5 April, 2006

Orthokikes Act Like Niggers

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Claiming police had mistreated a 75-year-old man after a routine traffic stop, hundreds of residents stormed the streets and set fires as officers in riot gear fanned out to clear the crowd.

Police denied mistreating the man, Arthur Schick, after he was pulled over Tuesday night in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn for talking on his cell phone while driving. Police said he resisted the officers during the stop, which occurred around 6:30 p.m., and was arrested with two other people who meddled in the incident.

New York is among a group of states that prohibit talking on hand-held cell phones while driving.

Protesters set small fires and blocked streets in the Orthodox Jewish neighborhood while Schick’s car sat parked in front of the bakery bearing his family’s name.

Dozens of young Orthodox Jews in traditional black suits and hats gathered on street corners in the neighborhood, which sees very little crime. Charred garbage pockmarked the streets.

Police officers herded away onlookers, who yelled back angrily.

The crowd had mostly dispersed by late Tuesday night.

Sariel Widawsky, co-owner of Schick’s Bakery, said he saw the traffic stop through the front window of his store, which once was owned by Schick’s mother. He said he saw police push Schick, whom he described as a friend he’s known since 1960.

“They pushed Arthur against the car and physically manhandled him in a way unbefitting such a well-respected and liked member of the community,” Widawsky said. “He shouldn’t be treated like that.” He said police “acted as if they were going to a riot, pulling out batons and spraying Mace and abusing their power.” He said people at the scene begged the officers to stop.

Yossi Baumann, a bakery shipping manager who was on the sidewalk wrapping a pallet, said the police called for backup after Schick resisted their handcuffs. He said four officers picked Schick up horizontally and hurled him into a van.

Other witnesses and friends said it’s possible Schick, a caterer of weddings and bat mitzvahs, didn’t hear instructions from the officers because he uses a hearing aid. They said the police, who twisted Schick’s arms behind his back, had overreacted. Some residents said an increase in traffic tickets had raised tensions in the community.

Schick’s friends said a lawyer told them he was taken to a police station and spent time in a cell before being released.

Schick’s wife, reached by telephone at home around midnight, said her husband was asleep and declined to comment further.

The incident happened on one of the busiest shopping days before Passover, the weeklong Jewish commemoration of the deliverance of the ancient Hebrews from slavery in Egypt.

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  7. 2 Responses to “Orthokikes Act Like Niggers”

    1. Arch Says:

      OH – MY – G_D! Those evil Nazi police have done it now! It’s perfectly understandable when those protectors in blue harass and rough-up the average white man and deny them their rights, but when these evil Nazis in black willfully attack and grievously injure a kind, gentle, innocent-by-nature, member of the chosen ones, their actions simply cannot be tolerated! Consider for a moment how much valuable Tikkun Olam magic may have been lost to humanity because of this senseless po-lice action. It is obvious from the fair and unbiased reporting that Mr. Shick was doing absolutely nothing illegal or even remotely wrong when these badged demons from hell fell upon his person for no other reason then to beat the holy crap out of him. Imagine the huge and vicious King Cops who picked up Mr. Shick and hurled him horizontally into a van. Surely this isn’t police SOP, after all what if a van isn’t available? Wait a minute didn’t the Nazis use vans to gas . . . oh never mind that, it is certainly a surprise that no one noticed the obvious geysers of blood spouting from the shaking ground. We can be truly grateful to Yahweh’s grace that Mr. Shick actually survived his close shave with death. The question is begged, how could Mr. Shick have been doing anything wrong when he has been a well-respected member of the community and all around swell guy since 1960? Of course if the unthinkable is thought and he actually did do something wrong, it could have only been because his hearing aid battery went dead. No matter how you slice it, there was no reason for the po-lice’s overwhelming use of tactical and strategic nuclear deterrent force against a respected member of Yahweh’s chosen people. Imagine the irony of incident occurring during Passover, the weeklong Jewish commemoration of the deliverance of the ancient Hebrews from slavery in Egypt. What a terrible tragedy to be delivered form the evil of those nasty gyppers only to be enslaved by the evil American Nazi po-lice. Oy Veh, the agony of the thought! Obviously these jack booted Nazi must be forced to attend a class on the special ness of jewish innocence and sensitivity, Tikkun Olam itz! After retraining, perhaps they can be posted to a more appropriate white community where they can arrest, throttle and deny the rights of white haters who by nature commit truly heinous crimes like littering lawns with their tracts of hatred. If nothing else we must certainly commend the completely unbiased reporting of this article and hope that it will be used to set new standards of fairness in reporting.

    2. Harry Tuttle Says:

      Oy, none shall judge us but we shall be judges. Letz dig up Leo Franks and build a wailing wall around him. Nothing worse than a goy thinking he can arrest a special pet.