11 September 2001 -- "Cui Bono?"

by Horst Mahler
translation by R. Belser
Translator's comments are in square brackets: [ and ].

Kleinmachnow, 21 September 2001
To: Professor R.D.
sent by fax

Dear Herr D,

Please read once more, attentively, the explanation of the Deutsches Kolleg [the institute to which Herr Mahler belongs], Independence Day -- Live. It contains no determination regarding the 'perpetrators.' Anything is possible.

Wild, scatter-shot speculations are somewhat tiresome. In addition, they are also totally unpolitical.

Should it ever turn out that it was the Mossad, all the better. This knowledge would finish off Mammon and wipe Israel from the face of the Earth.

September the 11th has altered consciousness world-wide. This is something with which politics is going to have to accommodate itself. Politics cannot deal with speculations [on the part of the people]. In order to deflect suspicion from itself, the Mossad will have to fan the flames of the very speculations which include it. These would have to be increased to an extreme point, until the well-known immunization reflex occurs -- to no longer listen and to emotionally reject 'conspiracy theories.' Then, when truly serious and increasing pieces of circumstantial evidence surface, they're more easily able to be submerged into a spiral of silence. That's called 'Disinformation.'

The question cui bono? is asked -- and is dreadfully answered without illusions.

In the crisis all protagonists are interested in examining every aspect. In Los Angeles, the Jews -- as the pictures of the plunging symbols flickered across the screen -- are supposed to have performed dances for joy; in Palestine and in other Arabic nations, it was Moslems who gave themselves up to boundless happiness.

Naturally, Israel has an interest in chaining the U.S. to itself. Naturally, the Globalists have an interest in not letting the unavoidable collapse of the world economy appear to be a System crisis, but rather as the consequence of war. Naturally, the Bankster-Jews have an interest in the world economic crisis, since they make money from it and will expand their power again in the crisis.

But equally great is the interest of the peoples enslaved by the United States and Israel, in bringing about the decisive battle -- which in all probability they will win.

The USA -- or, to be more exact, the World Police -- has shown itself to be vulnerable (and be it only by means of the intelligence agency of a friendly power). That is the significance of the event of 11 September 2001.

The foreseeable reaction of the East Coast [= the Jewish controllers and their gentile allies = the US Establishment] can be the spark that falls into a powder keg. For decades, the jihad -- the Holy War -- has been the agenda of the Islamic world against the 'Western value system." This time it could break out in earnest. Have you considered yet what that means? It would be world war, that is won with the dagger. All of History up to the present -- to whom am I telling this? [apparent reference to Professor D.'s field of expertise] -- has been the history of the development of weapons. Now we are becoming witnesses to how the spirit which commands the dagger in the war of liberation ends this history of the development of weapons.

Globalism has created a vulnerability of its own kind, which must be its fate. The Anglo-American and European employees of the 'global players,' dispersed throughout the entire world, are -- as Osama bin Laden proclaimed a long while ago -- military targets. These would be attacked by dagger, where they least expected an attack. Only a few need be liquidated in this manner; the survivors will run off like hares into their respective home countries, where they belong. The branches of the Globalists become leaderless and useless. If local forces have joined the ranks of management positions, these would become the target. This target would be still easier to eliminate.

And have not the strategists of the Holy War long conceived a plan to bring matters to a head in Germany, too? Here, too, daggers are a fully sufficient armament. When people here first become aware that the 'Holy War' is also taking place on German soil, each stabbing will add to a snowballing hysteria, which will turn against every Islamic outsider in our nation. Meanwhile, we have 3 million of them. Can you picture to yourself, what conditions will prevail in our nation? Perhaps, already, in the coming weeks? In the US there have already been Moslem deaths. The victims were killed out of retaliation for Manhattan.

Globalism, already powerfully damaged by the runaway world economic crisis, will sink down upon itself, like the towers of Manhattan, under a thousand dagger strikes from Islamic fundamentalists. This collapse will finally also be the signal to the [various] peoples in the metropolises to revolt.

With friendly greetings,

Horst Mahler

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English translation copyright 2001 by R. Belser. All rights reserved; no reproduction in part or in whole is permitted without prior written permission of the translator.

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