31 July, 2006

Notes ‘n’ Stuff

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Christianity has been freeriding on Aryan genes for 2000 years. Time to shuck it.


by Jerry Coyne

H. L. Mencken once responded to a question asked by many of his readers: “If you find so much that is unworthy of reverence in the United States, then why do you live here?” His answer was, “Why do men go to zoos?” Sadly, Mencken is not here to ogle the newest creature in the American Zoo: the Bleached Flamingo, otherwise known as Ann Coulter. This beast draws crowds by its frequent, raucous calls, eerily resembling a human voice, and its unearthly appearance, scrawny and pallid. (Wikipedia notes that “a white or pale flamingo … is usually unhealthy or suffering from a lack of food.”) The etiolated Coulter issued a piercing squawk this spring with her now-notorious book, Godless: The Church of Liberalism. Its thesis, harebrained even by her standards, is that liberals are an atheistic lot who have devised a substitute religion, replete with the sacraments of abortion, feminism, coddling of criminals, and–you guessed it–bestiality. Liberals also have their god, who, like Coulter’s, is bearded and imposing. He is none other than Charles Darwin. But the left-wing god is malevolent, for Coulter sees Darwin as the root cause of every ill afflicting our society, not to mention being responsible for the historical atrocities of Hitler and Stalin….


This is the only article I came across that mentioned Irving had a heart attack:


It wouldn’t surprise me, as I’m sure those in the press would want to keep a lid on this. How long before he, Zundel, or the host of other Thought Criminals die for Speaking the Truth about Jewish Propaganda?


The Skinny on Conservatives
by Jonathan Chait

This fall, ABC is unveiling a new sitcom starring Calista Flockhart as a conservative television pundit. Now, when I read that the fair-haired, frighteningly undernourished actress was cast in this role, I immediately assumed that she was going to be modeled after a certain fair-haired, frighteningly undernourished right-wing pundit. Apparently I’m not the only one who had that reaction because the show’s producer assured the public: “She’s not Ann Coulter. She’s not insane.”

Indeed, the point of the show seems to be casting conservatives in a sympathetic and understanding light. As Jon Robin Baitz, a writer for the show, explained: “It’s very, very interesting and compelling to us to try and understand this, to leave behind some of the smug presuppositions of the two coasts … to look at evolving patriotism and evolving traditionalism.”

Ever since President Bush won reelection almost two years ago, liberals have been on the cultural defensive. We’re all a bunch of latte sippers; we don’t understand Real Americans; we should feel guilty for not caring about stock car racing, etc. Because we are but a tiny, alien coastal minority, representing an insignificant 49 percent of the public, the burden of bridging the divide apparently rests with us. Flockhart’s character, according to the show’s staff, represents a small effort to bridge this gap–Hollywood liberals seeking to present conservative beliefs in all their true complexity.

Well, God bless them. Unfortunately, I think they have a ways to go before they understand conservatism.

Flockhart’s character is not merely non-insane, she’s thoughtful, Baitz explained. “She’s ideologically, in some respects, very much in mind with the older parts of the party, the sort of Eisenhower Republican, the William Buckley conservative.”

If you didn’t smack your forehead with the palm of your hand when you read that sentence, let me explain why you should have. Buckley was a staunch critic of Eisenhower. Indeed, he founded National Review in no small part to organize conservatives in opposition to Ike. As he wrote at one point: “It has been the dominating ambition of Eisenhower’s Modern Republicanism to govern in such a fashion as to more or less please everybody. Such governments must shrink from principle.”

Eisenhower was a moderate who made his peace with the New Deal and accommodated labor unions. Buckley, on the other hand, was the definitive conservative hard-liner. In the 1950s, he defended Joe McCarthy. In the 1960s, he spoke up for segregation.

Even more embarrassingly, a few months ago, The New York Times printed not one but two news stories describing Buckley as a neoconservative. Those of you who did smack yourselves on the forehead two paragraphs ago may have given yourselves concussions by now. For the rest of you, let me explain again. The term “neoconservatism” refers to those who converted to the right beginning in the 1970s. (“Neo” means “new.”) The opposite of the neoconservatives are those conservatives who date back to the movement’s origins. Those origins are generally agreed to be in the mid-1950s, when Buckley founded National Review. If there is any conservative alive who is not a neoconservative, it’s Buckley.

So, clearly, the great liberal experiment in understanding the right has a ways to go. I will say this, though, on behalf of my earnest, benighted liberal friends: At least they’re trying. There are two biographies of Buckley that make fair-minded attempts to understand his thinking, and both are written by liberals. Even if sitcom writers and newspaper reporters get things wrong, there’s still a deep sense among the liberal intelligentsia that it’s important to understand conservative thinking in all its permutations.

But where are the right’s efforts at outreach? You don’t hear conservatives mourning their lack of common ground with the English department at Columbia University. In fact, it’s incredibly rare to find a conservative who understands liberalism as anything other than hatred for the rich and a desire to hand over our foreign policy to the United Nations.

Winning, apparently, gives conservatives the luxury of not having to care what the other side thinks.

http://www.counterpunch.org/roberts07242006.html How the hell could we in Tel Aviv West (USA before 1948), have a Mexican president named Jorge Boosh, who is a rabid Zionist & who thinks he’s a Jew?



here is an interesting story. Al Franken, jew bolshevik, wanting to represent the people of Minnesota, who are overwhelmingly White and non Jew and his money to finance is comming from jews who don’t live in Minnesota. Its not hard to see where Al’s allegience would be. The sad part it is so overt, so in your face, but will never be challenged by any white in the mainstream media/political class of Minnesota.



Report of Thought Criminal David Irving Suffering Heart Attack

According to the English website, “The Truth Seeker,” brilliant writer and Thought Criminal David Irving has recently experienced a heart attack.

He is reportedly in Vienna, seeking treatment for what has been called a “moderate to severe stroke.”

It appears that the prison system where he is held might be trying to keep the matter silenced, so as not to raise further attention to their tyrannical actions. No doubt it would raise world-wide concerns about their unjust actions if Irving were to become disabled or die in their custody as a result of their wicked Thought Crimes.

Irving was imprisoned for telling the Truth about Jewish propaganda. He reportedly once told a group of Austrians that more people died in Ted Kennedy’s back-seat than died in fictitious homicidal gas chambers.

Irving’s truth-telling finally resulted in Jews getting him imprisoned in Australia.

As most people realize today, the “homicidal gas chambers” were merely left-over WWII tall-tales created by Soviet Jewish propagadnist Ilya Ehrenberg in an effort to dehumanize the Germans.

Overall, between 250-350 thousand Jews died in WWII, mostly as a result of diseases such as Typhus, starvation, or malnutrition, which occurred when the Allied bombers destroyed the Germans’ supply lines.

Jews, wanting to keep their propaganda current in an effort to gain tacit approval for Israel’s unchecked atrocities, have long used the Holocaust propaganda for this.

Additionally, the Jewish Holocaust propaganda has served as a means to elicit sympathy, inflict guilt, raise funds for Jewish needs, and helps them promote their Holocaust-of-the-week movies.

How long before Irving, Zundel, or the host of other Thought Criminals die for Speaking the Truth about Jewish Propaganda?

Article about Irving’s heart attack:


Honest film about Germany’s fictitious homicidal gas chambers:

“The Persecution of Revisionists: The Holocaust Unveiled”


“There is a paradox in market prices as I write. We
have gold, U.S. dollar, oil and most stock market indexes all showing a readiness to move up. It is an illogical combo. It may be a temporary fluke or it may be there’s manipulation of the indexes going on.” Schultz, never afraid of a radical idea, takes manipulation seriously. He says: “It is fairly easy to manipulate stock indexes via just three or four blue chips, and the multinationals appear in several indexes. We’ve seen it before. Most stock markets were in virtual free fall and suddenly reversed into reverse head-and-shoulders buy patterns. This is a rarity. The U.S. dollar index may also be subject to manipulation.” His diagnosis: “Some governments are getting desperate re some market action in the face of elections. Painting the tape is an old game.” His diagnosis: “So, monitor all these key market charts to see if something
breaks rank and reveals a more “logical” picture.”

Schultz is almost completely out of the stock market. He believes the primary bear market that began in 2000 is not over. His suggested portfolio is allocated only 10-15% to non-gold stocks, mainly energy and alternative energy stocks. He’s 15-20% in Treasury bills and Treasury bonds, 15-20% in commodities, 20-30% in currencies. And he’s just increased his recommended exposure to gold stocks and bullion to 33-40%. Schultz is an old gold bug, but he has repeatedly warned that gold bull markets are prone to dramatic breaks. He has a good claim to have caught the
last one. See June 5 column Now he’s breathing increasingly easier. Schultz writes: “Gold charts are cautious bullish at press time. Gold is in a mega-symmetrical triangle from
the May high. If it breaks upside, as I expect, it’ll give a massive buy signal at about $680 basis December gold … 873 provisional upside target.” Schultz’s macro analysis continues to be dark: “The world is on a knife edge between inflation, which often suddenly gets out of control when it passes point X, and deflation, when monetary liquidity suddenly falls behind the X-factor point to keep economies afloat (or triggered by a major debt default or by stock market implosions, e.g. South east Asia markets a few
years ago). Being wrongly invested when a “flation-tsunami” hits, can (and often does) slash a portfolio’s value by 40% in 72 hours.”

Fortunately, says Schultz, gold protects against both “flations,” “though it is usually ‘relative’ in deflation.”
Oh , and Schultz thinks there’s a 40% chance the US will go into recession in early 2007, 50% if the Federal Reserve raises interest rates to 6%. My bullish readers won’t like this. But, right now, Schultz’s statistics are an impressive argument.


Why does the controlled media then & now hate the late Joe McCarthy so much? Well, who runs the media? While most are not communist, most communist are . Fill in the blanks & figure it out……Mike



When YouTube Inc. was sued on July 14 for copyright infringement, the shock wasn’t that the video-sharing service was being yanked into court. Questions had been swirling for months about whether the upstart, which now dishes up 100 million daily videos, was crossing copyright boundaries by letting its members upload videos with little oversight. What was surprising was that it was an individual who fired the first shot — Robert Tur, an independent photographer famous for filming the 1992 Los Angeles riots — instead of a big Hollywood studio or major music label.

The dustup spotlights the role the Internet increasingly is playing in letting artists and other individuals reach out and control media. But more to the point, it shows how YouTube is evolving into a sort of eBay for video: the first place you go to find a clip, but also a place where more folks are itching to get rewarded for supplying it. A growing group of creative types is furiously producing clips, video blogs, and animated shorts with the hopes of making money through advertising or selling DVDs.

While YouTube promises huge distribution, the site and its users are just starting to sort out how to apportion the power they’ve suddenly acquired. Some indies are becoming wary of YouTube, which doesn’t share ad dollars with them, unlike rival services. “The exposure is great, but with all the copyright issues and the lack of potential ad revenues, it seems like something that we’re not going to get into right now,” says Orrin Zucker, co-creator of It’s JerryTime, a popular animated cartoon series that is shown, for now, on the artists’ own site.

Tur’s lawsuit shows the fine line that YouTube is walking as it attempts to build its business model. Tur is suing because his videos of the riot and other events were uploaded without his permission. Although lawyers agree that YouTube should be protected by copyright law as long as it responds to content owners’ requests to take down their works, it entered uncharted territory when it recently began adding ads next to search results. The law prohibits a site from benefiting financially from infringement, but the company argues that it’s protected since it doesn’t sell ads against individual videos. Still, the courts haven’t set clear boundaries. “There has to be some way to make money with advertising that doesn’t deprive you of the safe harbor. But where that line is, no one really knows,” says Fred von Lohmann, a lawyer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation…

Mel Gibson Tells the Truth about Jews Again

Mel Gibson is back in the press again for upsetting Jews. Recently, the brilliant director and multi-millionaire was arrested and reportedly went off on a truth-telling tirade about anti-Gentile Jews. His statements are certain to make hateful Jews froth a little more at the mouth and make them
feel a little queasy–all at the same time.

It was just a couple years ago when Mel Gibson’s movie, “The Passion of the Christ,” was making some headlines. It upset Jews because he accurately portrayed the scriptures. In response to this, hateful Jews sought to suppress his movie and discredit him.

Utilizing brilliant strategic moves, Gibson forwarded copies of his movies to various churches across the land and virtually bypassed the press altogether, gaining a lot of support from congregations. The media went into a complete frenzy, hoping to destroy Gibson’s credibility, which didn’t work at all and even backfired on Jews to a certain degree, as their hatred became clearly evident for all to see.

More recently, according to reports circulating on the Internet, Mel Gibson was pulled over by some deputies in Malibu and was accused of being intoxicated. Gibson became a bit irate, and, perhaps after noticing a deputy’s Jewish features, wondered aloud to the deputy, “Are you a Jew?”

It would not be the first case of a vengeful Jew trying to persecute someone for his beliefs. Many decent Gentiles across the globe (e.g., Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf, Siegfried Verbeke, David Irving, etc., ad nauseam) have more
recently been arrested on trumped up “hate crimes” for telling the truth.

As millions of others across America have realized, Gibson went on to honestly tell the truth about America’s current pro-war affairs:

“The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

If Gibson was a little inebriated when stopped, it is a shame that it took that for the truth to come out. Millions of sober Americans also realize and admit this shameful truth affecting America–as if an Israel-first plague has taken over our government–that Israel has caused us to be in a quagmire half-the-world-away and is equally intent on causing WWIII to regain its ancient borders, symbolized by its flag’s two blue lines that mean Israel should encompass all the land between the Nile and Euphrates rivers.

Related story –


The impact of immigration can be described with statistics, but only personification can make it a political issue. To the amazement of the immigration reform movement, a brilliant article in the Los Angeles Times has just put a human face on the cost of illegal aliens – ten faces, the anchor-baby children of illegal alien couple, all being supported at taxpayer expense. Steve Sailer analyzes:

LA Times’ Quinones Prints The Truth About Immigration!

Mixing Mexicans And Muslims, by Joe Guzzard. Multiculturalism on the classroom front in Lodi, CA.


it’s not even a threat it’s a rambling incoherent set of sentences. The NAACP yells “death threat” and the FBI runs to the rescue




Groovy, Man!

Some people say that America embraced the peace-and-love counterculture of the 1960s. Not true. The Jewish media and Jewish entertainment industry embraced it. Big difference there. That embracing, of course, eventually led to thousands of innocent White kids taking drugs, dropping out of prospective careers and hitchhiking around the country trying to “find themselves.” It’s too bad that those kids didn’t know that the over-romanticized “hippie” movement was led by Jews, such as Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. [In fact, almost every negative social “movement” in America was led by Jews, e.g., the civil-rights movement].

The 1960s counterculture is another example of what happens when Jews enter White countries in large numbers. Being non-White/non-Western outsiders who are prone to meddling, the Jews always attempt to alter White countries to fit their strange worldview, with horrible results each time.



AP’s (Associated Pricks) article on Mel Gibson. The Hymiewood crowd say that Mel’s acting career is over with…..




Cyber-soldiering for Israel

Well, well. Not only is Israel waging another unjustified war in the Middle East, but, it has “soldiers” in cyber-space to counter anyone who might question the validity of such a war. Question: how many White tax dollars are being used for this cyber-campaign [since Israel gets 3 billion dollars in U.S. aid per year?]:




A BNP Man Speaks, Re: Israel

He says: “As a Nationalist I can say that I support Israel 100 % in their dispute with Hezbollah.” Wow.

Does he know that Jews aren’t White? Does he know that Israel has caused 95% of the wars and the violence in the Middle East since 1948? [1]. Does he know that Zionism – i.e., Jewish racism funded by White tax dollars – aims to control the entire Middle East, either directly or indirectly, in order to keep Israel “safe” from Arabs/Muslims? And, that such a plan by Israel guarantees that endless wars will be fought in the Middle East during the next 50 years – wars which will likely involve White countries by default?

http://www.bnp.org.uk/columnists/brimstone2.php?leeId=80 .

[1] wars caused by Israel: http://www.pmwatch.org/pmw/snakebite/Wars.html


Mel Gibson has come out of the “closet” when loaded. GREAT! Gibson knew that the Jews’ “security guards” (cops) ran his plates when he was driving & stopped him. I would say that all Gentiles involved in acting in Hymiewood know about the Jews, but won’t speak, for fear of loosing their career. At this point in time, Mel has enough money to tell the Jews to go to hell. Mel can produce his own movies, minus the Jews. One thing for sure, Gibson will NEVER work in Hymiewood again, NEVER! Mel spoke when he was drunk. In any event, the Jews hate Gibson, because of the Passion of Christ & his WWII revisionist views. The Jews will stop at nothing, to bring Gibson down, or anybody they feel who will expose them. So God bless Mel Gibson & Johnny Walker Black Label …….Mike



What does the Ashkenazi Defication League (ADL) say about Mel? Well, i’ll tell you one thing, ol’ Mel is in the kosher dog house with the ADL & Jews everywhere! The Jews say that Mel’s apology is not enough. What more do the kikes want? Maybe they want Mel to plant some fig trees in Israel, like some other Gentile stars (Sinatra,Pat Boone, Jay Leno, Ed Sullivan, Marlyn Monroe etc.). …..Mike



Killing the “enemy”, Jewish style. It dosn’t matter who or what get’s in the way of the Jew, the Jew will kill & call it an enemy. This is the nature of the kike.



That ex-Lutheran slut should have read Luther’s “On the Jews and their Lies”


before converting to Judaism and her miserable life could have been saved.

Woman killed was a leader in Jewish community here

By Cara Solomon
Seattle Times staff reporter

Pamela Waechter, 58, who was killed in Friday’s shooting at the Jewish Federation, grew up in Minneapolis as a Lutheran, the daughter of a businessman. She converted to Judaism after marrying Bill Waechter, who was Jewish, and the couple moved to Seattle in 1979.


Free, New Online Book:

Jewish Occult Murders: How and Why Jews Have Sacrificed Non-Jewish Children as Part of Their Religion

For those who doubt that Jewish supremacists are capable of such things, I merely ask you to take a look at their current religiously inspired war in which they target buildings where refugees huddle together, ambulances, UN peace stations, etc. Look at the current events, and you’ll plainly see that they are not only capable of religiously motivated murder but it has been occurring throughout Israel’s history.

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    1. alex Says:


      Here’s another reason “they” hate Mel Gibson. To the Jews, Mel is not only anti-Ashnenazi & anti-Sephardic, a holohoax denier, a sexist (sugar tits), but Mel also comes from a family of 11 children. Mel himself has 7 children. The Jews hate this. To the Jews, Mel as well as his father should of practiced some sort of birth control (condoms, oral, anal, homo, mutual masterbation, no sex etc) before having these White “monsters”. To the Jews, even if Mel & his dad wanted to have kids through sexual relations, they should of at least married Negro women, because mulatto children are just great. To sum it up, the Jews want a docile non-anti-Jewish & raceless society, with the exception of themselves, a race of coffee colored serfs (Tiger Woods) Watch the talMUDvision & you will see how the Jew media is anti-White family….Mike

    2. alex Says:

      One arrested in fighting at Black Arts Festival

      July 30, 2006 – 9:45AM
      KALAMAZOO (NEWS 3) – Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety officers report one person was arrested for excessive noise and fireworks after a fight at the Black Arts Festival downtown.

      Police say it happened about 10 p.m. Saturday. A group of several hundred people, mostly teens, were scuffling near the Arcadia Creek Festival site. No injuries or damage is reported.

      Investigators say the fight was not linked to any specific gang activity.


      [Reader writes… “Not the truth”]

      So as an eye witness account It was gangs, there was damage, and the Kalamazoo police called in the state police,Portage Mi police, and twps police

      It was a coon free for all.

    3. alex Says:


      Diversity Makes the World Better?

      We learned in Political Science class that the main cause of violence in the world is “ethnonationalism.” That word basically means “ethnic groups fighting with each other.” A good example of ethnonationalism is Bosnia, or the Middle East. Indeed, when the human races blend or even live too close to each other, conflict very often follows.

      But here is a university president who says that racial diversity is necessary for the world:


    4. alex Says:


      Jewish Groups Write U.S. Congressional Resolutions?

      If so, then that is truly amazing, since only our Congress should write its resolutions:


    5. alex Says:

      Jews push for ‘hate crime’
      probe of renowned actor

      Jewish groups call for hate-crime probe on Mel Gibson

      The Scotsman Sunday, 30 July 2006

      LOS ANGELES — Jewish groups have demanded Mel Gibson be
      investigated for hate crimes after the Hollywood star allegedly made
      anti-Semitic comments to US police officers when he was stopped on
      suspicion of drunk-driving and speeding.

      Gibson’s reported criticism of Jews, contained in a leaked police report
      detailing his arrest early on Friday morning, included the phrase:
      “[Expletive] Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

      He has since apologized for his actions, saying they were “despicable”,
      but community Jewish leaders called for Gibson to be ostracized from
      Hollywood, where the A-list actor is considered an industry powerbroker.

      Calling for a criminal investigation into the Oscar-winning actor and
      director’s remarks, Abraham Foxman, the national director of the U.S.
      Jewish Anti-Defamation League, said: “We believe there should be
      consequences to bigots and bigotry.”

      Gibson, 50, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence
      after deputies clocked his Lexus sports car speeding at 87 mph in a
      45-mph zone at 2:36 a.m. on Friday in Malibu, sheriff’s spokesman Steve
      Whitmore said.

      The actor was later found to have a blood-alcohol ratio of 0.12. The legal
      limit in California is 0.08, according to the police records.

      After Gibson was pulled over, a bizarre melee ensued that apparently
      involved Gibson trying to escape, his alleged propositioning of an arresting
      officer with lurid, explicit suggestions and claims that, while handcuffed
      in the back of a police car, Gibson threatened a deputy, saying he “owns
      Malibu” and will spend all of his money to “get even” with the officer.

      Jews angered over The Passion of the Christ

      He also allegedly asked an arresting officer if he was Jewish.

      Gibson was taken to a police station in Malibu, where he allegedly
      threatened an officer, smashed a pay phone and attempted to urinate
      in a cell.

      He was released after about five hours in custody, on $6,600 (£3,550) bail.
      Police will decide this week whether to charge him.

      Controversy now surrounds the police report into the incident, with claims
      emerging that it was rewritten because senior officers considered it to be
      “too inflammatory” and feared that it could incite a lot of “Jewish hatred”.

      Gibson has in the past angered Jewish groups over his portrayal of the role
      of the Jews in the crucifixion of Jesus in his largely self-funded movie,
      The Passion of the Christ, which went on to take $611 million (£328 million)
      at the box office.

      Now, many in the industry are asking how Gibson can reconcile his comments
      with his position as one of Hollywood’s most powerful players.

      Nikki Finke, a columnist for LA Weekly and prominent chronicler of Hollywood,
      pointed out the “the overwhelmingly negative response” among Jewish
      audiences to The Passion of the Christ.

      Top Hollywood executives pledge blacklist of Gibson

      She also said several top Jewish executives have pledged privately never
      again to work with Gibson as a result.

      However, Ms. Finke said that in his daily schedule Gibson “works closely with
      many Jewish VIPs at talent agencies, law firms, and at the studio.”

      But she questioned whether a factual TV mini-series about the Holocaust
      that Gibson announced he was developing late last year would now be “too
      hot to handle”.

      Gibson, a Christian fundamentalist, has in past refused to criticize his father,
      Hutton, who has been labeled a Holocaust denier over comments claiming
      the Holocaust was “mostly” fiction.

      The Australian actor has released an apology for his actions.

      “After drinking alcohol on Thursday night, I did a number of things that were
      very wrong and for which I am ashamed,” he said.

      “I acted like a person completely out of control when I was arrested, and
      said things that I do not believe to be true and which are despicable.

      “I am deeply ashamed of everything I said.
      “I have battled with the disease of alcoholism for all of my adult life and
      profoundly regret my horrific relapse.”


      MORAL: (a) If you’re going to bear witness to the truth,
      don’t get drunk and act foolishly; and (b) never apologize
      for telling the truth.

      The Jews don’t care about the goyim getting drunk
      and behaving foolishly. But they do care about them
      stumbling into the truth!