16 May, 2006

Pomona College Magazine, Spring 2006

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The mater matrix pinches off an alumni mag three times a year. The latest issue is chock full of stubby brown goodness, like unto an ashtray at a cigar bar.

For years I was lost to fundraisers, then last fall I got a call. I told the student that the chance of Pomona receiving one wooden ha’penny from me was less than negative, but that when I became rich, I would consider setting up a scholarship for needy White males of proven mental merit. Consider it. Great brains equipped with money remains worthless if the professors profess nonsense. Just what is it Pomona professors know that’s worth paying to learn? Very little, by my experience. Glorious blue-gold SoCal afternoons, with the sun, slowly, slowly dying — these are free, and these are what I value and remember.

Pomona is an independent liberal-arts college located in Claremont, California. It was set up to be a Southern California version of an ivy league school. The founders were three-named WASPs from the East Coast, and their mentality and mission have developed, or devolved, in the same way everthing else has. We look to the future while keeping a proud toe in the past, like a properly coiffed and shell-waving Alabama beauty contestant. I extract from memory: They only are loyal to this institution who in departing bear their added riches in trust for mankind. That was graven on one of the walls near the eucalyptus trees. This site bears riches for mankind, however, as you will see, those riches were not acquired via Pomona, but in spite of her – through independent reading carried out at the opportunity cost of passing on assigned marxoid/Anglo-historical rubbish.

You don’t even have to open this square, expensive production before your lips peel back in grimace. The only positive note seems to be the lack of an article on Kabuki, a type of Japanese puppet theatre perhaps the single most boring art form on earth, and the subject of extensive features virtually every other edition. Thank god for small favors. What we do get is a cover shot — by Carlos Puma! rowrrrr — a free-gray-and-fifty-one pic of some grinny yoregrad — surrounded by roughly a dozen brown stubbies, several attempting to press their everted lips on her chin, forehead and hair. Words? “The Many Faces of Family…” Ah, I don’t need to tell you what we’re in for here. You know. Homos and houseplants; second basemen with basters; proud china-pet owners; anything but mom ‘n’ pop and their blue/blond slop. Who’s to say what’s a family? Yeah. Who’s? You and your hidebound divisive disinclusivism? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Let me tell you, friend, your kind is on the way out.

pctspring06.jpg This display is geared to sway and suck bucks from the sixties set. To persuade them that their peers sail successfully into the warm wild winds of worldism, and they should hop on board too. Diversity and high standards: as natural as black and blonde, moving arm in arm forward into the New Era. Pomona’s ruling ideology is WASP-faced judeobolshevism. If you want to see its dark side, you have only to pipe up that it’s based on contradictions, and cannot hold. It’s a chocolate-dipped turd: it may look, is certainly made to look, lucious and sweet on the outside, but bite in, and find out just how distasteful and septic it is within.

Let’s page through this thing and see what we find…

Inside cover: two girls graduating, being handed their diplomas by a blonde in a mortarboard. I’m just going to guess the grinning girls are nonWhites.

The letters section has an old photo of a girl being weighed and measured. She’s ill at ease. Older male letters writers are horrified at this tradition – the boys used to weigh and measure incoming freshman females. I agree on this. It is a ridiculous tradition. It is degrading and it disrespects the privacy of the girl in question. If I were male, I would not have participated, and if I were female, I would have told any boy who tried to grab me to go fuck himself. If I were a hermaprodite, I would have pretended I were a girl, and then pissed on Johnny McSophomore after making him fondle my crotch. Of course, none of these ever occurred to 99% of the idiots who beat and bewail these traditions today. Morons. No character then, no character today. Listen to this moronic jackoff:

Why didn’t we do the job 20 years earlier, why let that barbaric custom continue unchallenged? Many of us were appalled. Short-circuiting it would have been child’s play. I suppose, in those grey days of McCarthyist conformity, that was just one more thing we accepted without thinking about. — [Sparkles McDouchebag] class of ’54

Yeah, blame McCarthy for your own cowardice. Fact is, most people are useless cunts, no matter how bright. They all do what they’re told, and eagerly, gleefully join in hating and shitting on those who don’t.

First article’s got a far too close up pic of some Paki prof, Pakis being the its and essences of brown stubbies. He’s interviewed by larval Michael Bernstein (’08) about his work relieving on survivors of some massive earthquake that played Wack-a-paki with distraught semi-doogas in 2005. Please go back there and stay there, Mr. Professor of Economics.

There’s a blurb on the animals and plants in Pomona. Let’s face it, this is a tiny carveout suburb, around which some increasingly nasty mexiniggeria fondulates, specifically the town of Pomona itself, which has always been nigger central, until the shitskins began pushing them out. Pomona has more than 3,700 trees. Who counted? Why? Who cares? Why? The only remarkable aspect of the flora at Pomona are the eucalyptus trees. These are the ones koala bears live in and feed on; they have bark that peels in long strips, giving them the appearance of being outfit in camouflage. They’re just dirty trees from Australia, from another view. They pollute like geese. There I go again, saying trees pollute, just like Ronny Ray-gun, exactly the sort of thing the stupid liberals populating Pomona like to laugh at.

Pomona brags on its three kinds of ivy, but I can tell you that most of it is dusty, dirty, and just plain nasty, and full of webs with frighteningly large funnels. I had to wrestle many a truculent spider for the return of foul balls, back in the day. It seldom rains down there, and of course it’s never winter, so the nasties escape hibernian check. You walk down the sidewalk after dark, you’ll see plenty of roaches running around under the streetlamps; and where there’s ivy, there are always rats. Funny these don’t make the list of fauna. Why do we ignore four- and six-legged vermin, yet celebrate two-?

There’s a notice that one Elizabeth Armintrout, or Elizabeth “Libby” Gates Armintrout, ’86, has joined the PC board of trustees. I recall the name (I’m ’88) but only vaguely the girl, appears she’s related to that Gates, as she’s from that neck of the woods. She’s also president of The Lakeside School, which I believe Bill Gates attended. She’s your classic WASP in appearance, pale, washed out blue-blonde, almost half-albino. These WASPs appear frailer than they are. They appear weak, but are not weak. By the same token, they appear reasonable and solicitous, but tend toward moral insanity. They tend to exhibit religious fanaticism, usually manifesting itself in a political form. That means, hating people like me and outlets such as VNN that tell you the truth about race, because it conflicts with their religious attempts to alchemize niggers and like vermin into humans. Their very words tell the prick’t they’re off. Here’s some classic WASPery:

In a 2004 foreward for Star Palate, a celebrity cookbook to benefit breast and ovarian cancer research, she wrote, “Whether we’re opening our homes to friends for entertainment or caring for someone who is unwell, we extend ourselves to nourish others.

This is the modern version of ‘noblesse oblige.’ Imagine how warped and dangerous you have to be to see yourself unembarrassed in print as ‘nourishing’ others. You dig on this dryblonde’s dug you might get powdered milk if you’re lucky. This Armintrout is the type that has 0.2 kids, and is fecund with nothing but fanaticism, however mildly and tastefully it is expressed.

Conceive, if you can, the mentality behind the self-conception in I’m a nourisher. In my relations with others, I nourish them. This is of a piece with Barbara Bush’s not letting Iraqi body bags cloud her “beautiful mind.” The fact that this poisonous, laughable noblesse oblige is baseless, indeed positively dangerous — that it fucks up the world — doesn’t matter to the fucker. Only that she feels good about her nourishing self. She’s good. She nourishes others, she doesn’t mind conceding. True helpfulness begins in self-examination which ends truly and only in self-disgust, the root of all anti-evil. All great men know this. Dim missies never do. I wonder if any of this type has written a book titled: The Nourishing Self. If not, I bet one will. Well it might sell. Anglo’zed Americunts never tire of seeing themselves the helpful exemplars to an undeserving world. Yeck and wretch, but step lively, or the nasty nourishing juggernaut will run you down. The wattful among you may catch the callback to the ‘continuing to nourish a climate of opposition to bigotry,’ as expressed by the jew explaining their brilliant policy in opening our borders to the sewer world.

The only way to make my utter disdain and yes, hatred, of this type plainer is by contrasting it with the better type, my type. This type recognizes that human beings are inherently digusting, offensive, unappetizing to others, and so does what it can not to nourish others, but to make itself ever so slightly less obnoxious to them. Except for the canting, cunting WASPS and the jews they “nourish” for; — they are the aggressors, and need to be checked by their betters.

Hi! My name is Elizabethy “Libby” Gates Armintrout. What do I do? I nourish. Yeah. Many are called, few are chosen. I’m a soup kitchen in a blouse. The ladels scooping from my beautiful mind feed millions. Look on my works, ye haters, and despair…

Flipping over, we come across, mirabile dictu, racial pride! White pride? No. “Latino pride.” It will not be the last appearance of brown pride in this issue… We read that Pomona was named one of the nation’s “10 best colleges for Latinos” by Hispanic Magazine, out of Miami. We learn that this school of 1500+ is 11 percent “Latino.” At least three times higher percentage than the years I attended. Why this article is titled “Latino Pride” isn’t clear, but that ‘Latino’ is something worth taking pride in is self-evident and unproblematic to the white editor, Mark Wood.

What are the top ten colleges for Whites?

Flip, flip, flip… article on video games…boring… flip…good lord….a student wearing an outrageous shirt. Right on her budding tits are depictions of Goering, Himmler, Goebbels, and, yes, Hitler at the three-a.m. stage of partying. “Shirts & Hens (Pomona’s mascot is the sagehen) / The Nazi Party”…it’s all in good fun, you understand. The ideologues at whose feet more than 100,000,000 corpses can be laid just partied a littler harder than most. All in good fun. Oh yeah, remember to remember the Holocaust, and vote Quimby.

There’s an article on KSPC, the campus radio station, its origins and development. “Relegated to the lower bandwidths at the far left of the FM dial, small college stations created a culture of ‘underground’ radio that focused on the avant garde and esoteric, often providing a platform for points of view that ran counter to the McCarthyism and Cold War paranoia of the era.” That’s two mentions of McCarthyism and we’re only eight pages in. Those fearing communism and its hundred-million corpses need to doff their paranoia and don their party gear.

“Station manager Tracy Westen ’62 won national awards and raised a few eyebrows when he and his KSPC crew produced a documentary series on a national trend toward right-wing demagoguery — its centerpiece an exclusive interview with and exposé of American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell.” Nice example of the hypocrisy of the WASP/liberal. He’ll do any dirty thing that’s profitable, he just wraps it up so it pleases his conscience. He’s nourishing opposition to bigotry – and making a buck.

Flip again…a feature on students and their spaces. Whatever. Students featured are: jew, white male normal, gook female, white female, mexigook (best guess), white male – lifting weights, wearing Pabst Blue Ribbon shirt with sleeves cut out.

Then we’re to the cover story. Martha Evans ’57 is the granma amid the duskies. She had a bunch of kids, adopted a bunch more, drove her husband away. We are lectured by writer Rachel Stewart Johnson ’96: “Once upon a time, American families were all of the type enshrined by Norman Rockwell in his paintings – a mom, a dad and two children…blah, blah, blah…”there is no typical American family.” A family is any collection of more than one people combining its genitals in shapes beyond geometry, producing offspring more frightening than the snakes growing out of the potatoes you forgot under the sink last winter.

“Where other people were afraid to go, I would tend to go,” self-congratulates multi-mother Martha. This self-satisfaction is inescapable among Po-people. False humility, moral preening, that weak tea the WASP passes for funny. What a repugnant culture. It is the antithesis of all that is harsh, clear, strong, true and beautiful. It is thin, vicious, hypocritical, and smug by contrast.

“A first-generation American with a Norwegian mother and an Irish father, Evans possesses the fair skin, light hair and Lutheran religion typical of her ancestry — all traits well removed from the Mexican roots shared by the majority of her brood.” Mexicans are simply weeds. Go to a beach dominated by Mexicans and drive up and down it. Look at them. Do they appear to be human in the same sense Whites are? No, they don’t. They aren’t. They are inferior, and to celebrate humans’ promiscuos mingling with them is to celebrate the inferior and defective.

Slammed up against this cover story is one about a Marilyn Filley (’88), and her struggle to raise her autistic son. He’s blond. It’s a tragic story – autism has become widespread for unknown reasons, and we wish Filley and family well, but the point here is: Have you noticed how often white males are associated with defects social and physical? Stories like this invariably feature white males. All the ‘wonderful’ diversity disappears when it’s autism or wetting the bed or some other unpleasantry. Of course, there is nothing accidental about it. The intent is to associate the two, as the inverse of the ubiquitous black-blonde pairing. Whatever can be done to raise the prestige of coloreds and lower the prestige of white males will be faithfully executed in the WASP-faced judeomedia, where blond hair is the new black hat.

The third family profile is two grinning lesbians and their son. The well named Marcia Hams, (’69!), is one of them, and she and her little brewer were apparently the first to take advantage of the Massachusetts law enshrining the fiction that women can marry women. Hams became a machinist’s apprentice. She served on committees. She barked for rights. Obeying her urges, she induced an elmer to part with his Very Special glue. “It’s the world that has the problem, not us.” You go, lesbos. Apparently the happy three are poster children for the fagfolk brigades, and all this happy lapping, we are assured, is indistinguishable from progress.

The fourth and final menage involves a female rabbi, a river otter, and a marsupial to be named later.

I’m kidding. Maybe. Or maybe it’s a woman gazing off three-quarters, clutching a framed photo of the dead drunk she called son. She went to Pomona. He went, briefly, to Chico State. His wannabe Greek buddies forced a bottle of brandy in him, sent him downstairs to sleep it off, where he went that extra mile and expired.

Well, that’s what you get when you set up monkey houses like Chico State and pretend they’re colleges.

So, for those keeping score, that’s one dead white male, one defective and one “normal” with two moms. And a whole lot of happy, mostly healthy adopted coloreds. This mess is family.

Only those while males receive fair treatment who subordinate themselves to an obscene ordering of things in which everything female and colored is superior but just might, if we’re super polite and grovelly, condescend to drop a scooby snack somewhere near us on the floor.

PCT offers a high-end version of the sitcom/ad staple: the male as doofus, goofball, in need of instruction and consciousness raising from his morally and intellectually and culturally superior woman. Again, this shit can be laid directly at the foot of the WASP and his ridiculous Christian-Victorian culture.

Women? Good for fucking, for producing kids. You won’t find one in a thousand with something to say. That’s the truth. As for their being morally superior, anyone who puts women on a pedestal for that is an unobservant fool. Women are more vicious, less intelligent, and in almost every way less impressive than men. To wrap them in cloth like the Muslims do is going too far, but to put them on pedestals and worship them is every bit as ridiculous, and far more dangerous. If you hate our modern culture, not only do you hate jews, you hate women acting on their un-male-mediated devices. Where women rule, there is no freedom, no true taste, just mediocrity and conformity as far as the eye can see. This is why women are favored in today’s world – and why men are encouraged to become women. Women don’t challenge the power structure, they aren’t built for it. They’re built to conform, no matter who’s setting the pattern or calling the shots. Very, very, very few women understand this. For all their ability to spot motives and emotions in personal interviews, they’re completely blind to the way their sex is manipulated through Nike commercials, Title IX, and the whole girl power garbage. It must be emphasized, though, that women and their role in any society is nothing but a function and reflection of the state of the male. Women can only do what men allow and encourage them to. They are not capable of initiating things on their own outside established patterns. Women today are used as part of a system in which one set of males arranges to dominate another. The nigger or the sandler gets the blonde; the blonde spends her family’s pent up billions to aid the little niggers in Africa – these are different aspects of the same zirconium. Women dominating an institution is an unmistakeable sign that the golden age has passed. Five IQ points dumber than men, women nevertheless receive the majority of the degrees. Do you think that is by accident? Then you fail to think at all.

You can’t start being carefully Correct too early, otherwise you’ll get Afro-nagged for wearing a stars-n-bars stickpin when you were twelve. From article about kids and parents communicating via new e-means: [The parent] “says she is amazed by what some people will post online, but Tom’s blog doesn’t contain any surprises. Her son says that’s his intention. “I know it’s a public record so anything I post there has to be appropriate reading for my mom, my future children, my future employers, maybe even my future constituents.” Is that the voice of maturity, or is that the Scared-Correct major in rabbitry?

Seems the administration commissioned this article about ‘heliparents’ who are overly attentive to their student’s problems. Back off, parents. The irony they see is the baby-boomers who overthrew in loco parentis back in the sixites now hang and hover. Dean Bruce Poch doesn’t like that. He’s the guy who not only signed the letter with the other deans and president denouncing me, but wrote his own separate letter, with extra curses. He would later write an article re admissions stating overtly that Pomona discrimates against Whites, describing them as bigots who aren’t open-minded enough to benefit from a Pomona education. Golf clap for Dean Wurmpoke, everybody…

The real point is that the parents don’t care about what the kids are studying. They care about grades, and that the value of the name they’re buying stays high. What kind of flesh goes in the sausage, eh, it can be so much jagdwurst for all they care. College, like most things in life, is a scam. Call it.

Next up, oh, you’re gonna love this one, is ‘lactivist’ — how cute! — “Lorig Charkoudian.” Her activism consists of badgering Starbucks to let her play sow in whichever portion of their cafe she pleases. Activism = whining. Activism = selfishness. Activism = demanding others accommodate themselves to you. Activism = making oneself a public nuisance. Stupid broad.

A month later, she would be occupying a chair across from CNN’s Anderson Cooper. But on that day at the coffee shop, she was just another tired suburban mom…

Get it? Rosa Parks all over again. Like badly reproduced copies of a fake original. Liberalism has become a caricature of itself, and itself when original was wholly fraudulent. No need to journ to Oberammergau for passion plays, there’s one running at a latte barn next door…

Asked to cover her tit with a towel, this bitch gets uppity, demands her money back. Races home, hops on the ‘Net. “Maryland law, Chardoukian discovered…protects a mother’s right to breastfeed at private businesses…” Wow. You have the “right” to breastfeed your kid, but not to send your kid to a public school free of niggers. That’s liberalism for you, straining at gnats, gulping camels. Valiantly combating corporate oppression by turning over huge new swaths of human interaction to ZOG busybodies. Women have the right never to be made uncomfortable, under any circumstances, no matter what difficulties that imposes on others. This too is “civil rights.”

Next up are the two graduatin’ girls referred to at the beginning. They are, suhprise suhprise, twin Mexicans, graduated top of their class at Napa high. Now they’re attending colleges 3,000 miles apart. Where’s the story here? Does someone care? Not three paragraphs in:

The twins had decided to make a statement during the ceremony. As Jazmin crossed the stage to accept her diploma, she unfolded a black-and-white banner reading Orgullo Latino — “Latino Pride.” Lizbeth followed right behind her with a Mexican flag.

There’s even a picture. Not to mention they were presidents of the “Hispanic Club.” I must say there’s something odd about these girls. The one attending Bowdoin looks far more jewish than Mexican. She’s teamed up with other rugby-playing girls to form a scrum of deliciousness.

Flip, flip, flip. What have we here? Oy, a near-prize-winning essay, itz. What prize? “The Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics”! Another good example of jewish humor, assocating Jerry Lee “Great Balls o’ Fire” Lewis, I mean, Elie P. “Great Geysers o’ Blood” Wiesel with ethics. You could charge for juxtaposition like that. The essay is Correctly boring in predictable ways, so we’ll draw a veil over it.

So much agitslop and we’ve only slogged 40 of the 66. Flip, we must. Like madmen, or agitated lactrishas bent on bending nut-juicers to their fiery will.

Finally one decent thing, which we’ll disembed from its Up, Up with Disableds context. The Italian term sprezzatura – making the hard look easy. Nice and useful term. You will hardly be surpised to learn that this term emerges from a discussion of a stuttering dean overcoming his obstacle to read the names of graduating seniors. It never ends. The invention or discovery of new classes of oppressed is the vocation and avocation of the left. Could anything be less interesting or more destructive – once the lib solution is applied?

Next is the books section, with an article by Hugo Martin (’87), a Mexican plucked from our newsroom to intern at the L.A. Times, and apparently still there, twenty years later. It’s a great time to be Mexican. No need to chop the ‘ez’ off your name. I always enjoy the list of books published by graduates, although they’re usually highly specialized. The name you might recognize is Crichtonlike Douglas Preston (’78), out with Tyrannosaur Canyon. There’s also a book by a Laura Kalman (’74) about student activism at Yale in the sixties. There’s a sidebar on Reimagining Jezebel. Is there any historical woman, fictional or flesh, who hasn’t been resuscitated and repurposed by some kike ideo-puppeteer? Turns out Jezebel was no whore but an “astute leader.” Like so many women, she was “self-possessed” and “rational.”

Here’s something interesting. The bushyites, ever fearful, made an appearance on campus to question a Venezuelan prof. “After praising my academic credentials, they indicated they were there to gather information about Venezuelans in Southern California,” just like they were the ADL or something. The bushies are as paranoid as jews, and in many cases, of course, are jews. They think everyone is out to get them, so better get them first! “Over and over they asked if anyone from the Venezuelan government or embassy had tried to influence my views on Venezuelan politics and relations with the U.S. (the answer is no)…” Ah, the scared little Anglo-men, always scurrying, always sniffing. Look what a mess they’ve made of a once-nice country. Look where their subordination of American interests to Britain and Israel has led us. “They simply wanted to develop a profile of the community and any Venezuelans in the area.” That’s all. (The prof in question is Miguel Tinker Salas.) Them being the L.A. County Sheriff in conjunction with the FBI Joint Task Force on Terrorism (JTTF).

The final feature shows a proud mixed-race couple, white male and Asian female. Greg “Grace” Stanat (’87) relates the story of his post-nuptial Wanderjahr. Greg’s come a long way from lead singer of Bung Ramen. He’s a world traveler. Observing gorillas in Africa, marrying Asians in AmeriKwa, hobnobbing with saffronics in Pieroneistan. “Cambodia is resplendent with memories for the eye. This one is for the heart.” What about the nose, Greg? What about the nose?

Last and quite possibly least there’s Emily Arnold-Fernandez (’99), “Advocate for the Dispossessed,” if you can bear it. She’s a suspiciously light-blue-eyed, light-haired girl who is fresh into Georgetown Law, between whose sessions she tends to the administrative needs of the improperly papered. She helps them navigate confusions until they’re safely set up in your neighborhood. “Her first client — a Liberian youth whose parents disappeared during fighting and civil unrest in his country — now lives in Connecticut thanks largely to the research and advocacy Arnold-Fernandez provided…” Thanks, sweety! Will you pick up the bill for the rape swabs when the little monkey turns twelve?

If you ever wonder how clowns like those who produce and promote the Arnold-Fernandezes of the world justify their actions, rest assured they never pause to ponder. Theirs the life of accusations and self-flattery, never a shadow doth cross. There are those who heed desperate Connecticut’s cries for Libyan orphans. And there are those who don’t care.

“The Cairo experience had a dramatic impact on her and served as a catalyst for the work she does today: Arnold-Fernandez heads up a nonprofit organization that aims to provide free legal aid to the world’s most embattled refugees as they struggle for legal rights in the countries to which they flee.” Translation: she helps facilitate the invasion Raspail describes in Camp of the Saints. How can those with nothing be dispossessed? Only those who possess something can lose it. Those would be Whites. Such as the Whites who owned property and led lives in Rhodesia and South Africa. Do you think they receive legal aid from A-F’s nonprofit?

“Her ambitious foray into the field of refugee rights…” – so invading your neighborhood is their “right.” Everything’s a right with Po-people. Fighting for rights is what they do. Spreading hate is what you do when you fight back. “Because of her outstanding public service [helping niggers invade Connecticut], Pomona has chosen Arnold-Fernandez to receive the Inspirational Young Alumni Award for 2005-6.” Aren’t you inspired?

In class notes I see that my old feminist-jew editor has “finally met my nice Jewish boy!” At last, a prince among the putzim. 1.2 to follow…

Well, our little journey is through, at least for the spring. It was Pomona, but it could have been 100 other institutions – same ups same downs. The orthodoxy is pure, its brow untroubled. Reality only intrudes to remind the Povoids to redouble, to rededicate their efforts to worldism. Beneath the shiny, happy surface lurk monsters. When you marry an Asian, your kid is a gook. That means something. When you deposit a Libyan in Hartford, you’ve turned a little corner of America into Africa. That means something. When you unfurl your Latino pride, when find your nice jewish boy, but you deny us our Whiteness, maybe, just maybe, you bite off more than you can chew.

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  7. 29 Responses to “Pomona College Magazine, Spring 2006”

    1. Paul87 Says:

      Is this nourishing mag online? Is there a link?

    2. ALFRED HOLDEN Says:

      First, I have a hard time reading your drivel. You are needlessly obfuscatious. You did not post any excerpts from the journal/magazine. i wish you wrote succinctly, with clarity and transparency.

      I am familiar with the Claremont College system. Your allusions to what has happened to their system and institutions around the nation could well apply as well. Having attended MIT and U of Chicago, and having been an editor of a school rag, I understand the profound changes since graduation in the 60’s My son, who has been homeschooled, now faces the challenges of admissions before him;

      Schools that I was familiar with, have changed dramatically. We may not even consider them. Though my son’s scores put him in contention with the best in the nation, academic course offerings, the professional staff, the mission and purpose, and the lack of academic independence or free speech will offset the annual presentations project for their prospective applicants.

      I wish I could be more optimistic. We are thinking about applying abroad.

      Please write so that we can undertand the message, rather than attempting to interpret your intentions.

    3. Timothy Says:

      Vitriol and mockery combined with truth is the most beautiful of all things.You capture the spirit of Mencken well,Alex.

    4. Jim Says:

      Al, Al – you just don’t get it. I’ll bet you’re one of those guys who thinks your shit is ice cream. The message couldn’t be clearer and the intention is humor. Now get with the program.

    5. Fenrir Says:

      Here we are: http://www.pomona.edu/magazine/PCMsp06/home.shtml

      It is pretty awful.

    6. alex Says:

      1) link to Pomona College Today – appears that the entire issue is online


      2) Herr Holden – I’m not trying to get at the truth directly in this particular instance, I’m trying to make you feel what is wrong by highlighting the sicko Gleichschaltung that prevails at an elite private school. It’s not a matter of scores or money. You could easily prove Pomona scores and endowment are higher than ever, its physical plant spiffy and new. But the animating spirit is diseased.

      If you want the blunt, for chrissakes, don’t act like I of all people don’t provide it! College is a scam. Don’t fall for it. Unless you’re majoring in comparatively uncorrupted hard sciences, or need a degree to get into law school, you can’t justify paying the exorbitant prices even the state schools demand today.

    7. Agis Says:

      It really is a good question. What advice can we give aspiring academics? Clearly the secondary educational institutions have become a total, out-right, undeniable, flagrant scam. If you are around women and minorities in an ‘academic setting’ you are wasting your time. Pomona is just one small example.

      The sciences regulate the full brunt of the shit to the background, but it’s still in the background. Most of these scams require you to take a have a dozen ‘core’ classes that are pure-d shit. Unless it’s some place in way in the sticks you’re going to get it. Read the broschures carefully and ask if there are ‘required courses’. This is a big tipoff.

      If you’re interested in Liberal Arts, go to Europe, audit courses, learn the language and try to network best you can. And fuck the ‘idea’ of getting a degree or impressing someone. Itz either for your own enjoyment or you’re wasting your time. If you’ve got real smarts you’ll land on your feet if you have a degree or not. Life is full of unexpected opportunities. Forcing the issue at 18 ain’t going to get you anywhere but stunted and broke.

    8. Fenrir Says:

      I dunno… it seems sort of silly to not go to college if you can do it reasonably cheaply. In terms of net income over your life it’s worth it just statistically. In the end smarts do matter most, but college is usually the leg up you need.

      I’ve just graduated this year (in the hardest of the hard sciences). Most of the none-science classes were pretty idiotic, and indeed there were multi-cult requirements and the English classes were nonstop anti-white idiocy and a waste of time. The history classes weren’t much better.

      Certainly it was during college that I became a white nationalist and racist, largely from a lot of reading and thinking about things, including the nature of human intelligence and its largely genetic component, the Jews, politics, economics, societies, and many other aspects of our civilization and the world we inhabit (and I’m far from done in my learning).

      The most depressing aspect of college is how few other people are actually willing to think and ask questions about life. Even when I went to a “good school” most of the students were more interested in getting drunk and high than searching for Truth (which sadly was part of the school motto there). There’s time for tweaking your brain chemistry and it can be fun, but that’s not the reason to be in college. A lot of it is that now about 30% of the population goes to college whereas before it was less than 10%. The institutions have been swamped by idiots and this lowers the tone across the board.

    9. James McElroy Says:

      This kind o’ crap has all the finesse of blunt trauma to the skull. So why are people not laughing at it?
      In the Old West, horse thieves were made to dig their own graves and pay for the shovel, as well as the rope used to hang them. (Don’t forget a little gratuity for the hangman!)
      In the New West, whites are conned into self-lobotomizing and getting into debt for the honor of doing so. Then they spend the rest of their “lives” working as a ZOGslave, buying everything — including their own propaganda! — at the company store. When they “retire” they are empty shells physically resembling people. Then the docs get a hold of ’em. Same con, different uniform. When not one more sheckel can be wrung from their animated corpse, they are left to die…or are murdered. Such is life in ZOGland.
      “It could be woise!” says hymie.
      “How?” sez I.
      “It coulda’ happened to ME!”

    10. Rob Says:

      This was a very funny blog entry! Thanks Alex!

      The descriptions are quite accurate. It could have been my college.

      I can’t wait for the day when these marxoid college types lose their livelihoods. I see it coming — people are going to figure out that college is in fact a scam, and will refuse to go. The only thing that will keep many of these “professors” employed will be some sort of government support, and that could very well dry up too. I remember when the post-USSR left many people unemployed who were actually useful — engineers, scientists, etc. These professors of “Womyn’s Studies” and “African American History” are going to be begging on the streets! YES!

      Thinking of going to college? I got a suggestion for you. Major in Mortuary Science. I kid you not. Get yourself a 4 year degree, and at the end of the line there will be a business loan waiting for you. Open a funeral home and watch the bucks roll in.

      Also, when you have your funeral home, make sure you have a crematorium. I’m not joking. And make sure Halliburton has information about your business and it’s capacity. Because the day may come when bodies are rotting in the streets, and Halliburton awards you a nice contract for disposal of useless eater remains. Maybe some of those useless eaters will be former professors of multicultural diversity.

    11. Lokuum Says:

      The elites that sprung up from the 60’s sold off their country lock, stock, and barrel, and pocketed the proceeds, all the while donning themselves with “most enlightened person” awards. Nourishing other or feeding their own ego, their own, shall I say it, “superior complex” by playing god to all the backward people of the world. Do they sacrifice themselves to nourish others? No. They took possession of Western culture in a historical moment of frailty and hacked at with machetes like savages in a euphoric blood lust. Ripped it from the earth like they ripped the tens of thousands of children from their wombs. And now, time to take their SS checks and 401k’s and head down to some cheap third world, build a wall around the beach soak up the sun.

    12. Olde Dutch Says:

      All college alumni magazines are silly.

      First thing that I do when I get the “Blood & Gold” alumni magazine of Confederate Methodist & Former Bible College is to look at the obits to see who died.

      I got lucky this Spring, when no one I knew showed up dead in the pages of the “Blood & Gold”.

      Naturally, there is the obligatory diversity article, and pictures of smiling darkies and other smiling non-Whites. This Spring’s issue featured a wealthy sand negro—smiling. He’s going to go on to be another Bill Gates. Hopefully back in Arabia! I have to hand it to this boy. He does have a chilling smile, and he will look good seated on cushions in his harem, and wearing a turban and all. Or whatever wealthy sand niggers are wearing this year. At least he ain’t a fat jew.

      Speaking of jews. The “other” sand negroes. We always have a few pictures of wealthy jewesses, married to deceased wealthy dropouts, now helping to bring civilization to the unwashed former Methodists.

      (to be continued)

    13. lawrence dennis Says:

      That white woman (who statistically will have 0.2 kids) in love with ‘nourishing others’ is extending to outsiders the care and concern she should be extending to her own progeny. And there is a book with the title “Nourishing Self-Esteem: A Parent Handbook for Nurturing Love”:

      So she ‘parents’ aliens as sublimation, keeping her own womb barren, thereby doubly-suiciding our race.

    14. Gerry Frederics Says:

      Ahhhh Pomona – one of the many armpits of the USA. One thing though, you are too hard on women. I understand your trepidation regarding the ´activists´ who insist on helping those who will at the first opportunity (hopefully) gang rape them and slice their throats – but even though they are presently overpowering by their obnoxious presence, there are others! Go to http://www.germancross.com, dial up the article ´Our Race´ and get an eyeful (and a little history you might have missed) Gerry Frederics

    15. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      My sides ache from riotous laughter. Mr Linder has done his best work in many years. On top of it, he has learned how to use paragraph divisions. I will quibble over his estimation of average White female intelligence at 95. The correct figure is 70, the same as an African Negro.

      He must make sure that this review of the Pomona College magazine is emailed to the administration and posted on all available message boards there. I can’t wait to read their rebuttal.

      Donald E. Pauly
      Zionist Rastafarian

    16. Timothy Says:

      Spot on observations about the OTHER Jew-the WASP.

      Take Iraq for example.After a country is bombed to rubble and a couple hundred thousand people slaughtered,the Jew and WASP combine to fill up countless hours of tv time and to use boatloads of newspaper ink congratulating themselves on what a noble and selfless thing they did bombing a county into ‘freedom and democracy’.
      They piss in your face and call it lemonade;you object,you’re a ‘hate monger’.

      The jew found a home and kindred spirit with the English and English-derived Americans.Both share the same base materialism,love of cant,bottomless hypocrisy,viciousness,hatred of anyone with an opinion at variance with their own,and a Bolshevik/witchhunter spirit that seeks to snuff out any stray thoughts and differing worldviews.Both claim victimhood as they punch you in the face.

      No wonder this peas-in-a-pod dynamic duo teamed up to rob,rape,destroy and generally annoy the whole goddamned planet!

      I’ll tell you something else,I’ll take niggers over these fucking WASP/Jew cretins any day.At least when a nigger sticks a gun to your head and demands your wallet he isn’t so indecent as to start spewing a bunch of cant about ‘freedom and democracy’ as do the Jews/WASPS as they rob,rape or kill you.At least a nigger doesn’t act as though he’s doing you a favor when he preys upon you.

      If I believed in Hell,I’d say that the WASPS/Jews were kicked out of the place because even Ol’ Scratch and his minions couldn’t abide these motherfuckers.It is almost as if these creatures were put on this earth to torment the rest of us!

    17. Sagehen Says:

      Salute. Listen are you one of those Cal Poly types they let in to fill out the division 4-FFF minus football program? I went to Pomona and generally everybody there is smart enough that the whole “I’ve got to get even for affirmative action because I’m not getting my Beemer” thing is never done. You KNOW your going to get your share so… You sure your not one of the fantastically envious Pitzer people or CMC retards?

      Maybe I’m misreading the underlying point of your 100000 word piece?

      The one Rat does only comes out at night… what were you lurking about trying to catch a glimpse in at one of the Clarks?

      Hey CMC “VMI” ROTC moron… stay away from S. Campus.

    18. jackumup Says:

      Did most of the worlds inventions come from college educated, especially jews, niggers & woman?

    19. whiteskelet Says:

      Fascinating reading! What you say of women is very true.

    20. Tim P. Says:

      Hey ‘Timothy’, I’m a WASP and heres a big ‘Fuck You’.

    21. van helsing Says:

      Aw, it all depends what the P means…


      Beware the original NAZI, the ashke-NAZI!

    22. Carpenter Says:

      A good essay. You could make a similar dissection of many a daily rag where mindless Whites mingle with Jews and muds, doing their best-o-bests to show how they are not really White, not really part of the evil race, by being the first to denounce it and lick the seams of a foreign flag. Then off they are to some cause or another, which they don’t really care about, their true intent to get in with the program, parrot dutifully that what is White normality is evil oppression, as per the Jew’s narrative. Ever more groups of malcontents must be created, whining, spitting, hating the normals. Lactating mothers? Score! You found a new group – let’s give them rag space. What about women raped by niggers? Um, no, back to square one, you racist hater.

      The amazing thing is that these people can never see themselves through the eyes of the Enemy – that would be us – or understand why anyone would disagree with them. They are completely incapable of seeing both sides of a story. They never read what the opposition writes, never listen. Whereas we listen to them, every single day in fact.

      They can never write an essay the way Alex Linder does, as they cannot really reflect on reality. I like his style, dancing across the page – I would like to describe it as aristocratic, as it certainly catches the eye more than most plain essays. There are ways to use the written word more efficiently than just writing down our thoughts from A to Z, and we should learn them.

    23. Alex Linder Says:

      Thanks for the reactions, people. I’ve spent the past few weeks mostly reading – books that would never be assigned at Pomona, which charges students more than 20k a year, and fills them with marx-derived tripe. Idiots like the Povoid above don’t get it. They are materialist moralizers masquerading as idealists and intellectuals. He assumes my interest is in getting my own Beemer. Wrong. Money is wonderful, but making fun or morons is higher calling. Introduction to the Tim Robbins moron is about all my parents’ Pomona bought that was actually worth it.

      If you are genuinely interested in learning, even the high-end liberal arts schools are worthless. Would you pay people to teach you things that aren’t true? If you go to college, you almost certainly do. Do you receive even a financial advantage on the back end? A respondent above cites the “fact” that those with college degrees earn more, but there is no necessary connection, merely a correlation. If you want to get rich, work. Save. That’s all it takes.

      If you have things to do, college is a waste of time. If you wish to get rich, college is a waste of time. If you wish to drink and pound pussy, college is a wonderful, if expensive, way to dissipate four or five years.

      Great learning has always been something I’ve admired, and I’ve always felt poorly educated. I have no interest in any material thing but books. I bought 100 good books recently, and I feel like Imelda Marcos after a successful visit to the shoe store.

      In an upcoming post I’ll list them as part of our ongoing Aryan State University curriculum, in which each assigned work is meritorious and extends genuine education – all for free. If outward appearances are good enough, then the Wasp-faced judeocracy has what you’re looking for. If you want more, come here.

      ‘College is a scam’ is a way to dramatize that in purchasing what is labeled a college education you need beware you’re not being ripped off, just as you would in any other transaction. The only good paid education I ever received was my dad paying $400 for me to attend an intensive German class (3 hours a day) at the University of Utah in the summer after my junior year in high school. I wish I could remember the name of the professor. He was an Australian guy, very humble and an excellent teacher. He taught a very large class – class size doesn’t matter – and from him I learned the guts of the German language in short order, so that at least I could more or less read it. What is called college uses bogus materials and simply isn’t intense enough, in most instances.

      What do you GET for your money? That’s what the labels and blather reduce to, once you concentrate your attention. You read through our archives here at VNN, you will get more genuine education, for free, than you will get at any four-year college in America. Not even the traditionalist or great-books or religious institutions will teach you the truth behind the facade; we at VNN always will. You can’t get the truth about race from any institution admitting students with government loans. That leaves about two of them, and one of those, Hillsdale college, is thoroughly neocon. So go pay your tends of thousands to Big Jew U, if you wish, but don’t think it will do anything but make you poorer and waste your time. Better to deliver pizzas for Dominos and read the best books on the side. Of course you will think I’m exaggerating to make a point, but I am not. Your head and pocketbooks will be stronger after four years of delivering pizzas and reading the right books in your off hours than spending your money on a so-called college education.

    24. whiteskelet Says:

      About autism: It precisely is the cover of Time Magazine this week and sure enough the kid on the cover is White, blond, male.

    25. Fenrir Says:

      That’s nuts Linder. The average college grad will make double just starting off compared to a pizza delivery boy. Behave wisely financially and you can pay off the debt relatively quickly too.

      I’m not arguing that college has any significant effect on a person. It certainly doesn’t make one smarter, and as you’ve said, it’s doubtful it even makes one more knowledgeable in these times.

      The point is completing college is a stamp of approval that most employers who are going to pay anything significant want to see these days. It’s an indication that a person can put up with a sustained level of bullshit semi-brain work and is competent enough to do the same in an office.

      The alternative is to do as you say and avoid college, but I’d suggest fixing computers or cars (instead of delivering pizza) and eventually operating your own repair service. Financial independence should be the goal for the WN of the future.

      I think of all those rich Mormon polygamists living in Utah who are essentially unattached to ZOG excepting taxes. We should aspire to such things for ourselves, with our own WN communities, schools, institutions, and even colleges. We should aspire to build a nation of our own inside the decaying remains of what was once America. When we’re powerful enough we can officially secede.

      That’s the future I’m thinking of – White nationalists living independently and free of ZOG. It’s not going to happen without a lot of careful forethought though and money will be a big factor. The lemmings aren’t going to “awaken” because they don’t care – they’re a bunch of worthless shits attached to the Jew tube and we’d probably be better off if most of them were already dead.

    26. karakazov Says:

      “A family is any collection of more than one people combining its genitals in shapes beyond geometry, producing offspring more frightening than the snakes growing out of the potatoes you forgot under the sink last winter.”

      Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn! Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn!

    27. -JC Says:

      Egad. After attending a technical school, I sought to complete requirements for a BPA degree by taking “general education” classes at a state community college and then a state university– in the late 60’s and early 70’s. My first foray was summer session with Sociology 1A and Psychology 1A and what an education it was. When one accompanies such indoctrination with sex and other pleasures of college life– which for me included world class classical music concerts, backpacking and car camping in the Sierra with girls, etc., one suffers “state-dependent ” learning. Associating with the obligatorily liberal college girl is not unlike watching television in that both are relentless and, resist as you may, either will affect you. My impression is that for even for a more perceptive and independent thinker than myself, it will be impossible to ever entirely recover from such an experience. It is not the classes but the environment taht poses the greatest threat and that at a time when young people are the most vulnerable.

    28. Carol Gonzalez Says:

      A long-time Pomona staff member says:
      You have been gently removed from the mailing list.

    29. Grace Stanat Says:

      How lucky I am! The only time I’ve ever appeared in the Pomona rag is the issue that you have burned at the stake. I do agree that there are plenty of things that could be improved at ol’ Pomona, but the experience ain’t all bad. Of course it is an ivory tower, but alas, that is part of the point. And I’m flattered that you remember, but Bung Ramen? Sir, I protest! You have mixed up your not-the-least-bit-important-and-definitely-never-got-famous college bands…