28 March, 2006

Jews Bleat for World War III, IV, V, Whatever It Is

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[As we draw closer to whatever illegal attack the jews in Israel and jews controlling America see fit to spring on Iran, the lies come thick and furious. Every jewish columinst & ashkenazi appeaser sounds the alarm: Iran is the greatest threat in the history of the world and must be destroyed yesterday. Jewish lust for Aryans fighting their wars is boundless, and they’re more than happy to use up the last goy victim to do away with the Muslims you can see further down this page they hate with all their heart. If you subtract the hatred from judaism, all that’s left is bragging and undeserved awards.]

Jew deceiver claims Islamics are “imposing its ideology on Western nations [goyim]”

Global civilization is on the verge of “World War III,” a massive conflict in which the Islamic world will attempt to impose its ideology on Western nations, according to Meir Amit, a former director of Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency.
“Projection alert! Projection alert!! Projection alert!!!” … As they might say on Free Republic.

‘We’re on the eve of World War III
WorldNetDaily ^ | March 28, 2006

JERUSALEM – Global civilization is on the verge of “World War III,” a massive conflict in which the Islamic world will attempt to impose its ideology on Western nations, according to Meir Amit, a former director of Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency.

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  7. 12 Responses to “Jews Bleat for World War III, IV, V, Whatever It Is”

    1. Will Says:

      Subtract religion altogether and the jews are just a global crime gang.

      What has Iran ever done to the world? Nothing-claims of “terrorist” ties be damned!

      Yes, it is ALL projection. The jew ever accuses others, specifically Islamics, of EXACTLY what his tribe is up to.

      Just replace the two operative nouns and the jew precisely describes his nefarious activities since time immemorial. The paranoia that knoweth no bounds.

      Kill them before they kill us, even if they’re not trying to kill us, kill them! They might at sompoint decide to kill us, so kill them!

      Simply apply the “I konw you are but what am I?” defense, works every time.

    2. Harry Tuttle Says:

      The biggest shortcoming with VNN is that it is so hyperfocused on the internal affairs of the yoohoodis they rarely factor in the rest of the planet, which is about to pounce on the pale, flabby, parasite-ridden jew-drained carcass of the nation formerly known as America. VNN always makes out the real conflict is going to be for the continent against the yooish government, when in fact this is the least of worries. The ZOG riddled termite eaten stump of the nation is so prime for picking by China, Russia and Latin America I doubt many men of any color are going to be alive aboveground in a couple of years. There’s a big war coming and although the joos started it, a lot of other countries are going to finish it. I only hope that amidst all these goy vs goy nuclear exchanges, somebody remembers to reserve a special fat 50 megger for downtown Tel Aviv. It’s the least the goy can do to show their gratitude for … wait for it … FUCKING UP THE ENTIRE PLANET.

      Thanks, joos. We’ll be sure to give you a call when we need somebody to gear up WW4 one of these days.

    3. Carl Loerbs Says:

      Harry – The reason we appeared “hyperfocused” on the Jewish Question is because so many people are not Jew-wise. They can at least relate to our message about non-whites, because many have been directly victimized by non-whites. However, the Jew does his best work behind the scene; how many whites have been mugged or raped by Jews? Even a clearly race-wise individual like Jared Taylor is not particularly Jew-wise. So we must spend much more time and effort educating our people on Jews than on non-whites.

      However, I consider the rest of your analysis spot on. You can see how the neo-cons’ foreign policy, economic policy, and cultural pollution is gradually inflaming the entire non-white world against us. Our disproportionate consumption of global resources will also be used as additional leverage. The Musharrafs and Mubaraks of the world will eventually be replaced by more radical leaders who have no interest in reaching any accomodation with us. All that’s lacking is a “Big Daddy” to hide behind and unite around.

      And who’s most likely to become the “Big Daddy”? Three logical candidates, which possess either sufficient technical resources already or a sufficiently large population come to mind. China, Russia, and India, possibly in that order. China is truly the biggest wildcard because of their huge population and their ability to clone technology. China’s also been the most aggressive towards us, although they’ve been suspiciously quiet as of late. I believe their recent quiescence is attributable to their desire to avoid jeopardizing the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which they view as another potential massive infusion of foreign exchange necessary to complete their military expansion plans. The Chinese have already positioned themselves in a forward mode with operations at both ends of the Panama Canal, and are quietly romancing Cuba, Venezuela, and the Bahamas.

      Russia, while smaller in population, has a nuclear punch equal to ours. Our continued provocative behavior in Eastern Europe, particularly in the Ukraine and Belarus, is not endearing them to us. Many Russians also believe that they weren’t really defeated in the Cold War, but were stabbed in the back by traitors and defeatists from within, much like many Germans believed after WWI. Watch carefully for Putin’s potential successors. They could be charmed by Middle Eastern nations into leading a coalition against us by promising to help them with their Chechen “problem”, granting them access to warm water ports, or offering them oil resources. Russian has also been engaging in joint military exercises with China.

      India is the least likely wild card, but I include them primarily because of their large population and the fact that their pro-Americanism is superficial, based solely on economics. With sufficient incentive, they could turn against us.

    4. Carpenter Says:

      Harry Tuttle Says:
      The 29th of March, 2006 at 3:27 am

      The biggest shortcoming with VNN is that it is so hyperfocused on the internal affairs of the yoohoodis they rarely factor in the rest of the planet, which is about to pounce on the pale, flabby, parasite-ridden jew-drained carcass of the nation formerly known as America.

      Nope, wrong. VNN is and has always been aware of the non-White threat. Where have you been? But like Alex Linder explains, our people would be safe against the non-Whites, and the few natural race traitors in every generation, had Jews not been in control of the media and Hollywood.

      Yes, that is a point that must be made again and again and again. Until people start getting it. You want a lighter, kosher version that focuses only on muds, there are plenty of sources for that, like Vdare or AmRen.

    5. Carpenter Says:

      From the article:

      Israel is routinely attacked by Palestinian terror groups. Since December 2000, 993 Israelis have been killed. Spain in March 2004 was struck by a series of coordinated bombings on its commuter train system, killing 192 people. London was rocked last July by bombings on its transportation system. France has been the scene of violent Muslim riots and attacks. And on Sept. 11, 2001, 2,986 people were killed when the U.S. was hit with coordinated terror attacks.

      Amazing jewing of reality: unrelated events are thrown together to create a picture of Muslim conspiracy. Anyone with half a brain will realize that 1) Palestinians hit Israel because Pals are occupied and killed, 2) the U.S. has made itself the enemy of several Arab groups because of its military, financial and diplomatic support of Israel and certain Arab governments, 3) Britain and Spain were hit because they helped occupy Iraq, and 4) muds riot in France because that’s what muds love to do, and it has nothing to do with religion.

      Meanwhile, Greece, Norway and Slovenia are not hit, because they are not messing around in the Middle East.

      This is so glaringly obvious that it takes your movement being hijacked by Jews to keep it out of the debate.

    6. alex Says:

      Most Whites “get” niggers and mexicans. More than ever “get” jews, thanks to the Internet. It is jews where the education is needed. That’s what we provide.

      People can see the problem – 500k shitskins dancing down the middle of L.A. Niggers break dancing after throwing a brick into a white man’s head. What they can’t see without training is the jew causing the situation. We explain the connection, and then we encourage them to join us to bring about the solution.

    7. elbrus_arya Says:

      iran will fullfil the final earth’s prophecy : the time when the warm waters of indian ocean will touch the caspian the mystery of the aryans will be revealed.

    8. Anglo Saxon Is True Israel Says:

      Christ was not a Jew, and they were not his own as these false pastors teach. Those calling themselves Jews are the people of GODS curse. They are not true Israel, they are not Judah, and the 1948 state calling itself Israel is a lie, and the bad figs of Jeremiah.
      The unadulterated white race, and kindred people are true Israel. America is the regathering of true Israel, and babylon lives among it. The catholic Church is not the congregation Christ formed, and neither are the protestants, Islam, or other false religions, they all are in error.
      There is only a little flock, the very elect. It is few in number, and Christ did not come but unto his own, which is the unadulterated white race, and kindred people, the lost sheep of the house of Israel. The majority of them has been blinded to their true Identity. The Jews have always knew they are Esau, but highjacked the name Israel, Judah, Judea, chosen, to cast themselves in a good light, and to deceive true Israel of Christ the almighty GOD.


    9. elbrus_arya Says:

      iranian project to construct the caspian-indian ocean water way

      will begin soon. PURIM will be revealed and the third and final

      world war and earth’s masonic lodges sterilization is inevitable.

      Hey magicians ! go and stop IRAN’s project…ha ha ha ha ha ha

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