18 April, 2006

Letters of Eric Thomson

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25 MAR 06 Dear [X]! I am most grateful for your letter of 10 MAR 06 & your erudite enclosures which I shall copy & pass on to those who are capable of appreciating them. I’m going to peruse your excellent rendition of The Protocols, which sheds much light on that treatise. Many thanks!

It’s apparent that you are not “just a pretty face” in White Nationalist circles, as are Messrs. Duke, Black et al. who comprise the ‘paytriots for profit’ in the USA. Freemasons are fond of coding their meanings in letters, such as TGAOTU (The Great Architect of the Universe), so when one of them told me that USA = Under Satan’s Administration, I gave it due consideration. Of course, Freemasons, being jew-slaves by choice, confer as many different meanings to symbols as there are prices in a Persian bazaar. After my own studies, I think USA = Usury Slaves of America. A great book on the link between Freemasonry & Satanism is Peter Tompkins’ “The Magic of Obelisks,” which shows Satanist Crowley’s 33 degree Masonic Certificate. As you may know, the 33 degree is ‘honorary,’ & cannot be earned. Franklin D. Roosevelt was 33 degree, as were other malefactors. I knew his son-in-law, Col. Curtis B. Dall, who I assisted in writing a most forgettable book entitled “Israel’s 5 Trillion dollar Secret.” It was part “Facts Are Facts,” by Benjamin Freedman & part “The 13th Tribe,” by my favorite Hungarian jew, Arthur Koestler. Benjamin Freedman was protege of bankster jew Hans Morgenthau, Sr., father of Jr., U.S. Secretary of Treasury in the FDR cabal, who authored The Morgenthau Genocide Plan for postwar Germany in his book, “Germany is our Problem.” This plan for genocide was th eonly such plan of World War II. It appeared as “Germany Must Perish!” by Theodore Kaufman, a kosher commie who’d originally written his “kill Goyim” tract against Americans, should they dare to fight the Soviet Jewnion. This book was contemporary with Louis Nizer’s “What to do with Germany.” All advocated the total extermination of Germans. But, shortly after Germany’s surrender in 1945, The Golden Calf entered the picture, for Germans were willing to be the jews’ slaves. Hence, The Morgenthau Plan was altered so as to feed the jews’ German slaves, while continuing the genocide program by introducing lots of non-Whites into Germany. Berlin is now the second ‘capital’ of Turkey, France a colony of Algeria, & so on, throughout Western Europe. The still unwritten book is: “Whites Must Perish!” but this obvious genocide program does not need a book, for it is universally practiced by our kosher bankster masters. I ask sheeple what is the one word which equates with Tolkien’s “One ring to rule them all, & in the darkness bind them”: Credit!

The USA was never a nation, nor a democracy, but a branch of The Bank of England. The major myth of the USA has always been “cheap labor,” which is never cheap. One car displayed the plaintive bumper sticker: “If I’d known the trouble it would cause, I’d have picked the cotton myself!” With usury-based money (monetized debt) & taxation, our masters have a great racket: they drive down wages & squeeze the tax-payers to make up the difference, so an illegal alien can feed his too many dependents. This is simply genocide, for Whites must pay to multiply, but non-Whites are paid to multiply by White tax-payers.

I note your promotion of Fred Farrel of “Common Sense.” According to Ernst Zundel, who visited Farrel, who took over the publication, Farrel was an obvious jew, & bragged that he was. He was a Stalinist agent whose speech for Leon Trotsky, according to Farrel, was delivered by Trotsky’s Stalinist assassin, who used it to gain access to Trotsky. In Farrel’s “Unwinding the Jewish Mysteries,” he promotes the myth that Stalin’s Red Russia was “jew-free,” despite Stalin himself having a jewish background & Stalin’s father-in-law, Kaganovich, being the real power or Rothschild representative, in Moscow. To claim that the Soviet Union became “jew-free” after Stalin’s purges of the failed Trotskyite faction is as absurd as to claim that the Mafia (defined as an “Italian-Jewish criminal organization” in the Peare’s Encyclopedia) became “jew-free” after Lansky bumped off Bugsy Siegel. One can also claim that Israel became “jew-free” after Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated. Since the USSR was founded, funded, fostered & fed by the New York banksters from 1917 to the end of the Reds’ rule of Russia, one would wonder why the jew banksters would behave with Stalin just as they did with their fellow tribesman Lenin. In my own experience, there was no lack of jews in Soviet embassies, nor in positions of power, following Stalin’s alleged ‘purging’ of jews from such positions. When Lansky had Bugsy killed, Lansky remained a jew. When Stalin had Trotsky killed, the jews remained in power. When jew banksters ordered th purge of Communists in Chile, the banksters & their minions, like Henry Kissinger, remained jews. I corresponded briefly with Benjamin Freedman, who was a financial supporter of “Common Sense.” I never met Fred Farrel, myself, so I must rely on Ernst Zundel’s statement. My judgment is based on my own readings of Farrel’s output: KGB disinformation is my evaluation thereof.

I enclose a sample of current local news. You may be impressed by the degree of hispanicization & the accompanying hispanic crime rate. Well, if one enters a country illegally, why can’t he conduct other illegal activities while residing in the country he has invaded? In Canada alias Soviet Canuckistan alias China-duh, illegal aliens frequently carry illegal firearms, with which to commit further illegalities, all at tax-payers’ expense & the lives & limbs of the legal public. But these are small criminals. The big ones are those who rule our society, who encourage this increasing criminal invasion.

The degree of indiscretion of morons using the Internet is amazing, even for morons. Now you know why I shun the Internet, for the easier it is to communicate, the less value have the things communicated. The morons think they are anonymous, which is wrong, so they are often irresponsible. I do not insult people in correspondence, unless I am willing to insult them face to face. Of course, I deem insults to be signs of weakness. As one fellow said: “Don’t get mad. Get even.” Then there is the amount of information which should not be accessible, especially to the enemy. Modern technology makes it even easier for the interception of communications. Maybe we should reprint the World War II posters like: The Enemy is Listening; A Slip of the Lip can sink a Ship, &c. Most probably, the morons would deem such advice to be ‘nostalgia,’ & currently irrelevant. “Snail-mail” is also intercepted.

Thomas Chittum’s “Civil War Two,” from which I have excerpted some salient pages, is progressing much as he has written: There are huge anti-Border Control demonstrations now, in many states, even those far from the Mexican border, such as Wisconsin & Georgia, not just California alias Mexifornia, & other border states. As Chittum et al. foresaw, the USA now lacks the military force to maintain its sovereignty within its territory, as well as on its borders & seaports. Both will & manpower are lacking. In this regard, I read that fully one third of French military forces are Moslem. I wonder how the word-spiners will define such problems away, so we can continue our pipedreams in Liberal La La Land. It is obvious that the jews want to renew the crusades, while retaining the Moslem invaders in formerly White countries. That is why I urge Moslems & Europeans (wherever they may be) to fight jews, & not each other. We did quite enough of that in the crusades, & much worse in World Wars I & II.

I appreciate your information on the ancient racial origins of New Zealand, for that is a region, including Australia, which I have never visited in my worldwide job-hunts. I thought you’d obtain much more from The Barnes Review article that you evaluated in your letter to that magazine than I would. I see that you did, so I’m glad I sent it to you. Many thanks for your thoughts thereon! I do not know the personal agendas of people at The Barnes Review. They did publish one of my articles, “Poland & the Lies of the Allies,” albeit in truncated fashion, with my name misspelt, as if the typesetter had been drunk, so miracles do happen. As you say, anyone who writes what purports to be a factual article has the obligation of first checking the facts, but I do not know what motivates Messrs Tiffany et al.

Most of those who comprise what I dub “the blightwing” are only pro-themselves, such as those whom I know personally, like Duke, Black of Stormfront, Zundel of the ZOG-gulag et al. Their supporters THINK that they support other causes, such as Truth, Freedom & Justice, White Nationalism or paleo-patritoism (“My country, right or wrong!”). Wishful thinking usually leads to disappointment, as I’ve witnessed over the years. In Rhodesia, I heard Whites making up all kinds of excuses for Ian Smith. Supposedly, he was telling the blacks “what they wanted to hear.” I replied to such nonsense by telling the Whites that Smith was, on the contrary, giving the Blacks what they wanted, & telling us that he was “standing firm” on our behalf: “No majority rule in my lifetime,” touted Smith, while he was preparing his scheduled handover, as ordered by bankster spokesman & thug Henry Kissinger, during his visit in 1976, the year I was deported for pro-White activities. Anything for the quiet life, as some say.

I note tha the best-funded in the allegedly pro-White blightwing are now admitting jews, such as Jared Taylor, who’s married to a jewess. Such prostitutes of pseudo-politics claim that “jews are White.” they are not, according to their own genetic studies. In the blightwing, “Aryan” is anyone who buys you lunch, subscribes to one’s publications, &c. the blightwing equates race with money, not with DNA. As you know, I do not reject non-White collaboration, but, as allies, we work against the ZOG. Allies are not thereby White Nationalists. That is why I distinguish between AZA, The Anti-Zionist Alliance, & White Nationalism. Jew-infiltrators + corrupt leaders = minus for Whites. All the best & ORION! – Eric Thomson

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  7. 8 Responses to “Letters of Eric Thomson”

    1. Sulla Says:

      I like much of Thomson writes but pease bear in mind that the fellow is somewhat unhinged in many places and issues. For example, he consistently claims all Slavs are useless/garbage because way back some may have had ancestors raped by mongols et al and thus have a few drops of Asiatic. Going by his logic millions upon millions of white Russians would be considered non-white and told to piss up a rope. Herr Thomson would NOT make a good strategy adept. That is just ONE example, there are others.

      Yes, the usual defenders will pop up and say he’s doing good, etc, etc…. and he is in hiw own way, however, I take what he says with a grain of salt. DO NOT take what he says as factual, holy writ. He’s very flawed in his reasoning at times. He’s way too bitter, etc, too dispassionately analyze a situation so that the truth and facts known can be logically ascertained. His bent on Freemason and the Jewish anti-god ‘Satan’ is a case in point. Being an occultist myself, his take on Crowley is not factual other than Crowley being a 33 degree mason (honorary). Everything else is BS masked as knowledge.

      My take on Thomson is that he’s very intelligent, but also very bitter (justfiably so being a alienated white male) and unsuccessful by & large. I don’t mean just financially, politically too. He’s very knowledgable, yet wrong on a host of things. 15 years ago I would have taken what he says as holy writ and be mesmerized, now I know he’s very flawed in many ways.

      All that said, I will say this: because of Mr. Thomson and Mr. Frenz I became aware of things about Ernst Zundel (after questioning the Zud’s financial acumen and integrity for a period of time) I would NOT have known otherwise because both men worked with the Zud. The Zud was a promoter-type not unlike a ringman at a circus and not much more. Bigass ego to boot. I found the Zud to be in the Used Car Salesman category. I seen him flip-flop on many issues, heard him on same and wouldn’t trust him anymore than the man on the street. I think the Zud “let’s raise money continuously through real or imagined mini-crisis'” Corp was a money raising scheme later in life. I think that’s partially why Rimland signed on and who used to CONSTANTLY troll for dollars in her Z-Grams. I have to thank Thomson (more so the late Herr Frenz) et al for additional heads up in this dept. No one else had the balls or were your usual goy dumbfucks (we got to duh support their lifestyle types) who had no more brains than a deer caught in the headlights. Believe me there are plenty of those and the Zundel-Rimland fundraising machine knew that perfectly.

      Rimland did have a maid and last report was had nearly a million bucks sitting in her Zogbank. More paytriots for profit in my opinion.

      Both Frenz and Thomson have said, repeatedly, don’t give these carnies a red fucking cent. To which I agree and thank them wholeheartedly for having the guts to call a spade a spade and on that note I will say this about Mr. Thompson, above everything else I’ve said about him: he’s HONEST!

    2. Eric the Luddite? Says:

      Granted, Herr Thompson: Quantity vs. quality? This is the question.

      Or rather, a predictable dilemma, when an overpropagandized, underedumacated, fearful, half-mongrelized, yoked, unwashed mass is suddenly showered with electronic manna from Heaven, it would seem, perhaps out of pity from God for our dejected state? To His chagrin, the handiwork of the Lord scandalously easily flushed down the open sewers of the Borderless Global Gulag.

      Would you have poo-poo’ed Herr Gutenberg then?

      It’s curtains for ZOG’s little man when Dorothy and her Talmudified friends come to and stray from the goldbricked primrosen path, finally registering on the Electronic Kibbutz Goyim and the Electronic Eretz Goyim.

      The little man knows this, of course. Why else the boom in the False Flag business? The hurried Hate Laws? The neo-Nuremberg Shoa Trials?

    3. Sulla Says:

      And I have no idea what the hell you’re trying to say or is there a point in the first place, this is the question?

      Maybe the electronic manna gives bitter, wornout, two-bit commentators a forum whereby they normally would be contained to activities such as yelling at a teevee set or talking to Jack Daniels.

    4. Sullied Says:

      Mudslingers unite! Schlep it on Schmuely.

    5. For Schmulla ... Says:

      Eric Thomson writes:

      “I do not insult people in correspondence, unless I am willing to insult them face to face. Of course, I deem insults to be signs of weakness.”

    6. Sulla Says:

      This is where Eric Thomson would be wrong, he must think our controllers and masters – the eternal Jew as you would identify them – are weak. Because they are the ultimate in conducting themselves in an insulting manner. Are they weak? I’ll let your pea brain ponder that one.

      And Wow! And I see ol’burnout husk of a “man” you use multiple aliases.

      My point is, doorknob, since you missed it, is this: people like you with your oooooo so insightful “commentary” offer nothing but cheapass broken hopes and dreams. If we listen to your SHIT we’d all end up like you with a whisky bottle as a constant companion, then curled up in a corner cursing da Joooooo whenever the gas prices spike up or you can’t find 20 bucks in your jeans pockets for your next bottle of good ol’ sippin’ corn whisky.

      In otherwords, you offer sweet fuckall but mindless bantering packaged in bowel movement speak. I’ve encountered fuckups like you so many times you fit the *fuckup profile* – cheap advice, bowel movement speak, and don’t have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of!

    7. Schmulla's a-schleppin' Says:


      I think you’d do well on the EKG, but I have my doubts about the EEG. Think about that one …

      Get it?

      Me ‘n’ Eric’ll be down at the saloon shootin’ down some good ole rotgut. If you’re up for it, first round’s on me.

    8. Sulla Says:

      George Thorogood called, something about he needs a muse for his next album, I immediately thought of you: a drunk for songs about drunks and barflies.