10 April, 2006

Mexicans Sleep In, World Continues to Turn

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Oy, the greatest flop since Y2K, itz.

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  7. 33 Responses to “Mexicans Sleep In, World Continues to Turn”

    1. Jim Says:

      What do they do for an encore when they realize that the world doesn’t need them, want them nor in general give two shits either way?

    2. Olde Dutch Says:

      It pisses me off to no end to see John Sweeney, and his jew handlers at the AFL-CIO spending our hard earned dues per capita kissing foreign scab ass organized in the most part by Trotskyites, other radicals & members of the jew led non-AFL-CIO unions like jewboy Stren’s SEIU.

      If you read who is organizing these Mexican nationalist demonstrations in California—it is mainly the jew run SEIU.

      The radical jew & communist-socialist types will do anything to break up and destroy White America.

    3. apollonian Says:

      One “Plan” Objective: End Of JC Collaboration
      (Apollonian, 10 Apr 06)

      Here in Tucson, Az., just after 8, this morning (10 Apr), going in to “work,” I saw the cops out on the street, deployed the way they’d be for a parade. About half-hr later, closer to downtown, near U. of A., I saw the spics moving into parade position, to cheer fm the sidewalks, one with his stupid Mexican flag. But then after that I didn’t observe much about these spic-maneuvers–I guess I’ll read all about the so dramatic events in Jew-rags tomorrow.

      It’s not that people ignore this spic-demonstration stuff, but what can be done? For obviously these spics are professionally organized and led, and things must come to complete fullness in the Spenglerian cyclic progression. “Decline of the West” must reduce-to-absurd. There’s still too much prosperity, I fear, for too many people to start getting enough clues and drawing conclusions.

      If Bush II were really intending to attack and bomb Iran, I guess these demonstrations would be appropriate diversion in the run-up–or if there were to be a “T”-event preceding, we’d likewise have to have such demos for the lulling-along up thereunto.

      But one thing is clear: spics are here because white folk long lost control over things culturally and psychologically, and Bush II has collaborated in the spic invasion, continuing to lead the cheers for “diversity,” what a moron. And it just goes to show how it–spic invasion and Bush’s encouragement–is all so carefully plotted, Bush II a role player, certainly not a leader. The closest Bush II resembles a leader is as kind of mafia-don, dressed as he always is, like a so-spiffy card-sharp.

      So who and what is at the center of these ominous events?–only Jews and “Sadducean” collaborators-accomplices among the gentiles, like the “Judeo-Christians” (JCs), though the bulk of JCs are mere cheerers for the cheerleader. But the game has to be getting old, even for the elders who put up with this stupidity

      Thus we true patriots gotta keep our eyes properly on the ball for the immediate, concrete political PLAN: the target remains Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) counterfeiting scam which fuels the engines of treason, destruction, crime, and fraud.

      The sooner we bring about Fed abolition and “monetary collapse,” the sooner we have a real chance at freedom and prosperity, despite Jew propaganda, this real prosperity by means of rule-of-law and sanctity-of-contract. That’s the way to really deal with the spics, so much soldiers of the Jews and “Sadducean” traitor-accomplices. (See more expo at NewNation.org under “commentary” heading.)

      CONCLUSION: The larger, abstract mentality-context and “culture” for the Plan then must be of emphatic RATIONALIZATION, including for cultural aesthetic by which we undercut the traitors-conspirators by removing that JC prop–especially for legitimacy, psychologic, political, and ultimately, military. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    4. Carpenter Says:

      The sooner we bring about Fed abolition and “monetary collapse,â€? the sooner we have a real chance at freedom and prosperity … That’s the way to really deal with the spics


    5. Olde Dutch Says:

      Appy, doesn’t have a clue about money & banking.

      Getting back on topic…I saw AFL-CIO “jefe” John Sweeney on C-Span speaking to illegal aliens about how they are not criminals. Actually, it came off like Sweeney doing Richard Nixon’s, “I am not a crook” routine. Also, Sweeney’s ass is broader than his shoulders, and he is a very soft & flabby looking in person.

      Sweeney is trying to kill the AFL-CIO; and doing a pretty good job of it.

    6. Socrates Says:

      Well, the Mexicans didn’t “sleep in” in Phoenix. The crowd must have been around 100,000 from the looks of it – maybe more.

    7. Socrates Says:

      apollonian Says: “The sooner we bring about Fed abolition..”

      Why don’t you stay on topic, Mr. combat-typist? The Federal Reserve has nothing to do with non-Whites marching for special laws that favor them.

    8. Timothy Says:

      I am highly amused by the freepers who keep insisting that it is ILLEGAL immigration they are against,not LEGAL immigration.

      Other than semantics what is the difference between tens of millions of low IQ subhumans who come here legally vs. the tens of millions who come here illegally?
      BTW,Tom Tancredo is not a friend,as he takes the same Freeper line that unlimited LEGAL immigration is just fine and dandy,it’s those goshdarned ILLEGALS(who won’t assimilate into our gene pool fast enough)who are the problem.
      With friends like that,who the hell needs enemies?

    9. Megasaurus Says:

      “Other than semantics what is the difference between tens of millions of low IQ subhumans who come here legally vs. the tens of millions who come here illegally?”

      One can vote for the politicians who pander to them while paying taxes to a government favorable to their demands.

      The other cannot.

      Think like a politician: money and votes. Nothing else matters.

    10. James Hawthorne Says:

      The only immigration we should support is WHITE immigration .. Tell the rest of these sub human scum to fuck off !

    11. Carpenter Says:

      When does mass immigration become such a problem that Whites are forced to act? When they become a minority in their own country? When Whites in a smaller Western country become a minority, sending signals to the rest? (Rhodesia and South Africa don’t count here, they are far away in Africa and most White people feel no connection to them.)

      When Mexicans tear away California and New Mexico and make a new state out of them? Will they ever do that? I think it is possible they’ll make something “autonomous” out of it; still part of the United States nominally, but for all practical purposes a separate nation. There are many more or less autonomous regions in different nations around the world. The Eskimos in Canada have their own autonomous territory, Nunavut – basically it means they make their own laws, but they still receive the White man’s tax money. Extreme privilege. (And they breed six times faster than Whites.)

    12. Harry Tuttle Says:

      Sorry – U.S. is doomed. Just the fact they are still sympathizing with people waving Mexican flags and promising to kill them all shows they are too far gone. Their brains are utterly fried. There is no way these same people will do anything other than Amcon their way into the grave forever. A little sniveling near the end and that is probably it before the axe drops.

      I just don’t see this revolt coming until 95% of the white population has starved to death – and even then they’ll be smiling. They have totally lost it.

    13. Outis Says:

      “I just don’t see this revolt coming until 95% of the white population has starved to death – and even then they’ll be smiling. They have totally lost it.”

      BWAHAHA. Wohl gesagt. And let’s be clear on this: “the masses” are today of absolutely no value socially and so politically.

    14. SHMUELY Says:

      The white dumb bunnies, are today clueless to the impending racial/national dangers, and as long as they drink from the poisoned media wells, are likely to always be reality adverse. Economic damage to their subsumed, provincial, petty lives is the only thing which will sober them up. The inner parties also know all of this, and are preparing for the coming hard swing to the left, by the panicked white bunnies. They are preparing their vetted Hillaries, et al, to mis-lead the gullible goyim at this very moment, since they have already got most of the mileage out of their number one Republikaner moron/useful idiot and his “conservative” false flag followers, that they can. Now that the milk herd has been asset-stripped by 25 years of “Reganomics”, and Amerika plundered but good, the inner parties are hedging their political bets. They know that they are nation wreckers, and what we are about to witness in the next few decades, is the bio-political, historical process of human parasitism run riot; that is, the death of a nation.

      Bolshevism is its normal ugly face, but whatever name it assumes this go-round, it`s not that we were`nt warned 70 years ago. At that time, the white bunnies, gullible as ever, were convinced to attack the racial messenger, Hitler, and gang rape nationalist Europe. WWII was a major psychological watershed event, which organized Jewry won, big time. And, that dear friends is why the dumb bunnies are in the trap that they are in today. They are their own worst enemies, blundering about with their racial radar turned off by decades of media manipulation. Their media handlers are playing them for fools, and they are enjoying the deception, actually running around with star-spangled chips on their puffed-up, pontificating shoulders, thinking themselves to be great “Judeo-Christian humanitarians”. As the unblinded and prescient among us can plainly see, they are actually self-deluded asses, of a most vulgar stripe. One has to ask, tounge in cheek, with the mobs of third world invaders rampaging around the streets, where is the “patriotic” opposition? Where is the “American Legion”, where is the VFW? Are they sleepwalking their petty, foolish, “respectable” lives away? They can`t hide behind their flags forever, because eventually the non-white mobs will be coming after their white asses too!

    15. Stan Says:

      The saddest part of this whole disaster with the mestizos is that the brown plague would not be any danger in themselves. The problem is all the businesses run by Europeans (and – sadly – not just Jews) which insist that they must employ these filth. Throughout our history as a race our weak point has been that too many of us merely want to make money (as proven by the importation of jungle apes to pick cotton and currently the rush to export jobs in the computer industry to India and other hell-holes where relatively well-educated workers can be paid next to nothing.) Saving money for rich but racially ignorant whites is what motivates Bush and his moronic cronies. The fact that these people are not even Jews is frightening. As long as they are the “leaders” of European America I am sure we are doomed.

    16. Carpenter Says:

      Saving money for rich but racially ignorant whites is what motivates Bush and his moronic cronies.

      And what motivates the Left? Which has always been the main pusher for mass immigration in the West – the Right has only caved in the last two decades or so.

      Naturally, everybody wants to blame another group, not their own. When you’re not rich, the rich are an easy target. But the fact is, workers have been voting for the “class, not race!” crowd for a century now.


      Sorry – U.S. is doomed. Just the fact they are still sympathizing with people waving Mexican flags and promising to kill them all shows they are too far gone. Their brains are utterly fried.

      I’m not so sure. They go along with it all because the media and politicians, all the authorities, are telling them to. Whites don’t like to do something illegal, and so won’t go out and face the Mexicans in the street. But that doesn’t mean they like it.

      They go along with the authorities, because that’s the safest thing to do. We want them to feel that it’s not safe any longer, that they have less to lose by organizing themselves. Slowly, Whites are – it is an accelerating tendency but still a trickle, like Linder says. Another depression would definitely have some effect on that; going along with the authorities wouldn’t fill your wallet anymore.

    17. Sulla Says:

      I agree with Herr Tuttle. The masses are useless fucks that deserve our boots on their necks and told what to do! Genghis Khan style! All they do is gibber back mindless drivel and willing to betray their own kind at a moment’s notice. Personally, I view them as just bio-mass to be molded into anything that one so chooses. 50% would be sterilized (as I think racial identity is genetic to a large degree) and they are there to be used and abused if so desired.

      The USA et al (Canada is worse) is declining, however, I view this as a Machiavellian opportunity and the blueprint for total usurpation of power may, just may, be handed to the right guys (not females – breeding stock only) at the right time to *reinvent* our universe and worldview. Let our present structures die. In fact help it along, the SOONER the BETTER!

    18. Carpenter Says:

      From one thing to another: once again I find that a WN discussion about change has already been covered from all angles in The Turner Diaries. That really is a well-thought-out novel.

    19. apollonian Says:

      WNs Too Cluttered With Foolery
      (Apollonian, 11 Apr 06)

      “Socrates,” u brainless zero, who are u to say I’m not on topic? Aside fm the necessary awaiting of the Spenglerian cyclic phase of historical process and progress, the reductio-ad-absurdum, things patriotic can be broken down to two areas: (1) abstract and (2) concrete. The “Plan” then has to do with the concrete necessity to strike at the root of such Mexican demonstrations, the Fed (providing the ultimate funding). If u have a better alternative plan, then say what it is, u damned stupid ass. As long as u leave the Fed unmolested u leave Jews free for further depradations, moron.

      As far as the abstract circumstances, like mentality, well I guess u’ve always been “at sea,” not knowing or understanding difference btwn objective reality and Talmudic subjective by which Jews psyche themselves by means of hystericism into flexible realities–which actually work when they have enough stupid and hubristic gentiles (not unlike u) to go along, all in the spirit of “morality” founded upon–SUBJECTIVISM.

      Regarding “Olde Dutch,” I merely say this: ck my essay on “The 1913 Federal Reserve Act” on WhiteAlert.com, in Essays section; also it was posted on VNN back in Feb 05, I believe. I don’t claim to be any expert, merely honest student, and I can definitively say this: Fed is a counterfeiting operation, u dig? Now “Olde Dutch,” u old puke, tell me, YES OR NO, if indeed Fed is counterfeiting scam as I assert.

      CONCLUSION: WNs are too cluttered with idiots and fools, I guarantee; we need a greater Christian spirit of reason and appreciation for true scholarship and talent; then u all need to send me more money so I can continue more expeditiously to instruct and criticise. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    20. Carpenter Says:

      then u all need to send me more money so I can continue more expeditiously to instruct and criticise.

      Sure thing, what’s your address?

    21. Socrates Says:

      apollonian Says: “WNs are too cluttered with idiots and fools,”

      So why, then, are you posting at a WN website, Mr. combat-typist-who-doesn’t-spell-correctly? Or are you trying to make WNs look like idiots who failed grade-school?

    22. Angle Says:

      Timothy makes a salient point about SEMANTICS. The government could make unlimited immigration legal in the bat of an eyelid. ‘Brown stubbies’ and Spanish everywhere would be the continued side-effect. No, what the Freepers want is an English-speaking American America (in the ‘I am a Ameeikan’ sense*), not an end to illegal immigration.

      *[50cent cocktail flag included free in swearing-in ceremony.]

    23. Sulla Says:

      Mexicans are absolutely useless (on ever y level including labor), so out they go!

      VDARE.COM – http://www.vdare.com/misc/archive00/mechanization.htm

      Give Us This Day
      by Harold Brewer

      (Harold Brewer was born in Wichita and raised on a farm in central Kansas. He served in the U.S. Air Force during the Berlin Airlift and the Korean War. After leaving military service, he attended the University of California and received degrees in agricultural engineering from Berkeley and Davis. He has done research at the university and federal government levels on advanced agricultural systems. This article is adapted from his recent book Fig Leaves And Masks http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect?tag=vdare&creative=9325&camp=211189&link_code=as2&path=ASIN/0967545501)

      My favorite season on the farm during the 1930s was summer, when we harvested wheat, oats, and alfalfa. Harvest started when we rolled out a binder and thresher, stored since last summer. The binder cut stalks, tied them into bundles, and dumped them into rows. The thresher separated grain from straw and chaff. At threshing time, several neighbors and many itinerant workers assembled at our farm. With luck, no rain fell and the grain was safely stored in the granary within a few days.

      Now, a combine rolls into a field. In a matter of hours, one or two workers harvest and store the grain. Labor is reduced at least tenfold.

      Similarly, for harvesting alfalfa. What took many days and people is now accomplished in a few days with one or two people.

      Childhood ended. I left the farm, completed military service, then enrolled at the University of California at Davis in the Agricultural Engineering Department. Its researchers were world-renowned for developing machines for field production. Field production machines are important because each replaces ten or more workers. Nations with the lowest percentage of workers on farms are the wealthiest. For example, the U.S.A. has 2% of its population working on farms, while Ethiopia has 84%. More? Japan 5% and China 68%.

      My major at UCD, power and machinery, brought me into contact with people developing harvesters for crops such as grapes, peaches, and tomatoes. The tomato project was particularly interesting. Several people contributed in various ways, such as developing a variety that could withstand mechanical handling. But the key element of the harvester proved elusive. This finally fell into place when Steven Sluka, a refugee from the 1956 Hungarian Revolution – some immigrants can be useful! – conceived the idea of cutting vines loose from the ground, lifting them, then shaking the tomatoes off the vines. His technique was the basis for the first successful mechanical tomato harvesters.

      Growers in California were faced with the loss of workers who were hand-harvesting their crops. Politicians and Labor had teamed up to discontinue the bracero program, so that wages paid domestic laborers could be driven up. However, UCD researchers, with grower funding, had just successively tested the mechanical tomato harvester. When braceros walked out of the fields, mechanical harvesters rolled in.

      Several years later, the mechanization program at UCD was shut down and dismantled. Politicians did not intend to have their labor-friendly policies thwarted again. Just to make sure, they and their allies reached out to the Agricultural Research Service in the U. S. Department of Agriculture and dismantled all field mechanization programs there, too. Mechanical lettuce harvesters were under development in the 1960s. That work was stopped. Today, lettuce is still harvested by hand in the field.

      The dismantling occurred over a period of years starting in the 1960s. Nothing overt, just not renewing any mechanization projects or starting any new ones. The mechanical tomato harvester had rankled a lot of labor-friendly people. When we say “labor,” we might as well say Mexican workers, legal or illegal.

      But the precipitating event – I am relying on memory – was when a Secretary of Agriculture was due for a photo op in Northern California with UCD researchers, spotlighting a fruit-catching frame used in mechanization. Word got out and the next thing we knew the event was called off. Cesar Chavez, head of the agricultural workers union, pulled the right strings and stopped it cold. He didn’t want any more mechanization, which would put his union members out of work. [For Chavez’ conflicted attitude to immigration, see http://www.vdare.com/la_causa_or_la_raza.htm%5D

      That big hole in the Mexican border started in earnest when politicians and their labor allies stopped the development of any new agricultural field machines. The stopper on mechanization went all the way through the 1980’s and extended into the Agricultural Research Service of the USDA. Finally, around 1990, it was all right to “quietly” do mechanization research again, but it had to be labeled as being for the environment, or for food quality, or whatever. Field mechanization to save labor was still not allowed.

      Meanwhile, across the Pacific at an Institute outside Tokyo, the mechanization work continued without interruption.

      And rural America fills up with foreigners.

    24. Sulla Says:

      App-hole sez:

      “CONCLUSION: WNs are too cluttered with idiots and fools, I guarantee; we need a greater Christian spirit of reason and appreciation for true scholarship and talent; then u all need to send me more money so I can continue more expeditiously to instruct and criticise. Honest elections and death to the Fed.”

      Xian spirit of “reason”? Xians and reason have nothing to do with each other, you’re most definitely a case in point. In fact, you’re a poster boy for what happens when the fungus (thanks whoever coined this term earlier) grows on a Xian cunts’ brain. Pure, unadulterated, delusion and escapism. You and your Christ-insanityians are witnessing the death throes of your dogshit religion.

      Where I grew, moron, churches of protestant and catholic Xianity were everywhere. Now, they are slient sentinels and being turned into residences and B&Bs. Many are being torn down (some have even had mysterious fires – probably Xians to collect the insurance).

      Poor, Appy, his wittle world is crashing down on him and the programming is still in control. He’ll forevermore turn this way, that way, and in every direction to revive his beloved christling cult. Booo hooo hooo.

      Hey, hey, ho , ho, Christ-insanity has got to go!

    25. apollonian Says:

      Right Sulla, u poor, unbalanced creature, but note I’ve already dealt with u. So try to say something new for info of volk, eh?

    26. Socrates Says:

      apollonian Says: “Right Sulla, u poor, unbalanced creature, but note I’ve already dealt with u. So try to say something new for info of volk, eh?”

      I will urge Alex to ban you from posting at VNN. Your nonsense is wearing thin. You have nothing to offer VNN readers.

    27. apollonian Says:

      I thought u’d already so “urged.” But I guess u consider ur urging, and announcements thereto, to be important for info of VNN readers. U’re pathetic, u poor little puke. A.

    28. Socrates Says:

      “apollonian Says: I thought u’d already so “urged.â€? But I guess u consider ur urging, and announcements thereto, to be important for info of VNN readers. U’re pathetic, u poor little puke. A.”

      Well, at least I’m not sitting in a public library when I post at VNN. I actually own my computer. Do you? :-)

    29. Sulla Says:

      Hey Socrates,

      Guys like App-hole, aka Appy, are predictable. He’s starting to fit a profile: 40+ at least I’m sure of it, never been laid (hence his “rapturous” talk when it comes to Christ-insanityism), broke ass MFer who posts from a public computer. I’ve encountered these types before. Because they have nothing to lose they can be idiotic and utterly stupid in their analysis and what they advocate. They leap in the air and hope they don’t fall off the cliff. They never BUILD anything, only give cheap-ass “advice” to the unsuspecting fool. They are virtually (or in Apphole’s case, totally) useless. When disagreed with you become a fed, Jew, or some other chimera their diseased brains conjure up.

      Apphole is one such creature. Yes, the fuck should be removed from this list forevermore. He wastes time and space. If he was in an organization or meeting I was a part of he would be going away with boots on his ass.

      Fact is Apphole is trying to con the post members. He wants us to believe he’s one of us, but in reality lacks convictions in his own beliefs. Otherwise he’d be posting on Xian-related websites and where the Identity/Trooo Joooites congregate. He doesn’t and won’t, which proves he talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk.

    30. apollonian Says:

      VNN, Partisans Continue Suspicious Patterns, Protestations
      (Apollonian, 13 Apr 06)

      I see my brief post-reply to “Socrates” of 12 Apr 7 PM, which I made a few minutes ago, is removed, now replaced by psycho-punk “Sulla” who says he’d see to “boots on his ass” regarding me, ha. Right, psycho-punk, u’re really scary. I’ve warned u birds “u protesteth too much”–u thus ineluctably manifest ominous patterns.

      Psycho-punk “Sulla” goes on and on, psychologizing, speculating, and making most idiotic allegations about me, someone he knows nothing about aside fm what he’s read on the blogs and perhaps other places on the internet. What else could u be, “Sulla,” but a crass, scummy, brainless, punk as u show urself? “Boots” on the “ass,” u little, slimey, shit?–I can tell right now what a cowardly little puke u really are and no really white people would associate w filth like u, u stinking shit.

      What I say is simple and quite plain, “Sulla” the psycho-punk: u’re psychotically hysterical and presumptuous, EXACTLY LIKE A JEW WOULD BE, psycho-punk.

      U’re a PROVOCATEUR, obviously, for there’s nothing to be done for serious patriot activity other than writing, journalism, communicating, analysis, etc., till the Spenglerian historical cycle has exhausted and reduced itself to the absurd. Patience is a military and patriot virtue. If there were anything to be done, and IF U WERE A WHITE MAN (which u try too hard to pretend to being), u’d calmly and matter-of-factly give the premises and state ur conclusion. “Sulla” is no soldier, merely a punk.

      Every chance u get “Sulla,” u demonstrate a non-white obsessiveness and psychopathology, for to be white, truly white, is to think, which u have great difficulty doing, u cowardly little scum.

      And if there were anything wrong for my own reasoning u’d attempt an argument–which, interestingly, u never do, do u, psycho punk? And we see how well u’re appreciated by VNN for ur habitual stupidity. “Birds of the feather….”

      I hope I do meet up w. u, “Sulla,” u little piece of shit, 53 yrs old as I am; I guarantee I’ll kick ur scummy little shit ass w greatest ease; Mark my words u putrescent puke. I couldn’t care less what a psychotic punk like u, “Sulla,” believes or thinks–that I’m “one of” u, u incredible brainless moron?–absolutely not and never. “Boots on his ass,” indeed, u little twerp–whatever u are, u’re not white, I guarantee.

      Slowly but surely we look and see and find out what VNN and “WNs” (whatever that’s supposed to be) really are all about. Where does VNN/Linder actually get his funding?–and I mean not his immediate sources, but who are the people at the top?

      Is VNN and “WN”-ism mere replay of the Jew-oligarchal funding of Hitler?–can VNN/Linder prove it isn’t? These baying cur-dogs like “Sulla,” “Socrates,” and “Carpenter” certainly do act with a certain presumptive confidence.

      U little midgets expose urselves for ur thoughtfulness and appreciation thereto: “Carpenter” asserting “Jews-media” is prior to Federal Reserve Bank counterfeiting scam; “Socrates” with his “genetics” overruling conspiracy; and “Sulla,” the rabid chihuahua puppy dog telling people how he puts “boots” on people’s behinds, ha–the three stooges of atavistic stupidity eh?–pretending they’re white, what a gang of pretentious dolts.

      U brainless shits are simply a disgrace, and u’re not white, I guarantee. And if u were white, u really need to die out, I’d say for the good of the white race–and “Sulla” I’ll be perfectly happy and willing to help u along, don’t doubt for a second, buddy.

      What more is there to say? Here at VNN we have, quite evidently, a group of dolts and pathetic punks pretending they’re white, but acting only like a stupid group of niggers and dumbass Jews: comrades u’ve essentially reduced urselves to gross absurdity–and note I warned Linder he was stagnating long ago.

      U attract people w. antisemitism and some cogent, incisive journalism appropriate thereto, but then u utterly fail to produce for serious analysis or any positive leadership, acting like nothing but crass, brainless, stupid punks fascinated with Jew pornography and other such sensuous/gross-type distractions.

      U “WNs” at VNN, whatever u pretend to urselves, are not leaders at all, and indeed u demonstrate the great danger (for white people anyway) of atavism and anti-rationalism, including in point of fact, ur indulgence in anti-Christianity–which Christian aesthetic issue is actually a mere side-topic to the necessary priority of reason, truth, and logic, utmost values for real white people.

      CONCLUSION: U (“WNs”) don’t seem to realize that, like Jews, u’re fooling no one but ur pathetic, brainless selves, aside perhaps fm a few stupid and psychotic people like “Sulla,” the “organization” punk and would-be enforcer–I spit. Linder a “genius”–ha, especially now when u consider he’s intimidated by such a piece of shit like this “Sulla” moron (or “Socrates”), the ultimate reduction-to-the-absurd. Try to get a clue, u poor brainless dolts, clowns, and losers. Honest elections and death to the Fed.

    31. Socrates Says:

      apollonian Says: “U “WNsâ€? at VNN, whatever u pretend to urselves, ”

      Gee, Appln, r u sr tht yr thry crrct? Wht if yr thry is wrng? Myb jst sms crrct bcs yr lking at it fm dff vwpnt, so wy nt try lking fm Htlr vwpnt inst…ntl vibl idlgy… :-)

    32. apollonian Says:

      Like I say “Socrates,” a bunch of provocateurs u are, eh? I always spell out “are,” never using just “r.” My abbreviations are selective and consistent, and there’s purpose, that of saving space and time, which policy has always worked for me; u take the parody too far. The point is to economize while at same time being clear enough. No one has ever complained about clarity. Besides, one can almost understand ur text given above–u certainly did save some space. U gotta get used to it, and understand after u’ve complained and I ignore ur complaint, lay off and shut up. U need to get used to me, not me to u. A.

    33. Outis Says:

      Apollonian is getting really mean, daddy. Make him go away pwease?