associate. Why? Because we have allowed them to attend our universities and have allowed them to become lawyers. So why did they do what they have done rather than simply leave our countries? For one thing, they have no respect for a nation or allow a nation to be independent. The other is because the jews want REVENGE.

      If any person thinks for one moment what they have done or are still doing is to improve a nation or improve our nation, you are dumber than a goddamned doorknob.