16 April, 2006

Ghost of Warhol’s “Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength” Series

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  7. 13 Responses to “Ghost of Warhol’s “Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength” Series”

    1. SHMUELY Says:

      Will the real Shmuely Boteach please stand up! No, not impersonators or Goy mimics, but the real vile, detestable nation wrecker and race defiler himself. Bingo, Alex, you spotted the slimeball and his handiwork; pictures speak volumes!

    2. Orion Says:

      This is shocking and anger provoking without being obscene. That’s how you get the message across the spectrum. Thumbs up.

    3. Edward Teach Says:

      Good one (golf clap).

      Any background (besides the obvious) on the unfortunate young lady on the right? She looks like she came from the New Nation News front page.

    4. Olde Dutch Says:

      For just plain tabloid sensationalism, this isn’t that shocking or well layed out of a graphic. Like the jews in porn collage, are you sure you want to go in this direction.

      Besides, your readership is not ready for the German “Bild” style journalism.

    5. High Rider Says:

      This is why we HATE jews!

    6. Outis Says:

      The girl is Swedish, she and a friend were raped by some Moroccans. In Sweden of course.

    7. Tim Says:

      “Finnish” Africoons were responsible for the rape/attack. From David Duke’s site:

      The two girls were on their way to a party and needed some directions. Thoroughly indoctrinated by the media to have no “racist� fears of Blacks they agreed to accompany them when they told the girls they knew the way. Instead of leading them to the party, they kidnapped and separated them, and savagely beat them. One girl was raped while the other badly injured girl feigned death and avoided rape.

      Prodded by politically correct interviewers on TV, shortly after the attacks the girls agreed that the fact the attackers “happened to be blackâ€? had “nothingâ€? to do with the incident….

      Nine months after the attacks the police finally apprehended one of the perpetrators. The print media of Sweden had suppressed pictures of him and described him as “Finnish� because this African assailant had a Finnish passport.

    8. rdc Says:

      VNN should consider setting up a tribunal to pass judgment on each and every one of these pornographers, pro-immigration-genociders, race-mixers.

      Let readers vote on the penality we shall carry out after victoyr.

    9. whiteskelet Says:

      “The print media of Sweden had suppressed pictures of him and described him as “Finnishâ€? because this African assailant had a Finnish passport. ”

      Don’t even ask who the “print media of Sweden” are…

    10. Outis Says:

      Coons get into Finland real easy, I’ve heard. They get pports and go elsewhere.

    11. swinestein Says:

      Alex do me a favor and take the pic of that coon and the very disturbed white woman down. Every time I scroll by my stomach turns.

    12. Dean Says:

      Unlike the last one, this one makes sense.

    13. Olde Dutch Says:

      Swinestein: Alex seems to think he is breaking boundries with these graphic collages. Actually, he isn’t. All Alex is doing is rubbing our nose in the results of the jew media’s agenda. Five minutes of watching MTV music video awards accomplishes the same thing i.e. the “gangsta” and the beaten crying white or “high yellow” woman…usually the MTV “gangsta” is waving around a huge automatic pistol too…