26 March, 2006

None But the Foolish

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File this under: What forest, what trees?

From the Daily Reckoning

“You can make a lot of money by watching bankers, we long ago concluded. You see where they are lending money – and you sell the borrowers short. Or, you look at what they are selling – and you buy it.

In the late ‘90s, so many banks wanted to sell gold that they had to collude to avoid glutting the market. Each central bank was only allowed to sell a certain amount each year. Britain led the way with its massive sale of nearly 400 tons, driving the price of gold down to a 20-year low. Debts and deficits were running wild. Wall Street was giddy over the biggest bubble in history. All over the world, central banks were goosing up their printing presses trying to keep up with the stacks of dollars arriving in their vaults. Was there ever a worse time to sell gold? We can’t think of one.

But, bankers – especially central bankers – like politicians, can generally be counted on to do the wrong thing. At the end of the millennium, they did not let us down.”


Ya sure, you betcha! Those jew central bankers are a bunch of dumb ninnies, that’z why they’re the richest people on earth.* Why look, they were so clueless “they had to collude to avoid glutting the market”, wuz that stoopid or what? In response to Mr. Denning’s question, “Was there ever a worse time to sell gold?” I pause for a moment to reflect on an ancient Zen tale that might well address that query.

A farmer lived in the days when fighting was going on between small kingdoms in China. This farmer had a son. His son, with the aid of the horse, was tilling a small field. One day the horse ran away. The neighbors came and said, ‘It’s a very bad thing. You have such bad luck. The farmer said, well maybe. So the next day the horse came back with half a dozen other wild horses. The neighbors came again and they said, What tremendous luck. The farmer said, well maybe. On the third day the son, while trying to ride one of the wild horses, fell and broke his leg. Again, the neighbors came and said what bad luck it was, and the farmer said, well maybe. The next day the king’s people came to recruit strong healthy farmers into the army. When they found this farmer’s son with a broken leg they left him alone. So, again, the neighbors came and said it wasn’t such bad luck after all and that everything had turned out well. The farmer said, again, well maybe.

So let’s examine the question again, “Britain led the way with its massive sale of nearly 400 tons, driving the price of gold down to a 20-year low. Debts and deficits were running wild. Wall Street was giddy over the biggest bubble in history. All over the world, central banks were goosing up their printing presses trying to keep up with the stacks of dollars arriving in their vaults. Was there ever a worse time to sell gold?” – well maybe. A great strategist, Sun Tzu, pointed out that it is advantageous to make what appear to be grievous mistakes to mislead your enemy into underestimating your abilities and dismissing your strength.

Let’s look at this another way, how many times can you find throughout history where central bankers have actually lost? How many really big, stupid mistakes have these bankers made that truly had long term detrimental effects on their power and control? How about the time Nicholas Biddle ran up against Andrew Jackson? The first central bank of America surely lost out to ol’ Stonewall’s appeal to maintain a gold standard. Ya sure, you betcha! Just a quick look at the world around us will tell how badly the central bankers lost to Jackson’s successful attack on their economic stranglehold. Here is a cartoon from a few years past that era. This cartoon clearly points out where the Rothschild central banking power stood over one hundred and fifty years ago.


(Courtesy of “The Creature From Jekyll Island”, an entire book devoted to stupid central banking tricks)

Note the bags of money stacked behind Rothschild and who is it that looks stupid and knavish in this picture? Wait a minute, is that George Dubya Bush in the background? No? Guess it must be my imagination. No doubt the tribe of Rothschild has dumbed down considerably since this cartoon was drawn, why that must be the reason why those idiots are selling off their gold! I would like to make this point for all the other ninnies out there – Central Bankers NEVER lose, they may suffer minor setbacks, but they – NEVER – EVER – ACTUALLY – LOSE. Allow me to clarify so my point is not misunderstood. I am not saying that the central bankers cannot lose, I am saying that they will never lose as long as we play their game using their rules; but in my life, I have never seen the deck stacked any other way.

In truth, I do not know what plan might account for the selling off of the central banker’s gold reserves, but I can say with certainty it has nothing to do with ignorance or stupidity on their part. You can literally bet your last dollar there are very sound economic reasons behind the divestiture of these savvy central banker’s gold assets. Look at it this way, who most likely are the bigger fools, the central bankers selling their gold – or the gullible goyim to whom they are selling it like so much bling bling? Like, for sure dude, I’ll put my bets on the stupid bovina every time over the most economically successful group that has ever ruled the planet. If anyone believes this, then they are in fact far bigger fools then those bankers they are counting on “to do the wrong thing”.

A final note, there is no place left to run with your money. The central bankers have sewn up every avenue of possible economic escape and evasion for all but the obscenely wealthy. No doubt this, at least in part, accounts for the selling off of their shiny bling bling to the new class who might well be labeled as foolish, White-Negroes (Negrites? Whiteros?) Over the past few years I have watched with grim amusement as the fed pumped billions into propping up what should have been a terminal stock market. The bankers have used various financial mechanisms at their disposal to achieve this illusory trick of economic reanimation. Among their tricks is the manipulative use of huge mutual and pension fund capital held by various gigantic financial institutions. Initially I thought the market was being propped up to prevent a collapse of the economy. Now as I watch the “new money” flow into the stock market to replace the phony, fed induced, investment dollars of the past few years, I realize that the stock market was kept on life support and painted up with lots of leafy green color in its cheeks, in the anticipation of the billions of green blood cells that would soon be transfused from the collapsing housing market in preparation for the next central bank’s next shearing round up. What was it the mysterious and shadowy Illuminati said – All things shall be revealed?

Where else can such a vast amount of domestic American dollars flow but back into the stock market? What other American economic vessel can absorb that kind of capital in the required time frame? Certainly not the precious metals market, there simply isn’t enough of the hard stuff to handle the demand. But with the ephemeral quality of stocks, the likes of which can be created out of thin air, you can buy all you want and – Presto, the money magicians will print more! The gullible goyim are being battered about like a mouse captured by a well fed cat. They run to and fro trying to protect the rapidly declining value of their dwindling wealth, but to no avail as each move drives them into yet more worthless investments. The stock market was insanely overvalued during the fabled “dot com boom”. Then in the nick of time the housing market was pumped, fluffed and presented as a viable investment alternative to surviving market “investors”; soon the money that had supported the dot com market had fled to an insanely overpriced housing market. Overnight former day traders began running out to get their realtors license to cash in on the new housing boom, now in the new rush will be back to the trading floor. Observation however proves that in the end the cat invariably kills the mouse.

Now that the housing market is beginning to collapse, the speculative money that drove housing to insane heights is rushing back to fund a stock market that actually has less real value than it did when the money fled after the last collapse. What the gullible goyim do not realize is that with every move made in and out of these purposely overvalued markets, the bankers (remember those bankers you can count on to make the wrong move?) take another hefty chunk of real wealth in terms of hard assets and labor from those making the move. With each panicked flight by investors, the bankers grow ever more wealthy; that’s the game they have set up and that is the game they play expertly and that is why an increasingly smaller segment of American society owns and controls an increasingly larger share of America’s wealth.

The only way to stop the insanity is to withstand the pressuring, deny the goading, stop responding to the fear mongering that is driving these markets. Don’t rush out to buy gold to prevent the loss of value in your dollar, don’t rush back into the stock market and buy even more insanely priced stocks and for god’s sake, quit buying manufactured cottages on postage stamp sized lots for plantation manner prices. The key is to stop, STOP RIGHT NOW, STOP EVERYTHING; hold what you have and let the bankers make the next move. One fact is certain, central bankers make their biggest profits off what has been termed “dynamic market forces”, therefore the one move they cannot tolerate is a lack of movement, the one economic development no economic or political player can bear is a static economy. The only thing that can truly kill their game is a refusal to play. So pickup whatever marbles you have and go home. Take your losses or your profits and refuse to play and watch what happens.

Wait a minute, what invariably happens when economies stabilize and slow is a massive WAR! So now what are your options? Are you beginning to see how stupid these central bankers really are? The following is an excellent example of how money flows to these thieves during wartime upheaval.


“In a dilapidated maternity and paediatric hospital in Diwaniyah, 100 miles south of Baghdad, Zahara and Abbas, premature twins just two days old, lie desperately ill. The hospital has neither the equipment nor the drugs that could save their lives. On the other side of the world, in a federal courthouse in Virginia, US, two men – one a former CIA agent and Republican candidate for Congress, the other a former army ranger – are found guilty of fraudulently obtaining $3m (£1.7m) intended for the reconstruction of Iraq. These two events have no direct link, but they are none the less products of the same thing: a financial scandal that in terms of sheer scale must rank as one of the greatest in history.”

“At the start of the Iraq war, around $23bn-worth of Iraqi money was placed in the trusteeship of the US-led coalition by the UN. The money, known as the Development Fund for Iraq and consisting of the proceeds of oil sales, frozen Iraqi bank accounts and seized Iraqi assets, was to be used in a “transparent manner”, specified the UN, for “purposes benefiting the people of Iraq”.”

“In the corridor, an anxious father who has been told his son may have meningitis is berating the staff. “I want a good hospital, not a terrible hospital that makes my child worse,” he says. But then he calms down. “I’m not blaming you, we are the same class. I’m talking about important people. Those controlling all those millions and the oil. They didn’t come here to save us from Saddam, they came here for the oil, and so now the oil is stolen and we got nothing from it.” Beside him another parent, a woman, agrees: “If the people who run the country are stealing the money, what can we do?””

Note the frozen Iraqi bank accounts? Can you guess whose hand guides Development Fund for Iraq and has the power to freeze Iraqi bank accounts? Meyer Rothschild reportedly once said, “When blood runs in the street, I buy.” Today it might be accurately said of the central bankers, when blood runs in the street, they steal.

Of course I am not so foolish as to believe that lemmings would ever actually stop their rush to the sea; their biological motivation to commit suicide is virtually identical to the biologically induced fear that drives panicked investors. Obviously the bankers have a far better grip over controlling the bovina’s wants and fears than I. Yet there is a way, Jesus preached it and the Sufis teach it, to be truly free to be truly in control of one must be free of their biologically driven wants, needs, fears and desires. Remember that Bible story of the stroll Jesus took in the desert with Satan to discuss his options? Remember dat ol’ debil promising Jeboo the world, that he could have it all, de’ wine, de’ women and all dat shiny bling bling, if he just became another filthy swine rolling in the lies, deceptions and thefts of a corrupt priesthood? And remember what the pious Jeboo said to that nasty ol’ debil? Kiss thy behind me ol’ Debil! At that moment Jeboo resisted all the temptations of the world as offered up the elite jews.

If you truly want to be free then the first step is to gain control over that which tempts you. Most, if not all, of our actions are generated by our needs and fears to survive as individuals and as a people. Such actions are commanded by an internal entity governed by emotional whims and desires. This is the self that invariably makes our decisions for us and since these decisions are based on emotions and often false preconception, we very often make the wrong decision. If we do not let those needs and fears control us, if we control our “commanding self”, then there is no need, desire or fear that can be used to influence our actions. It has been put thusly, If you do not fear the greatest loss of all, the loss of your own life, then what is left that can threaten you? And if you do not lust for life and what it offers, then what can tempt you? Be in this world, but not of it. Take heed however, while this approach is theoretically feasible for most humans, the path is long and many fall by the wayside.

Like any undertaking that has worthy merit, the path is not easily traveled and its fruits not easily obtained; the fact is true control over oneself will only be achieved by a very few. Understand this is NOT a denial of the commanding self nor the temptations that drive all of us, this is an effort to recognize that self and what it actually represents to ones progress and life decisions. Like the satanic jews in the Bible story, modern jews continually tempt us with the most debased and evil temptations possible, lust and envy for sex, money, power, corruption; as long as one submits to their base instincts in these matters, the jews will win. What Jesus wanted was to end the corrupt priesthood’s control over his people. Jesus wanted to free his people from the jewish yoke of onerous taxation and servitude to a corrupt, tyrannical, system of a privileged elite that cared nothing for the people it governed. Imagine that, white people actually have something in common with Jeboo after all. Like Jesus, pray for guidance – but act decisively. Now where did I put that whip?

*No Virginia, it is not people like Bill Gates who are among the truly wealthy. Such high visibility figures are nothing more than well paid shills who carry the burden of obvious wealth; it is their visibility that is used to mask the truly wealthy. Think for a moment the kind of wealth and power it might take to remain completely invisible to the masses and realize that Bill Gates doesn’t have what it takes. People like Bill Gates are naught but economic scapegoats who by the nature of their high visibility take on the sins of those who truly hold the planet’s wealth in their grasp. In reality the likes of Bill Gates are little more than overpaid house servants to the truly wealthy central bankers – like that kingpin of all bankers, the house of Rothschild. (See cartoon above)


Arch Stanton

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  7. One Response to “None But the Foolish”

    1. Kievsky Says:

      Arch seems to be advocating a sort of Buddhist path of giving up of desires. There is much truth to that, but at the same time, it is necessary to acquire and hold wealth if you are going to create and raise White children.

      If it were not necessary to create more White people, I could see just living in a tent on a little piece of farmland. I’d be happy as hell.

      But there is a necessity to struggle. It’s the same struggle as the animals — to reproduce, and reproduce well, and this requires, ideally, having the means of production.

      Ideally you want to have some kind of business (in my case, a small hand tool farm) where your children help “pull their own weight.” This way you both help support them materially, while keeping them around you to influence them.

      The Kwa doesn’t make it easy to acquire and hold farmland, with the “housing boom.” Therefore, it is necessary to play the game. And it is possible for the little guy to make money. If you bought 1000 dollars of Microsoft stock in 1987 it would be worth 4 million dollars now.

      I do think precious metals, especially silver, are a good investment. Edgar Steele says that most of the silver in the world has already been mined, and that silver has many industrial uses. We’ll see.

      But in the meantime, the ONLY way I see to build real wealth is small scale agriculture — capturing the sun’s energy and turning it into something everyone needs every day.