15 July, 2006

Don’t Water the Jews

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Hezbollah may sabotage essential
river water to Israel

Water is one of the most important natural resources in the
Middle East and without it, Zionist Israel would soon
perish. The vast majority of the water Israel uses to
survive actually has sources in Lebanon and Syria.  The
current Zionist hostilities in the region has placed Israel
in a very vulnerable position.

Israel is largely dependent on fresh water from the “Sea of
Galilee” otherwise known as  Lake  Kinneret. The Wazzani
River, in Lebanon,  is the main source of the Hatzbani
River, which contributes over 25% of the Jordan River’s
water.   The Jordan River is the principal source of Lake
Kinneret which supplies over 50% of Israel’s water.

Well placed explosives to divert the Wazzani River would
place Zionist Israel in a very precarious situation. Middle
East experts have for a long time pointed to this Israeli
“Achilles Heel”.  Will Hezbollah strike at Israel’s essential
water supplies?  The current ship embargo placed
on Lebanon by Israel has the  potential to push Hezbollah
to undertake such a strategy.

Hezbollah has become increasingly sophisticated in the use
of  advanced weapons, as exemplified by yesterday’s
destruction of the Israeli naval war ship off the coast of
Lebanon by a “guided” missile or drone.  It looks like
Zionist Israel is getting into a dangerous quagmire as the
US is in Iraq.  Are we witnessing the final eradication of
Zionist Israel from the Holy Land? Only time will tell!

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La Voz de Aztlan
Website: http://www.aztlan.net

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  7. 7 Responses to “Don’t Water the Jews”

    1. Elite Aryan Crack Smoker Says:

      They outta dredge up a bunch of DU-contaminated dirt from Iraq and dump it upstream of the Israeli’s. Reap what you sew, scumbags.

    2. Spell-Checker Says:

      Elite Aryan Crack Smoker Says: They outta dredge up a bunch of DU-contaminated dirt from Iraq and dump it upstream of the Israeli’s. Reap what you
      sew, scumbags.

      Spell-Checker Says:
      Corrected words in the above sentence:
      1. Israelis (it is plural, not possessive)
      2. sow (I assume you mean this in the seeding sense, not the needle-and-thread sense)

      PLEASE, fellow white men, work on your spelling and grammar; people take you much more seriously when you appear to be reasonably educated and literate.
      Please take this message in the best possible sense; I do indeed mean well and am concerned for the White Nationalist image

    3. Elite Aryan Crack Smoker Says:

      Uh, learn to count, Maguire. That was two sentences. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. When Dr. Pierce and our beloved Fuerher return in the mothership, we’ll make up for a half century of zero political deployment. I daresay you’ll be gobsmacked and most contrite.

      As for me – I embrace my utter marginalization, as should we all. It really relieves us of alot of responsibility of implementation.

      P.S. You forgot “oughta”.

    4. Soup Nazi Says:

      Speeling aint impotint. Why bovver whin you kin jus click a buttin? Im being sarcastric ofcourse.

    5. Mad American Says:

      If Israelis ever ran out of water, the U.S. would simply ship them bottled water. Paid for by the US taxpayer of course.

    6. confederate Says:

      at least he doesn’t speak bubonics.

    7. Zoroastro Says:

      I think that even the world terrorist #1 is getting a bit too big for his shoes (despite all the military support from the us and britain). you can wage only as many wars against as many countries at one given time. the only actual advantage israel has is its american fighter jets. on the ground they are usually second-rate fighters (unfortunately arabs aren’t much better). the only way towards peace is nuclear weapon arsenal for syria, lebanon et al. that would even out the odds and make the game less lop-sided.