24 April, 2006

AP: Propaganda As News

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[This is about as pure an example as you’ll find. No similar story would be written about the NBA bemoaning the absence of Whites; if anything, it would be written to make a point of Eastern Europeans pushing out niggers.]

Baseball rates C+ in diversity

Associated Press

ORLANDO, Fla. — The percentage of black pitchers in the major leagues last year was half of what it was in 1983.

The University of Central Florida’s Institute for Diversity and Ethics said Thursday that 3 percent of pitchers, 1 percent of catchers and 11 percent of infielders were black last year, based on 40-man rosters listed in 2005 media guides. That compares with 26 percent of outfielders.

In 1983, 6.6 percent of pitchers were black, the study said.

The institute issues regular report cards for college and professional sports to evaluate hiring and on-field opportunities for women and racial minorities.

Major league baseball received an overall C+ in gender and racial diversity on and off the field — the same grade it received last year. The sport’s B+ for racial diversity was slightly higher than the previous year, while baseball fell from a C to a D+ for gender diversity.

Los Angeles Angels owner Arturo Moreno remained the only nonwhite controlling owner and is the only Latino owner in the four major U.S. professional sports. Ken Williams, Chicago White Sox senior vice president and general manager, and Omar Minaya, general manager for the New York Mets, were baseball’s only black GMs.

Study author Richard Lapchick said Commissioner Bud Selig has helped create more opportunities for minorities — despite a small decline this year in women employed at the commissioner’s office.

“I think in general, where he has had the influence, baseball has done well,” Lapchick said. “Where he hasn’t had as much influence, at the team level, there’s a lot of room for growth there.”

Seven minorities were managers of major league ballclubs last year, though that dropped to five after the Pittsburgh Pirates let Lloyd McClendon go and Tony Pena left the Kansas City Royals.

Baseball got its worst grade, an F, for low numbers of women in leadership positions. Forty percent of employees at a given level of administration had to be women to receive an A.

Females held just two positions at the chief executive officer/president level — Jamie McCourt, vice chairman and president for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Pam Gardner, president of business operations for the Houston Astros.

The San Francisco Giants had a major league-leading six women at the vice president level, while the Houston Astros had four and Boston three, the study reported. No other team had more than two female vice presidents.

Twelve percent of VPs in the 2005 season were minorities, while 12 percent were women, the study said. The Boston Red Sox, Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks were the only teams with more than one minority vice president.

Baseball spokesman Rich Levin said the commissioner’s office had no comment.

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    1. Starscream Says:

      In sports like baseball, unlike corporate business or the wonderful world of advertising, the results of blacks at key positions is far more measurable and direct.

      Black pitchers and catchers and infielders don’t make the cut because they can’t think and don’t have the mental reactions necessary for split second decisions and leadership behavior.

      However, lollygagging in the outfield catching fly balls or swinging to hit it out of the park, they do alright.

      The Jew Rich Levin has no comment on the matter because there is nothing to say that people don’t intuitively know. Blacks aren’t pitching because pitching requires strategy and leadership and quick thinking and other abilities native to White men.

      No amount of jew promotion or jewsmedia sponsorship will change the fact that blacks are best at slugging and catching fly balls, and perhaps stealing base-something they used to excel at but which is mostly a rarity now, pun intended.

    2. Unreconstructed Strom Thurmond Says:

      “The percentage of black pitchers in the major leagues last year was half of what it was in 1983.”

      This is only because MLB has been importing Latin Americans to do the jobs Americans won’t do for $1 million per year.

    3. Jim Says:

      ZZZzzz. Young niggers aren’t playing baseball like they used to. They prefer basketball, football or … just plain ol’ TNB time-wastin’.

    4. Jim Says:

      Women can’t even play the damn game at a professional level, but they’re desperately needed in the offices. ::: rolls eyes :::

    5. H,Schneider Says:

      The percentages that interest me are the ones pertaining to blacks being 75-80% as inmates in prisons despite the fact that they are about 10% or less of the population…

    6. van helsing Says:

      The black players sign contracts for less when negotiating with and surrounded by women cause they think they will be getting some.

      I guess another possibility is that the jewsportsmedia and jewteamowners want lesbos in the office so they can more easily spot and reward the gay players.


      Castefootball.us (second plug today) has done a lot of evaluation of who plays what positions in baseball. Some blacks do actually pitch, but they are usually just power pitchers, not control / finesse, and in my observation, few last long. Even among hispanics, the black looking ones are outfielders, DH, and occasionally cornermen. The lighter skinned ones play positions that require thinking and spacial cognition.