1 April, 2006


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Because everyone counts.

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    1. Outis Says:


    2. apollonian Says:

      “Outis,” somehow there’s something about u that so perfectly resembles and imitates the picture Linder/VNN publishes to head this blog. Thus we appreciate enthusiasm made visible upon the human form, face, and figure, visually, and with ur (“Outis”) text. Are u going to break out in Latin next? Take care. Apollonian

    3. Outis Says:

      Dude, everyone laughs at you. I hate to say that, it makes me sound like a real Jew, but seriously: we all roll our eyes when we see your handle and look elsewhere. If someone *does* read your drivel, it’s just because reading you boggles the mind, like “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”. You’re nothing more than a nuisance; everyone has told you this, and Linder, good chap that he is, held out the longest — he defended you repeatedly, but you kept slingin’ shite, aggrandizing yourself and butchering our fair English tongue. You are a broken record with absolutely nothing of interest to say, therefore you say it ad nauseam et iram. Yes, you see, we real scholars speak Latin, gracious!, and not your contumelious selbstsprach.

    4. apollonian Says:

      “Outis” Prostestations Rebutted
      (Apollonian, 1 Apr 06)

      Is Presumption integral part of Jew tactics? Tell me dear “Outis”–just exaclty how do u actually “know” u “all roll our eyes when” u see my “handle”? Does it occur to u ur statement can be falsified?–do u even care it can be?

      If purpose of blogging is INFO, LIKE INFO OF WHITE PEOPLE, then even the most negative advice could be useful as it is useful or informative or not for white liberation.

      “Outis,” pls seriously explain how ur posting above, invoking “MLK,” actually informs the volk.

      “Aggrandizing,” u say, above?–well gee, surely u know I regret it with apologetics. “Outis,” u assert and assert, but don’t so much substantiate; at least I warn the volk about ur insistent–even psychotic–EQUIVOCATION, equating Christianity w. Talmudism/Judaism.

      And If Linder/VNN “edits” my stuff too much–well, that too will be taken note of by candid public, eh? Honest elections and death to the Fed, comrade. Apollonian

    5. Outis Says:

      I know exactly actually cuz every1 here has at 1 time or another told u to shut the fuck up.

    6. apollonian Says:

      Yes, so–and ur point is…?–Again, how do u know “everyone”? What about the people who look in and on these blogs in search of info, observing then this outlandish “Outis” character speaking in Latin, invoking “MLK,” calling people “faggots,” and telling people to “shut up”? What would youth or intellect conclude? Is white-Western culture all emotion and contempt WITH NO INTELLECT-reason?–as u so brilliantly indicate?–that’s ur information-lesson?

      Why don’t u admit u’re just boorish intimidator-bully-fascist mentality who has little info of his own to convey, and who’d rather just oppose reason, logic, and truthful facts with ur own version of Judaic-styled intimidation in form of sneers, accusations, and contemptuous imprecations, all spoken in sneering, snarling, smarmy form–exactly as would Jew? Are u mere Jew-imitator, thinking this style is the club to use beating any opponents brains?

      And further, note u emphasize this sneering, snarling, over-the-top protestation as means of IGNORING THE ISSUE PUT REGARDING EQUIVOCATION FALLACY U REPEAT, confusing Christianity w. Judaism-Talmudism. Thanks for all ur attn. A.

    7. Sulla Says:


      This Appy prick is truly a Xian headcase and parasite making racialism look like a quack’s game. I’m all for full and 100% free speech, however, since you OWN this board maybe this guy should be given a “Night of the Long Knives” treatment as far as posting is concerned. He’s a nuisance and a de facto agent provocateur (not a Jew, but a shit disturber like Rabbi Harold Glass-Covington).

      If you decide to purge this idiot from wasting time, space and bandwidth I would back you 100%. Appy belongs in a mental institution, not on a list for serious discussion.

    8. Outis Says:

      One more reason to suspect Texas public schools of neglecting basic literacy requirements, people.

    9. Outis Says:

      But Alex just says, I’m not a baby-sitter, etc. I know we’re not the only two here who can’t understand why Apol is not simply banned. By now it is abundantly obvious that this would not be mere censorship, but a hygienic measure to safeguard the integrity of the VNN mainpage — which I do not believe should even be a blog, but there it is, let us at least have some serious quality control.

    10. Jim Says:

      Apps posts have made me dislike Xians even more than I already did. Reading them is sort of like eye-acne.

    11. apollonian Says:

      Apollonian’s Shifts To Keep Dogs At Bay
      (Apollonian, 1 Apr 06)

      I suspect Linder as a college graduate observes the obvious rebuttal to u fellows above: YOU PROTESTETH TOO MUCH. I should be banned, for example, if I just reply to ur reasoned arguments (if u ever give any) with repetitive sneers and question-begging (assertions without substantiation).

      I make effort to inform the volk, something u pygmies above don’t always think about, evidently. I may not be hero or genius, but at least I am HONEST (combat-) theologian who has given the world New Testament (NT) consp. theory-analytic-template by which to identify the Jew and the conditions the Jews make use of.

      My NT consp. theory… thus provides most useful weapon against Jews, covering the entire conspiracy including analysis of the gentile accomplices by which we can counter-act. Jews thrive upon subjectivism which they want to induce upon their opponents in form of obsessive fallaciousness as in equivocation and thus confusion for meaning of Christianity (for example).

      Jews want to repeat their success in imposing same cultural-psychologic conditions upon gentiles as they were able to apply against Hitler and Germans suffering Pelagian heresy for foremost example. I provide context, historically and aesthetically. Another heresy to be dealt with is “Judeo-Christianity” as analyzed at Whtt.org.

      Question now regarding “banning” is simply, for example, is my info-analysis useful for the volk? Linder/VNN at least suspects there’s grain of truth. Do u think I’m lying to u when I relate my own heroic (but only in small way, not too outstanding for a lot of white people) struggles as homeless and jobless within this putrid Judeo-“Sadducean” empire?

      CONCLUSION: Linder, so far, seems to acknowledge a decent editor at least will take into consideration the possibility my material can work for info, survival, and profit of the white volk. Honest elections and death to the Fed. A.

    12. apollonian Says:

      Ah, and I forgot to add somewhere in above postings: pls be sure to ck out further Apollonian expo at NewNation.org under “commentary” heading. A.

    13. confederate Says:

      honestly, i thought apollonian was a female.

    14. Tim Johnson Says:

      Apolloonian says:

      “I am HONEST (combat-) theologian who has given the world New Testament (NT) consp. theory-analytic-template”

      WTF does that mean? Is it the same as mysterio-metascientinistic-Hegelian-triad-QUADrades and the perfidy of “Pelegian heretics”?

      Why yes, I believe it is the same.

    15. MB Says:

      ap, PLEASE go and play somewhere else.

    16. Lutjens Says:

      “Outis Says:

      The 1st of April, 2006 at 3:50 pm

      One more reason to suspect Texas public schools of neglecting basic literacy requirements, people. ”

      They need to fire the school superintendants, principals, and teachers who let these little maggots out into the streets at tax payers’ expense. Time to bring in the INS also and send those not citizens back home. No questions asked. Just do it. Are you listening George W. and company?

    17. Carl Loerbs Says:

      I suspected it, but I never thought I would actually see it portrayed so blatantly and so vividly. The picture says it all. Democracy has indeed become a religion, and the girl in the picture is making an “altar call”.

    18. alex Says:

      ‘Democracy’ is what I called it. I have no idea what moves the woman, other than insanity. It’s a funny pic, and it serves my purposes. After I wasted a goddam 45 minutes trying to find a perfect pic I recall from the WP (i think) of a strychnine-quaffing rattlesnake shaker up in the hills. Truly loony!

    19. Harry Tuttle Says:

      I think it’s a bot generating quasi random replies from a lookup table of Kantian bullshit metaphors. It doesn’t sound like a real person and if it is, it’s probably somebody who needs to be forcibly castrated the day following reckoning.

    20. Sulla Says:

      “Combat theologian”? Whatever would your Lord & Savior, say Appy? You truly are a nutcase! Keep on the good work in promoting Christ-insanity, I’m sure they’ll (Xian cunts) thank you for it (and you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about being bereft of common sense and basic sanity).

      Oops , Harry, that was funny! I grew up on a ranch, we castrated calves with a small rubber ring that restricted blood flow to the scrotum, hence a de facto eunuch. I’m sure our court/board jester, Appy, would go for that since the notion of this self-described “combat theologian” getting laid is near impossible. [Not many minxes out there go for 10th century theology-speak and insane ramblings.] Then he can purge any “dirty” thoughts from his mind with a wood stick and attached leather thongs. And then he can make “combat” with “Satanic” forces who are trying to control him.

      Appy, you made my day! “Combat theologian” – gotta love it!

    21. Outis Says:


      You mean PELAGIAN forces, I do believe.

    22. Merovius Says:

      jesus and Apollonian sitting in a tree b-l-o-w-i-n-g….

    23. apollonian Says:

      Obvious Practical Plan: Abolish The Fed, For Sure
      (Apollonian, 2 Apr 06)

      Thanks fellows (just above); u’re a riot for sure. So here’s what I suggest: immediate concrete practical problem for military-politics is ELIMINATING FED (Federal Reserve Bank counterfeiting scam). I have a plan–what do u have Mr. “Outis”? Pls say in English if u’d be so kind. My plan would involve my New Testament (NT) conspiracy theory-analytic-template.

      Looking ahead to the future, observe we fear another 9-11-“T”-event by which National USA gov. will further provide excuse for outright martial law, calling in UN troops, including Mexicans which it’s already done in certain ways. Or the alternative would be us patriots removing the Fed fraud, precluding then national gov.’s power.

      So we move most urgently towards removal of this Fed weapon-instrument of conspirators by all/any rational means. Thus libertarians, for example, can be opposed by confronting them with realities. A good, efficient manner of taking substantial step towards Fed removal is reversion of method for electing US Senators–which should forthwithly revert to state legislatures, as originally.

      Meantime, Rationalization by itself informs the volk of the “Sadducean” co-conspirators-accomplices among the gentiles, Falwell, Robertson, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, et al., as well as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR–see JBS.org), these leading the most pathetic dupes and traitors, the “Judeo-Christians” (JCs) miserable heretics and suckers.

      Roman Pope preaches false holohoax religion. Situation is tragic, truly. Surely we could use Constantinian Christian cultural revolution–consisting simply of rationalist aesthetic against Talmudism–I wonder what that might be, the (Hegelian) antithesis?

      So Thus we have our target goal politically (and militarily), removal of Fed fraud, the money-miracle machine, fueling Orwellian “perp. war.” We now must work forthrightly politically, rhetorically, etc. Good patriot effort requires theology of most perfect logic, obviously, and thanks for all ur commentary. Honest elections and Death to the Fed. (See more expo at NewNation.org under “commentary.”) Apollonian

    24. Outis Says:

      Where is von Hoffmeister — still in Tashkent? He was a somewhat more tasteful menace.

    25. apollonian Says:

      Well gosh, but thanks Mr. “Outis,” for civilized rejoinder published in English, no less. The Gods seem favorable, is it possible? (I take ur answer as compliment.) A.

    26. Sulla Says:

      Appy, buddy, pal, big kahuna, I’m going to actually talk to you. You seem to be infatuated with VNN. Why don’t you put your *great*, did I say *great*?, I mean FANTASTIC ideas on your own website and convince people that way, huh? Bring them to your Lord & Savior through a webpage DEDICATED to your innovative thoughts and at the same time finding those salwart Christian soldiers, eh, eh? Com’on Appy baby, you can do it! I have *faith* in you!

      But, then again, I could be wrong. You probably don’t have the *faith* to dedicate a web page to your Lord & Savior. Nah, you just talk a good line but don’t have the motivation. A typical luke warm Christian you are. Too bad, great ideas, if only the truth could be heard……..ah, well, so be it I guess!

    27. Sulla Says:

      Oh, before I forget, let the Christian public (that you can turn into soldiers, Appy) know about the Fed and honest elections through your webpage. Com’on Appy, you can do it!

    28. apollonian Says:

      Persistent Protestation Merits Informed Observations
      (Apollonian, 3 Apr 06)

      Sulla, u obsessed, tormented, and twisted so grotesquely soul, how I pray for u, u poor pathetic . . . thing. Turning the volk into soldiers of God is one thing Constantine the Great surely would endorse–they were serious Christians and patriots back then, facing a dread Judaic-oligarchal enemy so much like nowadays. The point is the abstract mental context means a lot for specific concrete activity. Thinking and planning is essential human activity and nature with cultural and military implications.

      For in order to accomplish any tactical military objective (like the political one of removing the Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] counterfeiting scam), note the shock troops must be directed according to a plan. The specific, concrete plan then is conceived according to a context, a mentality, according to an abstract IDEAL, u comprehend, at least somewhat? Thus we make use of culture and aesthetics, along with a little rhetoric to get the necessary job done, cultural, in the abstract, as well as specifically and concretely in political-military terms. Can u begin to get a grasp?

      Note we must settle for INFORMING THE VOLK, at least here for the blogs. Sulla, comrade–u need to figure things out, and time is running short. Note u don’t have to endorse Christian aesthetic; that isn’t necessary. U merely need acknowledge reason, then ur fears of aesthetics and Christianity might abate.

      As for my own web-site, don’t u realize that already is my object?–u poor monstrosity born without a cerebral cortex, evidently. At least u can type. Hang in there comrade.

      CONCLUSION: Ask urself Sulla comrade: are those patrioticals who read our entries MORE INFORMED by you or by me? Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    29. Merovius Says:

      Yep just say no to jesus it will mess your mind, like apblowonians.

    30. Sulla Says:


      I’m pulling for you buddy! Get that webpage goin’ and watch the Christian soldiers stream in! “Onward, Christian soldier…..”

      Hey, Appo, the Jews would probably say you can’t do it! Seriously! Morris Dees and his ilk are laughing at you, saying “That Apollonian, that vile Christian, ‘him’ run a website? Bwahahhaaaaaa…” I betcha they’re saying that, Apps! Are you gonna take that, buddy, comrade, pal? I know you got the muster Apps, you show’em. Show’em what a Christian soldier can do! You go gettim Apps, and remember, we’re pulling for ya!

    31. Carpenter Says:

      Dude, everyone laughs at you. I hate to say that, it makes me sound like a real Jew, but seriously: we all roll our eyes when we see your handle and look elsewhere.

      Mr. Outis speaks the truth, Apo. Listen to him.

      I agree with the long list of people saying this xtian weirdo should be banned. Never were a fan of free speech, haven’t yet figured out what purpose it serves, other than to let the other side win and take it from you. (If adults allowed children to run around believing anything, then where would we be? We’d believe in make-believe friends we can’t see, for one thing.)

    32. Carpenter Says:

      I think the picture aptly shows that democracy doesn’t work, because someone will always use the useful idiots to oppress his opponents. And it shows that free speech is a fancy dream; it won’t accomplish anything, and will be banned quicker than you can say constitution. Yes, we may hate it, but that’s the truth we need to adapt to, if we want to save our race.

    33. apollonian Says:

      Apollonian Continues Debate Against Madness
      (Apollonian, 4 April 06)

      “Who do u think u’re kidding?”–is question u must confront for urselves. Note Christianity is mere AESTHETIC; ESSENCE IS REASON ITSELF, this designed to oppose TALMUDISM (subjectivism) OF JEWS who murdered Christ. Think of the Hegleian antitheses if it isn’t too difficult for troglodytes.

      “Sulla” there’s something about u that’s too much, too “over the top.” “Carpenter” u know comrade, it doesn’t matter how many pygmies all agree with each other, like u, “Sulla,” and “Outis.” A bunch of zeroes added together still equal zero, not un-like a gaggle of queers who form a cheering section.

      How insane do u wanna get?–and my strategy then is to just let u destroy urselves. U see, u got a problem, and here it is: U EQUIVOCATE; thus u confuse two opposites and differents, Judaism and Christianity, which are designed as Hegelian antitheses.

      And u ignorant morons can’t see paganism was already defeated by Judaism long before Christianity made it to the scene to rescue and revive white, Western culture.

      So who do u think u fool for ur stupid, obsessive equivocation by way of achieving madness by which u hope to counteract Judaic insanity and hystericism? U’re fundamentally unhealthy–how can u be actually white, even?–a question u need to face.

      CONCLUSION: If u’re against Christianity and aesthetics, u’re against reason, AND U CAN’T BE SERIOUS. Thus the people and white volk are informed to see these exchanges between u mental midgets and a mere humble combat-theologian who thrashes u so with such simple logic. U simply reduce urselves evermore to the absurd, and all things will pass before the Spenglerian “Decline of the West” begins to truly abate. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    34. Carpenter Says:

      Today’s language lesson:

      u = the 21st letter in the alphabet
      you = a word in the English language

      Show that you are better than a nigger, Apo. Embrace knowledge.

      How’s that website coming around?

    35. Carpenter Says:

      Sulla, u obsessed, tormented, and twisted so grotesquely soul, how I pray for u, u poor pathetic . . . thing.

      This is funny, because it so well portrays xtian hypocrisy. Saying “I pray for you” is the xtian equivalent to “fuck you.”

      The long explanation for this: when A says he prays for his hated opponent B, he pretends that it is obvious to everyone listening that B is wrong. He pretends to believe that his arguments are so superior that he doesn’t have to defend them, and also that he would be the superior adult, who can’t be ticked off by what a child-like opponent says, which he shows when he doesn’t mind helping B by praying for him.

      This is of course arrogant crap, but that’s what Christians and communists, their philosophical cousins, are all about.

    36. apollonian Says:

      Carpenter psychologizes like a Jew; the moron can’t figure out there’s no more Christian “hypocrisy” than rationalistic hypocrisy. Get with the plan Carpenter, a methodical removal of the Fed fraud, hence Jews and accomplices, we patriots enforcing rule-of-law, sanctity-of-contract is the strategy. Thus gentiles will tolerate white folk at expense of Jews, rather than the reverse which presently prevails. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    37. Carpenter Says:

      “Honest elections” – I’m beginning to think this democracy pic is a picture of Apo. Why else would he be so bitter in this thread, from the first post onward?

      Isn’t that right, Apo? Were you out demonstrating for honest elections that day?

    38. apollonian Says:

      Carpenter, will u pls quit “killing” me?–oh thou Mammonistic pervert. Try to write something INFORMATIVE FOR VOLK. A.