22 March, 2006

Men Work

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Debunking femi-claims is so easy women can do it, ho. Truth is, men work harder, longer, and do darn near as much in the home as women, and suffer 95% of the 100k job-related deaths over the last 15 years. But these facts don’t interest the harpies, and they own the press. Article.

  • 3 Responses to “Men Work”

    1. Christy Says:

      If in my house, I or my missus do 40% of the housework it’s fuck all to do Betty Friedan or any fuckin shit stirrin feminist jew fuck. So keep your jew snouts to fuck out of my business.

    2. van helsing Says:

      Only a man can be a father. Not a woman, altho some can come close. Not a lesbian or queer. No way in hades.

    3. Sulla Says:

      Feminism, like Christ-insanity, is a beast that has to be slayed and will be easy to do so because, quite frankly, the male is superior. He has more brain cells and most inventions were from the white male mind. Time to take back our women and start making more white babies. If you change diapers, are a stay-at-home dad, wear an apron in the kitchen you should be sterilized. You’re not contributing healthy, dominant male genes to the pool. You are a herd animal and should be culled for the sake of the race.

      Most arguments I get against polyamoury or the traditional strong male archetype is from the whining, handwringing, women with no tits (i.e. the guys who whine about women having all the power, sob, piss, moan). Any of my arguments are lost on these wannabe men. As it should be.