9 April, 2006

Slurs Aren’t Acceptable in Mainstream Media

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[Link] Since Toby Keith’s commercial success and canny image manipulation show how shrewd he is, perhaps the best explanation for songs as lackluster as “Note to Self” (a generic Rolling Stones arrangement with a hokey lyric) and “Runnin’ Block” (about bedding an unattractive woman for the benefit of a buddy) are either laziness or pandering. On White Trash with Money, his first release on his own Show Dog imprint (and without longtime producer James Stroud), Keith occasionally appears to be stretching himself–on the string-laden balladry of “A Little Too Late,” the tender “Crash Here Tonight,” and perhaps his finest vocal performance to date on “Too Far This Time”–but often seems to be coasting. “Get Drunk and Be Somebody,” “Grain of Salt,” and “Brand-New Bow” are never less (and little more) than dumb fun, while “Can’t Buy You Money” is a clever twist on the “money can’t buy you love” adage. The most contentious track here, “Ain’t No Right Way,” is just waving a red flag at those who refuse to reduce complex issues to simple black-and-white. Keith insists that he only writes as many songs as he needs to record; this time, some quality control might have required writing a few more.

keithcov2.jpgToby Keith is famous for the line: “We’ll put a boot in your ass/It’s the American way,” perhaps the single most profitable sung line to emerge from the post-WTC demolitions surge in patriotardism.

This is how it works in America. The jews set the agenda and determine our policies. Anybody who wants to get access to the public sings their tune or gets shut out. As the Dixie Chicks found when they dissassociated themelves from Bush, incurring hostility from dolts and roughneck slicker Toby.

Keith wrote “Courtesy” a week after the Sept. 11 attacks. In part, it was a way of dealing with his grief over the March 2001 auto-accident death of his father, H.K. Covel, 64, an Army veteran who was killed after another car pushed his in front of a bus. The song was so blazingly vengeful that Keith had no intention of recording it. He did so only after his associates and high-ranking members of the military insisted. As a result, even Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has sent him a handwritten letter of appreciation.

I bet he did! He sings a simple story for simple minds. The truth he flips, but the truth never put any food on anyone’s plate, as Oliver North once said. Patriotards are for fleecing, and if all they get for their trouble is a cabeza full of fruit salad (see action photo below), well, they weren’t using it much anyway. More here on country music and the wars.
If you subtract the niggers, Indians and jew-manipulaed yahoos from Oklahoma you get a negative number.

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  7. 39 Responses to “Slurs Aren’t Acceptable in Mainstream Media”

    1. Nick T Says:

      I think you went a bit overboard on this one.The ‘simplistic”solution is generally the best way to attack a problem. The problem[in descending layers]is Illegal aliens,niggers,Muslims,liberals,homosexuals,then Jews.until you have desposed of the outer layers,you can’t deal with the core.Toby speaks[and writes songs] for a great many of Americans who believe as he does.Whereas,you come across[at least to me],as a closet fag! Did some red-neck kick your ass,when you tried to pick him up?See-another simplistic solution!

    2. JimSummers Says:

      The rednecks are morons who flag wave for Israel, if they had any sense at all they would pull their sons out of the ZOG army and instead march on D.C.

      Dickless cowards like Toby Keith pretend to have a sack and attack “ragheads” and other such safe targets, but let’s see that dillweed name the KIKES? Don’t hold your breath waiting on that.

    3. McCoy Says:

      The current country music scene is so repulsive compared to the wonderful, inspiring ballads from the Grand Ole Opry of years gone by. Toby Keith is nothing but a white nigger. In a darkened room, if I heard them speaking, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Al Sharpton and Toby Keith. I don’t know, he has fat lips and a big, flat nose—he might very well have the brush of tar. Thoroughly repulsive–hardly a role model for White youth.

    4. Lutjens Says:

      Never trust anyone with two first names.

    5. Nick T Says:


    6. Nick T Says:

      BTW ,McCoy,this “salt of the earth”man is Blonde and Blue-eyed. Canyou say as much?And in a ‘DARK ROOM”,he would only tear off the pieces of you he didn’t like.Can I watch?

    7. A. Says:

      You haven’t been reading Nick T. Who was behind the “civil rights” movement that unleashed the nigger onto the unsuspecting White communities? Who was behind the immigration act that allowed a flood of non-Whites into America? But we can’t piss and moan about that apparently. We just have to keep on bailing out the water without worrying about the holes in the side of the boat. Tell ya what Nick T, you bail we’ll try to mend the holes. Wat’a ya say? We’ll cut out the beasts heart and you can cut its nails.

    8. Nick T Says:

      To “A”-Good amorphorism “We’ll cut out the beast’s heart and you can cut its nails”BUT-if you defang,declaw,and neuter a beast,you have mastery over him ,and now YOU can dictate the terms of association,as it has no more front-line agressors.The nigger shit started in1954-Brown vs.Board of “Education”,and the 1986 immigration act were both enacted under Democratic Congresses.Only under a republican administration,did we ever try to stem the tide-1954-operation Wetback,except for the depression years,when Roosevelt sent all availiable Mexicans{legal and illegal] packing.Yes,Iread,and have been on this planet for 67 years;been there-done that ! Semper Fi .

    9. A. Says:

      Well semper fi means nothing to me since the Constitution has been abridged according to a congressional report and I believe those who spout semper fi are oath bound to defend the Constitution. They haven’t thus their word means nothing.

      Bush is what then? A democrat? Just silly games Granddad. Years are only an indication. There are as many old fools and young ones.

    10. GB Says:

      Nick T. is a bore. ::yawn::

    11. McCoy Says:

      Nick, wouldn’t you be fearful of being in a dark room should such a scuffle break out? After all, your yarmulke might fall off of your head, jewboy.

    12. Nick T Says:

      To “a”-Yes,Bush is essentially a Democrat in performance,much to my chagrin,as I voted for him.And “Semper Fi”will always be the creedo of any USMC veteran.I fought and bled for little pukes like you for 2 1/2 years in VN,only to be spat upon when I returned.I’ve lived or worked in 51 countries ,still could kick your ass on a bad day,and would welcome the opportunity to meet. I live in Melbourne,FL -make a date-PUKE! To “mccoy”-you are hilarious-I’ve[legally] killed more people than you’ve had arguments with-and am first generation American of Russian extraction-my fathers name was Boris Petrovitch Tamiroff-definately not kike,as I. I’m not pro Jew,but think there are more pressing problems at hand we can do something about now,rather than rail about ZOG.

    13. A. Says:

      You didn’t fight for me buddy. You fought so others could make money off of the blood you, your comrades and your “enemies” spilled. No I suppose you want some other kids to go do the same. It’s just a joke mate. You lost in VN. Did it make any difference? Did America fall and become a satillite nation to any other than the one it already was one to?

      You fought to betray your country. To create the right atmosphere for malaise while enriching others. You helped, through your ignorance, bring you country to this pass, and you still won’t live up to your oath.

      Who did you fight for again? Not for your country. You broke your oath, and went and waged war against its best interests.

    14. A. Says:

      I know chances are you will not allow that truth Nick T. it is just too painful. But anyone with their wits remaining can see its truth. You are an object of pity. Through your blindness you helped destroy the thing you thought you were defending. You didn’t fight for me Granddad.

    15. Nick T Says:

      Well,Ã? just got spat on again!If “A”is alex Linder of VNN fame,just WHAT is HIS resume’-other than being an imperfect little shit-head?And this “Grandad”shit is getting old-I’m 6’2′,185,bench 325,run5:20 mile,still go to the Dojo[Karate/Brown belt/8thdan],paid my dues[to my country,and assorted pukes],have been in more countrys than most of you in houses.VN was a cluster-fuck-we NEVER lost a battle,except in the US-thanks to politicians and “peaceniks”. Semper FI!

    16. A. Says:

      Told you the truth would be too hard for you to accept granddad. And no, I’m not Alex. That “except” of yours is important. You lost the war. YOU LOST. What did it matter? It was just a horse and pony show. It was just a way of helping destroy the country and you participated in the destruction on the otherside of the make believe and now want to crow about it.

      Fooled once and you remain the fool having never perceived you were played like a fiddle. And still they play on, and you just can’t get it. Too much pride, too much Semper FI! and not enough man of your word and doing what your oath demands. Just like the rest. What did Kissinger say about people like you? Something about “stupid beasts to be used” or some such. Still not getting through to you is it? Too much self-righteous pride that is instilled in you from the otherside of your masters mouth. The strings that make sure you will always dance to their tune.

    17. Nick T Says:

      A-you need a trip to the woodshed,or better yet,an invite to speak at any VFW,American Legion,or DAV function-lots of “Grand-dads”there-I’m sure your pompos retoric would be duly appreciated.LOL BTW,bring your own medic.Semper Fi

    18. A. Says:

      Sure Nick T., the only brain you have is your bicep. It is like the big strong man with the little dwarf on his shoulder. You think your the man and all the rest of that, well, pure shit, but its the little dwarf tugging you on your ears and pointing you in the right direction that really counts.

      See all those cops out for any pro-White rally, and next to none for all the illegals? Maybe some of those cops ought to take me out to the woodshed. What do you think Nick T.? Or maybe some NKVD commisars?

      You are just a tool. Simple. And you think that makes you grand. You have no brain to think for yourself with. Talking to you is pointless. BTW, I don’t believe in all that crap about lets settle it this way or that way. I believe your target should never see you coming, never even know you exist if possible, and then just know nothing forever more.

      Again, you are just spouting shit. You don’t matter except for your ability to defend the jew and fight for the jew and the interests of the money men through your terrible mixture of arrogance and ignorance.

      I’ve tried to help you granddad, but it all is to no avail. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    19. Nick T Says:

      A-as an asidé,i’m a degreed engineer[retired],a charter member of MENSA[Ayn Rand chapter/NYC],hold several patents,and have generally contributed to the betterment of this planet.Your retoric[I can almost see the spittle exiting your dick-sucker]is so similar to that I heard from the great un-washed of the 60’s,that makes my ask-Just WHAT is YOUR corriculum vitae?Are you old enough to drink,or do you just do drugs?And oh ,I agree with your comment on never let your target know you exist-I was a sniper in VN[best kill-1400yds] see ya, and Semper Fi !

    20. A. Says:

      Hey MENSA fuckwit try this Semper Fi!


      That man one of your friends from VN? See what happens when a Semper Fi traitor meets a White man defending his homeland?

      And it doesn’t bother me at all what pieces of paper you have. What was it? “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic;”

      Yet you claim: ‘VN was a cluster-fuck-we NEVER lost a battle,except in the US-thanks to politicians and “peaceniksâ€?.’ So why didn’t you take out the domestic enemy?

      Why don’t you now?

      Just logic you genius. You lost and did it matter really? It was just lining the pockets of others while setting the ground for the “tune in drop out” crowd. Why go to Vietnam to fight communism when Cuba was just off the coast? asked Cmmdr Rockwell. Well genius?

      Seems to me you have to create a dichotomy of us and them. You know they use that to play groups off one another, and even to mix together different groups?

      Your as thick as pigshit granddad. You helped destroy many White lives fighting slant eyed men over somewhere no one really cared about while the blacks were set loose. You are a fool. An object of pity. And if we pull out of this mess you will be recorded with most of your generation as a betrayer of your race. Yes not even just an oath breaker, goon and thug for your jewish and money masters.

      Fuck you later Nick T.

    21. Nick T Says:

      A-Damn you’re persistent in your child’s vitriol-I’m going to get your mommy to wash your mouth out with soap! And,if I were to go against “domestic”enemies,you’d be high on MY list.And my sincere apologies to Alex Linder,for postulating that possibly you were he.Again-I recognize the Jewish influence on our society[not good],but think tere are more current problems. “When you are fighting off alligators,it’s hard to remember your goal was to drain the swamp”.As you get older,sonny,you will be able to establish priorites.As a personal insight,I’ll bet you wern’t even alive in 1960,when our first “advisors”went into VN,and your “viewpoints”are a product of a combination of liberal schools,and a Neo-Nazi self image. GROW UP,YOU LITTLE PUKE.

    22. A. Says:

      You can’t argue the facts you purile MENSA shithead. I’ve stated the facts, and what I get from you is a mixture of bravado, untainted stupidity and proud ignorance. You just recognized you are an oath breaker shit for brains. Examine your last post carefully, you MENSA nitwit.

      Fuck you granddad. You’re a fuck’n idiot.

    23. Nick T Says:

      A-YOU SHOULD KNOW,THAT WITH EVERY POST,YOU BECOME MORE RABID;WE NEED TO TAKE YOU TO THE VET[HOPEFULLY NOT THE VN ONE].If your English teacher analyzed your last post,you got an F-I’ve seen pit-bulls with more elocution. I,unlike you,know exactly who I am,you have yet to achieve that status.Sonny-you are getting humorous,and have increased the hits to VNN,if for no other reason than me forwarding this to friends and other blogs.LOL CHRIST,YOU”RE AN IDIOT!

    24. Nick T Says:

      O.k.A-Iwent to the site you referenced-The” Marine” is NOT-the ribbons are incorrectly placed,by order of precedence,and I seriously doubt he received any Korean War awards.Just another nigger looking for a free ride.Plus-Marines never wore a beret!Christ,are you ignorant!

    25. Nick T Says:

      A- Still would like a mini-bio,or synopsis of your achievements in life–waiting with bated breath.He-He!-No answer again,eh?

    26. A. Says:

      Still waiting for you to face facts. Until that occurs swapping resumes with you seems rather pointless. As long as the jews are around there will always be other more “immediate problems”. Vietnam was one of those “immediate problems”, Korea was one of those “immediate problems”, Iraq is one of those “immediate problems”, always more immediate problems. How many more “immediate problems” do you want before you figure out dancing to the problem makers’ tune most probably isn’t the best course of action?

      Just kill the fuck’n jew graddad, how fucking hard is that to understand you purile old git? I mean, you are so slow and dense. No fool like an old fool. How true.

    27. Nick T Says:

      A-Iwant you to note that I have deleted “Semper Fi” from my closings,in deference to your fragile id-I would hate to have caused a suicide[I’m lying] RAH,RAH,RAH!

    28. Nick T Says:

      A-Still won’t give a description of yourself-academemically,age-wise,or professionally?The word “PHONEY’ rings in my ears,but I could be wrong-you are so transparent here, that I could justifiably assume you are a SF GAY,CROSS-DRESSER WHO IS WRITING THIS FROM A BATH-HOUSE! Regards=Grand-dad

    29. A. Says:

      And I noticed you haven’t addressed any of the issues but want to deliniate on who holds the most pieces of paper. I believe that is “argument to authority”, which a rhetorical trick used on the stupid. I should also add, must often used by the stupid.

      How is MENSA working out for you? Still waiting for you to address the facts and look things square in the eye instead of running and hiding in the little cubby hole our race’s primary enemy has created for you.

      If anyone sucks grandpapa it is you. I’m guessing you joined the marines, if you actually were one, so you could be around men, in the showers, up nice and close and all sweaty. That right gramps? Seems alot of projection is going on in your mind. Just because you liked to wear stockings and a suspender belt under your fatigues doesn’t mean we all want to. See how easy it is to just talk shit that doesn’t really matter granddad? You’re still a useless shit.

    30. Nick T Says:

      A-son,I would really like to take you to the woodshed-your tantrums are getting out of hand,and you need to understand the meaning of discipline.Apparently,you didn’t have a father who taught you respect nor common sense-sorry.AGAIN, I ASK YOU TO GIVE SOME SORT OF BIO, SO I KNOW WHAT KIND OF IDIOT I’M DEALING WITH BTW- I have yet to see any “facts’ that you espouse as backing.Sonny-You are a piece of work-go to school-you’ll need all the help availiable. BTW-I did wear panty hose in VN-kept leeches from attaching themselves to vital lower extremities.Also did it Brunei,when running “hashes”-converted several Brits and Aussies-not a dick-sucker among them.[you wouldn’t be welcome] Cheers,Mate. My wife is loving this -I send it to her job,and all the girls laugh like hell over your tantrums[she works at a major university in Central Florida] Grand-dad.

    31. Nick T Says:

      A-are you running out of vitriol,or new verbage? “Been there,done that” just pisses off you pukes that have never done squat,but can pontificate on the “trangressions”of your elders[and bettors] have achieved through a lifetime of effort.Since you won’t give any biograph-Does “A’ stand for AMIN,ABDULLA,AHSHEET,orARSEHOLE??Enquirig minds want to know.Grand=dad

    32. A. Says:

      Again you address nothing and just shit talk like a nigger. Are you a nigger, gandpaps?

      Are you that fabulous beast of which tales are told, the MENSA nigger?

      Address the points raise or STFU. :)

      You’re an ignorant moron paps.

    33. A. Says:

      See papy old boy, you don’t address points but try to impune people’s sexuality and think that a fine rebuttle of facts. Nigger Turd, you are almost brain-dead. And that be a fact jack!

    34. A. Says:

      BTW, do you and your “wife” pretend you wear the pantyhose in memory of your time amongst the leeches of your fantasy, as you suck “her” cock while “she” grades “her” students papers from “her” Afro-History class?

      Enquiring minds want to know, grandpaps. Obviously you consider this entertainment and thus are a troll. You have proved you have nothing to offer or to say. It all falls down to you acting out like a nigger when confronted with facts you don’t like.

      I’ve laid out the facts and you conveniently ignore them and would rather shit talk and jive like the rest of the street-niggers you no doubt accost at the local restrooms. Grandpop on the downlow as it were. Ever pimp your “wife” out for a little nigger-boy ass, in the “wood shed”?

      But no doubt this is all water off a duck’s back. “As water to a fish, so contempt to the contemptible.” – W. B.

    35. Nick T Says:

      A- a request-#1;look up the definition of “fact”in the dictionary. #2;keeping this in mind,list,specifically,the “facts” you have presented. #3;throw another tantrum. #4;place job applications with Howard Dean,Cynthia McKinney,Al Sharpton,and Jesse Jackson [with your style of elucidation,I’m sure you’ll get at least one offer] #5;take your PROZAC-you’re going into overload! BTW–maybe it’s better you don’t give any clue to your identity-your last post was beyound the bounds of civility-you don’t fuck with a man’s wife,dog,or truck! See ya,SONNY

    36. Nick T Says:

      A- Did you know there’s a couple of neat little programs that can trace IPs to their source,identify the owner,and even give all account information?A word to the [Un}wise-do NOT bring my family into this fracus,you will NOT like the outcome.

    37. A. Says:

      You brought your family in. Not me. Fact. Again, reality doesn’t seem to be your friend. Your brought your wife up like the nigger you are in order to try and represent. Fuck you nigger. Still got a problem with the reality that facts and logic prove you are an oath breaker, a loser, most probably a closet homosexual with a penchant for small boys.

      Look up my ip if you like faggot. See, instead of doing what you should you talk shit and then get all riled up when someone plays you at your own game. You really are a nigger aren’t you?

      If I ain’t scared of those you are scared of, what makes you think I give a damn about you boy? See grandpops. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. You just got to take it round the back and shoot it in the head.

    38. Nick T Says:

      A-well,you did well on my # 3 request,but obviously didn’t on #5-Sonny;take a break-go back to embarassing your parents.You are obviously deranged,probably should be under psychiactric supervision,and desperatly in need of a life.And to think that this started over a Toby Keith post!LOL Grand-dad.BTW -My name is Nicholas Tamiroff 2261 Canterbury ln Melbourne FL PH [321] 253-8070. Stop by or call some time-I’m sure I would would be MOST gratified.[especially if you stopped by] Semper Fi !

    39. jackumup Says:

      I Love country music, I saw the Tobey Kieth Patriotic video where he sings to the troops. I was embaressed as a American to see such meaningless self promotion. FUCK HIM