15 July, 2006

1 in 70 New Yorkers Has Q-RID!

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Noo Yawk niggaz be spreadin their ‘gift’ among adventure seekin homoz


Approximately 1 in 70 New Yorkers is infected with HIV, but the proportion of people in different groups who are infected varies widely:

* 1 in 40 African Americans.
* 1 in 25 men living in Manhattan.
* 1 in 12 black men age 40-49 years.
* 1 in 10 men who have sex with men.
* 1 in 8 injection drug users.
* 1 in 5 black men age 40-49 in Manhattan.
* 1 in 4 men who have sex with men in Chelsea.

The epidemic is increasingly affecting women, who now constitute a third of new AIDS cases – up from 1 in 10 at the start of the epidemic. More than 80% of new AIDS diagnoses and deaths are among African Americans and Hispanics. Black men in New York City are 6 times more likely to die of AIDS than white men; black women are 9 times more likely to die of AIDS than white women. Hispanic men and women are 4 times more likely to die of AIDS than white men and women.

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    1. Kievsky Says:

      There you go — Mother Nature is the biggest White Supremacist hater there is!

      That’s why the jews hate Nature and seek to destroy it with agribusiness, the car system, and race mixing (White people are part of Nature).

      But Nature strikes back with Q-Rid.

    2. Mark Says:

      As Pastor Bob said, AIDS isn’t a disease, it’s the cure.

    3. Will Says:

      None of these stupid fuckers would be any loss to humanity. All they are is born hedonists and practicing perverts. They contribute absolutely nothing but noise and noise. And maybe to some landlords’ income. Hell, do most of them even pay their hospital and medical bills?

      AIDS is the cure. To the nigger plague.

      Give money to cure AIDS America! Or to further the useless life of a gay nigger from outerspace. There ain’t no cure. This is just another industry soaking up the money of the sucker fish.

    4. Medical Authority Says:

      AIDS takes a frightfully long time to kill you, you know.
      and even then, i believe a somewhat large minority of infected beings don’t even get full-blown AIDS.

    5. Zoroastro Says:

      AIDS is just a myth. Nobody really dies of it. Look at Africa -population is exploding like there’s no tommorow. In Mali or Niger seven-eight on the average! (You pay for the upkeep, White Man!)

    6. lawrence dennis Says:

      Interesting article on the willful spread of HIV/AIDS by ‘our’ government:


      Is Chicago Ready for an HIV/AIDS Epidemic?

      Chicago is readying itself for the ultimate example of political correctness run amok. By this time next year, the Windy City could find itself in the midst of a full-blown HIV/AIDS epidemic. Beginning July 15 and running through July 22, a attempt to legitimize homosexuality and make it appear as a wholesome lifestyle choice will be rammed down the throats of Midwest conservatives in the guise of the Gay Games VII Chicago 2006, courtesy of Democratic Mayor Richard M. Daley and his administration.

      This “event� is being billed as a “Sports and Cultural Festival� by its promoters. A look at its website, however, places a heavy emphasis on “maximiz[ing] your full social potential while in Chicago� by including a list gay-friendly bars with names like “Jackhammer� and restaurants like the “Hearty Boys.� If you’re looking for a little comedy, you can stop by the Raven Theatre for the stage production of “Group Therapy,� described by the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco as “a wacky, queer musical comedy.�

      In order to legitimize this fiasco as an international event, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services within the Department of Homeland Security has allowed special foreign visitor status for thousands that includes a blanket waiver B-2 travel visa for anyone with HIV/AIDS who wants to participate or simply observe the events. Under a ban passed by Congress in 1993, foreign citizens who have HIV or AIDS have typically been prohibited from entering the United States.

      Homeland Security went so far as to give the Gay Games, a series of sporting events modeled on the Olympics, a “designated event status,� setting up the allowance of non-citizens with HIV/AIDS to visit Chicago for the games. Unbelievably, this exemption to allow anyone with HIV or full-blown AIDS to come to the U.S. to attend this travesty was granted after help from Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowksy (D-9). Ironically, B-2 visas are issued under the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services category as a requirement for “pleasure visitors.�

      Of course, with an event like this, you have to expect corporate profiteers to also arrive on the scene. Drug store chain Walgreens is described on the Gay Games website as the “Official HIV/AIDS Prevention Sponsor� while Orbitz and American Airlines are helping infected visitors arrive in time for the opening events held at Chicago’s Soldier Field. Orbitz has even made it easy for participants and observers to buy plane tickets and set up reservations for accommodations by setting up a direct link under “/gaytravel.� You can also expect to see many of the athletes wearing NIKE shoes and guzzling down Gatorade, two more “Global Sponsors� for the Gay Games.

      Gay Game organizers are expecting more than 12.000 athletes from over 100 countries to participate. Who knows how many observers will attend, but the thought of infected visitors from high-rate countries such as Haiti or Africa descending upon Chicago are alarming. According to the city’s latest STD/HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report, ending in December 31, 2005, the AIDS rate in Chicago is 26.9 per 100,000, double the rate of Illinois and nearly double the rate of the entire U.S. With statistics like this, you would think that the last thing Mayor Daley would encourage would be travel exemptions for foreign HIV/AID carriers so they could come to Chicago.

    7. alex Says:

      Homosexuals are the one and only group of white males that receives respect and legal protection from the U.S. government.

    8. H.Schneider Says:

      great to see nature taking care of homsexuals and drug users.