8 April, 2006

‘Murder’ When ‘Nazis’ Do It, ‘Targeted Killing’ When Jews Do It

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The double standard is laughably employed here by Suckpoop Joe, shabbos goy nonpareil, appeaser of Ashkenazis without equal, in his lead in to a story about kaffir patrol in Russia.

Jews are great fans of assassination – when it comes to critics of  Israel or opponents of loxist tyranny. When it comes to jews as targets, eh…not so much, as their wit Stewart hams it.. Neocons are particularly enthusiastic about murder because it is inconceivable to them that their side might be the victims rather than the perpetrators. They appear to believe their decades of lies have done the job in exterminating white racial consciousness, and that no organized, determined body of men can rise against them in the way that Muslims do.

They appear to believe that Whites, unlike Muslims, will simply sit back and accept their shuttering the First Amendment, snuffing the Second Amendment, completing the melding of our nation with Mexico. In short, they think their Aryan slaves are tight in the harness.

Jews believe they can do whatever they like to Whites and suffer no consequences.

What do you think White man?

The jews and patriotards laugh and circulate jokes when the heroes of Israel blow up a withered “terrorist” in a wheelchair. Perhaps they do not see that someone could show up at Charles Krauthammer’s house to debate foreign policy with the wheelchair-bound warmonger just as easily. Someone like a friend or relative or avenger of the poor fellow below.

Resistance to tyranny is not just a right, it’s a duty, as both Hitler and Jefferson agreed. If Krauthammer and his fellow jews aren’t tyrants, then words have no meaning.

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  7. 3 Responses to “‘Murder’ When ‘Nazis’ Do It, ‘Targeted Killing’ When Jews Do It”

    1. apollonian Says:

      Double Standard Subjectivism: Hallmark, Ideal, and Religion of Jews
      (Apollonian, 8 Apr 06)

      Yes, the double standard is standard for Jew subjectivists, by definition. And Yes, Jews do seem to need people to hate them so they (Jews) can say they’re envied. That’s why it is simply Jew religion they’re “persecuted,” even for secularist version of Jews who say they’re not “religious.” Jews simply refuse to accept objective reality, pretending they’re God in all their hubris, narcissism, hystericism, and fascism.

      CONCLUSION: Jews just make religion out of “one-upping” the gentile. Stupid, hubristic gentiles must then die out till Jews are faced with survivable gentiles who will duly treat the Jews as they need be treated, Jew weaklings and liars, psychotics and criminals who feast upon weaklings, becoming themselves so dependent, all in cyclic fashion, according to Oswald Spengler, “Decline of the West.” Double standard is Jew religion and ideal. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

    2. adolf Says:

      yoy are f___ing comies yourselves! this whole sectuion refers to jews as if they are human! every good white blooded christian knows that are a “fossil” people, actually subhuman, suck blood! why not say this!!!!!!! ????? you are afraid of them fucking yellow bellies!

    3. chuckV Says:

      What made you start to hate jews?