10 July, 2006

Notes on the World Cup

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The world cup was won last night by Italy, fielding an all-White team against a team of suburban nigs and mystery meats such as the Algerian rammer Zidane, whose truly sublime butt is depicted to the right. The monomedia made Zidane the hero of this cup, yelping e’er lou’er as France progressed. Since no one ever learns anything, the vote for the Golden Baller was taken before the final concluded, resulting in precisely the same preposterosity as happened last cup: the winner — this time ram Zidane, last time gorilla goalie Kahn allowing two soft goals — in the final half of the last game of the tournmanent exhibited behavior converting the vote into a farce.

What follows is a collection of notes and articles and interesting paragraphs from those articles, the primary source being England’s Guardian.

If it’s in straight its me, in italics its Guarditos, tho I’ll probably miss some along the way. Brackets are me.

World Cup

Football has become very different from the game I remember, through a process of embourgeoisement that began at Euro 96. It has become something better, I suppose most people would argue.

[That is, WC in particular, but Euro football in general, are becoming too expensive for the single-male packs that do the fighting.]

In lieu of the nastiness, we have, from the commentators, a continual — and misplaced — priapism whenever Brazil take to the field; a 90-minute susurration of oohs and aahs, as if we were witnessing a firework display rather than a mediocre performance from a team with a dodgy defence, no midfield whatsoever and somebody resembling Peter Kay up front.

We were enjoined once again to share in Ronaldinho’s conspicuous love of the game. Call me a mean-spirited curmudgeon, but it does sometimes occur that his perpetual grin is the recourse of a half-wit.


[This was the first article I’ve seen debunking Brazil-the-beautiful-game-players. Brazil’s performance wasn’t beautiful, Germany’s was. However, in the judeo-anglo press, Germany must only be allowed “clinical” precision and “brutal” efficiency. This did alleviate slightly, as the facts of the joyous attacking style put in by Klinsmann resulted in goals, but the overriding sense is that in sports/football, just as in politics, there’s a set of jew-agenda-serving stereotypes that are filled, and from which deviation is unacceptable. If Germans do something beautiful — when you stick that in the jewputer, it comes back does not compute. All Germans do is kill six million jews, even though that never happened. But, to those paying attention, the German offense was one of the main stories of the tournament.

People got along very well in Germany not just because Germans are organized and friendly, on average, but because there were no jews involved. Politics COULD work the same way. If there were no jews on earth, we could have a global political sphere managed as efficiently as the world cup – with respect for individual and group difference.

You get a good insight into the British mentality by reading the Guardian writers on the British players, and by following the actions of the team and its entourage. Before the tournament England considered itself shoe-in for the semi-finals. Talk of its “deserving” was everywhere. The truth is that the England as a nation is about one step above Portugal in the global scheme of importance. America’s being an English-speaking country is pretty much England’s only claim to fame, along with a certain concentration of financial power in London. The country used to produce some of the world’s best writers in English, having a certain natural advantage in that regard, but today – who came name an English author worth reading? O’Farrell for Heretical.com is the one that springs to mind – and they throw him in prison.

The English take their ourish language in an unattractive direction. They love stupid words like bobbins and pants. They are brittle and excessively self-conscious in expression. English are always afraid someone else is looking and they’ll be ‘caught out.’ Their self-consciousness is almost to jew levels. This is a cultural defect. In many ways the English are simply low-grade jews. This comes from their country being taken over by the jewish mentality under Cromwell, who let the carriers back in. The English mindset is fear battling with pretentiousness. It is middle-class money worship. You must be respectable, ie, own lots of money. Really, what is called global culture is Anglo-jewish celebrity worship. Read Bild, the German mass-tabloid. Most of the celebrities it features aren’t even German.

Differences between German culture and English culture reflected on the field. Germans are technically sound and fight. English cry and pose. The only English player to make a penalty kick was the honorary German, named Hargreaves. Hargreaves was hated by England because he’s a Canadian who speaks German and plays in the Bundesliga. He’s not nancy poncy metrosexual like David Beckham. He doesn’t play in the Premier League, so obviously, by English thinking, he’s inferior. By his play, which rose to the level of German, Hargreaves demonstrated that there’s nothing wrong with the racial stock of Britian – the problem is English culture. It sucks. It is obsessed, fearfully obsessed with appearance. “To seem” truly is the Latin under the English coat of arms, just as “to be” runs under the German.

At the end of the day, Hargreaves was the only “Englishman” — i.e., German-trained Canadian — with grit and daring, pushing himself up the pitch against the numerically superior Portugese, wishing England could produce a striker worthy of finishing his cross. When time was called and the penalty kicks began, the world got the full monty of British courage and determination, as they advertise us. One of the septic sandbar’s heroes took a cheap shot before the ref blew his whistle. After the game he claimed he didn’t know you had to wait for the whistle – utterly ludicrous claim to anyone’s who’s ever played. Every single English shooter missed his shot except Hargreaves. Blubbering Beckham didn’t even get to take one, as he was lying on the sidelines whimpering like his bug-brille‘d stick-insect wife.

My point here is to deride English culture. The sand bar is solipsistic, it is celebrity-obsessed, it grovels before jews, it defames Germany. Americans who admire the British are stupid fools – to the extent we follow the British, we lead our nation to perdition. America should follow the German example, and focus on being, not seeing. There is nothing to admire in Britain, Israel or Hollywood, and to the extent we take these as models, we damage ourselves and our future.

Germany has repealed its blood laws, to the applause of the jews, who preserve such laws for themselves. But Germany is a conquered nation – it is not free. Among ordinary Germans, there is no desire to become a third-world nation. I suspect there is far less resistance among the British. America has always followed the British model, and today we are paying the price. We allow jews and Anglomaniacs to shower-ranger the world with their nasty canisters of democracy and suchlike ass-squeezin’s. We should try to be what we say we are, instead of faking it and foisting it on those who don’t need it or want it. Iraq? I still don’t know where that is, and I still don’t care. What I do know and care about is that my country is filled with tens of millions of shitskins called fellow Americans, and that these shitskins have already produced two murders in one tiny Missouri town. True, they killed fellow Mexicans, but there’s always tomorrow, and VNN readers already know the facts about race and crime.

In Mencken’s My Life as Author and Editor he writes about a projected project he never finished. He saved clips for years on the anti-constitutional activities of the 100% Americans – i.e., the Anglomaniacs. His idea was there ought to be a comprehensive report on the behavior of American elites before and during Wilson’s War. The report was never made.

You can find dozens of books on the shelves, even from conservative, promoting “Our British Heritage” – but it only shows the face from its good side. Of course, I’m being charitable. I don’t believe the face has a good side. I think our British heritage is about 80% negative. “Democracy” – it doesn’t work for politics any better than flying planes. The thing America had going for it was open space and lack of technology, thereby limiting the feds’ abilities to harass the settlers.

Even from pro-British bigots such as Davies writing for ESPN the picture comes through: Germany, even conquered and imposed on politically, is culturally and humanly more civilized than Britain. It is more technically advanced, smoother-flowing – nicer. The people are more pleasant. The gap is not small, it is large. Things in Germany work, and Germans, one with another, are better educated, taller, smarter, better looking, more tolerant and humane, than the British. The fact is that Germanic culture is superior to British. We only have a hard time seeing this because we live in an English-speaking country. Few of us learn other languages, most of us never even get a passport, the majority of us never conceive to doubt that our country is the best, our language the best, our democracy the envy of the world. Is America a great country. You know I like things straight up, so I ask you, unlike the Holocaust promoter, who trusts not the ground beneath his feet, to go to the window and take a look. Is America great?

We’re getting afield, but did it ever occur to you that Germany was as far ahead of Britain and America in jew-control science as it was in rocketry? The enduring fascination with Hitler can have only one source: he was right. We all know it, even if you can’t say it in England.

Back to sports.

Interjection: have you noticed that Germans look more like Americans than British do?

Let’s hope:

– the wave of German patriotism results in a jumping birth rate nine months from now.

– Klinsmann realizes there’s a dark side to the Anglo-American bonhomie, and jumps track before his positivity shades into advertising – see Bush and Beckham. German efficiency and organization and seriousness – these cultural legacies must not be abandoned for Anglo-American advertising. The difference between Beckham and Ballack must be preserved.

– All you need to know about the English and the Anglo mentality are summed up in the names Bill Cliton and David Beckham gave their children: Chelsea and Brooklyn.

Funny story ostenibly backgrounding the Bild‘s slur on ‘Beckham’s birds’… One thing about British papers I like is that more than once you suspect the writers so select their words to try to attract readers. American writers are never guilty of that sin. British writers have many flaws – they’re generally stupid, unclever, enthusiastic to project smooth cynicism, overly self-conscious, always self-undercutting before others can get to it, perhaps the single most irritating feature of british society, which is practically defined by it,
but at least they curse and actually TRY to AMUSE the ADULTS they’re writing for. Anything stinking of official in America always always always sounds like its coming from a wide-eyed kindergarten teacher addressing a bunch of five-year-olds. Some British stuff can be informal without being puerile – seldom found in America, where you’re either corporate-PC or you’re Howard-Stern-juvenile. America may be a freeish country legally, but don’t ever make the mistake of speaking your mind there. Maybe its because its sports rather than politics, but the Guardian writers are a good deal freer of language and insults than American.


Promotion of Ronaldinho over Kaka, a white, middle class, evangelical christian rather than a bucktoothed mulatto.

“they’re just about everybody’s second team” — says who?

“while the opposition is paying a game, they are painting a picture”


[Nike promotes Brazil the team. They play the beautiful game, unlike the clinical, brutal euroGermans. Nike makes everything it touches niggerier, even though the slippery southerners usually shatter on the rock of superior European size and strength.

Stereotypes are everything. Most people are mindless. Most journalists are people. “You do the math.” Brazilians play a beautiful game, Euros a technical one. These are caricatures. The Brazilians and Europeans both play a lovely game, and the Brazilians themselves say the jorno whateverthefuckado is just marketing bilge. The only real argument against the existence of the white race is its production of pukes like the ones who find in mudworld virtues it doesn’t posses. Are prisons failing our niggers? Damn those prisons. It’s the same in Europe. Mysmeats rioting in Paris proves how badly whites treat them.]

Leipzig’s binmen were stunned yesterday morning to discover polite fans had cleared up plastic cups and wastepaper following their celebrations at a 1-1 draw.

A city spokeswoman said: “Thanks to them our cleaners finished two hours earlier than usual.”

[The Asians seem to have the future. All they lack is imagination. They shatter too easily, see Japan vs. Australia. They seem to need outsiders to get any perspective on their strengths and weaknesses. It’s already apparent that nations such as Japan are miles ahead of third-world-ingesting America and England in many measures. Clean, safe, fun cultures – all without Jesus, Freud, or niggers. Can such things be?]


Disorder broke out after a drunk English fan fell from the statue of Jan von Werth, a 17th century German general, while trying to remove a German flag. He dropped a glass bottle, which shattered on to people below, and, as police moved in to offer assistance, other England supporters threw bottles and chairs.

After the hearing, Kewell emerged from the team’s hotel near Friedrichsruhe to sign autographs and pose for photographs. “The result is brilliant and I couldn’t expect anything more,” he said. “I had prepared myself for the worst.”

[The British have absolutely slaughtered the word ‘brilliant.’ The average Briton cannot go two sentences without using it.
When your goal is to seem, to cut a fine figure, everything must be ‘brilliant.’ They also use cracking, a good example of the thinness of their tongue and tinness of their ears.]


blasting guillen
BSPN weenies try to get Guillen suspended for calling someone a fag.

of course, on its own boards the ‘eurotrash’ flows freely.

Are German soccer fans really unhappy with the fact that Klinsmann lives in the US (and actually commutes from there to Deutscheland) and married an American woman? Do they view him as a bit of a sellout?

just more proof of the hypocrisy of you nazis and eurotrash in general.

Clean after yourself

South Korea’s fans have won a special place in the hearts of order-loving Germans.

South Korean fans who gathered in front of giant screens in Leipzig to watch Sunday’s 1-1 draw with France impressed the locals by dutifully picking up their garbage at the end of the match. As if that were not enough, the city government said Monday, the South Koreans also cleared the tables at fast-food outlets set up for fans – saving cleaning firms the trouble.

[The British fans were essentially treated like juvenile delinquents. The Germans tactfully asked the British to send their own police to help tend the tommies. Most Americans, thinking in the stereotypes they’ve been conditioned to believe in, imagine British are polite, cultured, civilized people. This belief will not survive a trip to Britain. The French call British tourists les rosbifs. Fat as midwesterns, sunburned, drunk, stupid. Do they have compensating virtues? What are they?]


The WAGs parade through the town exuding carefully contrived glamour.

They are uniformly tiny, teetering along the cobbled streets in spiky heels and skin-tight jeans, their eyes masked by saucer-sized sunglasses.


Are the english scum?

“English fans were shown by this action that aggressive drinking, violence and bullying will be prevented,” said the Stuttgart police chief Michael Kuehner.


Opposite me, there are about 500 England fans, mostly bare-chested or in Burberry. All the old favourites are coming out: Ten German Bombers, the theme from Dambusters, Two World Wars and One World Cup, Who the Fucking Hell Are you? It feels like having a front row seat at Last Night of the Chavs.

This behaviour is nothing new: from Frankfurt to Nuremburg to Cologne, a minority of the England fans have laid down large Nationwide-sponsored St George flags to mark territory, and spent their days drinking and taunting. By the end of the night, bottles are usally thrown and side streets are strained yellow, but tolerant and low-key policing ensures the evening passes off with confrontation. Last night, however, there were 122 England fans arrested. Tonight could be worse.


One thing I didn’t mention in my piece is that I was talking to a few British policeman in Stuttgart, who were all full of praise for how their German police have handled things. “They’re under strict instructions not to charge unless it goes nuclear,” one told me. “But I’m amazed they haven’t snapped with some of the things I’ve seen.” Can I last, I asked him? “I’m not sure,” was his honest response.

on touts

‘I think I’ve had texts from just about everyone I know now,’ he says with a modest smile. ‘They all say as long as I’ve got a hole in my arse I won’t score another goal like that. I don’t know, though.


Erwin Hetger, head of the state police, said: “We had no problems at all with the French, Swiss and Dutch fans that were having a great party here.

“It all changed when the English fans arrived. The atmosphere changed. The incidents began late yesterday evening.”


aussies dont get involved in these sort of riots….
it gets in the way of vauluable drinking and perving on sheilas time!

[Australians played great fighting soccer, and got screwed on a call against Italy.]


[This is one kind of posting that’s worthwhile – taking interesting facts to unfamiliar faces.]

I know it’s illegal to deny the occurence of the holocaust in Germany. Is it also illegal to deny that David Hasselhoff enjoys huge popularity in Germany?

I saw that one poster on this forum denied Hasselhoffs popularity, if this site had been German could he have been prosecuted by the German authorities?


The change in formation is not a panacea for all of England’s ills and creates imbalances at the same time as curing others.
If, say, Minnesota manager Ron Gardenhire had used the slur Ozzie did, Gardenhire almost certainly would have lost his job.


How to know if you’re a douchebag

– if you use “coin” for money – you’re a douchebag

Yeah. It really is that simple.

– if you’ve said you’re “all in” in the last month.

Yep. You’re a douchebag.

This courtesy flush brought to you by the pubic nad council.

Question: why does the Guardian run a banner from the United Nigger “College” Fund?

We now return you to our irregularly scheduled mix of insults, observations and interjections.


Rooney, with his porcine eyes and just-this-side-of-Down’s visage is nevertheless the only Britisher with flowing blood.



[Jew owner Marc Cuban angry at jew NBA head Stern over biased reffing. NBA reffing is jigged to help the losing team – the sort of socialism now inescapable in every walk of life. No one ever loses or wins for reason, there’s always racism or some other head-hobgobblin to blame. Lucky we have a Dictating Authority, a Recompenser General, to make up for it, on court as off. Jew Cuban, who made his billion with a timely sell at the peak of the dot-com, has said he’ll leave pro hoops in a heartbeat should he become convinced the league is rigged. Direct parallel to politics. It’s all a charade, the claims about free and fair press. Like most things in nature, media evolved as ways to defend yourself by attacking your opponents. Owners create an ideostructure, unyielding, unvarying, in which one’s own are portrayed as noble, one’s enemies as despicable. Stereotypes are conformed to across mass media in the United States: blond = evil; blonde = dumb. Suitable for mixing with superior niggers, who exist on tv and nowhere else. All tv is science fiction channel. Write down the first 100 niggers you see on tv. Check their portrayal against the statitical facts. How many niggers invest funds, run businesses, perform laparotomies, judge cases… On tv the competent, caring negro is the rule. In life, the nigger is the rule. Whose advantage does it serve to reverse reality?]


Hitler, who didn’t touch tobacco or alcohol, gave 100,000 Reichsmarks of his own money in 1941 to the world’s first institute dedicated to the dangers of tobacco. Led by avid anti-smoker and anti-Semite Karl Astel, the institute produced the first comprehensive study linking smoking and lung cancer.

“After the war, the tobacco industry capitalised on the Nazi connection — the idea that if Hitler did it then it must be terrible,” Proctor said. “The anti-smoking movement in Germany was portrayed as intolerant and essentially fascist.”

[Kirksville’s newspaper’s editor recently came out in favor of banning smoking in restaurants. He’s a progressive. He’s usually on the side of freedom. But the health benefits air without second-hand smoke are too great to stay the hand of government. Nevermind that the dangers of second-hand smoke are as imaginary as the dangers global warming and the virtues of jews.]

A kike lectures on class…

The strange and sad truth is that even the Germans appear classy alongside the English fans, the vast majority of whom, one should stress, are harmless.



The jew media that make everything of a sub-1cm difference in dick length make nothing of a standard deviation in brain strength.

Informal in America always means puerile.

City Confidential: Wilmington (A&E show) describes Whites leaving inner city as “rats leaving a sinking ship.” More like the opposite. As it says in the ADL’s private handbook, “For public relations purposes, every black deficiency has a white (racist) cause.”

“Jogo bonito was invented by a sports brand,” smirked Roberto Carlos, reliably the most indiscreet member of Brazil’s squad. “You can’t blame us for that. Brazilian football is intelligent and winning, with great champions – that’s what we have always been. When you start talking about the beautiful game, that’s more about selling things.”


This is the place to go out at night in Stuttgart, or to chill out in the day. The street is lined with lots of nice bars and cafes. In particular, try Suite 212. It’s sleek interior still attracts a good crowd. It serves brilliant drinks in an equally brilliant atmosphere. Ask Nils at the bar to mix you one of his caipirinhas.

The yob goes to football matches in order to “have a good time”. This involves being part of a big, powerful crowd, drinking lots of alcohol, shouting, breaking things, vomiting and urinating in public places etc. In England this is part of the mainstream culture, that’s why the yob is “mostly English”. The yobs simply move their usual weekend activity onto a larger scale.


books: Kate Fox, Watching the English


pear bellinis

I imagine that after victories “Big” Phil strides, nude, into the team bath and embraces his charges, guffawing and proud as the gleeful players unwittingly release inadvertent spurts of grateful widdle.

McLefty, I couldn’t agree more and as the first contributor pointed out, the most surprising of the few performances better than mediocre was that of Hargreaves – to all intents and purposes a German player.

Be honest, the football that we delude ourselves England will one day produce is already being played very effectively by an old enemy. Germany have reached the semis with blood and guts football laced with no little skill. They have enough quality to hang on when the highly technical (and predominantly latin) teams go through their inevitable purple patches but the pragmatism and bottle to match the more physical sides.


Oy! people… I’m back. Just eat some lovelly sardines!
While I was away I solved the mistery of this game:
World cup rules for 2010:

a) Never use Argentianian referees otherwise even in a game between, say, Mexico and Japan they show red cards to english players

b) Portuguese players must be castrated prior to any game thus enabling other teams to stamp them at will

c) Portuguese keepers must be blind and preferably tied to the post while England tries to score some goals

d) Always allow xenophobic behaviour from the brits because it is as natural to them as breathing

e) Every English win will have a double value, meaning that if they win the 1/8 game will authomatically transit to the semi-final where they will play with 14 players against 11…

Oh come on guys… You lost on your account! face it like big boys and not like whimpering children. It is very unbecoming of you. By the way, if i’d stamp Prince Charles bollocks would he mind? It would only be for equilibrium you see, not on purpose! naturally


portugal won AGAIN!!!
[Offensive? Unsuitable? Report this comment.]


The German guy, Rako, in common with many of his compatriots I would imagine, feels that free speech is being suppressed in his country in the supposed interest of multiculturalism. I have to say some of his opinions were on the verge of shocking, at least for a pasty white English liberal like me. He’s not a Holocaust denier, but thinks it is wrong that people are not allowed to ask questions about it and that atrocities such as those committed against the Chinese by Japan are not given comparable attention.

I think Rako believes that what makes Germany German, is being eroded. But he didn’t strike me as rabid nationalist. Anyway, we agreed unanimously on one thing: this has been a really good World Cup so far and the Germans should not be ashamed about waving their flag.


June 22: Maradona fetes Maradona: He and his clan celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ‘Hand of God’ quarter-final match against England in Mexico that made him immortal. At 4.18 the police arrive at the Frankfurt restaurant and end the partying. Too much noise.


The recruitment of Verstegen roused suspicion in Germany, with many wondering why the three-times world champions needed help from an American, but the German record at this World Cup speaks volumes for his effectiveness.



how can you expect a young boy in Newcastle to be taught that playing a short pass to the left helps the team? when coaches parents and players are all shouting “get rid of the fucking thing.” Like the macho/war society the British have, big strong boys that can kick a long way, get picked for teams, small boys that maybe have just as much talent get looked over. Why?? It looks better for a tall fat jimmy who plays centre back to whack it up the middle on the nut of some over big guy who almost heads it down to the running on other team member. That sort of “almost worked thing” gets a lot of encouragement, claps and mindless well dones .. Why ?? It didn’t work!!!, but ’cause Fred in the 50’s played like that , then it must be good, it must be right!! Soccer in Britain is all about showing your strength, and saying yes (maclaren good example of that, the saying yes that is) fineness is for the lazy continentals!




Hector sent the Mexican red-kneed tarantula – the type used in films for its scary appearance – to a female employee at a Marks & Spencer branch in Leicester.


A staggering one in ten admitted to NHS wards were unintentionally harmed — and many more had lucky escapes.Now everyone is waiting with baited breath to see if he will stay on beyond this summer.

[That’s BATED breath. We see this wrong more often than write. Think: Mosquito aBATEment District.]


warns off 2010 world cup

The French word for English is “Les Rosbifs”, a reference to sunburnt tourists in dreadful shorts from Primark.


The comedy German security team

The scene: England’s media centre on a Saturday evening, six Sunday journalists working to a 7pm deadline.

German security guards have been told to shut at 6pm and can’t understand why we keep falling about laughing when they get stroppy.

The head of security arrives with a piece of paper and begins to write down all our details, to be greeted with: ‘Don’t tell him your name, Pike…’ ‘I’m only carrying out instructions,’ he replies, before adding the immortal: ‘I have my orders to obey…’

[It’s funny when he must carry out his orders, serious when you must meet your deadline. Guardian “aren’t” much for irony.]

Congratulations to Italy!

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  7. 17 Responses to “Notes on the World Cup”

    1. alex Says:

      Diversity insanity leads FIFA to give The New south africa the 2010 games. Truly an insane decision, and one that likely will be carried out, and if allowed to stand, lead to the deaths of many people. As one White SAer well knows and has publicized on his website…

      Look at how the BBC won’t even link to the site in its story.


      The black “man” murders, the White messenger is the guilty party.

      Here’s the site:



      CAPE TOWN July 09, 2006 CRIME EXPO SA is here to stay and will become an international brand. It promises to become the true voice of ordinary South Africans, both black and white. This web page represents the voice of South Africans who love the country, but are desperate in getting rid of the acts of horror and fear, that is now part of the South African lifestyle. The response from all over the world, 5000 e-mails and text messages alone in the first 3 days, testify of the need for the site. We are currently getting through the incoming mail and the site will grow on a daily basis. It should be green lights as from August 01. As the media will know, I declined 10 local and international television appearances, as I need to keep the focus on the website, as it represents the people.

      Whoever labels this webpage, as “one-sided� should realise that websites like the SA tourism and government domains, only focus on the positive stuff, while not exposing the brutality in SA, thus also one-sided. When FIFA this week spoke about South Africa, they preferred to ignore the fact that 20,000 South Africans get murdered each year. We are not anti-government or anti-FIFA, we are against all that try to hide the horror in South Africa! International tourists have a right to get a preview of more

    2. Watson Says:

      Nice analysis in general, but I think your attacks on the English are self-indulgent and counterproductive to the overall objective. As a leader of a nascent movement, you can’t pursue your every whim to the detriment of the cause. We need coalition building, not further factionalism. Some criticism is warranted and beneficial, but there’s no point in alienating a substantial portion of your existing and/or potential supporters.

    3. anti-sport Says:

      1st: We see where Alex has been lately: wasting time very closely following a sports event: man, it’s a virtual dissertation up there on the world cup in Germany: glad it’s over, so Alex can back to substantive issues.
      2nd: I agree with the Watson, to a point: Alex did say, however briefly, that it’s not the fault of the English race, but the fault of its judaized culture. Alex should make this more clear in his distaste for England.

    4. alex Says:

      The return of nationalist pride to Germany is an important political fact. I do believe it will reflect in the birthrate next year, in fact I predict a spate of articles discussing such next April.

    5. alex Says:

      Someone send a letter to the Onion and tell them to reverse the old canard about Owens’ four gold metals giving the lie to Hitler’s race theory. That is, the 1936 Berlin Olympics concluded yesterday, with Germany high atop the leaderboard, proving Hitler’s race-theory correct…

      Those who see difference between mass sports and mass politics are foolish. As are those who think WN is more than entertainment, at least at this point. If you aren’t willing to kill and die, then the best you can do is breed and stay out of the collapsing zogscraper’s shadow, lest ye be crushed. The rest can be charitably described as spreading information, or uncharitably but accurately described as entertainment. Once a man opens his mind to the possibility of the Great Charade, the technical education part of the program takes no more than a few hours, although a lifetime to fill in the details, as nearly everything we know of history “aint so.”

      Billions of people watched the world cup. Billions of them observed, and hear the announcers reinforce, the idea that the staging was competent. They observed in the German play both alacrity and technical organiztion at the highest level. There will be a number of good effects flow from this.

    6. N.B. Forrest Says:

      “The return of nationalist pride to Germany is an important political fact. I do believe it will reflect in the birthrate next year, in fact I predict a spate of articles discussing such next April.”

      Yeah, let’s all hope that hundreds of thousands of German studs tanked up on a resurgent national pride slipped their buxom frauleins the Big Bratwurst.

      “…I inadvertently let slip into the free-flowing conversation that I had indeed been a guest at the Beckham’s Full Length and Fabulous party.”

      “Full Length & Fabulous”. England’s mediocre “hero” selects rapcoon fur coat-brag moniker for his tacky bash…..can there still be so much as a quark of doubt that “Becks” is a media jew trend-obsessed, panty-wearing whiggerfag?

    7. alex Says:

      Ugh, that was another tendency I intended to remark. I don’t know whether it’s supposed to be endearing or folksy, but the British habit of cutting the back end off words is excruciating. Becks, Lamps, pens for penalty kicks. They do this with everything.

    8. elbrus_arya Says:

      Italians are famous for their balloonic pride and race worship. whereas the moslem Zidane is not proud of this jewish-made racism or honour of French nationality. Zidane’s reaction was in response to a curse which called him “TERRORIST” because he is a MOSLEM HERO.

    9. alex Says:

      I don’t know about Zidane, but one of the few French players who isn’t black is Frank Ribery, and I read that he is a Muslim, after his wife.

    10. Ulric Says:

      Zidane is a Berber, and therefore an Aryan. The BBC described him as a ‘non-practising Muslim’, which means he isn’t a Muslim in the eyes of real Muslims. If he’s the best exemplar the multicultists can find, it only serves to illustrate what weak ground they’re on.

    11. Will Says:

      “Ugh, that was another tendency I intended to remark. I don’t know whether it’s supposed to be endearing or folksy, but the British habit of cutting the back end off words is excruciating. Becks, Lamps, pens for penalty kicks. They do this with everything.”

      They’ll go to extraordinary lengths to differentiate their linguistic tendencies from those of other English-speaking nations, particularly the United States (I refuse to refer to this country as “America”).

      Thus this tendency to engage in excessive and unwarranted slang, as if those dumb Americans shouldn’t be privy to such secrets of the mother tongue.

      Don’t get me started on their fake “English” accents. Like they’re trying to sound like a race of aristocrats. Always reminds me of a tea party where only one finger, the pinky, goes through the teacup handle. You’ll notice how quickly such accents are abandoned so that Americans can partake of the wonders of, say, Keira Knightley’s announcements in “Pirates of the Carribean”. Then she’ll fire it back up for her interviews. So pretentious. So FAKE.

    12. Roger Says:

      The World Cup was entertaining in some ways, amusing in other ways. Flat out ridiculous at times.
      First off, the need for FIFA to promote this WC as ‘A time to make friends’ and to “say no to racism” made me laugh.
      Why do you think that the World Cup is THE most popular sporting event on Earth??
      because we are all ‘racist’. Or as some on VNN prefer to say, race realists.
      Nationalism will never die. The enormous popularity of the WC is evidence of this. The 3rd world savages love it as much as the English drunks or anyone else. So the jews and globalists can try all they want to destroy nationalism. Will never happen. The darkies are much more racist than us anyway. They love this stuff.

      I heard numerous times about the Berlin Stadium the place where Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals ‘in the face of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime’.

      Germany was the most entertaining team by far. England useless as always. Brazil highly overrated. The Africans couldn’t do jack.
      France I root aganist due to their propensity of all niggers. Zidane and Ribbery the exception. France’s team circa 1986 vs 2006 is depressing.
      England had I believe 3 mulatto players – A. Cole, Ferdinand, and Lennon. England’s team in 2014 will probably be over half black or mixed breed.
      France is almost as black as any African team.
      Although to my surprise the Netherlands team has actually gotten WHITER!! Wow. 10 or 15 years ago they were the multiculti’s favorite team. Could never win consistently due to internal strife i.e. race relations in the squad.
      Lots of nig nogs usually on the Dutch. Not too many this past WC. A turkish immigrant named Khalid and a couple of mystery meat types in VanBrockhorst and some other guy. Mostly pure bred Dutch white boys though.
      Amazing. I thought Netherlands team would have been 90% nonwhite by now, say like a standard NFL starting defense.
      Van Basten has a bit of white Dutch pride I see.

      Congrats to Italy. Reminded me of Roman legions – tough, disciplined, brave and with the right game plan to be victorious.


    13. elbrus_arya Says:

      The yahoodi-run FIFA company is very much like ancient
      Roman-run GLADIATORS’ battle field in COLISEUM like
      arenas where the MASONIC media today destroys a
      nations’ youth hopes and ambitions in the condition of
      passing a childish ball from the goal-line of a so called
      “national team” and runs its SATANIC dirty ROMAN trde:ORDER OUT OF CHAOS…………………..

    14. Celtic Warrior Says:

      Re Ulric,
      I don’t think that Berbers can be classed as Aryans, aren’t they Hamites?
      Is there a WN enthnologist who can enlighten us?

    15. lawrence dennis Says:

      Mass sports are a modern phenomenon, a by-product of mass media. Although highly politicized in the jewsmedia, the actual outcomes mean little in terms of future prospects for WN. I see no upside to a win for Italy vis a vis France, or for Germany vs. Brazil. As controllers of the mass media, jews ensure all outcomes are framed to their advantage. And scattered in between all the games are anti-white propaganda adverts repeated ad nauseum to increase their effect in brainwashing viewers. In toto, mass sports are ‘bad for whites,’ no matter who wins.

      What a waste to add to the endless commentary on the ‘meaning’ of this or that outcome of this or that spectacle in this or that country of this or that year.

    16. lawrence dennis Says:

      To demonstrate that it is not the results that matter, but how those results can be framed for interpretation by the masses, here is the ‘current frame’ for the ‘too-white’ results of this World Cup:



      One step backwards:
      The World Cup is a marvel of global representation. So why is it getting whiter?

      The World Cup is not just a great global sporting event, it is also inscribed with much deeper cultural and political importance. Any evaluation of this World Cup, therefore, should not be confined to the quality of the football (surely a disappointment, with a truly great team failing to emerge) but also deal with its broader cultural meaning. In this respect it has been an even bigger disappointment. With this World Cup, global football has taken a step backwards.

      The importance of football has grown in direct proportion to its ability to become genuinely global and not primarily European. Unlike virtually every other human activity – from politics and economics to universities and the military – football has managed to give a growing place in the sun to those who are normally marginalised and unrepresented. The growing importance of Africa and Asia in football are testimony to this.

      But, alas, not in this World Cup. In the last sixteen there was only one African side and no Asian. In the last eight, there were six European and two Latin American: the last four was a European monopoly. (Compare this with the last World Cup, where there were only three European sides in the last eight and just one in the semi-finals.)

      With the next World Cup being held in South Africa, we must hope for a much greater representation of African sides….

      —– SNIP —–


      Steve Sailor discusses some of the reasons whites do better at soccer here:

    17. alex Says:

      FIFA plays up the usual themes, but that can’t hide the facts. Literally millions of Germans waving flags can’t be bad. It isn’t cut and dried. The masters may intend one thing, but there are always unforseen consequences.