1 April, 2006

Virological Forschungen Reveal…

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    1. Nortonryder Says:

      Wow! Ed Steele was right. He said that ‘Anti-Semitism is a Disease, you catch it from Jews’. Here is the proof of the infectious agent.

    2. Kyle Says:

      Good one Alex!

    3. Will Says:

      The Germans had them nailed (excuse the pun) 60 years ago, to a T. Everything we say today holds just as true as it was then. Can anyone translate the German words?

      The cartoon is accurate enough. Let’s get it published in Denmark and see if the jews throw a trantrum.

    4. Sehnsucht nach dem Reich Says:

      I may translate the words for you (in the original it rhymes, of course)

      With his poison decomposes the jew
      the inert blood of the weak peoples
      so that symptoms of an illness appear
      which rapidly aggravates.
      But with us the diagnosis is as follows:
      The blood is pure, we are healthy.
      (annotation: I wish it would be true)

    5. Alex Linder Says:

      Thanks for that translation!

      What are those triangles, anyway?

      I think they should be little hooknoses.

    6. Alex Linder Says:

      BTW, this toon is from Streicher’s paper, Der Stuermer.

      Streicher was executed by the democratic allies after Nuremberg for the capital crime of criticizing jews.

      Jews, by contrast, penned books such as “Germany Must Perish,” which received favorable reviews in papers such as the New York Times.

    7. Outis Says:

      I think the triangle is of kabbalistic significance. Their “Tree of Life” is arranged in triangles, called “sephirot”.

    8. alex Says:


    9. Arch Says:

      The triangle represents half of the Star of David and the symbol of ancient Egypt, the country that first suffered the jew’s first and most successful attempt at the infection and destruction of an advanced civilization. Here’s a big clue, if you put on your Hoffman lenses, you will immediately notice that the Hollywood jew’s standard depiction of ancient Egypt is that of a proto- Nazi state. The evil Aryan cultural disposition is obvious in these portrayals, the only thing missing is the swastika. I have long conjectured that the upright triangle of the Star of David represents the state of pharaonic Egypt, while the inverted triangle symbolizes the jew’s cultural mirror image imposed on their host. The true Star of David depicts two interlocking triangles. That interlocking symbolizes the intermingling of the jews with their host to the point of inseparability. Look at the jewish infection of America, the cultural interlocking aspect of the jew’s modus operandi is clearly in evidence. For those with Hoffman lenses firmly in place, this bizarro cultural mirror imaging imposed by the jew’s demonstrates the dissipating effect that, in the same manner as ancient Egypt, turned American culture upside-down. In the Torah story, Joseph used the Pharaoh’s political power to economically enslave his own people. Likewise the jews have used America’s own political and legal system to economically enslave Americans. I maybe incorrect, but given the biblical stories of Joseph in Egypt and the Exodus and given the jews penchant for kabbalistic symbolism, I cannot imagine any other reasonable answer for the Star of David. If you read the jewish explanations for the SoD, you will find numerous touchy-feely reasons that bear no semblance to any possible reality, but then again is not such deception the very nature of the jew? It is possible that Herr Streicher was using the triangle to illustrate the original, uninfected cell that becomes the Star of David after the infection takes hold; thus the view under the jew-o-scope shows the jew organism taking over the infected host body – a perfect graphic analogy of the jew in action.


      Arch Stanton

    10. Unmarked grave next to Arch Stanton Says:

      That was pretty cool Arch.

    11. alex Says:

      That’s reasonable speculation Arch, but I don’t think there’s any evidence the jews were ever in Egypt, just more made-up stories from the kikesters’ bag o’ bullshit.

    12. Outis Says:

      What sort of evidence would you ask for? The Jews weren’t an influential lot back in Egypt; they had no way to leave an archaeological impress on Egyptian society. They had the written word, however, and at the very least, there is ample reason to believe they were long in the southern Sinai, where they more than likely first encountered Yahweh and made their covenant with those real desert Semites. Is it far-fetched to suppose that some Hebrews tried to penetrate Egyptian society and were, perhaps, detected and enslaved? The Egyptians were no strangers to slave-labor, often capturing Nubians for this purpose.

      You shouldn’t go so absolutely far in denying the historical record of the Jews. There is always the same kikish pathos and lying, but it is not pure nonsense. A lot of the nonsense is, in fact, mythological detritus from other peoples — I would think you knew that. I pointed out to you not long ago that their “Japheth”, the third original man, brother to Shem and Ham, is most likely a corruption of “Iapatos”, Ju-piter/Zeus Pater/Dyaush-Pitar. The Garden of Eden, the Flood, Judgement Day, Heaven and Hell — these are all POETIC creations, drawn from the folk traditions and religious systemata of other peoples: the Jews simply don’t have so much imagination. They do, however, take their perceived slights very seriously, elevating to the status of national, and in our time universal holidays. On the other hand, I am obliged, by conscience, to point that Jews have not always been as completely dishonest as they are today. In Imperial Germany there were a handful of pro-Prussian, even anti-Zionist Jews; there were objective Jew scholars whose research one could not expunge without damaging the record of advance in certain sciences, above all philology; and there were Jews who, for all their innate faults, did their best to assimilate to German culture, even if that very drive to assimilation took on exaggerated form, owing to their origin. My point is that we are speaking here of the very infancy of the Hebrew race, at a time when they simply did not have the whole accumulated body of kikery, the Talmud, on their backs weighing them down, forcing them to extreme inhumanity; the Habiru were nothing more than a ragtag bunch of marauders, thieves and dropouts from the hinterland of the Levant. Why would they have a record of some of their people having been enslaved in Egypt? what purpose would it serve? does it not presuppose an advanced intelligence which such a people, at that stage in their development, would not be likely to have?

      I’ll stop there.

    13. Outis Says:

      I meant above: “Why would they have to fabricate a record of….”

    14. SHMUELY Says:

      Arch & Outis, wahre rassische Wissenschaft am Arbeit! You guys are amazing, sicher, Klagen an!

    15. Sehnsucht nach dem Reich Says:

      One should have in mind that the Stürmer was a popular newspaper and the targeted group was the common man. So I heavily doubt that the cartoonist had such profound reaons for his simple geometrical drawings. So I suggest – rather anticlimatical – that the triangles “symbolize” cellular waste.


    16. Arch Says:

      One should understand the only real importance in this matter is how the jews perceive their own historical symbolism.We all know the Hollowhoax never happened, but at the risk of serving prison time, try telling that to the jews and their sycophants. The gains from the symbolism presented by the mythical Hollowhoax has been twofold. First the salivary secretions from repeated telling of the myth has been used in exactly the same manner as the Torah’s Exodus story, i.e. to cement the jew’s together as a unified, persecuted, minority. Secondly, jews have achieved very real economic gains through the adept manipulation of their fecal fallacy. The jew’s Torah stories are no less relevant to the jew’s historical viewpoint than the Hollowhoax, so what matters the reality? If the jews say the Nazis tired to exterminate them, then what goy worm would dare deny their claims? Likewise if the jews say they had a major impact on ancient Egypt or that they secretly believe they first used their traditional methods of infiltration to destroy that advanced civilization, then who are we to deny their claim? One of the historical points that always made me suspect the actual impact of jewish influence in Egypt was finding one of the last Egyptian Pharaohs was a Negro. Shortly after that Negro Pharaoh’s reign, Egypt as an ancient superpower disappeared. Jews have long used the Negro to infect and intermarry their hosts to the point of extinction. Sixteenth century Portugal presents a perfect documented historical example of the jews use of the Negro to destroy a white civilization. So anyone want to bet how long Amerikwa will last after the election of the first Negro president? As for the comment by Sehnsucht nach dem Reich that “One should have in mind that the Stürmer was a popular newspaper and the targeted group was the common man. So I heavily doubt that the cartoonist had such profound reasons for his simple geometrical drawings.” I have found that Germans of the Nazi era were in many respects very astute observers of human nature and quite proficient at uncovering historical evidence, so why would I lean towards the belief that the depiction in the cartoon was mere happenstance?


      Arch Stanton

    17. Outis Says:

      I can’t go as far as you, Arch, though I will research this negro Pharaoh, as I’ve not heard of it until now — though it sounds likely.

      “First the salivary secretions from repeated telling of the myth has been used in exactly the same manner as the Torah’s Exodus story”

      Right, but there is one difference: in the Holohoax story, no one can deny that Jews were physically in eastern Europe; what we question is what occurred within the territory. The effect, inter judaeorum, would be the same if they had made an issue of just being “mistreated” in eastern Europe. They went further than that, of course, owing to the masochistic brilliance of modern Jewry, with all its centuries of experience.

    18. alex Says:

      Why doubt jews are the elect of god?

      If you do, why believe anything else they say?

      I believe Egyptians existed because I’ve seen the artifacts. Jews with tall tales, eh, I can open the paper and get that. Nothing a jew says can be believed without independent verification.

    19. Outis Says:

      Yea, well, we’re talking about a time when “evidence” wasn’t exactly a priority. There are, however, references to Habiru in the Egyptian annals — as good as it gets.