7 April, 2006

Attitude Adjustment Centers Called Schools

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[Kids are shipped in boxcars to concentration camps in which minds are murdered. Ostensibly schools teach students; actually they adjust attitudes and condition to apathy. They waste years and brains – that is their purpose. It is conservative gullibility to say they fail in their mission. The following from Sweden is merely a bit more overt than what we see in America.

Note this statement:

“We have freedom of speech and we’re careful about applying it. But we are also careful about how we treat others.”

Women and democracies always end up smoothing over differences by pretending contradictions don’t exist. We can eat our cake and have it too. We can have diversity and high standards. We enjoy free speech alongside censorship.]

School to fail racist pupils
Published: 29th March 2006 19:21 CET

Pupils at a junior high school in Kungälv risk being failed in social studies if they sympathise with racist or neo-nazi organisations. The National Agency for Education has reservations about the school’s initiative.

Ytterby’s junior high school cites guidance in the national curriculum that pupils must be able to apply basic democratic values in society, reported Sveriges Radio’s ‘Ekot’ news programme.

“That’s one of the key aims and if you don’t meet the aims then you can’t pass in a subject,” said principal Ann-Charlotte Brandberg on the programme.

According to the prinicpal, pupils are not allowed to make insulting comments about their class-mates or other people.

“We have freedom of speech and we’re careful about applying it. But we are also careful about how we treat others.”

Ingegärd Hillborn, senior lawyer at the National Agency for Education, finds the school’s actions dubious.

“If the teacher has taught about democracy and its principles and the pupil shows he or she has understood the subject, but then says ‘I think dictatorship would be a better style of government’, the pupil has knowledge on the principles of democracy but is of a different opinion. In such a case, it’s the knowledge which should be taken into account when deciding the grade,” said Hillborn.

Ytterby school has about 670 pupils and has experienced problems with nazism and racism. This decision was recently taken at a parents meeting. The school was then reported to the justice ombudsman by the regional Liberal Youth Association.

School minister, Ibrahim Baylan, refused to comment on the case. However, his party colleague and member of parliament, Luciano Astudillo, said the move by the school contravened freedom of speech.

The Liberals’ education spokesman, Jan Björklund, thinks it’s unacceptable to lower a knowledge-related grade for holding certain views.

He highlighted instead his party’s proposal to have a grade for good behaviour as a way the school can influence anti-social attitudes.

“Schools must be able to send a message to pupils who don’t treat others with respect. That’s why there’s a need for a new grade for behaviour,” he said in a press release.

Metta Fjelkner, chairwoman of the teachers’ association, had similar criticisms and underlined that it was not allowed to incorporate behaviour into a grade for a subject.

“Teachers should obviously try to combat [racist] tendencies and they can do so in various ways. However, it’s wrong to punish pupils for having the wrong views or abusing others,” she said.


  • 3 Responses to “Attitude Adjustment Centers Called Schools”

    1. Socrates Says:

      Wonder if the students would be failed if they embraced Marxism? In fact, in most Western countries, the embracing of Marxism is ignored. Indeed, not far from my home is a record store that used to sell huge Che Guevara posters. Yet no one said a negative word about the posters. I also see young people around town wearing Che T-shirts. Again, no one says a word. In other words, a Jewish idea (communism) which 1) was designed as an attack on White culture; and 2) is an idea that caused the deaths of tens of millions of people, is ignored, while a more mild and rational idea (Nazism) is condemned daily in the Western countries and even penalized to extreme degrees. That fact, by itself, speaks volumes about modern Western culture. “Anti-racism” has reached the point of saturation in the White countries.

    2. Harry Tuttle Says:

      Thought crime is sufficient to fail even the brightest students in kosher cadet klassrooms. It doesn’t matter if the kid is born 200+ IQ and on the brink of a breakthrough in cold fusion that could give the world free power for eternity, he must be sent to remedial kultur kamp if he so much as breathes a word against the tentacles of ZOG.

      Thus the modern world spirals into decline while excellence and superior genes are punished with a social lash to whip the bright ones into mediocrity.

      What a dysgenic hellhole the Western world has become.

    3. James McElroy Says:

      Orwell couln’t have written a better satire. Honestly, how can anyone not barf at such ersatz “thinking.”
      “School” was hell for me — a prison I did all I could to avoid. I proudly say that I barely graduated high school…with a 1400 SAT score. I also got a NY State Regents Scholarship. My homeroom guard, er, teacher nearly crapped her pants when she read out the list of the winners: Sally Suckshit, Byron Brownose, Ysrael Yuppielicker, James McEl…JAMES MCELROY?! She looked at me like I was the Masked Man. I could have also gotten an award for the highest ratio of IQ to grades.
      May the swinehounds that crerated such a system rot for eternity in the Seventh Level of Hell.
      How my life would have been different if I had been given “Imperium” and “The Controversy of Zion” instead of the toilet paper between covers that passed as “books” in my young world.
      On second thought, make the vile dogs dig an Eighth Level.