31 July, 2006

Like the Imaginary Holocaust All Over Again at WND…or is it WMD?

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This was on the readers’ letters page over at Suckpoop Joe’s, WND.com. A letter criticizing Jews! I’m speechless. I can’t get my mind to apprehend such a construct embedded at WND. But here it is:

[first paragraph snipped]
“While we are having this little chat, here’s something I always wanted to ask you, Joseph Farah. You are always moaning about the ACLU, People For the American Way, George Soros, Michael Newdow, etc. Why don’t you ever point out that all the organizations dedicated to attacking Christianity and tearing down (deconstructing) our nation are Jewish organizations? Jewish leadership, Jewish staff and lawyers, Jewish money. You always call Newdow an atheist, but he is in fact a member of the Tribe. George Soros, Howard Simon, Nadine Stroessen, Mark Potok … Sometimes, of course, they have a gentile stooge as a front man, like that pathetic clown the “Reverend” Barry Lynn, but you don’t have to look very far to see who is running the show. How come, Mr. Farah?
Dave Kutz”

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  7. 6 Responses to “Like the Imaginary Holocaust All Over Again at WND…or is it WMD?”

    1. alex Says:

      That really cuts through the bullshit, doesn’t it?

      I always thought Barry Lynn was a kike.

    2. lawrence dennis Says:

      This failure to name the jew runs deep. But some Xian organizations are not as shy as WND. At the Focus on the Family webzine, the jewish Judge Reinhardt of the extremist Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is exposed:



      Judge Gone Wild

      Ruling against parental rights is just one way Judge Stephen Reinhardt is trying to overturn American values.

      A Citizen Special Report

      He’s the judge who says parental rights end at the schoolhouse door and that the Pledge of Allegiance in public school classrooms is unconstitutional.

      He admires an Israeli judge who’s outlawed spanking and radically expanded the power of the federal judiciary.

      He considers an opinion he wrote in 1996 in favor of assisted suicide his greatest achievement.

      He’s Judge Stephen Reinhardt of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals—the most infamous member of the most radical court in America. He’s notorious because he’s caused real harm—to parental rights, public safety and the reputation of the federal courts. But one of his colleagues says he’s a “mastodon,” soon to be “extinct.” President Bush could hasten that day by appointing more conservatives to vacancies on the 9th Circuit, but Reinhardt and his political allies aren’t quite ready to surrender. They’re intent on transforming America, with Reinhardt the master architect.

      Hollywood and the Holocaust

      Reinhardt, whose courtroom is in Los Angeles, was immersed in Hollywood society as a child.

      Before Reinhardt was 12, his mother, a screenwriter named Silvia, divorced his father and married a successful movie director named Gottfried Reinhardt, who produced Greta Garbo’s final movie. Young Stephen visited Hollywood movie sets and met glamorous stars who came to his home for dinner, including Marilyn Monroe. (According to one of Reinhardt’s ex-wives, Reinhardt is still a big fan of Monroe.)

      His parents also taught Reinhardt about his Jewish heritage and Nazi persecution. His step-grandfather, Max Reinhardt, was one of several German artists who fled Hitler and immigrated to America. Once in the United States, Max gained renown for directing a stage production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” featuring James Cagney and Mickey Rooney.

      Warner Bros. later turned that production into a major motion picture.

      Divorced parents, Hollywood friendships and tales of horrific violence that lacked the redemptive power of Christ’s atonement—Reinhardt’s childhood was the perfect recipe for the making of a leftist judicial activist.

      “He thinks about his Jewish heritage a lot, very much so,” Reinhardt’s ex-wife, Maureen Kindel, the founder and senior managing director of the Los Angeles public affairs firm, Rose & Kindel, told Citizen. “He also thinks about the discrimination against Jews that he suffered, of course, when he was younger. … I’m sure that has formulated his views about being protective of people’s rights.”

      And in his current position as a 9th Circuit judge, he has openly discussed his view that “social justice” and “individual rights” should serve as a “guiding principle of the judicial branch.”

      Reinhardt himself credited his liberalism to early exposure to the Holocaust and discrimination. “It would be hard not to feel very strongly about fairness and justice after all that,” he told the Los Angeles Times in 1986.

      Problem is, those personal emotions seem to have skewed Reinhardt’s legal logic—especially on the court, where he has repeatedly exalted “individual rights” above other principles.

      Reinhardt is not alone in that bias, said Rabbi Daniel Lapin, president and founder of Toward Tradition, a nonprofit that defends traditional, Judeo-Christian principles.

      “Many American Jews have mistakenly embraced liberalism … for instance, a majority of the leadership of the American Civil Liberties Union is Jewish,” he told Citizen. “They’ve gone all the way over to the compassion end” and neglected justice. Yet Talmudic writings specifically espouse the principle that “you should not make law as a consequence of experiences either sad or happy.”

      When Jews forget their religious heritage and focus entirely on secular, individual-rights thinking, they open the door to societal chaos, Lapin said….

      —– SNIP —–


      One of the most recent decisions of Judge Reinhardt’s court is to limit the scope of the 1st amendment when privileged minorities are being criticized:




      Instead, in a 2-1 decision, Judge Reinhardt used the case to articulate a new concept of free speech regulation. Focusing on the specific anti-gay content of Harper’s T-shirt, he ruled that schools may restrict “derogatory and injurious remarks directed at students’ minority status such as race, religion, and sexual orientation.” In a footnote, he wrote that the court would “leave … to another time” the question of limiting derogatory remarks aimed at gender. But Judge Reinhardt proceeded to establish a new constitutional calculus, under which the protectability of speech would depend on the minority status of the listener.

      Judge Reinhardt wrote that a different standard should apply to derogatory remarks aimed at “majority groups such as Christians or whites” because “there is, of course, a difference between a historically oppressed minority group that has been the victim of serious prejudice and discrimination and a group that has always enjoyed a preferred social, economic and political status.” …


    3. Mark Says:

      This shows you how much of the law is personal interpretation and personal agenda. When you put anti-white judges, blacks, Jews, Hispanics in power over you, what do you think they’re going to do? It’s unnatural to live in a society like this, as much as it is to have whites ruling over non-whites. The races need their own sovereign lands.

    4. 8Man Says:

      .. another potentially useful writer that refuses to ‘name the jew’ is Jared Taylor of amren.com .

      Pat Buchanan occasionaly comes close to expressing mild disaproval of some jewish/Israeli actions, but he seems reluctant to state the obvious.

      Jeff Rense ( rense.com ) seems close to ‘naming the jew’, but perhaps is reluctant to deal with the inevitable fallout of doing so.

    5. Rosemary Cohen Says:

      Barry Lynn is not a “gentile”. He is a Jew. He was supposedly “ordained” a “Christian” minister by the United Church of Christ – you know the one – the anti-Christ church that is pro-homosexual!
      He is using that platform in order to persecute Christians!

    6. Rosemary Cohen Says:

      I just sent a message and mistakenly put my past email address. The correct one is earthlink, not bellsouth.