27 March, 2006

Brain Size Matters

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The average brain size in Northern and Central Europe is 1,320cc and in southeast Europe it is 1,312cc.

Among Europeans…

lynnbrainsize.gif BRITAIN and France have experienced long periods of conflict and rivalry but now victory in one area can be claimed: Britons are more intelligent than the French.

A new European league of IQ scores has ranked the British in eighth place, well above the French, who were 19th. According to Richard Lynn of the University of Ulster, Britons have an average IQ of 100. The French scored 94. But it is not all good news. Top of the table were the Germans, with an IQ of 107. The British were also beaten by the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

Professor Lynn, who caused controversy last year by claiming that men were more intelligent than women by about five IQ points on average, said that populations in the colder, more challenging environments of Northern Europe had developed larger brains than those in warmer climates further south. The average brain size in Northern and Central Europe is 1,320cc and in southeast Europe it is 1,312cc. “The early human beings in northerly areas had to survive during cold winters when there were no plant foods and they were forced to hunt big game,� he said. “The main environmental influence on IQ is diet, and people in southeast Europe would have had less of the proteins, minerals and vitamins provided by meat which are essential for brain development.�

He added that differences in intelligence across Britain could be attributed to bright people moving to London over hundreds of years. Adults in England and Wales have an IQ of 100.5, higher than Ireland and Scotland, both with 97. People living in London and the South East average 102. “Once in the capital they have settled and reared children, and these children have inherited their high intelligence and transmitted it to further generations.�

The pattern is repeated in other countries, Professor Lynn claimed. In France, IQ scores in Paris were much higher than those in rural areas.

Professor Lynn has spent three decades analysing thousands of test results to scrutinise the role of evolution in IQ. He has published his findings in a new book. Britons excel in another area of Professor Lynn’s research. He found that university students had, at 109, the second-highest undergraduate IQs in the world, beaten only by their US counterparts on 110.

Professor Lynn ascribes the differences between British and French intelligence levels to the results of military conflict. He described it as “a hitherto unrecognised law of history� that “the side with the higher IQ normally wins, unless they are hugely outnumbered, as Germany was after 1942�.

A “normal� IQ ranges from 85 to 115 but exceptionally gifted people have scores starting at 145.

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  7. 35 Responses to “Brain Size Matters”

    1. GB Says:

      Germany was smart enough to have “it” figured out in in 1940.

      The destruction of Germany in 1945 was disaster for the entire White race.

    2. alex Says:

      Only the jew won world war II.

      Whites lost, whether they lived in Britain, Germany, Australia, or the U.S.

    3. lawrence dennis Says:

      It would be interesting to see the IQ distribution of New York City. It is probably bi-modal, with peaks at about 104 and about 94. Anybody know?

    4. Will Says:

      America’s entire space program and rocket development was dependent upon German scientists who were captured at the close of WW Jew.

      Germans, the smartest people in the world.

      What a disgusting war that was, the big one.

    5. Carpenter Says:

      I wonder how much recognition this will get….

      Much of statistics as a science was developed for the purpose of studying IQ. Too bad so much of it has been suppressed.

      Perhaps this is a good time to state a couple of interesting facts: although men and women have comparable IQ averages, men have a flatter Bell Curve; which is to say, women keep closer to the mean while men have more outliers. So there are more male idiots, but also more male geniuses – the people that handle the really big stuff in science, and make the important breakthroughs.

      This seems to be true for all kinds of mental talents. Men have more outliers when it comes to mathematics, language, and pure innovation, to name a few fields. And of course, Whites have a flatter Bell Curve than the other races, as well as a flatter curve for language, etc. So the major mathematicians, authors, inventors will remain White men, despite the establishment search for talented women and muds, near and far.

      If the White male disappears, mankind’s chance of reaching the stars disappears with him.

      In light of this, isn’t it shockingly immoral and unhumanitarian to oppose White Nationalism?

    6. Bolg Says:

      This is a load of crap. France has lots of arab “citisens”.If it was not for them it would score along Belgians and Italians. Bulgaria has 7 miliond population. Of this 1 milion are turks and 750 000 are jypsies. If not for them Bulgarian scores would be along the those of the nations closest geneticaly – Hungary and Finland – 98-99. Romanians and Serbs too should be about 98-99. What are turks doing in the poll? Who the fuck is proff. Lynn? Has he met his negro mother?

    7. Tim Says:

      “It would be interesting to see the IQ distribution of New York City. It is probably bi-modal, with peaks at about 104 and about 94. Anybody know?”

      The book “The Bell Curve” used a study called “The National Longitudinal Survey of Youth” which consisted of 11878 people from diffferent racial and ethnic groups. The IQ results of the study were:

      Jews 115, Asians 106, Whites 103, Puerto Ricans 89, Blacks 84

      You can figure out what New Yawk would look like from that.

      Here is recenly publsihed map of the world’s indigenous people’s IQ: http://www.vdare.com/rushton/060322_iq_pic.htm

    8. Outis Says:

      France also has a lot of square-headed, quasi-Aryan Europids outside of Paris, as it always has. Actually, this tallies with military studies done in France and Germany during the Franco-Prussian War, where the racial type of the recruits were recorded — in France short, “dark” soldiers predominated.

      Paris is a smart place to live in a not-so-smart country. But every Parisian knows that.

    9. Shitforbrains Says:

      This explains why the jew will always dominate, they have the highest IQ. The average IQ in Israel is 124.

      Good luck with the world domination thing that your team is trying to promote. But then maybe this BLOG sight is just written by a bunch of bored Rabbi’s?



    10. Tim Says:

      Shitforbrains – check your sources. The wailing wall headbangers have a national IQ of only 94 according to Lynn.

    11. N.B. Forrest Says:

      Interesting that the Poles scored so highly. “Dumb Polack”? I don’t think so.

    12. Harry Tuttle Says:

      It’s funny what jews think their IQs are as opposed to what they actually are. Israelis are apparently some of the stupidest people on earth in a supposedly “modern industrial” society.

      All jews claim to be Jeenouses, alas the reality is they just tend to have a flatter curve with a peak around 112. Like women almost identically – except Jews have more idiots and even fewer super geniuses. The problem is not any individual yoo – as individuals they don’t amount to dog shit. The problem is an entire population with an IQ around 112 – just smart enough to get themselves into a lot of trouble they are not correspondingly smart enough to get out of. 200 previous pogroms can’t be wrong.

      Joos are so mediocre they always confuse extraordinary cunning with intelligence. Alas, they are not the same thing at all. If joos had the sense god gives to geese they would not have spent the past 2000 years running around bilking one European city after another in between purges. Smart people can make a good living without turning to crime, as Prof. Lynn pointed out. Without crime and chicanery jews can’t even make a living, at all.

      140 billion U.S. dollars later and Israel looks like any other nigger rigged banana republic you’ve ever seen except for the nuclear weapons. Yoos couldn’t manage a bowel movement much less a nation. Without whitey, as the rabbis have said only too often, we would not amount to much of anything.

    13. Friedrich Braun Says:

      “What are turks doing in the poll? Who the fuck is proff. Lynn? Has he met his negro mother?”

      Stupid ignorant moron,

      Professor Lynn is a world-known academic who specializes in intelligence studies. He is as good as they come. An honest, unbiased, and truthful scientist, a rare breed in today’s corrupt, peecee world; especially when race is concerned.

      His site:


      Note his impressive publications:


      He is also racially Nordic.

    14. Shitforbrains Says:

      Read it and weep you poor white Tuttle boy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashkenazi

    15. Shitforbrains Says:

      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashkenazi: relatively common in Ashkenazi Jews, had an average IQ of 122.

      80% of jews, woos, yoos, moos, and floos are Ashkenazi Jews

      Waaaaa!, I want my mommy!

    16. Harry Tuttle Says:

      Remember, Shitforbrains … we won’t miss you when you’re gone. Neither will anybody else.

      Gosh, with all those Jeeniouses (My own IQ nearly four full derivatives above the smartest joosim you know) it occurs to me they should have been able to turn Israel into an economic paradise instead of the world’s largest money laundering ectasy kiddie porn crime ring. Why, instead of featherless chickens, Israel should dominate all the major fields of science – for real, not just in the movies.

      As Prof. Lynn pointed out, smart people can figure out ways to make a living with a lot more money than criminals – so why do all jews joo? Jews can seem to think of every crooked way to wring money from their host nations imaginable except honestly.

      I also don’t understand why the sooper dooper yooish jeeniuses all live in the diaspora amongst the evil cancer race when they have had their own country for a half century. They’ve got more apologetics than niggers and less honor than dogs.

      As the rabbi said in Haaretz, a bit of the usual self-loathing leaking through … obviously, the diaspora is where the suckers are.

      Funny that, how these sooper jeeniuses only appear to be able to eke out a living by committing more crime than niggers and twice the vice.

      Do you really think the supreme being has poor enough taste to choose the Askenaz race as his special pets? Wow, that’s quite an insult to hurl at the creator, thinking his standards are no higher than that. If people really were a chosen people, wouldn’t they be the most creative people on Earth to reflect God’s nature themselves? Seems to me it would be so. When I say “creative,” I don’t mean tikkun olam piss christ aquariums.

      I mean, like every major field of science over the past 2000 years, despite the best efforts of yoo publicists and their clients, has been utterly dominated by caucasians. The truth hurts but not as bad as the rebbe chewing my foreskin.

    17. Carpenter Says:

      Jews score high on linguistic skills, low on mathematics. The language side raises their IQ average, and it turns them into lawyers and media bosses and gleeful comedians, but it doesn’t make engineers out of them. How many Jews studying Law at Harvard? How many studying at MIT? (New IQ tests that don’t test language at all give Jews a much lower score.)

      on the other end, you have Asians who score high math-wise, low lingo-wise. Many MIT Asians, few Harvard Asians. Few Asian comedians and novelists, almost none at all. (And let’s not get started on their weak singing voices, though that’s another matter.)

      Whites have an even distribution. And White males have that flat Bell Curve that provides us with the top geniuses, which exist in the other races but are extremely rare there. So even though the Jews have high linguistic skills, most of the top authors and thinkers will still be White.

    18. Shitforbrains Says:

      Hey Fuddle Duddle,

      You are so correct in everything you say, including the rabbi chewing on your stump.

      Maybe you should get your hand off your dick and read a business mag, or medical rag and see the woos, floos and moos that litter there pages with their incessant business and medical drivel. Check into any major medical centre in NA and see how many dumb ass jews are listed. I know you are so smart and they are soooo dumb! These bastards even have their own hospitals (Mt. Sinai in every major city). The fucking nerve these jews have. Will it ever end?

      These dumb ass bastards are also in all the best medical schools, business schools and legal schools. But you already knew that, your just fuckin with me. Riiiiiiiiight. You Harvard grads are so witty!

      And that dumb ass bastard Swinestien, he was the dumbest of them all.

      Check your facts fuddle duddle and you will see that YOU are the smartest of them all. All hail fuddle duddle. We are not worthy.

      By they way if you can read, check out the list of pure lies of supposedly smart joow, floos and moos, who are Nobel laureates


      And yet the jews make up what percentage of the global population? Remind me because last I checked it seems the woos have a monopoly on IQ points too. Those sneaky bastards are robbing the rest of us dumb ass humans of IQ points!

      Money, IQ points, will it ever stop!

      And the lists go on and on and on (business, medial, science, legal, banking, etc…). Oh yawn, I’m bored, next whit trash loser please!

      But you knew that Rabbi Fuddle Duddle

    19. Bolg Says:

      “…Stupid ignorant moron,

      Professor Lynn is a world-known academic who specializes in intelligence studies. He is as good as they come. An honest, unbiased, and truthful scientist, a rare breed in today’s corrupt, peecee world; especially when race is concerned…”

      I might well be one, but I doubt it.

      What is the methodology he used? How many people per country took the test? Of what backgrounds? Were they typical representative of their ethnos? Are “minorities” included in the poll (they obviously are, trust me)?

      If I am wrong, I would admit it, but it does not add up.

      HOW were the tests conducted. WHAT people were included. HOW MANY people from each country were included.

    20. Edgar Says:

      I’ll bet the Brit edge over the French is because of the English Channel, nothing more. France has seen more trash walk across the borders. Besides, the Brit mentality favors twitchy, self-conscious, eager-to-please performance on IQ tests. The French, on the other hand, are much more laid back, a cultural difference that could easily translate into 10-20 points.

      Men ARE more intelligent than women. This has been measured and established for years. Think back to high school: most of the high performers were girls and valedictorians today still generally are female (real valedictorians, not this token valedictorian for every flavor of inability that walks). Girls outshine boys up until about age 20, then the male takes the lead…must have something to do with getting testosterone under control and rechanneled.

      Nor is it surprising that meat eaters are smarter. Explains a lot about the stupidity of liberals. You think I’m kidding? I’m not.

    21. Bolg Says:



      “…We want to extend the analysis to the further 104 countries with populations of more than 50,000 for which we have not been able to find IQ data. For these 104 countries we have estimated the IQs. Two principles have been adopted for making the estimates of national IQs for those countries for which data are lacking. First, it is assumed that national IQs which are unknown will be closely similar to those in neighboring countries whose IQs are known. It can be seen from the results set out in Table 6.1 that neighboring countries normally have closely similar IQs…”

      104 countries were not tested. He guessed the numbers. He “assumed” the numbers out of thin air. The numbers were invented.

      Now you can call me a moron again, Brown. Then go wash your panties.

    22. Harry Tuttle Says:

      You see all those yoos waving their Nobel prizes? About 90% in theoretical physics. Guess what all their theories depend on? The existence of a particle called the Higgs-Boson, which has turned out to be non-existent. This means every yooish charlatan on Earth with a Nobel prize needs to return every single Nobel prize they have won over the past half century, because it was nothing but the usual gefilte fishing flim-flammery.

      Total contribution of jewish theoretical physics to human welfare and progress? Zip, nada, nothing. Everybody knows only gentiles do that stuff. Joos write books published by Doubleday about how the universe is only 14 billion years old and was once the size of a soccer ball. People almost bought that crap over real astrophysicists like Fred Hoyle until the Hubble Space Telescope began sending back one photo of another of galaxies at least 80 billion years old or more, where the precious jooish “Red Shift” appeared to be just another talmudic sophistry shell game. So much for Carl Sagan and his faggot CGI spaceship and his “billions and billions of stars” and his “Z molecules at the beginning of time.” If it sounds like Jew bullshit – guess what – it is!

      Yes, I know Jews dominate medicine. It’s obvious, because medicine has nearly come to a halt since the 1950’s. It’s the most decadent, stagnant and pointless corrupt cartel in the West. The jews are a health hazard to entire nations as doctors and they are the most notoriously incompetent people you could humanly imagine in that profession.

      Joos were telling us that fat causes obesity for five decades right up the moment Dr. Atkins and a lot of other gentile whiz kids figured out it was sugar and sleep deprivation creating insulin resistance. Thanks, Jews. We owe you one. Another fuggin’ joo breakthrough. Just get out of the way kike and stop blocking gentile progress.

      Jews were telling us that ulcers were caused by stress since the 1940’s but as always it took a practical hands-on goyim working alone in his practice with no funding to discover what was under the Yiddim’s very nose … a bacteria that eats the stomach lining.

      Joos were telling us that stress causes back disorders since the 1970’s until the usual goyim suspects found out that muscular weakness from sedentary lifestyles were the actual cause. Stress has nothing to do with it.

      Jooish “health authorities” claimed strength exercise was primarily a matter of repetitions and sets, until a gentile genius named Arthur Jones revolutionized jewish caveman training with the Nautilus Machine and high intensity theory. Jones hated joos so much he could not stand to be in the room with them, a lot like Walt Disney.

      As Alex put it, it would appear that at whatever point yoos make contact with gentiles, they wound us. The soil beneath their feet appears to steam with fungal vapours wherever they tread. The very air is fouled in front of them as if they warp quantum reality around them into some grotesque Clive Barker nightmare. There is no place a joo can dwell long before we hear the sound of weeping, despair, hunger, loss and horror. It seems there is almost no situation so bad that a joo cannot make it much, much worse.

      I notice you were shrieking about various credentials, testimonials and honorariums given by other joos to joos to validate joos who in turn provide credibility to other joos by vouching for their “Jeenius.” The American Lysenko named Steven J. Gould was probably the finest specimen of fake smart person ever invented. He never published a peer reviewed paper in his entire adult life and was only barely able to get his name on a paper by Lewontin, after which Gould claimed he revolutionized anthropology with his spontaneous equilibrium theory. Yet somehow Gould ended up in the bully pit for 25 years as the only scientist the press ever consulted with. I used to think you’d need to publish at least a dozen papers before you could even be considered for President of the American Anthropology Society, but since the society was only invented so Gould would have a credential they apparently gave him a waiver.

      Alex was right. Joos are a lot like assholes on legs who run around with a certificate from a doctor claiming it proves they don’t stink. People nod to be polite and then pinch their noses. Whatever you say, Jeenious. Sure.

      Personally, I have never met a joo I thought to be my intellectual equal, long before I ever became racially aware. I have met at least a dozen gentiles I could tell were as bright as I am or better.

      I’m always disappointed when the chance comes for a face-to-face throwdown debate … I used to expect the scholarly “people of the book” to hand me my ass in a basket. What with other joos constantly referring to their verbal prowess and all. It’s always a shock when the joo realizes we are now approaching the subject matter in a straight line, not obliquely – and the joo begins fuming and spitting like a nigger with an IQ of 84 defending ebonics. Then they shit their pants, scream and run off. Three thousand years they’ve said it – they are cowards face to face and prefer to stab from the back in the shadows. They cannot hold their own in a fair debate and will always go to pieces just thirty seconds in. They shake their fist and tell you they are going to find out where you work. People of scholarly nature, indeed. I think not, sir. I’m still waiting for that yoo who can present his case without blowing a vein in his forehead screaming. I’ve never seen one yet.

    23. Outis Says:

      It bears repeating that the French are largely a stocky, square-headed, pre-Aryan race. Paris is its own universe and has the monopoly on Aryan genes in the country.

    24. Outis Says:

      And of course no one has mentioned the Scandinavians’ lower place on the list — Scandinavia, where, surely, no one can say the pollsters included a lot of nonwhites; Scandinavia, home of the perfect, superhumanly phlegmatic Norse gods, weighing in *behind* Deutschland!

    25. Harry Tuttle Says:

      You’ll be pleased to know, Shitforbrains, that Jews have IQ profiles extraordinarily similar to faggots – inevitably smarter than average, invariably mediocre in the whole.

      .. but don’t take my word for it, listen instead to the first jewish Prime Minister of Britain, possibly the only really bright jew I have ever read.

      “The real curse of the jewish people is the burden of own intellectual mediocrity, which makes them unfit for manual labor and unfit for much else.”

    26. shitforbrains Says:

      Jeeeesuuuss!!! Tuttle almost a 1,000 word response!

      Some us work during the day, so please keep your responses to 300 words or less. Thanks for proving my point, you are the smartest man I have ever met.

      Wow you exhibit a rare intelligence to understand and refute almost every obscure branch or theoretical science and medicine. Your IQ must be well north of 200. I feel robbed, truly robbed.

      Damn my GPS on PDA does not understand E=mc(2). I hate my jew ass PDA!

      It is a rare man who can admit that he is that intelligent, most are gutless worms. You have a comprehensive knowledge base, from medicine, to, well just about anything. I am truly impressed. Tell me more about yourself! Are you a quad Phd! No, your too smart for that jew as title nonsense. Let me guess. Your Buckaroo Banzai!

      Whooah, got to get back to work before my jew boss kicks my ass.

      Signed, I am truly not worthy.


    27. Theseus Says:

      Seriously. Who *doesn’t* know Germans own? =]

    28. Harry Tuttle Says:

      The jews are our misfortune.

    29. Harry Tuttle Says:

      Shitforbrains :

      I was tested by a gentile psychologist at 9 years old who said I was 158 Stanford Binet. Clinical test environment with supervision of licensed professionals.

      At 18 the school jew psychologist gave me a series of verbal questions followed by asking me to draw some pictures of my family. He told my mother I was “precocious” and that the earlier score was an anomaly, informing my mother I was likely around 120-130 and a kind of savant idiot to boot. Seemed to go out of his way to want to make me feel as bad as possible about myself. Funny that. Of course, none of it registered on me at the time as deliberate.

      In the Army a gentile warrant officer tested me again with clinical supervision and scored me 158 Stanford-Binet (identical to first score) and followed up with Wechsler-Brenner series where I scored 183. He said the wide spread was a strange anomaly and he wasn’t sure the IQ test was really valid for anyone scoring over 140 Stanford Binet. He also said, irregardless of what anybody had told me before, I was neither an idiot nor precocious. He actually used a codeword with me and suggested that “Freudian” psychologists (code for Jewish) often seemed to display an enormous hostility towards bright children that was inexplicable but a common phenomenon. Nearly any bright gentile child who had been handled by a “freudian” influenced psychologist, he said, had experienced this treatment at some point. Strange that.

      Pretend to be a doctor and poison the medicine. It’s corny but it works for Yoohoodzim.

    30. Shitforbrains Says:

      Nice sob story Tuttle. What am I supposed to do, feel sorry for you?

      So you are ‘Special’. Great, now what? What the hell have you done with your life? You hang around these dumb ass BLOG sites answering moronic responses from shitforbrains like me!

      Wow, I’m impressed. Kind of like Lance Armstrong fighting the the evil French by living in his parents basement and riding a tricycle. So you decided not to pursue a higher education and join the army. Hmm, makes me wonder about that term “Military Intelligence�.

      Your name is smeared all over the VNN site, answering every BLOG’s and spouting your point of view on anything and everything. You appear to be paralyzed by your own paranoia. You say a lot, but you do nothing. The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

      Get a life Tuttle. Get a job. Build something. Prove your worth.

    31. Harry Tuttle Says:

      Yawn. I make more money sitting here writing on this blog in an hour than you will make this week, knucklehead. I think I heard another royalty check in the mailbox just then. Jeez, I’m gonna have to stuff it into a pillowcase and put them up in the attic, I’m running out of room.

      Smart people can find other ways of making a living other than graft, crime and exploitation of human weaknesses. I guess next you’ll be telling us all that an honest living is another goy weakness. Beyond, you must go! Exceed the petty morality of the gentiles, we go beyond oy from what cunning they never seen! Our strength is in our marvelous hubris! I like to read those samizdats from Russia in the 50’s, they are hilarious screeds by the beanie babies.

    32. Shitforbrains Says:

      A welfare check is not a royalty check. Sorry to burst your reality bubble tuttle.

    33. Carpenter Says:

      Outis, Scandinavia is full of immigrants. So no, the list does not prove Germans superior to Scandinavians.

    34. Carpenter Says:

      Harry Tuttle says:
      I’m always disappointed when the chance comes for a face-to-face throwdown debate … I used to expect the scholarly “people of the bookâ€? to hand me my ass in a basket. What with other joos constantly referring to their verbal prowess and all. It’s always a shock when the joo realizes we are now approaching the subject matter in a straight line, not obliquely – and the joo begins fuming and spitting like a nigger with an IQ of 84 defending ebonics.

      Well put! And an excellent post, may I add.

      Another thing to add to the list: the lying Jew Sigmund Freud with his fake theory about all behavior being caused by environment, and an imaginary “libido energy” that he made up.

      Other Jews still fawn over him – Marx and Freud are the house gods of Jews and commies in sociology – because he completely ignored genetic differences.

      The record shows that Freud never cured a single patient in his entire life. But he continued to milk them for money year after year, like his poor patient called the Wolfman in his journals. The Wolfman would have benefited greatly from taking brisk walks instead of lying down on Freud’s couch to dig up and exaggerate childhood memories, then hear about anal fixation and other fabricated, today fortunately discarded Freudian falsehoods.

      Yet, how do Jewish media and the Jewish Hollywood treat Freud? With reverence. He was a Jew, after all.

    35. Shitforbrains Says:

      But seriously Tuttle,

      All kidding and sarcasm aside. Your argument that Higgs-Boson does not exist and therefore all the jews should return their Nobel prizes is flawed. Theoretical science is like theology. Does god exist? You could argue until the sun burns out. The point is, all science, whether applied or theoretical, moves humanity forward, sometimes in a good way, and sometimes in a very negative way.

      But the bigger picture is this. You claim to have a high IQ. Granted, maybe you do. But what you have illustrated to me is that you have a low emotional, rational, and maturity IQ. Unfortunately you sound like a 10 year old kid, basically like one of my boys. You have very poor impulse control.

      Comments like: a rabbi chewing on my nob, and racial epitaphs, as well the just flat out quoting of bad science (rampant on the VNN site).

      This demonstrates to me that you do not think in a strategical, analytical, or methodical way (I work with groups of MA ‘s and Phd’s from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, so I have some basis from which I can analyze your behavioral patterns). My boys are a lot like you (not from an IQ standard). They act without thinking about the future consequences. My guess is you are 15 to 18 years old, and really pissed off about life in general.

      Well I am also really pissed off about the state of the human condition, but my approach is a bit more satirical than yours. I treat the VNN site the way I treat my boys when they do something really stupid (start fires, fight, etc). I use sarcasm to show them the absurdity of their situation.

      If you do not like kiddie porn, find the site, hack the site, bring it down. If you do not like the legal system, get a law degree, approach the bar, change the system. If you do not agree with theoretical science, write a dissertation, validate with facts and analysis, and prove your point.

      In closing, I have been ripped off by Jews, Scotsmen, and Norwegians. No one race can hold the title for deception and despicable actions. The close minded and sophomoric views of the VNN BLOG’s illustrates to me that a high IQ does not mean you are rational or mature.