12 March, 2006

Movie Review: ‘Evil in Clear River’

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1988/A made-for-TV movie loosely based on a true story/starring Lindsay Wagner and Randy Quaid/Written by William Schmidt/Produced by Jewish neoconservative Lionel Chetwynd and possible-Jew Steve Tisch/A review of the 2004 DVD version

When you think of the word “evil,” what comes into your mind? For most people, the word brings forth thoughts of the Devil, a demon or maybe a hairy Jewess who runs an abortion clinic.

But in the little Canadian town of Clear River, there lurks a different kind of evil – an evil so sinister that it can hardly be spoken of without trembling: anti-Semitism. That’s right: Hebe-hate. Jew-crit.

Of course, the filmmakers could have titled this movie as, maybe, “Controversy in Clear River,” but that’s less likely to make a soccermom’s lower lip quiver. Emotion is always the key!

Kate McKinnon (played by Lindsay Wagner) is a White mom who just wants to smoke cigarettes and fret about her teenage son getting hurt at hockey practice. But one day she discovers that the town’s Bible-thumping mayor, Peter Suvak (played by Randy Quaid), who is also a schoolteacher, is instructing his students – including her innocent son – in the ideology of hate. Worse, since such hate is coming from a teacher/mayor, it is officially-sanctioned hate, the worst kind. After all, that sort of official bigotry led to the Nazis killing 300 million innocent Jews and forcing 300 million more innocent Jews to do manual labor in concentration camps. Manual labor! Da noive of dem Nazis.Things heat up in Clear River when it is discovered that not only is Mr. Suvak teaching hate, but he is also saying that the Holocaust [tm] didn’t happen. And McKinnon, of course, can’t have that. Never. The no-Holocaust matter is amplified when the viewer sees a tearful Kate thumbing through a book featuring photos of children who were victimized by the Nazis – in fact, the viewer is treated to such photos more than once, apparently to make sure that the guilt sinks in. Note to the filmmakers: less is more.

So McKinnon goes on a crusade to stop Suvak and his bigotry. Oh, sure, her campaign nearly destroys her family life and makes her a pariah within the community, but it’s all worth it, since anti-Semitism must always be fought wherever it is found, lest 300 million more Jews end up in gas chambers. Always be a righteous gentile, the film seems to say, no matter what the cost to you.

Interestingly, the movie is careful to have the anti-Semites in Clear River toss out the word “conspiracy” several times when referring to Jewish behavior, which of course makes the gentiles look like irrational kooks who huff paint fumes. A small but very important detail.

Eventually, McKinnon’s activism leads to Suvak being arrested and convicted of a “hate speech” crime, making Clear River safe again. Whew! What a relief.

Now – theoretically – the schnozzim can move into Clear River and take over its commerce and its newspaper, free from worry that a sinister Christian will red-flag them. Don’t you love happy endings? Shouldn’t all gentile communities have a Kate McKinnon? Saaay, are there any Kate McKinnon-types in Israel, preaching against bigotry by Jews? And, more importantly, are they viewed as heroes? Or do Kate McKinnon-types only exist in gentile communities?

Evil in Clear River is an overt jab at “revisionism” dressed up as a movie.

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  7. 5 Responses to “Movie Review: ‘Evil in Clear River’”

    1. JC Says:

      What possesses otherwise apparently decent actors lto participate in such films? Answer: Very likely a Jew agent. However, as even acknowledged by the Uniform Code of Military Justice, “only following orders” is not an adequate defense.

      Edgar Steele had advice regarding advertisers that use Blacks: Let them from that point on rely upon their Black customer base. (If you see Black, don’t go back). Change the channel and don’t go back there either.

      Steele had more good advice regarding DVDs: Try to get copies without enriching the producers of They Live, People I Know, and Meet the Fockers, then show them to the unawakened in that order.

      This sort of film has become tiresome. I’ve had to endure goose-stepping Nazis on TV my entire life. There was at least one smear of the Randy Weaver incident and I’d be surprised if there was not one on the Waco holocaust. Ostensibly White New Zealander Russsel Crowe out did any actor I’ve ever seen in linking sickeningly senseless savagery to White racism in Romper Stomper. Perhaps it is time for a list of such paid character assassins on your site that may be boycotted.

      Anyone who has not read Who Rules America http://www.natvan.com/who-rules-america/ and the updated version http://www.nationalvanguard.org/story.php?id=4231 needs to do so. Download both to a CD and pass it around.

    2. Dresden Regret Says:

      Eckville , Alberta, Canada was where the real person, Jim Keegstra, was mayor.
      Not only did ZOG bring the resources and power of the government down on an inidividual but, in typical Jewish overlarding, Hollyweird vainly attempts a character assassination — and even that truly terroist group , the JDL, made a threat of violence toward Mr. Keegstra.

      Toronto JDL head Meir Halevi was quoted: ‘The first thing you do when you have a Jim Keegstra or a neo-Nazi of that type, is you pounce on them physically’, going on to warn that a group of “strong Jews” plan to march on Mr. Keegstra’s home this coming month and not just ‘play around and shout a few things’.

      (Bet this kosher movie didn’t have any Jew in their who was true to reality. )

      Authorities claimed the aforementioned statement by JDL was not specific enough to pursue.

      The Keegstra case is an infamous precedent ifor thought crime in Canadian law; but the Canadian Human Rights Act has created the de facto abolishment of freedom of expression and conscience for White dissenters in Canada.

    3. alex Says:

      Whites in Canada have no option left but physical resistance, as intellectual freedom has been completely erased by so-called Human Rights Commissions, and the papers are owned by jewish chains demanding editorials against “hate” (organized Whites) and for Israel.

    4. alex Says:

      I wonder how difficult it would be to take over Canada militarily. Probably not much harder than taking over some sub-Saharan stankhole.

    5. Winston Smith Says:

      I found this drivel in the 99 cent bin at big lots, and watched it with a critical eye.

      My eyes weren’t fully open then, but I did have a grasp that I was losing free speech. So all I did was make a very very detached review somewhere about how distressingly this movie seems to be on the side of censorshp.

      I laugh now when I think of Wagner’s silly melodramatic speech about how she can “see the evil of the nazis in Pete Suvak’s eyes” or some such emotionalist garbage. And yeah, in a pc state, that is enough to convict someone.

      The thing is how more and more true poor Pete Suvak’s warnings have proven to be. Pete Suvak’s my hero.