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12 July, 2008

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A poster on an internet forum raised an important issue. He noted that, when trying to persuade other White people to embrace White nationalism (WN), a moral argument should be made for it. Perhaps something like this, although you may want to make up your own argument(s): 1. If non-Whites have some sort of “right […]

9 January, 2008

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Why apologize? Slavery was the best thing to happen to Blacks [1]. Now they can read and write, they have cars and refrigerators, and a few have college degrees. When are the Blacks going to apologize to Whites for killing, robbing and raping them for the past 50 years (i.e., after Blacks lost their fear […]

19 March, 2006

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[Workaday loxism. A jew is paid money out of white pockets to teach White kids to hate themselves. This softens them up for getting involved with niggers and ruining their lives. Loxist genocide is a career choice for paranoid, vicious, spiteful jews. Do you think this ridiculous, poisonous kike will mention the role his fellow […]