20 March, 2006

Kikes Foiled as Lukashenko Wins Easily

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Lukashenko.gif [Note the focus is entirely on the protest, rather than the results. Who cares what jew-operated rent-a-mobs want? What matters is keeping Belarus Whites safe from the international mafia that is Big Jew.]

Belarus president re-elected

Opposition claims fraud; thousands protest

by Yuras Karmanau

MINSK, Belarus — Thousands of protesters thronged the main square of the Belarusian capital Sunday in defiance of a government ban, refusing to recognize a presidential vote that gave a landslide, and largely expected, victory to the iron-fisted incumbent.

President Alexander Lukashenko won 82.6 percent of the vote compared with 6 percent for Alexander Milinkevich, the main opposition candidate, the Central Election Commission chief said early today, citing a nearly complete preliminary count from Sunday’s balloting. Turnout was 92.6 percent, the commission said.

“We demand new, honest elections,” Milinkevich told the crowd Sunday evening. “This was a complete farce.”

Milinkevich called on the crowd, which began thinning under a heavy snow, to return to the square this evening, signaling the opposition would try to hold a sustained protest of the sort that brought down long-lived regimes in former Soviet republics including Ukraine and Georgia.

“They say we want a revolution,” Milinkevich told thousands of protesters who gathered, peacefully, in October Square as the polls closed at 8 p.m. “No. We want only free and fair elections. What happened here was a farce. We do not recognize this election.”

The protest, drawing several thousand despite the snow and bitter cold, was the largest in years against Lukashenko, who is often denounced here and abroad as the last dictator in Europe. The protesters waved flags — including the former national flag, now banned, and that of the European Union, officially scorned — and chanted slogans demanding freedom.

“All they are saying is lies,” said Tatyana Agechich, as official statements were being broadcast on a large-screen television in the square, accompanied by jeers. Agechich is an engineer who said she lost her job for disloyalty to Lukashenko’s government.

Although the authorities banned Election Day rallies and the country’s security service, still known as the KGB, warned that anyone causing disturbances could face charges of terrorism, the protest passed without the violent crackdown that many feared.

Scores of police officers and security troops assembled in buses on side streets but did not intervene. At times, the protesters, estimated between 5,000 and 10,000, broke into chants, “The police are with us.”

Underlying the election is a struggle for regional influence between Russia and the West, which is seen by Lukashenko’s government and its backers in Moscow as a major culprit in the political upheaval in Ukraine, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan.

Lukashenko accuses the West of plotting a repeat in Belarus, one of the few former Soviet republics still loyal to the Kremlin.

Alexander Kozulin, another opposition candidate, demanded authorities release what he said were hundreds of opposition activists detained during the campaign.

Western countries have forged close ties with the opposition and made no secret of their contempt for the ruler of what Washington calls an outpost of tyranny in Europe. The United States has condemned the campaign as “seriously flawed and tainted.”

Lukashenko dismissed international criticism.

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  7. 10 Responses to “Kikes Foiled as Lukashenko Wins Easily”

    1. johnny Says:

      I guess sometimes you hate the Jews so much you forget that you love freedom.

    2. Will Says:

      Hip hip hooray. That guy looks kind of menacing. We need more White Men like him.

      Like warriors of old. White Men who DO NO FUCK AROUND WITH THE KIKENVERMIN.

      Shoot first, ask questions later.

    3. alex Says:

      Luky looks like a heavy in a seventies movie. Maybe somebody who would have roughed up Rockford.

    4. alex Says:

      If you search google images, you see that most of the spread photos of him were taken by jews so as to make him appear thuggish.

    5. Carl Loerbs Says:

      Amazing! Lukashenko wins an election with 83% of the vote, an overwhelming expression of democracy, and the “opposition” does not want to recognize the result. Yet in 2000, when George W. Bush finished 500,000 votes behind Al Gore, the same type of people here in America ran to the Florida and U.S. Supreme Courts to validate that result.

      Belarus is actually one of seven nations now on Bush’s new, improved and expanded “axis of evil”. Belarus has not invaded anyone, doesn’t have WMDs, doesn’t wrap their women in chadors, but that’s not good enough for Bush. He doesn’t want allies, he wants cheerleaders.

    6. Tim Johnson Says:

      Un(jew)filted report from Belarus:


      Nice, normal country. Seems free to me. Except you aren’t free to wreck it.

      These “denim” revolutionary types (jews) are the same types who were Bolsheviks – a tiny minority loudly proclaiming an “ideal” as they organized to wreck a good nation.

    7. Bolg Says:

      [quote]# johnny Says:
      The 20th of March, 2006 at 3:25 pm

      I guess sometimes you hate the Jews so much you forget that you love freedom.

      You imply that Belorusians are somehow not free. Elaborate please.

    8. Outis Says:

      Jews can’t “democratically” beat an earthy Aryan potentate. I’ve been waiting for Luko to win again, as we all knew he would. Sieg heil.

    9. James Hawthorne Says:

      Remember “Democracy” is only allowed if you believe and state the jew party line. If you go against the jew party line, then you are a hater, evil, anti democratic etc.

    10. N.B. Forrest Says:

      alex Says:

      The 20th of March, 2006 at 5:08 pm

      “Luky looks like a heavy in a seventies movie. Maybe somebody who would have roughed up Rockford.”

      Heh heh heh! Yeah, I can see him in a plaid slacks with a white belt. He’d have Angel shitting his drawers, no doubt.

      “Jimmy! JIMMY!!”