11 March, 2006

Chester Doles and our Struggle

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American Dissident Voices Broadcast of March 11, 2006

Hello, welcome to American Dissident Voices, I’m your host, Shaun Walker.

This last weekend, I drove out to Kentucky to visit with Chester Doles. Many of you listeners have heard of his name and some of you know Chester personally. Chester is a good man, but is unfortunately sitting in jail for his political beliefs. I would like to explain his situation, give an update and explain how this fits into the bigger picture.

America is or was a White nation. America, just like every other White nation, is in a racial decline. A racial decline is
genocide of that race. Our struggle for the empowerment of the White race, in our various White nations, is nothing short of a struggle for survival. Our enemies are many, but the group of
people that have risen to the top and have the most control of
today’s political and social standards are the Jews. The Jews
have a well-established network designed to stifle any and all
dissent, which would cause them to lose control of the power they
currently wield. To make change in such a society cannot be a
simple cosmetic change, but rather must be a replacement of the
ruling power structure. Our current situation dictates that we
must be a revolutionary, sociopolitical movement. The Jews are
fully aware of this, and use their power to enable corrupt
politicians and police of various agencies to cause our racial
struggle as many problems as possible. This is really quite
simple. The Jews rule the roost and they want to make their
horrible anti-White reign of power last forever. But, the Jews
and the White race are diametrically opposite. What is good for
the Jews is bad for the White race and vice versa. So, our
struggle to liberate White people from under the power of the
Jews will be met with pitfalls and many people will experience
personal problems. This is the reality we live in.

Many people know about these possible problems and they shy away
from involvement. This is what the Jewish plan wants. The Jews
will defame people who criticize their power. I’m not talking
just about White Nationalists. Many people that are racially
aware know this, so they think they can escape from the Jewish
radar and just tone down the message. For example, the people
that oppose the massive non-White invasion do so 90% of the time,
on racial grounds, but they won’t say so. These people live in
fear of being publicly criticized and slandered by the Jews and
Liberals, so they try to hide amongst the kosher-conservative

Many, many people today, are afraid of the US government and for
good reason. The US government and its variety of agencies are
quite corrupt. The US media is controlled by the Jews and is
monolithic in their Jewish Supremacy agenda. So, millions and
millions of White people that know what is going on, avoid
getting involved, because they fear what could happen to them.

This brings me to the topic of the hardcore activism of Chester
Doles. Chester is now sitting in prison in Kentucky for his
beliefs and his activism. Chester was railroaded for his beliefs,
pure and simple. When some non-activist people think of Chester
in prison, they understand that the Jews will force their power
onto corrupt people to get their way, so those non-active people
step away. When these millions of White people step away from
getting involved in the struggle, they accept the decline of the
White race and justify their own acts in many different ways. I’m
not trying to browbeat inactive people, as I understand the fear
that they feel and the social pressures in our society. I
understand that a married man with two kids has his children to
raise and a mortgage to pay. I understand the worry about losing
their job and, there are some that are even fearful of violent
attacks from non-Whites. I understand this fear, but the number
one problem that the White race has today, is the lack of racism.
We lack racial feelings and unity. We are a divided mass and, for
the most part, most Whites are more interested in themselves, not
their race. This is the reason why the National Alliance was
created, to change this circumstance to help White people. And,
the more effective we are, the more pressure we come under from
the power of the Jews. I understand this and so do many other
people. I also understand that the things in life that really
matter require risks and sacrifice. We are in that stage of the
struggle and, for the most part, none of us will be rewarded for
our contributions. Our racial movement has been ongoing for quite
some time now, so it is completely accurate to say that we are
already engaged in a multi-generational struggle. We don’t have
any date on the calendar to count down towards, but rather events
that occur around us, which impact our struggle. The disaster in
New Orleans made an impact, since Hurricane Katrina was bad for
that area and killed over a thousand people and almost two
thousand more are missing, but the event itself actually harmed
the power that the Jews hold and helped our racial separatists

This is the peculiar nature of being part of an ideal that
challenges the system. But, we cannot have faint hearts and run
away from problems when they might cause us personal
difficulties. When we do this, we give more power to our enemies.
When we are too afraid to speak our mind and say the truth, then
we are not free White people, but are oppressed White people. The
only way we can be free is to act, think and speak freely.

Chester Doles is locked up in prison, but he is a solid White
man. His mind and soul are freer today than millions of Whites
who have never been in jail, but who are afraid to behave as free
men and free women. People that are so afraid and allow their
fears to rule them, allowing their fears to do exactly what the
Jews direct for them to do, are a dime a dozen today. People like
Chester that have the backbone and ability to lead White people
publicly, to stand up for our race, are the diamonds in the
dung-heap. And, it is from the contagious energy that emits from
brave men, which motivates others to do likewise. It is the
natural boldness that is a part of Chester that allowed him to
motivate others into standing up publicly. This is why the
government went after Chester.

Chester Doles’ legal problems started in late 2000, when he was
successfully organizing meetings for the National Alliance in
Georgia. Now I don’t know why Georgia is such a corrupt place,
but it really is one of the worst places in America for White
people. A history of crime and corruption usually brings an area
down. We can see the same examples in Chicago, New York and
Boston. Atlanta is on par with those areas with general
corruption, but might be the very worst for abuse of power
against White Nationalists. In Georgia, there is a special state
police called the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, the GBI,
which is just as anti-White as the FBI. The FBI, the GBI, and the
local police in Georgia launched an investigation and harassment
campaign against Chester and spent three million dollars over two
years spying on Chester and the National Alliance. Chester never
did anything illegal, nor did any of the people that Chester was
affiliated with. So, after wasting resources on nothing, the
government decided to act in early 2003. This wasn’t just in
Georgia with Chester. There was a series of many White activists
who were arrested at the time.

There was Ernst Zundel who is now locked up in the third country
in three years and is currently on trial in Germany. He didn’t
steal anything or hurt anyone or even cheat on his taxes. He
publicly questioned some of the so-called “facts” surrounding the
Holocaust. That is the entire reason he has been locked up for
three years. He has been unable to do much of anything from
prison, but has written some fantastic letters. Even while locked
up, he inspires White people around the world.

There was David Duke, who was arrested for financial matters
involving his past political election campaigns. David Duke’s
many political campaigns have exposed millions of White people to
the ideal of racial separatism and earned him the hatred from the
Jews forever. Rather than go to trial with a Negro jury, he pled
no-contest and spent one year in prison. Mr. Duke is now legally
unable to run for state office in Louisiana, but he has stayed
with our racial struggle and currently he writes lots articles
and speaks at many venues all over the world.

There was Christine Greenwood and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend
was just a victim of circumstance. Christine ran a charity for
children called the “Aryan Baby Drive.” This was successful and
lacked substance for the Jews to criticize. It was growing with
popularity and name recognition. She literally never did anything
illegal. The entire case against her was totally made up for
harassment purposes. The police, in their official report,
actually labeled a box of nails as “bomb-making equipment.” This
was governmental oppression, pure and simple. Christine had no
choice but to fight the bogus charges. She won the legal fight,
but was demoralized and the “Aryan Baby Drive” charity sputtered
for a while. But then it got back on its feet and now is active
across America and in six other countries.

Chester didn’t do anything wrong morally, but he did break an
obscure law that he didn’t even know he broke. Chester had a
misdemeanor conviction for a fight in Maryland in which he spent
24 months in jail. Upon being paroled from jail, Chester was
informed he was not a felon and did not lose the 2nd Amendment
right for firearms. Then, ten years later, after three million
dollars is spent on harassment and spying on Chester and the
Georgia members of the National Alliance, the police agencies
couldn’t find one thing Chester did wrong. So, they found an
obscure Federal law, which had been around 20 years and only used
a couple times. The obscure law states that anyone who had spent
more than 12 months in jail for a misdemeanor conviction is
considered a felon in regards to firearms ownership, as in
Chester’s case. This law is unjust in itself, but the application
of the law is the most glaring injustice. The state of Georgia’s
Attorney General had never heard of the law and stated Georgia
would not charge Chester with it. This same Attorney General
cited the fact that so many other people in Georgia were also in
the exact same situation as Chester, and that he would not go
after those people either. By some accounts, that number of
people might be well over 1,000 people just in the state of
Georgia. Since Chester’s arrest and incarceration, no other
person has been charged under the same law. Therefore, Chester’s
arrest was done for the sole reason of going after the leader of
an ideal that the Jews in power hate.

Chester was threatened that if he didn’t plead guilty and spend
time in jail, they would arrest his wife, parents and even
grandparents. Chester is an honorable man, so he accepted a
5-year sentence to spare his family the hardship he was in. Also,
the Federal government quite openly stated that if they didn’t
get Chester on this obscure firearms charge, then the Federal
government would file a new list of charges. The Jewish officials
in the Homeland Security Department were promoting this agenda.

Since that time, Chester has been a model prisoner and is in top
physical shape. He has gotten his body down to 9% body fat, and
continues to educate and motivate other White people he is in
contact with. He is a strong person and has a sense of duty for
our race. He hasn’t quit or backed away. But, since that time,
many other people have seen these acts of governmental oppression
as a reason to do nothing.

There is one thing that we must all learn from this. Nothing our
enemies do to us individually or collectively should be allowed
to stop us. The eventual, positive outcome for our racial
struggle will drag on for many years longer than is necessary
because good people did nothing. And again, I do understand the
fear that many people feel, but there is such a thing as honor.
And all of us, every single one of us, has personal honor. Our
honor compels us to help our race. Our race is in trouble right
now and allowing our enemy to scare us into inaction is against
what our duty must be. The reason Chester is in prison is because
the Jews are afraid that their corrupt house of cards will fall
down upon them, and it will. Out of fear, the Jews went after a
strong White activist in the hopes that his imprisonment would
scare away others and they would continue to rule without
opposition. For all those White Nationalists that have stayed the
course and kept up the struggle, you are all good people, doing
the right thing, in the worst of times. For all those people that
have dropped out, it’s now time to rejoin the struggle. The sky
didn’t fall, but the Jewish power has since gained more cracks in
their foundation.

This brings me to another related matter. There is a group of
conservatives, called the Council for Conservative Citizens, the
C of CC. They had an active chapter in Sacramento, California a
few years back. Now the C of CC is not a White Nationalist
organization, but does have many racially aware members. The
group totally refuses to discuss the power that the Jews have and
skirt around the cause of most of the problems and instead focus
on the symptoms of the problem, such as Illegal Aliens. Because
the C of CC will at least openly address problems that harm the
White race they were confronted by a Jewish group called the JDL.
The actual incident I’m getting to only happened one time that I
know about. A group of Jews showed up with several cameras and
video cameras to a C of CC meeting. These Jews proceeded to name
call the conservative White people that were showing up for a
meeting. They were called racist and Nazi and hate-monger and
other names along that line. They were being videoed and told
that their names and faces would be put on the Internet and their
car license plates were photographed. What happened was most of
these White conservatives dropped out. They were not even
involved in a violent confrontation that day, they only had their
pictures taken: So much for saving their nation and race.

I’ve often said that the number one problem the White race has
today is selfishness. I still believe that this is the biggest
problem, but the number two problem is our race is just too damn
soft today. We have gone from the race of Vikings and
Conquistadors to a race that avoids any possible chance for
conflict. Our race produced the fiercest freebooting horsemen to
roam the Russian Steep and cut out the largest nation on the
planet in Asia in a race-war that has been ongoing on the
Eurasian landmass for maybe 40,000 years now. Our race made small
wooden sailing ships and sailed across the ocean. In small groups
of a few hundred White men, we conquered nations of millions. Our
race has never had a necessity to explore outer space, but our
curiosity and ability pushes us out to the Moon and the stars

We cannot, as a race, allow personal fear to cage us. If there
was ever a time in history that our race needed men to be bold,
like Chester Doles, that time in now. And when one falls, when
another is locked up and yet another loses their job, we need to
press on even more and push even harder.

To storm a beach, everyone must rush the beachhead. When others
fall beside us, it is our duty to them to press ahead and take
the beach or their sacrifice was in vain. We, as a race, must
press on and we must control our fear. We will take hits, here
and there. And, when this damage occurs to you personally, then
wear it as a badge of honor, because it is your honor that was
upheld and your duty to our race that caused the problem.

Chester Doles is locked up in prison and has been for years. We
must honor his sacrifice by doing more for our race because of
it. The Jews fear Chester and they fear more people that stand up
as Chester has. Only when the amount of White people gets to a
particular number will the critical threshold be reached and then
the chain reaction will start.

Revolution in this regard is exactly like nuclear fission. With
nuclear fission a great deal of energy must be created and
carefully directed towards the fissionable material. Once the
directed energy is pushed into the fissionable material, a chain
reaction starts and the fissionable material starts to emit
energy itself. As this chain reaction increases, it eventually
gets to the point that the energy being emitted is greater than
the amount of energy being directed into the reaction. This is
called “going critical.” This is how revolution works as well. We
need to stay focused and direct our energy and efforts toward the
very center of the ruling power structure, which is the Jews. We
must not allow them to block our efforts. When they take actions
against us, to stop us, we will take losses. But, to regain our
freedom, to end all the many problems that come from having Jews
rule over us, must require us to go over that threshold and reach
our critical level.

We all have fears, but there are so many things we all can
continue to do to save our race.

Chester was sent to the Gulag and yet millions of us must
increase our activism and rebel against this system. We must be
the Dissidents we must be the revolutionaries today. There is no
glory or rewards today, but there will be one day. That day, that
great day, when the Jews are finally exposed and their power over
us comes crumbling down like water pouring down Niagara Falls, is
worth it all. We will either have people oppressed like Chester
Doles and Ernst Zundel or our nation will end up like the White
community of the Kenyan Highlands: killed-off or driven away
entirely. Or we will end up like the Aryan Assyrians: mongrelized
into extinction.

Chester’s fate and his life in prison are grim, but the rest of
us must continue to establish our beachhead. Chester is an
example of oppression and defiance during a wicked Jewish age. We
should think about him and others like him often, because as grim
as Chester’s life is, our entire race will suffer far worse in
the days to come, unless we organize racially and work harder to
take charge of our freedom.

Join with us, the National Alliance and together we will make
that day happen.

You can write to Chester Doles at:

Chester Doles #54525-019 QTR. WB
PO Box 4000
Manchester, KY 40962-4000

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  7. 2 Responses to “Chester Doles and our Struggle”

    1. Carl Loerbs Says:

      In addition to being too selfish and too soft, a third problem is that we’re simply too damn fair. Our cherished system of Anglo-Saxon justice, the fairest the world has ever known, has been twisted around and weaponized against us by the Jew, who has used non-whites as his sock-puppets to do his scut work.

      It was back in the early 1970s when we started getting frog-marched into these sensitivity training sessions to be mercilessly harangued by a bunch of H. Rap Brown wannabes about how we whites “owed” blacks for the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow. Merely because we were white, we were automatically privileged, and so we had an obligation to pony up, indefinitely if need be. And of course, we whites would ALWAYS remain endemically racist regardless of what we said or did, but maybe, just maybe someday, if we paid through the nose enough, they just might forgive us. Those one or two whites who tentatively piped up were ruthlessly slapped down (rhetorically), cowing the rest of us into stone silence and psychological immobility. First, “equality”. Now, preference. Soon, reparations. There was no VNN distributing TAA nationwide at the time. There was no Hal Turner answering back with “brutal commentary and rich satire”. And there was no Internet to foster instantaneous grass roots communication and activism like there is today. And so nearly an entire generation of whites, victimized by our own “fairness”, slowly became deracinated.

      Chester Doles woke up early in life. Now he pays a high price because of his sense of honor and fidelity. He was victimized by the armada of arcane, obscure procedural laws, passed but forgotten until the establishment dusts them off to shackle a patriot who dares to rip off the system’s benign mask and reveal the demonic visage beneath. The system knows no one can possibly keep up with these insane nuisance laws, and so they use them to chop down the trees that dare poke their crowns above the rest of the forest. Then self-appointed schoolmasters like Bill O’Reilly wave their fingers in our faces and tell us “Ignorance is no defense under the law”. At an estimated $4 million per year, O’Reilly was bought by the system long ago.

      Regardless of the outcome of our struggle, Chester Doles has passed the test.

    2. alex Says:

      Doles has eleven kids and had dozens of men at his meetings. That is why he was persecuted. Jews try to cut the head off potential opposition. They do this by hounding genuine patriots, mass producing patriotards, and teaching English to prevent kids from learning to read.