27 April, 2006

Making It…By Faking It

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Statements like these beg a much bigger question to be answered:
How do you fake something such as the Holocaust?
He asked, so who among us would like to respond?
Forward responses here
Holocaust deniers don’t only hurt Jews, they hurt us all
Erin Out the Details
Erin Caballero

Posted: 4/25/06

As a Muslim, today isn’t just another day in the Bay Area. Today is a source of nasty political and religious debate. Today is an opportunity for anti-Semitism to rear its ugly head yet again. Why? Because today is Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Many within my adopted religious community deny that the Holocaust even happened, that it was all a hoax. Holocaust denial, also known as Holocaust “revisionism,” tries to present the viewpoint that the Jewish community falsified the event and/or greatly exaggerated the casualties of it to gain sympathy and support for the statehood of Israel, along with the “Zionist agenda.”

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  7. 2 Responses to “Making It…By Faking It”

    1. Unreconstructed Strom Thurmond Says:

      “As a Muslim, today isn’t just another day in the Bay Area.”

      “Today” is a Muslim?

    2. André Lefort Says:

      It’s useless trying to discuss with Nazi sympathizers. They require long term de-programmation and a new perspective on life.

      They believe blindly in the far fetch theory of the superior white race and the rest of us know it’s a far fetch dream that will never materialize but they persist and persist. What an awful waste of negative energy.

      In a world so antagonistic and violent, peace is what the common man strive to and a better rapport among ethnic groups and a respect among all nations.