15 April, 2006

Atom Bomb, Letter Bomb, Car Bomb – the Only Jewish Inventions Not Stolen From Aryans

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Check out the real evil behind the concept of the car bomb. Look at the slant on this article, the jews and their influence have done it again! Sure just like letter bombs and airplane hijackings the jews invented the idea, but it was all innocent fun when the jews were murdering goyim beasts with their car bomb invention. It was the evil “blond haired” Eddy Brown who stole the jew’s innocent idea of fun and really made it the evil it is today. I mean GASP! simply because some fun loving jewish terrorists murdered Eddy’s brother, he retaliates by killing innocent jews with his car bomb, imagine the chutzpa, can it get any more evil then that? Oh Robespierre, where are you now that we need you? We have jewed journalist waiting in line to meet with your guillotine. Didn’t I say I was going to stop reading web news because of the stupidity? I guess I lied.


Arch Stanton

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  7. 6 Responses to “Atom Bomb, Letter Bomb, Car Bomb – the Only Jewish Inventions Not Stolen From Aryans”

    1. apollonian Says:

      Article Account Parallel Spenglerian Cyclic Progression
      (Apollonian, 15 Apr 06)

      Indeed the articlle and attached historical-styled sense makes me harken to early America of patriots against British imperialist, controlled by Jew bankers; yes, there was substantial gentile collaborator portion of sociology formed according to New Testament conspiracy theory, etc. Patrick Henry is famous for a bluff called.

      Then there was movie made upon occasion of Irish Easter Uprising of 1916, “Tom Collins,” (including famous subjectivist artist, Liam Neeson) much romanticized and stylized in Judaic fashion and circles; movie’s directer made other and otherwise scandalous films to Jew order.

      Then historically, there was Constantinian Christian upsurgence and freedom-overthrow against Jew, quite significantly; yes Christian establishment failed terribly, according to Martin Luther bringing about Reformation hist. cycle, previous to present great cycle now in decline in hubris for declining white volk, hence “West.”

      Conclusion: Article featured compelling progressional history (Journalism); Spenglerian “Decline…” demonstrated as well as in Orwellian style-fashion. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    2. Anonymous Commenter Says:

      Men with ropes around their necks don’t always hang…

      Eli Wallach is a Jew.
      Lee van Cleef is half-Chinese.

    3. Carpenter Says:

      The Stern Gang (a pro-fascist splinter group led by Avraham Stern that broke away from the right-wing Zionist paramilitary Irgun) would soon use truck and car bombs to kill Palestinians as well: a creative atrocity immediately reciprocated by British deserters fighting on the side of Palestinian nationalists.

      British soldiers shocked by how the Zionists treat the Pals, see the writing on the wall and desert to fight with the Pals against the coming invasion. Would make quite a movie, wouldn’t it? Think it’ll ever be made?

    4. Carpenter Says:

      Israeli car bombs; wonder why we’ve never heard of this before.

      Car bombs began to regularly terrorize Muslim West Beirut in the fall of 1981, apparently as part of an Israeli strategy to evict the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) from Lebanon. The Israeli secret service, the Mossad, had previously employed car bombs in Beirut to assassinate Palestinian leaders (novelist Ghassan Kanfani in July 1972, for example), so no one was especially surprised when evidence emerged that Israel was sponsoring the carnage. According to Middle Eastern scholar Rashid Khalidi, “A sequence of public confessions by captured drivers made clear these [car bombings] were being utilized by the Israelis and their Phalangist allies to increase the pressure on the PLO to leave.”

      Journalist Robert Fisk was in Beirut when an “enormous [car] bomb blew a 45-foot-crater in the road and brought down an entire block of apartments. The building collapsed like a concertina, crushing more than 50 of its occupants to death, most of them Shia refugees from southern Lebanon.” Several of the car bombers were captured and confessed that the bombs had been rigged by the Shin Bet, the Israeli equivalent of the FBI or the British Special Branch. But if such atrocities were designed to drive a wedge of terror between the PLO and Lebanese Muslims, they had the inadvertent result (as did the Israeli air force’s later cluster-bombing of civilian neighborhoods) of turning the Shias from informal Israeli allies into shrewd and resolute enemies.

    5. jimbo Says:

      this link

    6. jimbo Says:

      this link