26 March, 2006

Nature Not Nurture

Posted by alex in Alex Linder at 5:15 am | Permanent Link

You’re born what you are, as the saga of Courtney Love and her rancorous clan proves.

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  7. 3 Responses to “Nature Not Nurture”

    1. apollonian Says:

      Yes, and note nature over nurture would seem to be mere affirmation of determinism (absolute cause-effect)–against free will and thus HUBRIS.

      But note again nature vs. nurture is false dichotomy: for if “nurture” were actually true (which is affirmation of antithetic “free will”), it would actually then be merely an alternative kind of “nature,” as for inner mechanics.

      Determinism is axiomatic–the only possible counter-argument being assertion of miraculous which is non-verifiable by definition (a “science” of miracles?). Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    2. Harry Tuttle Says:

      Frankly, Apoll, you talk an awful lot of queer sounding poseur gibberish. Let the cat litter cool off first before you smoke it straight from the litter box.

    3. apollonian Says:

      Hey Harry, if u have something to say, give ur conclusion founded in premises: is that simple enough for u?

      For otherwise dear Harry, for example, it might seem u’re just defending the hubris of free will (against determinism)–this in typical hubristic manner even as u rather imply I’m one being hubristic, eh?

      Note Harry, I’m quite confident (pls forgive) a candid public will vindicate my virtue–who’s the real “poseur”? Why does Linder erase my entries-posts on the blogs?–is he afraid of the candid public? Tell me what u think about New Testament conspiracy theory-analytic-template; ck my essays at NewNation.org under “commentary”–and quit talking and writing like a Jew. A.