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As for the implicit contention that emanates from public Jews, that they are somehow more sensitive to suffering and tragedy than others, I don't believe it. Killing a Jew, to a Jew, is like killing a gentile, except it's worse. To Jews, all gentiles are versions of Arabs. Did Jews play a conspicuous role in opposing the murder of South Vietnamese by Northern communists?; in opposing the Cambodian massacres? Or in leading the American left to break faith with the very troops trying to prevent massacres and totalitarian rule? Were Jews conspicuously worried about inter-tribal murder between the Hutus and Tutsis, amounting to 250,000 deaths, and likely to start anew? Does their "never again" encompass Bosnian Muslims? The answer to all but one of these questions is No. Not because they are necessarily worse than any other group, but because they are like other groups in that they primarily are concerned with themselves. Or, they would be like other groups, if other groups had the political and media power that Jews exercise. In fact, such is their cleverness that they forbid as anti-Semitic any mention of their domination of the media. While a medieval king or Joe Stalin might have forbidden criticism on point of death, at least there was no pretense about who was running the show. Such is the cleverness of the Jewish media that they have persuaded millions that the idea that Jews dominate the media industry is mythical, and espousers thereof, kooks. You probably haven't heard any Jews concerned about the following, either:

The Church of Scientology Wednesday upbraided Secretary of State Madeleine Albright for saying comparisons between Germany's treatment of Scientologists and its Nazi-era persecution of Jews were ``distasteful." ... The State Department in its annual human rights report accused Germany of harassing Scientologists... But in Bonn on Monday, Albright downplayed the differences over the subject and she attacked Scientologists for accusing Germany of acting toward them as Nazis had treated Jews. "...I must say that any discussion which draws comparisans between what happened under the Nazis and what is happening now is historically inaccurate and totally distasteful,'' she [said]. Jentzsch, of the Los Angeles-based Church, denied such comparisons had been made by Scientologists. ... Listing acts by German authorities, such as a ban on Church members holding civil service jobs in Bavaria and a boycott of Cruise and Travolta movies by Chancellor Helmut Kohl's Christian Democratic Union party, [Jentzsch] concluded:

``The youth wing of the Chancellor's party has passed out condoms with skulls and crossbones on them claiming they are 90 percent effective in preventing future Scientologists.

``Now you tell me, what about this situation is distasteful? What we've said or what they've done?'' asked Jentzsch. ``Anyone who thinks we're being inaccurate or even exaggerating ought to go to Germany and claim to be a Scientologist. Anyone who does that will soon learn about officially sanctioned discrimination first-hand.''
[LOS ANGELES (Reuter)]

The Church of Scientology Thursday hit out at a German public opinion poll, saying it was evidence of a ``hate campaign'', and accused a minister of manipulating Bavarians. In a statement issued from its Los Angeles headquarters, the church's president Rev. Heber Jentzsch decried the results of a survey for Bavarian television released Wednesday as ``the strongest evidence yet of the use of a hate campaign against the Church of Scientology in Germany..." The survey, conducted for Bavarian television, found that 59.2 percent of respondents were in favour of calling in the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution -- an anti-extremist watchdog agency -- to keep a eye on the controversial organisation. Of those who had heard of the organisation, 40.6 percent favoured banning it altogether, according to the survey of 508 people carried out by the Allensbach polling group. [LOS ANGELES (Reuter)]

The Jews are much less interested in preventing mass murder or discrimination against others than in fighting off pretenders to their "greatest (sob) story ever told" and milking the benefits of their tale of woe. They grudgingly concede American blacks' painful legacy of slavery, but after all they were slaves themselves two thousand years ago, and when you add to that the Holocaust, well, it's like an ice cream soda and an ice cream soda with a cherry on top. Am I the only one to notice the contradictory Jewish claims that A) the Holocaust is unique, apart from all history; and B) we must be on guard that it happen "never again"? Like all leftists I've ever encountered, the Jews send logic by the boards. Here, too, if what Jentzsch is saying about Kohl and the CDU is right, is an unmistakeable characteristic of the public right, whether in Germany, the U.S., France, Australia or Britain: it gutlessly abuses fellow rightists who don't sell out on the Big Lie about race. As I say, this coward's vituperation typifies the public right across the globe: In England, the Tories sign away their right to criticize anti-white job discrimination policies while abusing the British Nationalist Party that defends the rights of the poor whites who will lose jobs because of it; in Germany, the CDU picks on a small religion because it can while siding with the left that anyone who loves Germany is a new nazi; in France, the public right goes after the National Front, even teaming with leftists to oppose it, while the NF gets beat up and sued for defending traditional France; in Australia, it denounces National Action and heralds the new Multicultural Dawn while spewing words that, to use typical American leftist legal rhetoric, create a hostile environment for people who like the old, successful Australia and will endure beatings to stick up for it; and in America, it does everything it can to insist that it, too, belongs to an "open and inclusive" party, a party that is opposed to racism, nationalism and and any other -ism the left or the media tell it to hate, while frothing hate bubbles on a David Duke because he says the same things about affirmative action and welfare they do but means it. The public cons in all these country are Judases; they've sold their principles for thirty pieces of media approval -- and God how they hate those who kept faith with reality. There is probably a fancy psychology term for people who are too weak to vent their anger on their real opponents, and so abuse women and children and pets. Let's just say that, since it is afraid to fight the left -- as signified by its giving in to the Big Lie about race, that it doesn't matter -- the public right, needing some type of release for its aggressive urges, vents doubly hard on the "extreme right," i.e., that portion of the right-wing deemed unacceptable, un-American, and out-and-out Evil by the media and leftist politicians. Nationalists and others who deal with race factually and straightforwardly are labelled "haters" by the media, and thereby become officially approved targets of derision, ridicule and abuse and -- in a word -- hate. A "hater" is, by definition, someone the media, leftists and Beanbag Right encourage you to hate. A "hate group" may be include members who hate but it is always a group you are encouraged to hate. Let me sum up: the mainstream right in the western white democracies is made up of moral cowards, scared men who are acceding to policies that are changing their countries for the worse -- and deep down they know this; they know they are giving in exactly where they ought to fight; and their deep fear and self-disgust is evident in their incredibly unmeasured, double-hard abuse of the David Dukes, Pauline Hansons and Jean-Marie Le Pens of the world. It is certainly odd the way men as measured in their speech as Bob Dole and George Bush fall to abusing the David Dukes with the sweaty, nervous relief of a man who's just had a gun taken off him. Finally, they must feel, I'm on the side of the gods (the media, of course). "The exits are clearly marked," said Bob Dole, referring to his me-too buddies' policy toward the principled right, at the Republicans' last nominating convention. They sure are, Bob. I can see 'em from here.

The public right's fear is the fear of the whipped dog: it used to have a backbone, used to have spirit, but it had it beaten out of it by its master, in this case, the media. It just became easier to hate who the media wanted them to hate than to stand up for principle any longer. Perhaps the oddest thing about the politically correct right is that its standard-bearers, Bush and Dole, to take the two latest examples, are unquestionably physically courageous, as demonstrated in wartime. Yet when it comes to politics, they run away from their own words. For some reason, the public cons, the Beanbag Right, just can't find any political courage within its ranks. Instead they give us the bouillon pols: they taste and smell like beef, but in the end they're all water. In any case, their problems don't matter: I suspect that as a real right is built up to oppose the Beanbags, the body politic will come around. Courage is a magnet, in politics as elsewhere. And make no mistake, the failure of the mainstream right to uphold principle has left a void that nationalists are starting to fill in every white country across the globe. Farthest ahead are the French. Not too far behind them are the Australians, then the British. For historical reasons and because it has relatively fewer minority problems than the others, Germany lags. But America is the country to watch for three reasons:

1) it has a higher percentage of non-whites than any other white country (growing quickly through illegal and legal immigration, which are 90% colored);

2) it has relatively little organized white nationalist activity, yet more freedom of speech and politics than other western countries.

3) it is the fastest-moving country in the world.

The third point is most often missed by pessimists on the right, who assume that things must proceed as they have recently. Yesterday, the gut-level facts about race were believed by (nearly) everybody, because they were true. Today, they are rejected by (nearly) everybody because they are politically incorrect. Who knows what tomorrow will hold? But we outpace ourselves; we still have more of Germany and Europe to tour before we get back to the Big Dog.

A widely noted fact is that English is the first language of much of the world and the second language of most of the rest. It seems likely to become the de facto world language. The world reach of English, like the world-span of MTV, marks a stirring toward a world culture. This is certainly convenient for us Americans, yet it is dangerous to nationalists because it makes it easier for the Jewish/leftist agitprop crowd. A less widely noted fact is that Hollywood spreads its 'language' at least as widely as English. It is hard to realize, unless you have been abroad, just how powerful Hollywood is. Imagine that twelve of the fifteen movies from which you had to choose of a Friday night were all produced in a small Yugoslavian town on the Adriatic coast. Unthinkable? Only to you, American. That's how it is even in a super-developed country such as Germany, which has the history and talent to produce its own films, plus the obvious advantage of knowing its audience. Even there, the market is dominated -- eighty to ninety percent -- by Hollywood productions. The same innuendo-laden attack-through-the-genitals approach that takes 'em in Dubuque turns out to work in Dortmund, Dorchester and Dar es Salaam. It even works in Asia. This stripped-down appeal might conduce to nothing more than a fat, stupid, ill-dressed Americanism become Earthism, and, no mistake that would be bad enough, but worse is the Jewish mentality that spreads with it. In the very crudest way, which I will refine when we get back to America, Hollywood's agenda is to niggerize the world the way it has niggerized America, by glorifying the Affenkultur, preparing us all to be stupid but well-fed slaves under a world government. Here's a brief bit about Germany attempting to break out of its Hollywood thrall:

Germany's film industry has emerged from years in the doldrums with a string of powerful box office hits, raising hopes that it can recapture some of the international cinematic allure ruined by the Nazis and decades of dull post-war pictures. Rejuvenated by a run of popular romantic comedies made for large mainstream audiences rather than tiny art house crowds, German films produced more hits in 1996 than ever before and grabbed a market share at home of 17 percent. Although modest by some standards, this was nearly double the level of 1995...Five German-made films pulled in box office receipts of more than 12 million marks ($7.5 million) and one German film, ``Werner,'' grossed 50 million marks. Three of the country's top ten grossing films last year were German-made. ... Before the Nazis took power in 1933, the Babelsberg studio outside Berlin was one of the world's leading film centres, producing classics like Fritz Lang's ``Metropolis'' in 1926 and Josef von Sternberg's ``Der Blaue Engel'' (The Blue Angel), starring Marlene Dietrich, in 1930. But Lang, Dietrich, Billy Wilder and others left for Hollywood and what was left of the local film industry was misused by the Nazis for propaganda. After the war, dull auteur films often written, directed, produced and starred the same person helped bury the industry further. With unification in 1990, Germany and its population of 80 million became the world's second largest film market with annual sales of 1.3 billion marks. It trails only the U.S. [02-12-97, Erik Kirschbaum BERLIN, Feb 13 (Reuter)]

A country of 80 million, the largest market outside the U.S. -- and totally dominated by Hollywood. It appears to be simply a fact that non-Jews only occasionally can produce films that people want to see; the talents for filmmaking (which is as much writing as anything) are not evenly distributed across peoples. The Jews are the best at it on earth, there can be no doubt about that. The minute the Nazis drove them out, the filmmaking industry in Germany pretty much disappeared. Except for Leni Riefenstahl, the Nazi propagandist and genuine artist, the German Aryans produced little worth viewing and virtually nothing for export. Perhaps a non-Jewish, non-leftist film industry can be created, but that is a big 'if.' The unfortunate upshot of film being a Jewish industry is that many stories that ought to be told, won't be. For example, in America, there was the black pilot gone bad: a beneficiary of affirmative action, fired by multiple employers, who wound up trying to bludgeon two Fedex pilots -- in air -- so that he could seize control of the plane and crash it into headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. You don't believe this happened? That's not my problem. The point is, if we had Jewish-equivalent talent on the right, we could make an incredible action movie/propaganda piece demonstrating the extreme dangers of the racial policies America has been pursuing this century. Or, we could make a movie about a poor white big-city highschooler, a brainy kid who has the scores to go to a magnet school but can't because his parents live inside the city borders and he has to stay at his local school so local black pols can boast about racial balance. We could show the type of abuse this kid and his friends endure daily -- racial taunts, purposeful knocks by baggy-pants blacks niggerwalking down the hall, getting kicked out of the bathroom for interrupting drug deals, screams from black girls fighting daily, Tamikas cussing like truckers as nails and hair extensions go flying; lies about white people put forward as unequivocally as the ten commandments by the history teacher; the creepy Jewish psychologist/counselor who tells him it's all part of the white man's burden he and his generation are going to have to live with en route to the glorious multicultural world of tomorrow. Just an idea. But you'll never see it in celluloid. What you will see is 101 more movies of the week/Sunday Night Specials/Black History Month Features showing some historic moment of the "civil rights" movement recreated with impossibly beautiful black women with impossibly responsible black husbands and impossibly angelic children all hell-bent as the Cleavers on living upright lives if the racists would just leave them alone. In other words, black people as they never were, are or will be. Black people who aren't blacks but stained white saints. Or some actor cut her directorial teeth on the 1000th horror story about evil rural racists and the Idealistic homosexual or minority newcomers they harass/rape/kill before being brought to justice and the light by a handful of decent rustics led by a heroic Jewish liberal or similar worthy. I write of the way things are, not the way I'd like them to be, and these are exactly what you have seen from the Jewish industry (and Hollywood, as much as the press and TV deserves the moniker) and will continue to see. Wish we had the talent among our ranks to write and produce movies, but I'm afraid we don't, at least not much. And until our own come out of the woodwork, the best I can do is call for them and continue to criticize the incredibly destructive stuff the Jews are putting out. It is hugely destructive, almost totally Jewish and it is having the most baleful of effects on our country and the rest of the world. And even when Europeans do write their own films, they come out suspiciously American in tone and theme, as the following attests:

Twelve-year-old British actor Jordan Kiziuk enthralled the Berlin Film Festival Wednesday with a film debut performance as a small Jewish boy who survives a Polish ghetto during World War II. As the star of ``The Island on Bird Street,'' which premiered at the 47th annual festival, Kiziuk plays a bright child whose luck and ingenuity keep him alive despite constant raids on the ghetto by Nazi SS men. He fronts an international cast that icludes Hollywood veteran Jack Warden and Irish star Patrick Bergin, but the boy from Lancashire, England, who was 11 when he played the part of Alex, acts alone during most of the 100-minute epic. ... ``I studied history at school and I learned how people were killed (in the Holocaust),'' Kiziuk said after the film's screening. ``So I knew how much to be frightened of what was happening.'' [Reuters/Variety 15:53 02-19-97 By Deborah Cole BERLIN (Reuter)]

It would appear that the film industry is more international than national, from the above. The same type of story and the familiar mental environment are all there; nobody American would be in the least confused by this story nor its message. It seems that in the West, the left-wing version of racial/cultural morality is commonly held, apart and above any lingering national sentiment. Certainly this appears to be true in the film world. Another example:

Berlin authorities said Monday they are looking into allegations that one of Germany's most popular entertainers made racial insults toward a black hotel employee in California. The newspaper Bild am Sonntag reported that actor Harald Juhnke told a security guard last week at Hollywood's Mondrian Hotel: ``You filthy nigger. Hitler was right. The likes of you should have been gassed before.'' The 67-year-old Juhnke has a huge following in Germany, but his image has been badly damaged by his reportedly drunken and hostile behavior during the hotel visit. Three German television stations said Monday they are suspending all projects with Juhnke. A number of German politicians said his behavior was inexcusable; one called for a boycott of Juhnke. [AP-NY-02-10-97 2240E The Associated Press BERLIN (AP)]

As in the example with the English goalkeeper, note that the fact that even though there is dispute over whether the words were even uttered -- whether, that is, the thing worth reporting even took place -- the AP has already zipped the damning story around the world. While use of "nigger" might be a mark of low class, it is now grounds for a lawsuit in many "free" countries. Oddly enough, use of white trash is neither socially inappropriate nor illegal; indeed it is common to find the term in the biggest paper in the United States: Gannett's USA Today. It's a sign of where the power lies in America and the world.

A final word from Germany, which we need to consider along with the State Department's downplaying of discrimination against Scientologists:

About 100 American intelligence agents are operating undercover in Germany, Der Spiegel magazine said...According to...the latest report, the [German] Economics Ministry informed Germany's counterintelligence office in 1995 that a ministry department chief responsible for Iran had been meeting with American agents since 1994. ...the Americans were chiefly interested in getting a list of German companies that delivered high-technology supplies to Iran... [3/30/97, AP]

We've got a Jewish Secretary of State, ostensibly protecting American interests, yet whose every public statement is in furtherance of "women's rights," internationalism or some other leftist shibboleth. American foreign policy is run by left-wing Jews through the triumvirate of Madeleine Albright at State, William Cohen at Defense, and Sandy Berger at the National Security Agency (NSA). The interests of Israel are never far from their minds. Interesting that American spies seem to be carrying water for the Mossad. Without getting too far into the complex and interesting relationship between America and the Jewish state, suffice it to say that there is either nothing or all-but-nothing that isn't known by Israel within hours of its being known by the American defense/intelligence elite. When you throw in sympathetic leftist Jews at the papers that matter, you can see that the leftist Jews are in every way perfectly situated to get the latest information and spin it to further their one-world, anti-white, anti-freedom agenda. They are also perfectly situated to neutralize opposition.

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