11 March, 2006

The Sovietization of America

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Don’t ask questions. We hear it from Ari Fleischer, from corporate advisers, from school textbooks. Everything urges us to be team players and leave the decisions to the adults – the jews. They know what’s best for us, even though their “religious” text says “even the best of the goyim should be killed.” Not only does White Nationalism offer the fullest life, it offers the only chance for adult White men and women truly  to be and act as adults. White nationalism is, in a sense, the only politics out there fit for adults. Repcunt and Demrat politics is for adult children, with its childish gulping of equality kool-aid.  Article.

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  7. One Response to “The Sovietization of America”

    1. Ventrue Says:

      Funny quote from the article:

      ‘The author seems to think that “cheese” is a metaphor for “success in business,” but the employees forced to read the book know the truth: “Cheese” is a metaphor for “continued employment.” Indeed, anecdotal evidence suggests that a flurry of cheese sessions often precedes layoffs.

      ‘So iconic has the book become, employees are judged on how well they handle the cheese seminars. ‘

      So they give cringing presentations on how to “embrace change” and be a team player, etc. There was a time when being a rebel was all the rage, but now that the ZOG is in control, anger management, prozac and quickly running after the cheese in the maze is the new deal.