20 April, 2006

Burn and Bury: Your Jewish Tyranny at Work

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Usual mix of wisdom and foolishness, about Waco, from young libertarian Gregory. Big problems for Normal White America when racial tyranny ensconces itself as legitimate authority. Hard to alert people to the problem when the media supposed to keep watch on the government are in many ways the most powerful part of that tyranny. “Media is politics [sic],” as the jewish billionaire said. Media are the problem.

Government can shut down papers, true, but more often than not, papers shut down politicians. Remember Nixon and Graham discussing the jewish stranglehold on the media. “I know that, but we must never say it,” said Nixon…the president. We have a problem if the president can’t speak the truth about the jews controlling the media. That means the rest of us better pick up the load.

Papers war against normal ideas, and make wackiness ordinary. This works because most people can’t think and fear to stand against the crowd. The media propagate a false consensus. Your local “progressive” editor and the local ADL goymanager always claim they speak for the community, even though the opposite is the case.

When the interests you serve and the ideas you prosper run against the ideas and interests of 98% of the people, there’s no way for you to succeed but to control the media…and the academy…and the government…and use these controls to demonize, stigmatize, smear, and rhetorically stamp out the opposition.

The victims of your word-campaign are left open to physical predation and murder, once they’ve been dehumanized  and invalidatd. Waco was a large and impressive demonstration of who controls whom, but it was still business as usual. The government terrorizes ordinary people every day of the year.

Without media control, the jews would lose the power to frame debate. They wouldn’t be able to demonize anti-queers as homophobes, or race-factualists ‘racists,’ or jew-factualists ‘anti-Semites.’ By contrast, no jew anywhere ever is described as a hater or terrorist. To turn a Twain line, Jews are the only people who control the media – or have to. They cannot survive any chink in the Propasphere they’ve constructed because their ideas are so bizarre, and their interests so antithetical to Whites’, that the minute any fresh air and light are let in on them, they’re seen for the vampirism they are.

Our government isn’t ours. It’s composed of hostile aliens bent on murdering white men and erasing white history. Southern flags disappear. Queer nation flags go up,  pan-African flags too. Plaques are removed. There will come a day, unless Whites do something, and that means initiate counterforce, not gather in brunches, when nobody living in the South will have heard of Robert E. Lee.

Whites either do not see what is happening or accept the government’s interpretation or do not think, the media having brainwashed them, that anything can be done to fight city hall. But real politics is possible, and real politics in 2006 means just that – fighting to reestablish a White context. A context is White when the rulers are White and rule in the interests of the race. Simply having rulers with white skin means nothing.

Waco showed that the American government sees its own citizens so many Iraqis if they get in its way. Fit for bombing and burning and burying, all in the name of doing away with whatever brand of extremism seems plausible. Do the media resist? There is no recorded instance of the media framing a story in a way other than the governing terrorists desire. The elite media and politicians think the same way, and they share interests. They are men of the world. They believe nation states are outmoded. Jews, of course, have a right to preserve their race with laws and walls and double standards, but every other race enjoys only the right to be dissolved. Any who resist must be broken down by any means necessary. First they’re softened up with hate labels, then the men with rubber hoses move in and settle the job.  As a globalist flyer in Ireland put it chillingly, “Five continents, one people.” The merry tone cannot disguise the threat. The dream of building an alternative media to compete with the jew is a pipe dream. Until we take arms against globoZOG, nothing will change. That does not mean that White organs are worthless, of course, it means that without physical backing they will accomplish nothing but airing wails as the ship goes down.

The jew can be defeated, but only by men willing to lose their lives killing him.

Killing people is what politics is, as Waco shows. If you’re willing to kill people, you might gain rights. If you’re not willing to kill people, rights remain theoretical. You get what the dictators are willing to grant. In Europe, they are not currently willing to grant freedom of speech to men who criticize jews or minorities. Rather, they throw these men in jail, while beating their chest about their wonderful liberal democracy. Until we take the battle to the jew, until there are reliable consequences for his abrogation of our traditional freedoms, he will continue to expand his power at our expense. Talking alone will do nothing.

If you can put hundreds of thousands of people in the streets, the media will marvel at you, and treat you as a political fact rather than a criminal problem. The media will never mention the hand that rewrote our laws to allow all those creatures to get in. The media is all for violence when its against enemies of the regime, itself being a comfortable part of that regime. Whites acting within the law receive less respect from govern/media than coloreds breaking the law. The lesson is clear. You’ll get respect when you physically wrest it from the jews who own the papers and the government.

Those who say we can advance our cause by changing our dress or words are fools, and often enough in the pay of the tyrants. Civil rights, so-called, triumphed solely because the jew-controlled federal government had the power first to  reframe the argument, then to rewrite law, then to direct the troops to shoot Whites who resisted. Claims that civil rights triumphed because of the morality of its arguments represent a deliberate lie. They are a cover story designed to persuade mass Americans that Whites are immoral to resist their dispossession.

The lesson of Waco is that we will be free of Jewish Tyranny when we exterminate the jews.

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    1. Bond....James Bond Says:

      Until they fear us there will be no great leap forward for the white race. I can see why men in Amerikwa are hesitant to start the killing because getting caught as a white nationalist in the USA means:
      1.) a national show trail
      2.) most likely torture to give up other ayran soldiers
      3.) solidtary confinment with very little outside contact
      4.) … and finally after years of waiting…the death penalty!

      Now if Ayran soldiers are caught doing a major hit in western Europe ,Austrailia, NZ, or Canada your treatment as a prisoner will be much more human and there will be no death penalty! You would still have a chance at freedom in these countries because just maybe while your doing your time white nationalist just may win back their countries from the jew. In this case you would emerge from prison as a huge national hero!
      Maybe American Aryan soldiers can infitrate and carry out operations where there is no death penalty or torture. Maybe the white revolution could be exported! Getting caught in America would be a real bitch! Think about it.

      PS. Alex you are dead right on about killing jews and other traitors. Those who are willing to kill will win.

    2. Carnager Says:

      Even if you don’t live in the States, you would still be forced to spend decades in jail getting raped by niggers. I’d rather spend 25 in solitary confinement and then be executed than get nigger-raped. End of story

    3. Elite Aryan Crack Smoker Says:

      Aryan Soldiers? Oh, give me a break! You have zero infrastructure to sustain any sort of armed resistance. That’s largely because the proprietor of this complainatorium uses every third sentence to alienate some or other demographic in the potential White powerbase. And the rest of you are suffering carpal tunnel from writing regular checks to X, Y & Z Jewish commercial cartels. Yeah, yeah – you’re going to lock & load your HK for a night of spec-ops… right after you get back from Circuit City with a new copy of new “Doom Raider” video game. Gawd.

    4. Exterminate them or self-sacrifice? Says:

      It seems that a call to “exterminate” is but a call for yet another pogrom.

      Pogroms have never worked.

      Hitler said as much then, and it’s still true today. Open a newspaper and read about the latest Tel Aviv Mossad pizzaria bombing or the latest Kerri Dunn hoaxtress.

      Pogroms play into the hand of the Talmudist, whose always got a pogrom ace or two up his sleeve in case your wise to this ancient trap and he has to supply it for you.

      Holocaust is Hoax is Pogrom Maximus is the power source for today’s tyranny.

      Ahmadinejad the Falsi betrays his own hand when he calls for another pogrom. Unless he’s going to Hoax Jew Yorkers and Lox Angelinos and all the rest of them, his actions would but strengthen an already uber-powerful invisible but greasy hand.

      As we saw, a Kristolnacht awaits anyone heroic enough to actually take back their country. It was but another hoax, of course, but a pogrom artificial or real still serves its purpose, and keeps on serving.

      The sacrifice of ourselves trumps any pogrom or pogroms, no matter how “successful,” unless I’ve misread the results up till now. A call for extermination robs us of any hope for “victim” status, the Holy Grail of any group vying for control over their own destiny in the Borderless Global Gulag.

      Herr Linder, who are you emulating, if anyone?

      ” … I have dedicated the first volume of this book to our eighteen fallen heroes. Here at the end of this second volume let me again bring those men to the memory of the adherents and champions of our ideals, as heroes who, in the full consciousness of what they were doing, sacrificed their lives for us all. We must never fail to recall those names in order to encourage the weak and wavering among us when duty calls, that duty which they fulfilled with absolute faith, even to its extreme consequences. Together with those, and as one of the best of all, I should like to mention the name of a man who devoted his life to reawakening his and our people, through his writing and his ideas and finally through positive action. I mean: Dietrich Eckart.”

    5. Bond....James Bond Says:

      Attention: Elite Ayran Crack Smoker.
      Yes once we wake up the white masses we will vote our way out of this mess. Not!!
      There will be no mass awakening. This is not Germany 1933.

    6. Carpenter Says:

      A good essay. Alex knows history, which shows us that the use of force has been present any time there has been major changes. It is a mistake to believe the democratic fairytale about debate with fair rules; the Right really wanted to make that scenario work, and that is why the Right has lost and disappeared. Democracy is simply war by other means.

      I am thinking of the scene in Gangs of New York where the Americans and the Irish pack the voting booths with their own people, force Chinese and newly arrived immigrants to go and vote for them, then get the men to shave so they can vote a second time. When it’s all over the Irish turned out to have been the best cheaters and won, so Bill the Butcher simply killed their candidate. He knew the democratic principles didn’t work, and he could either accept that fact and win, or refuse to accept it and lose.

      Right now Whites aren’t ready to accept this truth, but they will be when things get worse. There’s a lesson to learn in the Davos essay; the economy is running on borrowed money, and that never lasts forever.

    7. apollonian Says:

      Yes, But We Need A Plan Which Itself Requires Assessment
      (Apollonian, 20 Apr 06)

      Yes, I’m in favor of most effective extermination of those monstrosities called Jews–THE QUESTION THEN IS HOW TO DO IT and how to provide for it in conception. Like artists we must consider most effective practical in context with abstract. Signs are surely not entirely discouraging, and it will do us well to think and observe most carefully.

      Further, we gotta face fact Jews are a disease, with natural (and not unnatural) causes and sociologic circumstances and this disease will inevitably raise its head again in (future) history as soon as historic conditions present themselves again in form of sickness and hubris of a host population of gentiles, this population having expanded fm previous success as white people thrived fm time of Roman Emperor Constantine–till French Revolution, and perhaps even before that in the Reformation when the formerly antisemitic Christian civilization faced a crisis from which it never really or fully recovered.

      Thus if u look at history, u see it is cyclic, in accord with Oswald Spengler’s “Decline of the West,” and determined; human will–which isn’t perfectly free–only comes into apparent play after the cyclic phase has resurged. So now the question is how to calculate and assess the state of the historic cycle, then to be ready to act, knowing how to act and exactly what to do.

      Presently the problem for white leadership is in the assessment of the historic and cultural situation. I’d say Jews are still extremely strong, but that trends, like that featuring the INTERNET, are progressively and steadily worsening for such Jews and associated oppressors.

      Hence then the patriot task of liberation is TWO-FOLD: (1) we need a specific plan for direct, immediate, concrete and practical reality, and (2), simultaneously, we need a more abstract mentality for circumstances for such concrete plan.

      For the more abstract, obviously, we need a more widespread, expanding, and progressing antisemitism, and the encouraging observation is this is exactly what is happening evermore, slowly at first perhaps, but evermore accelerating, surely.

      But then antisemitism is merely negative by itself, and the full completion of this necessary large abstract mentality awaits a more positive antithesis. Surely one observation is in the strength of Jews in form of their collaborators among the gentiles known as “Judeo-Christians” (JCs); these can surely be treated–ck Whtt.org for one method and analysis.

      Linder/VNN is surely a good journalist and first-order analyst, but even he admits he’s not a scholar. Advocating precipitate military action only serves Jews; we rather need a political plan which at right time and under right circumstances can then transform to effective military action. This “plan” then surely entails the abolition of the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) counterfeiting fraud, obviously.

      Removal of the Fed then will effect destruction of all and any other Jew concrete (hence political) instrumentality. Ultimately however, removal of Fed must require a sea-change in the large, abstract cultural mentality which must surely entail reason and realization by gentiles that survival requires such rationality against Jew insanity, subjectivism, hubris, hystericism, narcissism, etc.

      So these two parallel trends of liberating political action must obviously complement one another, reason (abstract) and the removal of the Fed (concrete-political). Understood then more abstractly, we gotta eliminate and destroy the great power of Judaic fraud and subjectivism.

      CONCLUSION: The next task is to sell these two parallel, complementary, antisemitic courses of action, abstract and practical (political), which entails selection of an AESTHETIC. And all these factors exist already, if we merely look and check; we patriots must merely observe honestly, agree, and then act most rationally and realistically. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    8. Carpenter Says:

      Removal of the Fed then will effect destruction of all and any other Jew concrete (hence political) instrumentality.


    9. Non Troll Says:

      Elite Aryan Bone Smoker comes off as a troll. A troll trying to rally the masses in his own fashion. Either that, or just someone scared something might actually happen, and lawdy lawdy, what would he do then? Hide. Cry.

    10. apollonian Says:

      Well “Carpenter,” all I can say is u’ve yet to present an alternative argument, not to mention complete refutation. So okay, u don’t like the part about the Fed, alright–but what about the other part (premise) to my arg. regarding concrete plan within abstract culture-mentality?–do u have any comments? This sort of dialectic which I invite fm u is what the volk need, don’t u think? Meantime I think u gotta admit mass “Jews-media” is built upon Fed fraud, Fed being most fundamental, itself having nothing more basic to it than the abstract willingness of the masses of HUBRISTIC goyim/gentiles willing to tolerate such Jew-fraud(s). Tell us what u think in some detail. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    11. Carpenter Says:

      Well “Carpenter,� all I can say is u’ve yet to present an alternative argument

      No, I along with everybody else here understand that the strongest political power today comes through the media, so there you have my alternative argument. Don’t you read anything of what Linder writes about the media?

      You say you think I must admit that Jewish media “is built upon Fed fraud”. Understand this once and for all: the media are not funded by the Fed.

      but what about the other part (premise) to my arg. regarding concrete plan within abstract culture-mentality?–do u have any comments?

      Yes: if you don’t learn to express yourself like a normal person, people will keep ignoring what you write.

    12. apollonian Says:

      Okay, u had ur chance comrade “Carpenter,” which I’ve always been willing to extend to any interlocutor. U’re presumptuous for pretending to know how “everybody. . . understands.” In previous blog on media I explained to “Socrates” how Jew Bernard Lazare (“Antisemitism”) indicates Jews controlled and dominated fractional-reserve banking since 14th cent., Jews-media not seriously generating till 19th cent. Linder/VNN is not authority (as he himself admits), as I indicate, merely journalist, though a good one undoubtedly.

      Tell me this, Carpenter, does it occur to u that ur presumptuous statement ending ur above post is actually cop-out–which anyone can see? A.

    13. Genuine Aryan Political Soldier Says:

      For 40 years saboteurs in the failed non-movement have said, “There is no political solution.�

      It is time to discard the failed ideas of the past along with the cowards, ignoramouses and traitors who would promote them today.

      The Genuine Aryan Political Soldier says, “Politics is the preparation and waging of low-intensity war. All wars have political origins.�

      For 40 years saboteurs in the failed non-movement have said, “This is not Germany, 1933.�

      The Genuine Aryan Soldier says, “This is not a William Pierce novel.�

      It is time to replace fantasy with reality.

    14. jimbo Says:

      how are successful revolutions orchestrated? history would seem to indicate that the ‘spontaneous mass uprising’ scenario is a myth. all successful revolutions feed on social disintegration(and that INCLUDES Germany c 1933!) Moreover, it is well known(including Dr Pierce novellas!) that almost ALL revolutions involve a small inner cadre of committed activists surronded by a somewhat larger group(at most: 5% of the adult population) prepared to RISK ALL for their cause. As with all things in life, nothing succeeds without MONEY…..even Hitler couldn’t get any-where without considerable financial backing! Where would a white revolutionary under-ground obtain capital? The Order’s solution of robbing Brinks armoured trucks was clearly nonsensical…..despite their good intentions!
      NO: significant capital can only be obtained from one of two sources: wealthy foreign governments or very well-heeled individuals/corporations.
      Of these two, foreign governements seem the most likely. Which foreign governments would qualify? I’ll leave that un-answered for now but others may like to put forward their own possibilities. With significant financial backing, all sorts of things can be achieved both on a military and a political level………WE HAVE TO FACE FACTS………the great majority of the white population WILL NOT BUDGE unless and until things are SO BAD that it might well be too late any-way! Also: don’t under-estimate the potential of a full-throttle ZOG police-terror state…..we ain’t seen nothing yet!….to live in a society 95%-100% controlled by kikes(as opposed to today’s 70-80% @ MOST) is, quite frankly, a scenario above and beyond most people’s fervid nightmares! A few general round-ups/disappearances and Guantanamo-type mass-incarcerations would unfortunately more likely than not shut up the majority of the white population except for the most die-hard and committed! NO!…..there are only two viable scenarios: i/emigration to an NS-type foreign country which would sooner or later force an external military confrontation with ZOG to be resolved by either bluff or brute force…..i.e: national socialism by external conquest OR
      ii/an internal uprising of certain committed elements of the white population @ a time of national emergency: those elements having been well trained, well equipped and well financed LONG BEFORE such an event;
      I purposely omit: iii/the scenario of ‘leaderless resistance’ because units of two/three people: even thousands of such : taking out ‘targets of opportunity’ will NOT instal a white nationalist regime….all you will get is a kind of large-scale anarchy which ZOG can deal with one way or another……you HAVE to HAVE a power structure or ‘provisional government’ set up and ready to go well before The Great Day……another lesson from history!

    15. Harry Tuttle Says:

      1. The majority of whites will never revolt until a complete collapse of modern civilization.

      2. The syntropy natural to white civilizations is cracking apart even as you read these words. It’s for real this time. Hymie is great at destroying things. Zero capacity to repair or make anything better. ZOG is going down with it’s flagship America leading the way to the bottom. If Jews hew at the root long enough, even white world will/is/must fall down.

      3. After we lose 75% of the crap in our gene pool you will then see real, permanent resistance to yoos that will last for centuries and result in their universal expulsion to swindler island for good. This ain’t just a little village in Europe the jews can vacate and go over the hill to another little village where nobody knows them. They did that hundreds of times over the past 2000 years and it was a boom-bust scam that was semi-survivable. This time, the whole world knows … jews are a misfortune to anybody stupid enough to listen to a single word they have to say. That’s a major seachange for joos and their eternal lipshitz.

    16. James Morden Says:


      I don’t think the philo-jewish fix was a consequence of renaissance or reformation – it was part of Christianity from the start. Sure, the New Testament castes jews (that is pharisees) as the epitome of evil: god killers, no less:


      But then, so that they might one day be grafted back into the promise, it gives them a unique, protected status:


      It amounts to a franchise to practise that which was forbidden to the Christians amongst whom they lived…..eg usury and vice…..and remain a separate corporation nestled under protection of the Christian monarch they bankrolled.

      Sound familiar?

    17. Carpenter Says:

      G.A.P.S., you are right in that a political party is a good way to organize and prepare. However, it is a preparation for that Pierce novel you are talking about. We can organize and spread information through a party, but we must keep in mind that in the end we won’t be voting ourselves free. I foresee something like Bosnia.

      Harry Tuttle is right in that the economy is going downhill. Let’s remember: major government debt, major trade deficit, a population more indebted than ever before in history, manufacturing jobs moving away. It’s what happens when a government is both seeking to buy votes, and looks approvingly at White jobs going to non-Whites. It won’t hold forever.

    18. Carpenter Says:

      Okay, u had ur chance comrade “Carpenter,� which I’ve always been willing to extend to any interlocutor.

      Man, Apollonian, what can I say. You claim THE FED is the source of Jew power because (according to you) Jews have “controlled and dominated fractional-reserve banking since 14th cent” while they didn’t start taking control of U.S. media before the 19th century.

      So what?

      Once again: Jewish power today (we don’t live in the 14th century, remember) mainly stems from the media, which props up their lobbyists and professors. How hard is that to understand?

      And how hard is it to understand the following: the Fed doesn’t finance Jewish media, Jewish movies, Jewish lobbies, Jewish neocons, or Jews in the academia. Well?

    19. Genuine Aryan Political Soldier Says:

      Carpenter writes: “G.A.P.S., you are right in that a political party is a good way to organize and prepare. However, it is a preparation for that Pierce novel you are talking about. We can organize and spread information through a party, but we must keep in mind that in the end we won’t be voting ourselves free. I foresee something like Bosnia.”

      I couldn’t agree more. To get from here to the Pierce novel a social, political and economic infrastructure must be built. The important political leg of this triad will require participation in local politics, and this MUST be in the form of perpetual, independent campaigns. Political parties like the UK’s BNP will be taken down by the ZOG unless they – the parties – allow themselves to be co-opted by the kikes.

      My point is we are not going to BEGIN with the Pierce novel, as so many here seem to think. No leader worth his salt should encourage working class WNs to mimic the behavior of R. Matthews and throw their lives away. The continuous, public advocacy of gratuitous violence at this point in time informs us that such a “leader” has failed to learn the lessons of the past 40 years, or is insane, or is a saboteur.

    20. apollonian Says:

      Carpenter Instructed Historically, Monetarily
      (Apollonian, 22 Apr 06)

      “Carpenter,” it’s difficult trying to continue to reason with someone like u. I persist in making use of the inferior dialectic u afford for sake of any visitors to the site (VNN) which features most outstanding antisemitism, an antisemitism I’m determined true Christians must emulate if they want to continue to pretend to Christianity.

      As I’ve affirmed numerous times, VNN is outstanding and laudable for its uncompromising and consistent antisemitism. Even after years, as we see, no one excels VNN’s antisemitism, for which it deserves awards.

      Of course antisemitism is one thing; a positive ideal is quite another, and the nazi example is flawed for obvious reasons–VNN thus stagnates, transfixed upon the nazis, heroes as they were. I don’t mean nazis are bad, only that they’re not quite sufficient, failing the example provided by St. Constantine the Great, surely history’s most successful antisemite–this is the only flaw to Linder’s own antisemitism, otherwise so commendable.

      It’s huge and absolutely suicidal mistake for VNN and partisans thereof to reject the Christian (antisemitic) moral to be taken fm the strict literature by means of strict rationalist, literary analysis. Note it doesn’t mean VNN has even to endorse such Christianity; adhering to rationalist standard is quite good enough–which Linder usually does well enough, as I’ve always acknowledged.

      And it’s surely okay, even necessary to criticise Christianity, esp. the establishment sort, as it’s practiced, but it ought not be misrepresented for its essence, what it’s really supposed to mean–esp. without proper citations, which Linder does way too much. For I’m adamant Christianity is most sublime antisemitism which can be well made use of for white revolution-liberation. Non-Christians are really insignificant, and u non-Christians should see ur real place in the scheme of things; u’re really just a bunch of guttersnipes, in all truth.

      Okay, so u make a couple of (quite feeble) points in ur above comments regarding Fed which are misguided and inaccurate. Further, I remind u u haven’t addressed my point regarding concrete-practical political “plan” (as against Fed) WITHIN the large, abstract mentality-culture.

      For the plan against the Fed counterfeiting scam will well transform and transition under right and inevitable conditions to outright military activity, most effective and lethal for our Jew-“Sadducean” oppressor. Death to the Fed–means death to the Jews, never fear or doubt.

      U (Carpenter) also seem grossly to overlook the “Sadducean” (of modern-day) accomplices of Jews–these all recognizable as foremost subjectivists (esp. in form of “moralism”-Pelagianism [good-evil fallacy]) among the gentile host population.

      Indeed, it isn’t necessary for Christianity–IF people could handle strictest understanding of reason. But as so many folk have difficulty thinking, they rely on an aesthetic kind of leadership-inspiration which traditionally is symbolized by Christianity, not without good (historical) reason–American founders/heroes were practically all most convicted Christians. True, this Christian leadership presently must desperately be revamped to being much more rationalistic and absolutely antisemitic. For if it ain’t antisemitic, it isn’t Christian, in all truth.

      Now to get to ur specific points: (1) yes, the mass “Jews-media” is a “prop,” as u put it, to other things–no one has ever denied it (except Jews of course). But fact is there’s something UNDERLYING that “Jews-media” instrumentality which is obviously the Fed counterfeiting scam. It isn’t Jews-media which makes Fed; rather, it is the reverse. If u can’t understand this Fed foundation u just don’t understand anything, culturally, economically–anything. Get a clue, Carpenter–do it for the volk.

      (2) And yes, to contradict u most directly, the Fed DOES INDEED finance, at least indirectly, all other things Judaic, including all the things u mentioned and everything else, as common sense indicates. The Fed is, by definition and necessity, the original and primary source of all possible funding, financing, loans, subsidies, EVERYTHING, for all other concrete Judaic instrumentalities.

      (3) Perhaps u, Carpenter, hope to simply take over and make use of that sublime Jew monstrosity, the Fed, pretending u could use it for ur own purposes. But fact is as long as u maintain fraud, u only set things up for preservation of foremost frauds, the Jews. White volk need reason of revolutionary sort, the absolute OVERTHROW of the Fed counterfeiting fraud AND ALL FRAUD. Only by means of the overthrow of fraud, both in general and then for that specific crux fraud, the Fed, can present-day Jews be defeated decisively.

      And that’s why Jews will finance ostensive “antisemites” like u, Carpenter, as long as u can be duped into preserving their crux instrument, the Fed, or suchlike instrument. Unfortunately u don’t seem to have the intelligence or the honesty to admit such truth about the Fed. U’re actually just a crass Jew-dupe Carpenter, and u need desperately to get a clue.

      Mark my words Carpenter: WE TRUE ANTISEMITES (hence Christians) WILL NOT ULTIMATELY TOLERATE UR PRESENT TREASON as u fail to heed the truth about the Fed. I’m tired of messing around with dwarfs like u and “Sulla”–u’re inferiors and weaklings, AND ACTUALLY TRAITORS, and u’ll be dealt with accordingly all in good time. Mark my words most carefully, Carpenter.

      Note the progression of Nazi and German history: (1) First Jews turned things over to Hitler upon assurance Hitler would continue the Fed-type fraud which prevailed. This Jew accommodation was done specifically by means of the collaboration of one Hjalmar Schacht who pretended to sympathize with Hitler and nazis. Hitler had no choice. This nazi-Jew collaboration afforded the Jews control along with the opportunity to make propaganda against Germany and the nazis. Note Schacht after WWII was given extremely light sentence at Nuremburg after the war.

      (2) When Hitler then removed Schacht (I think it was about ’36 or ’37) and scrapped the Judaic banking system, after he’d consolidated political power, Jew war-mongering (as in England and USA) began in earnest–all of this according to Jew planning. GERMANY NEVER REALLY HAD A CHANCE, though Hitler fought extremely well, and indeed, scared the crap out of the Jews by nearly rolling up Stalin the very first year (’41), developing the rocket weapons and jets, etc. Jews are and were just lucky it was simply the nature of the Spenglerian cycle of history by which they were afforded survival.

      CONCLUSION: So there u are Carpenter; u have no further excuses, I’d say, for ur obsessive stupidity regarding the Fed and its crucial relation with the culture, economically, politically, psychologically. Indeed ur ultimate survival is absolutely dependent upon getting the necessary clues; note we Christians are vicious, vengeful scum when we’re mad (hey, we’re sinners, eh?–as we’re always willing to admit)–as even ur colleague “Sulla” pointed out regarding reputed Christian treatment of the ancient pagans. Get wise, Carpenter, get a clue; u desperately need it, as I say. We Christians are the boss; heed my words, comrade. Honest elections and death to the Fed.

    21. BrassKnuckles Says:

      All this philosophizing and intellectualizing is great. However, human nature, meaning white human nature needs to be taken into account. People are right when they say a major collapse will get whites to fight. They will be forced to fight. We actually don’t need a complete collapse of civilization, but a collapse of the system(s) running things, and that’s well on its way. The economy is going to tank, and the hordes of immigrants are going to blow things wide open, as they are feeling their oats, courtesy of DC and zhid driven media. Whites need to be suffering, need to be in dire straits, need to REALIZE they are in dire straits. Our enemies are setting it up to happen. Their arrogance and greed will not allow them to stop. Once the dust clears, it will be amusing to see where they try and set up shop. Pariah will take on a deeper, more concrete meaning.

    22. apollonian Says:

      Ruthless Progression Of Coming History
      (Apollonian, 21 Apr 06)

      Yes “brassKnuckles” what u say is (brilliantly) true in the Spenglerian cyclic nature of things and things “coming soon to a theater near u”; weak must indubitably fall by proverbial wayside. So must fall the “Judeo-Christians” who defend and preach tolerance of Christians, and so will the anti-Christs, funded by Jews, seeking to preserve that essential Jew instrument, the Fed–as in Hitler’s Germany. We Christian whites must improve upon the German example.

      CONCLUSION: Hence among ostensive “Christians,” “Judeo-Christians” will be exterminated by the real Christians, foremost antisemites. And then among the white volk the anti-Christs will be exterminated, without the slightest doubt. Such is my view of the coming progression of history/reality. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    23. apollonian Says:

      Oh shoot!–I screwed up (we Christians are so fallible, u know). In above first paragraph, last posting of mine, I should have said, “So must fall the “Judeo-Christiansâ€? who defend and preach tolerance of JEWS,…,” JEWS instead of “Christians,” as I mistakenly wrote. Sorry comrades. Seig Heil. A.

    24. alex Says:

      My words were intended to make that points that 1) our system is founded on the violent suppression of White-grouping. 2) that writing, as I do, is not fighting, and I never describe what I do in military terms precisely because we should not confuse the two. We generate and spread ideas, and that is as important as anything, given the power the Internet affords.

      All White men who wish to be part of whatever Aryan subset survives, should be doing three things: 1) separating from the judeostructure by NOT FEEDING IT through cable tv and newspaper/magazine subscriptions; not buying from retailers; cultivating a life approach that puts material goods and the desire for them in its proper place; 2) growing big Aryan families. 3) saving up money, because money even more than knowledge is power. And money savings is a route to power the jew cannot close off to us. With our lives oriented correctly, our heads clear, our savings growing, we are then in position, having mastered ourselves, to apply, in whichever way, for leadership positions in our community. Writing is fine, running for office is fine, murdering people – contrary to the anonym above, I advocate nothing. I merely observe that our enemy makes no secret of his willingness to defame and murder us.

    25. alex Says:

      The jews were able to march through institutions and take power because they faced no organized opposition. There is no race on earth as paranoid and poised to spot organizing hostile groups as the jew, and that is why, barring some extraordinary and unimaginable circumstances, we cannot take the same route to power the jew did. Of course we should build all the Aryan structures we can. At this point, the best strategy for many of you is to make money and keep your anonymity, and feed the structures that impress you. Make no mistake, though, the jew will not yield power without a bloody fight. He has it too good. If he is willing to murder us, as his behavior shows he is, then we must keep in mind that those who bring knifes to gunfights lose. We must also remember that those who counsel respectabilty and legality have an unblemished record…of losing.

    26. -JC Says:

      Consider: “That’s largely because the proprietor of this complainatorium uses every third sentence to alienate some or other demographic in the potential White powerbase.”

      Anyone with either Christian or deist beliefs for motivation has found a reason to leave. I would hate to turn-off a Jack Mohr, for example. Sure, the majority of the crusaders were primarily feudal serfs but then so are we– and if you don’t believe it then stop paying your property taxes and find out who controls the land. Despite those soldiers interviewed on NPR, most enlist because the military remains the employer of last resort. So, should we include a little something to offend everyone in our rhetoric?

      Machismo is a phoney, Mestizo thing, where I live and it folds-up like a sleeve when you get in its face. We don’t need it because we’ve currently got the only intelligent, manly argument on the planet. It comes across strong enough without bluster and mocking others with a different perspective on life. I mean do you only want to recruit athiests and, if so, what does that do to your numbers?

      A neighbor, a lying, thieving half-breed, by the way, gave me a Vietnam-era paper pointing out that all manner of wars have always failed when they start up before the public understands who is the enemy. The point of the article was that when people will consistenly hide and feed guerillas, e.g., Eric Rudolph, then there is reasonable hope for success. Until that time, the media brainwashed public will point them out and scream like body snatchers. The most you can hope for from the 97-98% is that they behave like you are their home team from the grandstand. So why piss on them from a high place?

      So waking people up matters and, I submit, since it only took two or three percent to foment the American Revolution, relatively small numbers matter. Recruiting small numbers matters and not alienating anyone the slightest bit useful. Now I expect to hear how useless everyone else is from self-styled heroic highly effective recruiters.

      Yesterday afternoon, I was out in the park with my wife and sniffer dog, and my wife pointed out that a guy with two dogs– a male and female– had a dog fight on his hands when we approached. My wife didn’t understand why the two dogs fought among themselves when the male dog was threatened by just the sight of my pooch. And, you know, I’m an animal behavior guy but why dogs do that is not the point. Humans do it. It was an opportunity to ask my wife to reflect on that fact.

      Patrick Henry in the Virginia House of Burgesses was paraphrasing Jesus Christ when he said that a house divided cannot stand. We had better learn to tolerate a little diversity of thought-theology without our own ranks.

      We went home and listened together to Goyfire (gf756k.mp3). This is a very important forum for young men to experience. It comes across as very strong and is inspirational. I know that time seems short and our lives are short.

      However White men ARE waking up. What we lack in organization ability and willingness is apparently made up in something that has kept us around all these years. I was heartened by Jeff Cooper that there are more riflemen in the Pennsylvania woods on the opening day of deer season than in the U.S. Army. Having been there and in Northern Michigan and Northern Minnesota, I can tell you that– with the exception of the occasional >Bang Bang” Vang, at least in cold country, they are White men.

      The multi-cultural, bi-partisan, militarized, police state may have technology and money but that’s not everything. I rather think there is something in our genes– our development or design– it doesn’t matter how we conceive it– that guarantees success though the longer it takes to get rolling the greater the cost is going to be.

    27. Anglo Saxon Is True Israel Says:


      But then, so that they might one day be grafted back into the promise, it gives them a unique, protected status:

      Jews are not Israel, nor a part of Israel. Jews are not the Olive tree to be grafted back into. The Olive Tree is true Israel, the White Anglo Saxon, and related kindred.
      The Jews are the evil fig tree Christ cursed that was never to bear fruit. There will be no salvation to those who are true Jews.
      There are many who go around saying they are Jews just for the prestige of it, but if they really knew who the Jews were, they would never try and claim that.
      The Jews are not Judah, but are of satanic origin though molestation of Mother eve by satan. Cain is their father, and they are a mixture of Cain who had satanic blood, and the pre Adamic black race.
      Real Jews are half white from Eve through Cain, who was the first white woman, and Cain was half white, and half satanic.
      Cain was driven out by GOD, where he married a black pre Adamic, and this is where the real Jews come from. They have half white, half black, but have satan their father’s gene and blood.
      This may sound funny, and amusing to many, but it is truth. Why do you think the Jews are introducing so much evil into the world? Why do you think they control all the wealth they control? Why do you think they control the media? And the list goes on and on.
      I will tell you why, it’s because Satan is the present GOD of this World, and they are his children, therefore he gives it to them. Remember when satan told Christ who was not a jew, that if he would worship him, he would give him all the kingdoms of the world?
      These Jews are the Antichrist foretold to come into a ruling world power in the end of days, and they are doing it with their control over the money, the media, and the US government, they almost have full control of.
      These people of satanic origination is Babylon, and Jerusalem in the middle east is the Mother of harlots, and the harlot daughters are the Catholic, the Protestants, and others who support their wicked deeds, and believe their lies.
      In other words if you believe they are the chosen of GOD, that they are true Israel, true Judah, and that the 1948 illegal state calling itself Israel, then you are supporting their wicked deeds, even though you are in deception.
      Remember GOD said come out from among her, and be you therefore seperate, and not receive of the wrath to soon come upon them. The city burning in the book of Revealations, is Jerusalem in the middle east. Maybe this burning is due to a nuclear attack, or it may be just GOD raining punishment upon the evil figs of Jeremiah. Do your research, I cannot keep going on and on here. Here is a website full of knowledge, use it wisely, but always use scriptures to prove truth, or error.