1 April, 2006

Is Dirty Debbie Schlussel a Concealed Clamsman?

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This jew twat must lick her lips looking over the big book of carpet samples at the local store. She is obsessed with Sharon Stone’s twat. She has run multiple pictures of the furry creature all over her website. She’s so offended by it…she races her jewish ass down to camp out in front of the vidoplex to be the first to get tickets for Basic Input II. Is that weird…or just the jew “showing,” as nigs say?

I am honestly bereft. I mean, if there were one thing in the world All Those Offended By Sharon Stone’s Meat-Grabber would avoid, “Basic Instinct II” would surely be it. But as hate is love to a jew, Dirty Debbie saw it, alongside a good ten to fifteen other “Americans.” Then she raced back to tell us what a waste of time it was.

Dirty Debbie, we recommend you bang your head against the oven a couple times, get the bee off lunch break.

She runs a pic of the infamous bramble-cache every two days. She seems to wake only to insult Stone’s brains, breasts, clothes, groin almost daily. It is bizarre. It is not normal. It is odd.

Dearest Dirty Debbie, we don’t know how to tell you this, but you’ve run the clam into the ground. We, your loyal, uh,
readers, are getting that not so fresh feeling.

Time to move on, sweetie. There’ll be other clams just as pungently repugnant, have no fear.


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  7. 3 Responses to “Is Dirty Debbie Schlussel a Concealed Clamsman?”

    1. Will Says:

      Sharon’s natural Aryan beauty and long slender body is the kind of stuff of fearsome nightmares of raging envy for the bottle blond hooknose sneer-face zero-charisma kikess.

      Dirty Debbie wants to do Dallas but Dallas wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole. Poor Deb. What’s a JAP to do? Rant and rave a bit, obsess a little, spread some gossip, and dream of being a big screen superstar with a photogenic snapper.

    2. Alex Linder Says:

      For 100k that bitch would star in Jude Susy and flash pancreas for the box cover.

    3. van helsing Says:

      One should tell Deb that having any pics of SS on her site just improves the class and discourse level.

      Deb probly wishes SHE was a stripper in Durham.