11 July, 2006

Keeping it Real

Posted by alex in Arboreal Americans at 2:18 am | Permanent Link

Keeping it real is the nigger version of marx/freud, the pseudo-sophisticated tracing of every White motive back to money or sex – pussy or bling for coons. Thought, books, the life of the mind – these are as foreign to the nigger troop as refraining from raping 11-year-old girls or turning down free watermelon or not casting a measuring eye at the neck of a used up hooch holder. As for jews and art, well, they don’t get much beyond painting mood smoke into the background of the stills in their Auschwitz portfolio. Anyway, a funny story about jigs be issuin’ with hochnassig mft of a particularly snooty champagne.

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  7. 4 Responses to “Keeping it Real”

    1. Mark Says:

      As Chris Rock said, “Keeping it real… yeah, real DUMB.”

      So the managing director of Cristal doesn’t want to be associated with degenerate African hedonism? Oh the horror! If whites don’t encourage blacks with every breath, don’t participate in their cultural and racial genocide, they’re evil and racist!

    2. Biff Baxter Says:

      I can’t imagine more damaging publicity for any product than the revelation that blacks value it.

    3. Will Says:

      “I can’t imagine more damaging publicity for any product than the revelation that blacks value it.”

      You just stated why I for one was driven away from Christianity at an early age.

    4. lawrence dennis Says:

      Niggers love to fantasize about their importance, not realizing the white world would be better off without them. The rich niggers may purchase fancy champagne, but their purchases are not enough to affect squat in terms of sales, and their ‘customers’ either don’t buy champagne or aren’t going to care what brand they buy. The only ‘recommendations’ that [c]rap ‘artists’ can make that would significantly influence product sales would be in the ‘flash’ categories of clothing, shoes, jewelry, car accessories, etc. In other words, ‘brash materialism.’

      Notice also the mistaken optimism that this ‘boycott’ will be a turning point away from ‘brash materialsim.’ So self-important, yet so unimportant in real life.


      “Hip-hop music and culture has, both formally and informally, pushed a variety of products over the years. Cadillac, Adidas — you name it, and an artist has mentioned it in a song. And those lucky corporations profit greatly. After all, hip-hop is consumed all over the world, and many — including young, white suburbanites — learn everything there is to know about urban culture by listening to the music and watching the videos. If Sean “P. Diddyâ€? Combs says “Pass the Courvoisier,â€? chances are millions will do just that.

      “Until now, mainstream rappers haven’t paid much attention to the impact their words have. Sure, Common and others are mindful of the images they project, but they are the exception. With Jay-Z calling for a boycott of Cristal, it seems hip-hop is poised to move away from the brash materialism that has become its calling card.”