7 April, 2006

How a Jew Thinks

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Invade a nation on pretext, bomb it to smithereens — this after having starved several hundred thousand of its children — then complain about its ingratitude! Meet Daniel Pipes, a jew like other jews, yet perfect among them.

pipes.jpg Q: What is the biggest lesson you have learned from the Iraq war?

A: The ingratitude of the Iraqis for the extraordinary favor we gave them — to release them from the bondage of Saddam Hussein’s tyranny. They have rapidly interpreted it as something they did and that we were incidental to it. They’ve more or less written us out of the picture.

[This is the kinds of otherworldly remark that issues from jews as regularly as steam from Old Faithful in Yellowstone. This is the remark of a man who never questions his fitness for ruling the rest of us. What would be a good way to wake this murderous daydreamer from his reverie?]

Article. Pipes’s page.

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  7. 9 Responses to “How a Jew Thinks”

    1. alex Says:

      These are some aryan lefties, best i can tell. Good background on lots of kikes including pipes.


    2. Kievsky Says:

      Here’s an old article about Pipes on the lecture circuit. The two NA members followed Pipes and one of them said, “What if America was controlled by Americans, instead of by jews?” Pipes actually turned around to see who said that.


      At Conn, fear muffles the debate

      By Steven Slosberg – More Articles
      Published on 09/15/2002

      Steven Slosberg

      Connecticut College, it can be said, did not exactly hide Daniel Pipes. But, in the words of spokeswoman Trish Brink, it “may have forgotten� to notify local media about his appearance there last week.

      Pipes, a columnist for The Jerusalem Post and The New York Post whose most recent book is “Militant Islam Reaches America,� was at the college last Tuesday as part of its annual Distinguished Speaker Series.

      Author of 11 books and a recipient of both a B.A. and Ph.D. in history from Harvard, Pipes appears frequently as a Middle East expert on TV current events programs such as Crossfire, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and Nightline. The Wall Street Journal, according to Pipes’ Web site, has called him “an authoritative commentator on the Middle East.â€?

      In other words, he’s known. So much so that a West Virginia-based white supremacist, anti-Semitic outfit called the National Alliance apparently follows him on the lecture circuit. Members of the hate group were at the Conn lecture, seated in front, and distributed material with such thoughtful themes such as “We’re looking for a few good goyem. You, too, can die in Jew-instigated wars.â€?

      Pipes’ appearance at Conn the day before the Sept. 11 anniversary was not kept entirely quiet by the college. His lecture was posted on the college’s online calendar and included in a brochure about the series mailed to all alumni.

      But the college routinely notifies local media about guest lecturers on campus, no matter how mundane the topic or the speaker’s political stripe. Someone with Pipes’ standing clearly commanded public notice.

      “We did do a news release, a media advisory,â€? said Brink last week, two days after the lecture. “I sent it to C-Span in the hopes they would cover it. They didn’t. I sent it out at the end of August, three weeks before the lecture.â€?

      So the college, fully aware of Pipes’ notoriety, wanted national attention, but it guarded against widespread local notice.

      “We don’t publicize every college speaker,â€? she said. “He’s well known and admittedly a bit controversial. One thing that was considered, according to my boss, Patricia Carey, was that we anticipated the speaker himself to draw a large crowd anyway, that we could have a large crowd.â€?

      More than 100 people, mostly students as well as a couple of members of the National Alliance, attended the lecture in Evans Hall, which could accommodate three times as many. Few people from the community were there.

      Besides apparently pressing concerns about the size of the crowd, Brink also mentioned sensitivity about the timing of the event vis–vis Sept. 11. “The academy is all about debate and discussion to enlighten and inform,â€? she said. “We did recognize that he was controversial. We heard from certain factions from inside the campus that had very different political opinions. We tried to be sensitive to that.â€? She declined to name the “factions.â€?

      Eugene Gallagher, professor of religion at Conn, helped welcome Pipes as a representative of departments related to Pipes’ address – religious studies, history and government.

      “Pipes says that the declared war on terrorism has failed to identify the specific enemy,â€? said Gallagher. “That terrorism is a mode of combat rather than an enemy that can be fought. But that the ‘enemy’ in this war is militant Islam, which he tries to distinguish from Islam in general.â€?

      Pipes talked about three strains of militant Islam – one associated with Ayatollah Khomeini’s Iran, another with Osama bin Laden and a third coming out of Egypt.

      The National Alliance members did not engage Pipes, but sparred with several students.

      If not at a liberal arts college touting itself as one of the nation’s select campuses, then where should an attentive public look for informed debate on issues that matter?

      With Pipes, though, the college did not just play safe. It played dumb.

      This is the opinion of Steven Slosberg.

      http://www.TheDay.com: Eastern Connecticut’s News Source

    3. Jim Says:

      Beware of all this “we” “us” and “our” plurality jew garbage. Jews and Bush their puppet are only trying to associate and paint everyone in this screwed up misegenated nation into one corner as being the force of good fighting the good fight against the forces of evil and darkness. This is a complete jew con neo-con mixing lies with truth. Jews want no part of Gentiles unless to use them for their own good and certainly want no part of assimilation with them. Always beware of the “we” word when spoken by his jews or their Bush. “We” is the jew codeword for their wicked deeds and a trick. “We” is really meant as “us” jews aka Israel.

    4. apollonian Says:

      Pipes: Master Of Conspiracy, Psychology
      (Apollonian, 7 Apr 06)

      Pipes actually wrote a book against CONSPIRACY theory and theories which then was actually reviewed in the Bircher’s New American magazine. I then read Pipes’ book and can’t remember much more as I did it while attending classes at school. But I remember laughing as I wondered well, gosh, why go to soo much trouble to deny something so desperately as Jews obviously do? Conspiracy?–we wouldn’t even think of it, of course not.

      Note then Jew collectivism, their being judged as whole people by God, according to their literature, so unlike the Christian ideal and principle. Does collectivism go with conspiracy?–Is the Pope Catholic?

      Thus Jews are so tremendously EXPOSED for all to see, it takes a lot not to see it, doesn’t it?–like the “Jews-media.” No wonder Jews so much control the corporate mass media evermore, as their conspiracy network-complex-matrix becomes evermore ripe in all putrescence.

      Jews are conspiratorial disease-of-opportunity thriving most and best within Western hubris, hence subjectivism and heresy, esp. moralism. Jews then represent a kind of madness-insanity that grows upon that of others, less organized.

      CONCLUSION: Hence then the madness of such as Pipes is so perfectly hysterical as it is nearly and downright comical, the perfect stereotypic “ethicist” described by Kierkegaard. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    5. Arch Says:

      I just love a faggy jew who steeples, don’t you? It makes them seem ummm, I dunno, soooo reverently intellectual. It’z almost like they are praying or mebbe giving thanks to Yaweah for their vast knowledge on diverse subjects or sumpin’. This will be an even more appropriate pose on their trip up the gallow’s steps, know wha’ I’m sayin’?

    6. alex Says:

      Put a turbin on the thing, he’s ready to star in the next home-made bin Laden infomercial.

    7. John Says:

      He needs a bullet to the head

    8. Socrates Says:

      “apollonian Says: Jews are conspiratorial disease-of-opportunity thriving most and best within Western hubris, hence subjectivism and heresy, esp. moralism. Jews then represent a kind of madness-insanity that grows upon that of others, less organized.”

      As I said before, the Jews, as an ethnic group or race, are not engaged in any “conspiracy.” Jewish group behavior is genetic, just as Black and White and Mexican behavior is genetic. Or would you like to explain how 14 million Jews could meet and conspire, Mr. combat-typist? And do you even know what the word “hubris” means?

    9. apollonian Says:

      Socrates: Jews are Talmudists HENCE CONSPIRATORS BY RELIGION. Do u know what is hubris? U sure are presumptuous. U speak platitudes, for genetic determination is determinism, conspiratorialism then following after Spenglerian cyclic, particular form history takes. Thanks for all ur comments. Honest elections and death to the Fed. A.