17 March, 2006

The Jewing of Iran, a Work in Progress

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If you were President George W. Bush with all available US troops tied down by the Iraqi resistance, and you were unable to control Iraq or political developments in the country, would you also start a war with Iran?


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  7. 2 Responses to “The Jewing of Iran, a Work in Progress”

    1. Carpenter Says:

      In order to gain a pretext for attacking Iran, the Bush regime is using bribery and coercion in its effort to have Iran referred to the UN Security Council for sanctions.

      In recent statements President Bush and Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld blamed Iran for the Iraqi resistance, claiming that the roadside bombs used by the resistance are being supplied by Iran.

      It is obvious that Bush intends to attack Iran and that he will use every means to bring war about.

      Iran is well prepared, has a large population, and is vast. The cost for an invasion in lives, money and international standing will be at least four times worse than for the Iraq invasion. The United States lacks the capacity to cope with that – even if lives and international standing are ignored, there simply isn’t enough money.

      It is often said that Jews have historically lost control over their host nations by overreach; Dr. Pierce called that their one major flaw. Let’s see if this is such a case.

    2. Anglo Saxon Is True Israel Says:

      America needs to bring home the troops, stop fighting wars for the Jews, and secure their borders.
      America needs to start deporting all illegals, as well as stop immigration period.
      America needs to do away with the dual citzenship of the Jews, for either you are an American citizen, or you are a citizen of that illegitimate 1948 state calling itself Israel.
      Those calling themselves jews are not true Israel, or true Judah, nor are they the chosen of GOD, but are his worse enemies, and the people of the curse. Christ was not a Jew as false prophets teach, but was a white Anglo Saxon Israelite, and redeemer of true Israel only.
      Any preacher, pastor, clergy, teacher, prophet, or whatever you call yourself, that teach the Jews are Israel, Judah, chosen, and the apple of GODS eye, are false prophets, and those in their harlot congregations better flee for their lives.
      GOD said the whole world is deceived, and that true Israel is blind to their Identity. Those calling themselves Jews know that they are Esau, and that they have 99% of the professing Christians hoodwinked.
      When the unadulterated white Anglo Saxon, and related kindred Israelites awake to their true Identity, then, and only then will they be able to understand the Word of Almighty GOD.
      The synagogue of satan Jew scribes have corrupted the word of GOD, by adding to, and taking away from, therefore 99% of professing Christians are unable to comprehend the truth.
      Christianity is the White Anglo Saxon, and related kindreds religion, and is not related to any other race. Christ said he only came to the Lost sheep of the house of Israel, and told his disciples not to go in the way of the gentiles. I do not have the time or space to keep going on with this, but here is a website that has a lot of truth, but be sure you research it, and back everthing with scriptures.