10 July, 2006

Mousefuckers Loose in Deutschland

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Not since the Holocaust has there been such a moral outrage…

Artificial Sperm Used To Produce Seven Baby Mice

Professor Nayernia and team, from Georg-August Unviersity, Gottingen, Germany, created artificial sperm in a lab from mouse embryonic stem cells. With the use of specialised equipment the researchers managed to separate stem cells that had started to turn into sperm. These ‘spermatogonial’ stem cells were then grown into adult sperm cells, some of which were injected into the eggs of female mice. The eggs fertilised and were then transplanted into female mice which gave birth to seven baby mice. All but one of them went on to live to adulthood.

Professor Nayernia, said “For the first time we have created life using artificial sperm. This will help us to understand how men produce sperm and why some men are unable to do this…. If we understand this we can treat infertility in men.â€?

This research could eventually lead the way toward helping infertile men or men with infertility problems father their own children. About 14% of UK men who want to have children have fertility problems – 1% of men produce no sperm at all. About 30% of couples who have fertility problems have them because of male infertility. A man’s stem cells could be harvested, grown in the lab and then placed back.

Many Obstacles

The mice did exhibit certain abnormalities, say the researchers, such as unusual growth patterns and respiratory problems. It could take many years before science is sure it can help humans produce healthy babies.

Many people object to this technology on ethical grounds. If the sperm is grown and developed in a lab, what effect would this have on our understanding of kinship and parenthood?

As with all new technology and scientific breakthroughs, there is excitement, apprehension and fear. When the first railway trains came into operation some ‘doctors’ claimed that the human head would explode if a person travelled more than 20 miles per hour for a sustained period.

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  7. 2 Responses to “Mousefuckers Loose in Deutschland”

    1. Zoroastro Says:

      Those evil white men just seem to know and are able to do everything!
      Damn theyz bee from them stars and howz long will they biz opressing az pour negroes? (roll eyes)…

    2. Arminius Says:

      Funny name of that professor at Gottingen University: NAYERNIA…sounds to me rather hebrew… or is there any other suggestion by readers?
      I wonder what connections arranged the appointment and (certainly fat) salary of “Prof” Nayernia… and his team. And I wonder, how long he is already busy in his lab to achieve first results or at least pretends them!
      No wonder or surprise, that German taxpayers will have to provide their upkeep for sure. And there is no end to it in sight. Oh no!
      But one question remains above that all:
      Who really needs or wants this nonsensical “Research” with mice and sperm?