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Index of Book Reviews

The Force of The Righteous: A Review of My Commando Operations
[author: Otto Skorzeny; reviewer : Ventvogel]

Positive Christianity in the Third Reich
[author: Dr. Cajus Fabricius; reviewer : Westphalia]

Taking on the World: Joseph and Stewart Alsop -- Guardians of the American Century
[author: Robert W. Merry; reviewer : Douglas Wright]

The Ancient World, A Beginning
[author: T.R. Glover; reviewer : Douglas Wright]

The 48 Laws of Power
[author: jew Robert Greene; reviewer : William Spencer]

A Mencken Chrestomathy
[author: H.L. Mencken; reviewer : Rich Brooks]

The Terror Enigma and Stranger Than Fiction
[authors: Justin Raimondo; Albert D. Pastore; reviewer : Rich Brooks]

Can the South Survive?
[author : Michael Andrew Grissom; reviewer : Terry Phillips]

I, Claudius and Claudius the God
[author : Robert Graves; reviewer : William Spencer]

In Bad Company: America's Terrorist Underground
[author : Mark S. Hamm; reviewer : Victor Wolzek]

The Dispossessed Majority
[author : Wilmot Robertson; reviewer : Douglas Wright]

Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America
[author : Thomas Chittum; reviewer : Douglas Wright]

The New White Nationalism in America: Its Challenge to Integration
[author : Carol Swain; reviewer : Alex Linder]

The New White Nationalism in America: Its Challenge to Integration
[author : Carol Swain; reviewer : Douglas Wright]

Mein Kampf
[author : Adolf Hitler; reviewer : Douglas Wright]

Shit Magnet
[author : Jim Goad; reviewer : J.P. Nash]

Killing Time
[author : Caleb Carr; reviewer : Charles Williams]

Last Days In Cloud Cuckooland: Dispatches From White Africa
[author : Graham Boynton; reviewer : Gregory J. Krupey]

Stupid White Men
[author : Michael Moore; reviewer : Max Power]

SS Panzergrenadier
[author : Hans Schmidt; reviewer : Harry Gilmor]

Hold Back This Day
[author : Ward Kendall; reviewer : J.B. Hood]

The Fascist Movement in Italian Life
[author : Dottore Pietro Gorgolini; reviewer : Anthony M. Ludovici]

Black Sun
[author : Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke; reviewer : The Cat Lady]


The South Was Right
[author : J.R. & W.D. Kennedy; reviewer : J.R. Colson]

Communities: Adventures in Time and Place
[author : various; reviewer : guest writer Eric Euric]

[author : Paul Fussell; reviewer : Tim Crews]

The French Revolution: A Study in Democracy
[author : Nesta H. Webster; reviewer : Alaric]

Explaining Hitler
[author : Ron Rosenbaum; reviewer : Tim Crews]

Hating Whitey
[author : David Horowitz; reviewer : Jack Halliday]

The View from Sunset Boulevard
[author : Ben Stein; reviewer : Alex Linder]

The Conservative Movement
[author : Paul Gottfried; reviewer : Alex Linder]

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