6 May, 2006

Awaken and Avenge Download

Posted by alex in frauds, WTC demolition at 3:05 pm | Permanent Link

A revised version of Awaken and Avenge is now available. This video documentary, produced by a white nationalist, surveys the events of September 11th. The download site is here.

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  7. 19 Responses to “Awaken and Avenge Download”

    1. Brandon Says:

      what is the difference in this version and the one torrented on here a few weeks ago?

    2. GB Says:

      One wonders what Pierce would have made of all this, after all he was a physics professor.

    3. sfas Says:

      The difference is the narration is re-recorded with a much better microphone.

      A lot of parts are taken out and some are added.

      (all in the second half)

    4. fuk u Says:


    5. azwhite Says:

      I have broadband and it took 6 hours to dL this file. The audio skips every two seconds but I could understand what was being said if I paid attention but it was aggravating. Does anyone know if this is available on a DVD?
      Also, Fuk U……you are pathetic and are incapable of independent thought, so go back to fuckin your chimpess and STFU.

    6. Agis Says:

      same experience as azwhite. I consider this still a ‘beta’ attempt.

    7. GB Says:

      I noticed a bit a of what Agis and Azwhite have said, yet I didn’t think it was so bad. Finally a White Nationalist took the initiative and did something, I applaud his efforts.

      You can be damn sure he doesn’t have the resources he needed, nor the money!

      3035 downloads from BuyWhite.net.

    8. Lutjens Says:

      The quality and amount of information made this a worthwhile viewing. USS Liberty piece and everything after that was extremely enlightening.

    9. GB Says:

      The downloads keep coming: 3347

    10. Novashok88 Says:

      If I already have the first version and it plays fine, is it worth the couple hours’ time to get this one? Is everyone experiencing the audio-skip problem or is it an end-user (software or user) problem? I thought the first was a good summation of many of the other 911 documentaries out there. Not a lot of new info (except the ZOG angle being mentioned instead of merely alluded to) but it’s a great video to give to friends and family who need all the info in a short package. I might be willing to sit through dozens of 911-theory videos, most of which claim the same basic things, to get all the info available but most volk need a synopsis. Much thanks to those who put this video together & are giving it a site to be downloaded from.


    11. azwhite Says:

      I should have included in my above comment that I really do appreciate the effort of this WN whoever he is for the great effort he made in making this video. It is a very fine documentary. I just wish the audio did not skip. I wish I knew where I could buy a copy on DVD. The problem could indeed be on my end but I really don’t know.

    12. EI Says:

      I apologize to everyone for the problems with this file.

      The next version will be released as a DIVX file.

      From here on out, I have a base I can work off of.

      I will keep adding new information.

      This new version will include several minutes of new, original, and up to date information. Basically I will include aspects of my own investigations now.

      I am told that DIVX files can be burned to DVD and played on certain new DVD players.

    13. Novashok88 Says:

      YES! Thanks so much for all the work you’re doing. A DivX copy would be great, but just as a tech-aside, XviD is just as easy to endode as DivX, plays on pretty much any player that plays DivX, and while DivX is propriatary XviD is open-source and always being improved. To anyone looking for a DVD player that plays just about everything (DVD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, photo CDs, MP3 discs, VCD, SVCD, and more) then look for the Phillips DVP-642 player. I got mine, as did many folks I know, for under $60 and it’s a great player. You can burn a DVD with several DivX/XviD movies on a single disc, such as the entire Indiana Jones trilogy on 1 disc, or you can mix and match formats such as having a disc with some MP3s, a DivX movie, a folder full of .jpgs, and whatever else you can fit onto the disc and they all will play fine. Just a bit of learned advice as I love my player. There are other players out there that play DivX but not many as cheaply priced as this one.

      DivX/XviD is a great choice becasue it has great video quality, 5.1 surround sound and more all in a tiny video file. Most XviD movies will fit on a single CD-R while retaining a very high state of quality. I’d call a good encode ‘almost DVD quality” but instead of taking up around 4.5 GB as does a real DVD, the Divx/XviD ripped version should be around 700MB. To put it another way, for broadband it’s a 15 minute download instead of 2 hours, or for those on dialup it’s only a night’s worth of downloading instead of a week or 2 to get 5 gigs at 56k speeds or less..

      Thanks again for the work, this is definitely something i’ll be keeping up with. Sooner or later the real story is going to break and personally I don’t think it could happen soon enough!


    14. Sehnsucht nach dem Reich Says:

      Has anybody listened to the great Christopher Bollyn (perhaps the best investigative journalist on earth) with Daryl Bradford Smith?


      In this interview Bollyn speaks about the many pieces of evidence beyond the dancing israelis and the fishy art students, which point to Zionist planing of 911. I encourage everybody to distribute that audio file. And I encourage Alex Linder to invite Chistopher Bollyn to his Goyfire Show.

      Dary Bradford Smith, who clearly lacks a racial Weltanschauung and is sometimes a rather odious sucker for the jewish propaganda concerning the Third Reich, is an alert analyst of Zionist criminal machinations. So his internet radio shows vary in quality, but are informative if you know how to filter out the crap (the “good jew majority” for example). These shows are generally better than the ones by Micheal Collins Piper, who is a much better writer of books than a talk show host.

      Christopher Bollyn who writes on a regular basis for the American Free Press is not only an expert on the topic of 911, but has also inter alia investigated the poisoning of Middle East including the American soldiers therein with depleted uranium, and the electronic vote fraud in the so called “Democracies”.

    15. Rob Says:

      This is a GREAT MOVIE! It is one of the best WN Film efforts I have seen so far, and Byron and Mike M.’s stuff is real good.

      I had no problem with the file.

      By the way, great history of false flags! This is so much more effective than any book.

    16. Rob Says:

      There’s a mistake in the narration. “By using unarmed aircraft” should be

      “by using UNMARKED aircraft.”

    17. Clerical Error Says:

      I tried to download this from Australia, it is censored.

    18. Alex Says:

      Let’s be clear on something: are you guys calling for an implementation of Hitler’s Final Solution in America?

    19. Kent Qvist Says:

      Regarding AWAKEN & AVENGE – can anybody tell me the name of the opening song and the band?
      Greetings from Sweden…